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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Lords Of Tanaran
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Supreme Hero
Heroine at the weekend.
posted December 10, 2004 01:59 PM

I was intigued by the man's words. He seems to have caught my interest for the moment so I agreed.

As we walked he chattered on noisily about the town. Actually, when I listened he seemed to mostly chat about how much the town would be better if there were no mages in it.

I didn't mind mages. They generally were more interested in spellbooks than sagas, but sometimes they had useful items or one-time spells to sell.

I had to find a way of getting in touch with a few mages, but in the meanwhile I'll see just what this man has to offer......

To err is human, to arr is pirate.

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Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted December 10, 2004 02:32 PM


The man brings you into a tiny shop in the slums. Several of the employees there greet him as if he is their superior. He takes you out into one of the back rooms and stomps on one of the wooden planks on the floor against the wall next to a large bookcase, which he then pushes with little to no effort revealing a set of stairs leading down into what appears to be a basement. As we enter, the bookcase slides back on its original position and a loud click suggests that whatever contraption keeps the bookcase in just reset itself.

The staircases lead down into a large hallway. All sorts of humanoid beings are being kept in cells.

"So you see I sell slaves. I need you to collect them for me. Whatever you can capture is good enough for us. The stronger ones can be sold to work in the mines. Children make excellent servants in household homes. Slaves sell at a very high price these days and you would get a more than modest amount for any persons you collect. We will also pay very well for wanted criminals. This tends to make the authorities turn the other cheek for us without having to pay exorborant bribes."

"I'm sure a beautiful lady such as yourself would do a wonderful job at this. I have a few other good looking ladies who work for me and let me tell you, they bring in more people than anyone else. Would you be interested?
Go Red Sox!

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Supreme Hero
Foobum* of Justice!
posted December 10, 2004 03:40 PM

Dynasty of Death..

Another day, another long flight... only death flurrishes this place. What have i succumb to?

MG: Hmm...

I was really wondering that day about what was gonna happen next. Everything seemed so important now, overthrowing the Necromancers and what else vile undead scum that might have power... And i'm undead myself?..

A Vampire jumps out of a hole in the wall, and suddenly starts burning because of the scumb, barely surving the glare of heat the vampire dissapears into a small hole it made on the floor. The hole dissapears

MG: A Vampire? at these parts?

I noticed that the ground and such started becomming closer as the hole came closer, like the land has become infested with Darkness... What has caused this? Necromancers haven't got the regional spots yet..

I went into the Dark hole, because i wanted to investigate what had happened..

I walked for hours. Going further down, like a giant round staircace, becomming darker and more ill smelling.. it was like something had died there, again and again... spreading a cruel disease... After some more time, a lot more time, i noticed some light.. artificial light. i walked over to the end, and noticed i was at the top of a GIANT circuler  room, going hundres of meters into every direction, and i was at the top.

There were vampires everywhere. Everywhere. Performing a GIANT dark ritual around some kind of black well, with forged crystals around it. There were a few dead necromancers here and there, gushing puss out of their faces, while their almost melted with some kind of acid.

MG: You there! What are you doing?
Vampire: Gasp! Get him!

A few vampires flew up to get me, but with a flew nice hits they went down pretty fast again

MG: Do i have to repeat myself?
Vampire Lord: Muahahahahah! Like you have a chance against us. We are a legion<!
MG: And i'm MentalGore.
Vampire: Who?
MG: You'll know.
Vampire Lord: Never mind, see to it that he doesn't escape.
MG: Yes Please. Shall we Dance?

I jumped down amongst them, i felt like a god. But i wasn't so guess who really had it hard?

After 30 minutes of bashing them, the vampire lords threw me into a wall with immense speed, crushing my wings..

MG: Stop! Stop!
Vampire King: Why?
Vampire Lord: Lets Just Kill him!
MG: Let me at the least die with the satisfaction of knowing what you are doing..
Vampire Lord: Never! SLAY HIM!
Vampire King: No, give him the satisfaction. He sacrifised himself for this, humour me.
Vampire: We did it becau.. *SLASH*
Vampire Lord: I'll tell! Listen up Beast. We are making a well that reaches into the watersupply of all human towns in a LARGE region, and we'll infest the waters with a disease, making them.. well look for yourself.

The Vampire pointed at the necromancers, which really looked like they had suffered...

