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You've heard many rumors about this place, that strange activities go on in there. Finally your curiousity became stronger than fear and here you are, standing next to these heavy wooden doors, shivering with fear and excitement. Your shaky hand raises to knock...

And suddenly the door bursts open, you barely step away in time and qickly jump into the bushes. You see Pandora standing in the doorway with her back to you, shouting to someone inside: "... and don't you ever say something like this again, all members deserve a fair treatment. ... No 'buts'! If it wasn't for me, you would have been overthrown long time ago. And if you don't come to senses, people might just find out what the real story with Bob is. ... No, I won't come there, and don't try to be nice. I've had enough stress for the day, thank you. I'll just go to wastelands and hand out some penalties to relax. And you know I won't be nice if you eat half of my donuts again!" Pandora turns around, and seems to look in your direction. You quickly hide deeper inside the bush. It seems that she didn't notice, as she walks off bossily towards the wastelands, leaving the door wide open.

Wow... Even this idea is making you shiver. A wide open door into the dark halls of mystery. As if by some unseen forse, you emerge from the bushes and head towards the mysterious doorway. Suddenly and silently Valeriy himself floats out and stands before you. All you can do at this stage is gulp and blink. "Another brave one," - says Valeriy - "must've heard the whole lot too. We can fix this..." His hand reaches out and touches your forehead with his finger. Suddenly your mind feels completely blank. You find yourself at the main crossroads without any memory of where you came from or what happened. For some reason you don't feel like going to Wastelands though, so you head over to the Tavern.