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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Path to Mintjinska (ICTC storytable)
Thread: Path to Mintjinska (ICTC storytable)

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posted March 02, 2006 09:59 PM
Edited by FriendOfGunnar on 6 Mar 2006

Path to Mintjinska (ICTC storytable)

This is a storytelling round table.  Go here to find out about what we're doing and how you can join.

This first story is set in Kookastar's Cavern faction and I will be chairing it (with the aid of the faction creator of course).  The style is going to be "chick lit."  This particular literary style can best be described like this: Personal relationships in the narrative are emphasized over material struggles and character development is made a priority over violence and physical aggression.
In other words: More talk, less action (not no action, just less action)


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Legendary Hero
able to speed up time
posted March 02, 2006 10:05 PM
Edited by FriendOfGunnar on 8 Mar 2006

"Path to Mintjinska" Part 1


Katy emerged from the cave and was rewarded with a gust of fresh air.  She filled her lungs and looked out over the mountainside while she waited for her friends.  The Hybacea plants were in full bloom all up and down the mountainside.  That's not what she was looking for though.

Eidit was the next to emerge from the cave.
"Lucina's slow,  let's go…"
"No let's wait…please"
Eidit moved forward a bit and looked down across the scenery.  She saw a Brown Oss flying below her and thrummed to it gently.  It ignored her.  "Hey the river still hasn't broken up, we might be able to catch it this year."
"The rivers too far, besides, I want to go down to the valley, near where the grove of red pine used to be "
"What for?"
"To find some Luckhorns." She shielded her eyes from the bright morning sun.  "I'm going to make a garland for the maidens reel at the Mintjinka festival"
"There's nobody that's going to be there worth wasting your time looking for Luckhorns."
Katy grinned and averted her eyes upward.
"Who, you mean Sharazo?  Don't be silly, he's getting married this year…"
Katy looked over and smiled.
Eidit laughed "You're just talking now. We're too young…. plus the flowers won't last that long anyway."
"Also there might not be a caravan this year." Lucina said, finally emerging from the  the cave.
"What do you mean there's not going to be a caravan this year?" Eidit asked " There's a caravan going to Mintjinka every three years."
"I am not too young." Katy said, ignoring them both.
"Yes, you are.  Nobody gets married at our age…and what do you mean there's not going to be a caravan this year?" Eidit again demanded.
"My dad said…"
"Elsa Sehinhawk did when she was our age"
Eidit rolled her eyes. "That's because her family's betsnour and they needed the money.  Your family's not betsnour and they don't need the money.  Lucina! Why…"
"I'm not sure, he just said something about King Frankendurn"
All three girls were silent for a moment.  This irritated Eidit because she was the one that was supposed to know things about stuff like King Frankendurn and caravans not caravanning.
"Hey look", Katy said suddenly as she crept to the edge of an overhang.  "It's Jarhead."


They watched as Jarhead negotiated the slope below them. It was always surprising to see the heavy bulk of a Cyclops moving so nimbly across the terrain, and Jarhead was no exception. His arrival could only mean one thing – that Lucina’s grandmother, Teila, and her unit had returned from their visit to the Sylvans.
Lucina eyes lit up, “hmmm..feast tonight! Hey, I remember seeing some Luckhorns last week… somewhere near Andre’s Gully.”
Eidit rolled her eyes, but finally conceded. “We'd better get a move on if we're going that far.”
Katy snuck Lucina a thankful glance and quickly skittered down the slope, “I Looove the wet season.”
It didn't take that long to arrive. It really wasn’t that far actually, just far enough for Katy and Eidit to continue the marriage discussion. It was Katy that was leading but Eidit seemed to be in front of the argument.
“And you don’t even have a jeinosh yet”
Katy was fuming, “None of us do, and what’s that got to do with anything?”
“I'm just saying, that you have so much to do before you become a Mame Sharazo. Especially someone so…”
Lucina could see that this argument between the other two girls was not going to bear any fruit. She wanted to end the argument with a distraction and she also wanted to practice her last months worth of lessons, so she took a deep breath, until she could feel it push her lungs hard against her ribs and thrummed. There were no creatures in sight, yet she still thrummed.
“So what Eidy?” Katy was oblivious to what Lucina had done. She was still hot and wrapped up in the argument.
Eidit stopped playing with the blade of grass she had picked up and turned to face Katy. “Umm, I’m just saying he’s a little bit…”
Just then Lucina let out a gasp. “Look!” “LOOK!” It was the rustling sound more than Lucina’s beckoning that made the girls look. Quizzical eyebrows replaced feverish foreheads as they stopped and looked, mouths ajar. Out of all the crevices in the gully they came. Tiny glistening skinks, the First Lerista. There must have been a hundred of them, and they were all running in one direction. Towards the girls. No not the girls, just one girl: Lucina.
Lucina panicked – shocked that her call was answered in such force. And shocked that there was such a large colony of skinks here. Her squeal was accompanied by an inner wall, it was at this moment that she understood what her teachers had been talking about, yet she could not control it. The skinks scattered back to their hiding places as fast as they had come, and her friends laughed.
“You should have seen your face Lucina,” Eidit was laughing. “They’re only skinks, you scared them all away!”
“I thought you were going to feint!” Katy could not disguise her amusement. (and her amazement at what Lucinda was capable of)
Lucina smiled and noticed a pale glistening blue in the distance. “Hey I see some Luckhorns…lots, enough to make a garland for you too Eidit”
They laughed and made for the Luckhorns.