MG: NEVER! No longer shall humans suffer for their weaknesses.

I started running for a small hole in the wall, i reached it and jumped into a small void. The vampires stopped as soon as i jumped for the void, like they were afraid of something. I don't know how i could outrun them, i couldn't fly because of my damaged wings...

I fell into a bottomless pit. Or so it felt like, until a suddenly saw a white flash, and then i was in a very small room with some kind of pedestal.

I ran towards it, and noticed something was missing. Some kind of sigment or something. I lefted my weapon up, noticing that it really wasn't fit for me, and knew what i had to do. I threw my weapon away, and started crawling the extreme large pedestal. I noticed something shining at the top, it was easy crawling up there, but as i tried to reach the shiny thing, another flash came and i fell down, into some kind of water that wasn't there before, all of a sudden i had changed platform. I saw a big door and i went through it, the walls were big and with some kind of redish black mush on it. It looked creepy. I saw the sigment lying inside a Wraith. I knew what i had to do. As i approached it, it started grinning and it lifted me up from the floor with a mere thought, and it stole all my abilites! I could do nothing to withstand this immense power struggle.

As i fell powerless to the floor, i remembered a thing about wraiths, they have a weakness against water and light, but ofcourse none of that was here. I jumped up and stuck my hand into its body, grabbing the sigment and ripping it out, killing the wraith.

As the wraith died i was teleported "upstairs" again, to the pedestal. I placed the sigment into the very gory slot, and the lower part of the pedestal opened, revealing a bloodred Cloak with black symbols on it. It took it and put it on, but nothing felt different.

As i put it on i was teleported back through the void and into the Vampires Lair. As i entered the large room the vampires hissed when they saw me..

Vampire King: How did you survive that?
MG: Survive what?
Vampire King: The Wraith.
MG: Hehe.. i ripped the sigment out.
Vampire King: So that is....
Vampire Lord: Lysanders Cloak!

I suddenly felt a bulb of power suddenly powering me up, giving me claws, and i suddenly had the lust to kill... I ran towards the vampires and started slashing clashing and ripping them apart, one by one. These were no strong vampires, but still a legion with enough powers to slay the humans in a large radius.

2 Days later i reached the end of the way out again, but it was like the hole had put me out further on my way.. i walked towards the Necromancer encampment, i was actually quite close now.

As i came closer i saw no guards, no nothing. Only buildings and blight everywhere. I walked closer noticing a band of Necromancers almost panicing. I ran towards them and as i was almost there, Geriom broke through a wall much like a hurricane. He didn't look so much like himself anymore, he looked extremely powerfull. He killed the necromancers in a few swoops, his power was out of this world.

Geriom: There you are! I've been expecting you, why didn't you come any sooner?
MG: I ran into loads of vampires.
Geriom: Guessing thats why you have the Cloak on.

Geriom lifted his arms, and cast some kind of magic on me..

I suddenly felt more powerful, my wings was restored. They were bigger now...

Geriom: I didn't introduce myself rightfully last time. My name is Geriom, But i'm a God that was imprisoned by the Necromancers. Or.. they had shackled my powers, but i broke the spell and got them back. They are slowly regaining, and my time here is getting shorter since i cannot exist in form here. I'll be going soon, but can i except your alligance still?
MG: ... yes... I will believe in what i think is right.. and this is it. I will never stop hunting the necromancers! Never!
Geriom: Great.. *Vannishes*

MG: So.. I've lost all my powers, gained a cloak, and some kind of Metamorphisis...

I flapped my wings, and started to fly... This was just the beginning...

OOC: Another long post, ay?
*We all know the that Foobum is the class of all that is Cake.

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Supreme Hero
Been around since before 2003
posted December 10, 2004 06:28 PM

*As I study the ruins I can barely read the inscriptions. This must have been left here thousands of years ago. It tells of how horrid creatures invaded and started taking away their homes and how they were fleeing. How this would be their last entry and then I noticed there was no more writing, blood splotches were on the wall and from the deep darkness of the cave I could hear a low rumbling. I slowly backed out of the cave and started running towards the East until I had finally collapsed in exhaustion. I wondered what happened to my people and if any were still alive. I wondered what terrible beast was living now where my old people used to call that home. I took a nap before heading East again to what would await me*
When all else fails... read the instruction booklet!

