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1 Mar 2015: Necropolis Update, Paris Fanday Winners Announced!! - read more
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Date Registered: November 11, 2006
Status: Known Hero, Shadow Elemental
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Post Count: 122
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Personal Info: 21 year old Male. Virgo star sign.
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Occupation: Student
Current Email: krysis@mail.bg
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ICQ Number: 279269620
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Untitled Post in Dungeon Keeper - 3 (Other Games)
"Ahh, I see you have discovered a magical item." That probably was my favorite. And the Bile demo...

Untitled Post in Behemoths - 4 (Temple)
I want the behemoths back! You have orcs, dragons and elves everywhere (Warcraft, Dungeons&Dragons, ...

Untitled Post in Adult Only Forum - 3 (Tribunal)
[quote]I think this idea sucks. This is a friggin gaming msg board, if you want porn there are ot...

Untitled Post in Concept Art (Altar)
He's kind of cute, though a bit too robotish. :grin:

Untitled Post in Bixie is a Boy!!! (Tavern)
I'd draw one! :grin:

Untitled Post in The Tower - 4 (Altar)
There you go... [url=http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/4792/clipboard04qo2.jpg]Hippogriff[/url] ...

Untitled Post in HoMM5 Sandro's face! - 2 (Altar)
That was the first portrait I tried.... :P I've done better ones since that day.

Untitled Post in Dark Elf Spearmen!Anyone up for it? (Workshop)
Just grow up.

Untitled Post in The Angel (Workshop)
I like the story and everything but: Demon1 kills Angel's Friend, Demon2 offers the Angel help. ...

Untitled Post in Dark Elf Spearmen!Anyone up for it? (Workshop)
It can't be done. Models cannot be changed, KD.

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