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Date Registered: May 22, 2001
Status: Responsible Supreme Hero, Jebus maker
Quality Count: 14
Post Count: 1314
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Untitled Post in London under fire - 6 (Other Side)
I think they are rioting cause heroes 6 isnt released yet! Once it gets released, they will go h...

Untitled Post in Random Maps - 2 (Library)
Lol yea, it's been a while since I played ;) :grin: Still, it made me really happy to see. ...

Untitled Post in Random Maps - 2 (Library)
[quote] Definitelly the most popular (and most crazy) is Jebus Cross, but you can try others too....

Untitled Post in ToH now turns 12 :)) - 4 (TOH)
Great fun! :good: I might be back for heroes 6 :)

Untitled Post in Heroes 3 - 3 (TOH)
[quote] [quote]Hehe, you should play against one of those Jebus lovers, who think they are the mast...

Untitled Post in how come in HoMM 3 castle isn't the worst (Library)
I would say it depends on the richness of the map. If the map is rich, then castle is an awesome...

Untitled Post in Feedback about new random map templates (LRHT)
[quote]I really like poor Jebus. It's waaaaay better than Jebus and has very interesting fights. An...

Untitled Post in Mensa Genius Test - 2 (Tavern)
Im actually a member of Mensa, but luckily the entry test I took was about intelligence, not about b...

Untitled Post in Why is life that hard sometimes? - 6 (Other Side)
Wishing you well :good:

Untitled Post in Barack Obama -- dialogue on his candidacy - 4 (Other Side)
Sure thats all good and well, if people voted with their brains. But most people have an iq that...

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