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Date Registered: January 21, 2006
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Untitled Post in Heroes 7 Wiki - Complete Game Information - 2 (Some New Forum)
Val, I don't seem to be able to log in...? Due to the underscore maybe?

Untitled Post in A Ranked Faction Poll (Altar)
For the sake of reference... I did this a loooong time ago with a large set of factions: [URL=htt...

Untitled Post in Legos? - 2 (Temple)
Looks like there's a fair few old sets there! I was pining for Lego so much the other week that I e...

Untitled Post in Town Screens! Petition! - 57 (Some New Forum)
Forgive me for the question but I've been out of the loop and can't find anything: have Ubisoft ac...

Untitled Post in First impression from Heroes 6 Beta NO SPOILERS - 13 (Altar)
[quote]- Again a note about the UI - on the combat map when you cast a spell or use some ability tha...

Untitled Post in Invitation into Age of Heroes HOMM6 Team - 2 (Some New Forum)
I'd like to restart helping out with PHP stuff etc., the only issue is that at the moment I have no...

Untitled Post in Draw a Critter in MS Paint - 2 (Altar)

Untitled Post in Mr.Dragon's Citadel Faction - 2 (Altar)
Hey, nice drawings :):good:. Love the Chimera, not the usual goat combination. :P Are those anatomic...

Untitled Post in Hero Look-alikes - 6 (Altar)
I think I'm becoming obsessed with trying to find the original pictures for Lord Haart and Kiril......

Untitled Post in Hero Look-alikes - 6 (Altar)
Any word of what's going on here exactly Cepheus?

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