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Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted December 12, 2004 04:13 PM
Edited By: RedSoxFan3 on 12 Dec 2004


You continue to work your way around the mountain and eventually find your way to the end of the range. You look north and see nothing but plains for as far as the eyes can see. You spot a village back towards the northwest and head that way.

As you descend the mountain, you find yourself hit by cold winds from the north. They are not unbearable, but after being in the warm humid weather on just the other side of the mountain, it became quite a shock to meet such a change in climate.

The plains are fast travelling for you. The city that looked like a small dot off into the horizon from the mountain top sits before you well before the sun has set. As you enter town, you notice how small the houses are, how small the doors are, how small everything is. This must be a halfling village. That would explain how you got here so quickly when it had appeared to be so far away.

As you walk through the village you are quite surprised at how quiet everything is. There isn't a soul about, yet you are certain that the town isn't abandoned because of the stacks of smoke rising from the chimneys. You decide to make your way to the Tavern and find out why the town was so quiet. You enter the door and see dozens of halflings chattering away having a merry time. It seems this is some sort of festival or holiday. You walk up to the bartender and ask what the occasion is.

"What's the occasion? We are celebrating our freedom. A band of ogres had been holding our village hostage taking all our supplies. All of our things. But we just fought them off earlier this morning. Not a single one of us died and we killed at least half of them. It's just splendid. Nothing can go wrong. Sit down and have an ale. On the house. Tell me, what brings you to these parts?

Go Red Sox!

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Supreme Hero
Been around since before 2003
posted December 12, 2004 06:40 PM

Gorman: I came to this land from across the sea to the far west. I took my own boat out and got caught in a storm before I made it back to port. As of now I'm just roaming around this place. What happened to the rest of the ogres that you spoke of?

Baternder: They ran off to the East. They been terrible brutes. Them big bastards been stealin our food and money for quite some while.

Gorman: Don't you fear that they'll return in force after you've slain some of them?

Bartender: The thought's always crossed me mind, but I try to not worry about it. We got a few tower's set up to look out for new comer's and the like.

Gorman: If you recall how many ogres were left perhaps I could exterminate them after I find their nest for you?

Bartender: Oy, there's probably like a dozen more perhaps. They take orders from a chieftein. I've seen him use magic whne he get's angry, I suppose that's what makes him a chief being able to throw fireballs around like a child...

Gorman: I'll be back in a bit, I've got a little hunting expedition now. Thanks for the info.

Bartender: Oy no problem mate! Take care out there! You'll probably smell one of them before you'll ever see one!

*As I walk out of the tavern I start heading east. I notice there seems to be a large cave in the ground with smoke coming out. I slowly draw my scimitars and start to descend into the pit...*
When all else fails... read the instruction booklet!

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Supreme Hero
Foobum* of Justice!
posted January 05, 2005 05:13 PM

Starting An Army..

MG: Geriom! I call you!
Geriom: I'm here... But i don't have a material form, but know that i will be holding my hand over you..
MG: What shall i do now?
Geriom: Fly to the nearby city and start an army, it shall be very rewarding for you... And go to a place of great heat, i will inform you why, later.
MG: Alright..

I Sensed fear in him, i knew that he had great plans for me. But why me...?

A few days later at the human village.

MG: Finally... The Village. It will succumb to me!

MG: Mortals! Die!

I started killin the frail humans, there was no mercy, no nothing... As i killed them i raised them as zombies, as my army, as the Legion of Death.
MG:.oO(A place of heat... that could be a desert)
MG: HUMAN! Tell me where i can find a desert!
Woman: I Won't! *Screams*
MG: Do it, and i shall spare your life.
Woman: Alright... Go towards The Dark Lands, there is a desert close to.. the journ...*SLASH*
MG: Stupidity.... Fearing for ones life so much..

I finished off the city.. Killing everything and everyone, raising everything to obey me. We started our walk for the Desert, i knew i would need an army for something, or builders for something... Anyway, having a swarm of zombies could be nifty, one way or another..

A few days later i felt my cloak forge into me, suddely it had become my skin.. My own skin was my armor, and it burned everyone who dared touch it, even my own legion. It was rather nice..

This journey would be long, and everyone who would cross my way would taste my blade, and I their blood..

*We all know the that Foobum is the class of all that is Cake.

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