All the way though Lucina's thoughts were preoccupied by what had just happened to her.  It also weighed on Eidit's mind.  “That was pretty impressive how you did that Lucinda.” Eidit remarked.  There was a giant multi-hued bug flying nearby and Eidit thrummed it over to her hand. “Seems like all I can do is bugs”  She grimaced and flicked the bug away with a grunt of disgust.
“My grandmother…”
The girls hadn’t gone more than two steps before the blast of noxious acid hit them.  Eidit was closest and shrieked the loudest, which set Katy laughing.
"You must be kind in your mind, just like Rivershine designed, my grandmother says" Lucina said.
Eidit was silent.  

Not too long later the three girls were sitting in the grass, working on their garlands and eating the flatbread, shermash, and spiced watercinth-stems they'd brought.  Eidit had her garland finished first while the other two girls we're still fumbling with theirs.
Finally Katy sighed with exasperation.  “I’m doing something wrong here, Eidit could you…”
“Yeah I’d better take this from you, before you end up Mame Sharazo with 6 kids in the haystack.”
Lucinda smiled but the multi-coloured bug had returned and Katy was too busy looking at it to notice that Eidit had restarted the argument.  “Hey…come here pretty” she said as she thrummed to it gently. “Don’t be afraid of nasty Eidit”.    It swerved in and landed on her outstretched finger.  

She brought it up to face level and examined it closely.  The head was a type of pyre upon which pale topaz flames lept up and licked an emerald sky.  The sky gave way to an indigo sunset upon which barely visible shooting stars could be glimpsed rushing towards their destiny. Meanwhile the shooting stars kept bigger and bigger until finally red giants could be seen starting to cluster and rush towards each other in a great fiery cataclysm.    

Lucina came over and looked at the bug.  “Very pretty…are you going to keep it?”
“Nah…. It’s probably going to die in a few weeks.”  
“Katy’s in love with a bug now.”  Eidit said “Wshew, that was close one…”
Katy gave it a swift motion with her hand and it flew into the sky.  “Stay away from Brown Oss, okay?”  she said as she watched it fly out of sight.

There wasn't enough luckhorns for all three so it was Katy and Lucinda who came home with the trophies later on as the sun began to set in the east.  They were still winding their way towards the tunnel when they got another visit from their new friend.
“Hey your boyfriend’s back”  Eidit joked.
Lucinda watched the bug crawl up and down her friends garland.  “Wow, it looks like you’ve got a jeinosh now.  You didn't even have to call it”
Katy smiled and tried to catch a glimpse.  “Hmm.. we’ll just have to see about that”

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Legendary Hero
posted May 26, 2006 01:45 PM
Edited by kookastar at 12:16, 23 Jun 2006.


The girls did not have to venture far into the cavern entrance before they heard it.  Usually there was a comforting echo of song and laughter through these halls, but instead there was a wash of whispers.  Even Eidit stopped, mouth ajar, and signalled to her friends to hush, and listen.  No amount of straining could amplify or enhance the whispers to recognisable phrases however, so instead the girls moved along the path and towards Lucina’s.

As though it was contagious, the girl’s voices shrunk to barely a murmur, applying their years of comradeship to communicate primarily through gesture and facial expression.  What exactly was going on? The garlands felt heavy in their hands, as they turned into Lucina’s cavern, unsure and uncertain.  

“Well it’s about bloody time!”  The frowns were replaced with grins a mile wide as the girls saw what was in front of them.  Teila sat with both legs in the air – suspended on lengths of vine, and wrapped in healing cloths.  Around her were half the clan, goblets raised high, baskets of gruapples a sign of welcome and return.
“Gran” Lucina raced towards her, laughing.

“’Cina, I have so many stories to tell” she said softly, holding her granddaughter tightly.  “But later.  I need you and your friends to do something for me… if you are up to it that is?  I can see you are busy making artefacts for your beaus!”  She winked now, and Lucina and Katy blushed.
“Of course, what are we to do?”
“In my pack you will find a list, it’s in the side pocket… that’s it.  Bring it here.”
Lucina was nearly running as she carried the list over, barely noticing the healers working on the torn limbs of Teila.”  The woman tore the paper in two and handed a piece to her granddaughter.
“Please, find me those things.”
“And take this with you.”   A small bag made from fur flew through the air and Eidit caught it just before it was to hit Katy in the forehead.  The whole room filled with laughter now, and Lucina and Eidit grabbed their friend by the arms and dragged her away.

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