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You've heard many rumors about this place, that strange activities go on in there. Finally your curiousity became stronger than fear and here you are, standing next to these heavy wooden doors, shivering with fear and excitement. Your shaky hand raises to knock...

"What are you doing here?" - you hear from behind. You turn around and see MightyMage's tall figure towering above you. "I... I... I'm just admiring the architecture of this fine building. Valeriy has really done a good job on it." Whew, something reasonable came to mind, that was a close one. "I don't buy that." - says MightyMage as his downward gaze becomes heavier. "I... I... I am also looking for the donut trees, people say they grow here." "Nope, heard that one as well." Boy, you are in trouble now. "I... I... I came to get your autograph!" You stare in fear as suddenly MightyMage's face changes: "Well why didn't you say so? I know, a lot of people are shy about it, but I don't mind the fans at all. Here, have one of my signed Mod cards." "Thanks... MightyMage... you're... my true... hero..." MightyMage just looks at you with a wide grin. Slowly you remove yourself from between MightyMage and the doors and slip away as he watches you leave. OMG, how low can you go... But at least you got out alive. And maybe this thing is worth a few bucks on Ebay.