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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Qd's strategy on Haven campaign mission 5
Thread: Qd's strategy on Haven campaign mission 5

Tavern Dweller
surviving azure dragon
posted February 03, 2007 06:05 PM
Edited by quebecdragon at 18:13, 03 Feb 2007.

Qd's strategy on Haven campaign mission 5

Hi everyone,

I asked on the inferno strategy thread some questions about whether or not I could start a different topic with each strategy I've written but there was no answer. Basically, I'm afraid that my strategies on the campaign missions would get lost amongst all the pages of the existing thread. Plus, some of them are rather long.   So I'll post one to see how it goes. Please don't flame me... although as a dragon, it wouldn't matter much to me. ;-)

My first strategy will be for the Haven campaign mission number 5. I won't do any for the first 4 scenarios of Haven (at least not until I've finished all the campaigns) but I intend to do them for the other factions (at this moment, they're done for all inferno and necromancer campaign missions although not posted all here). I feel as if the strategies could prove useful to most players even though they might have already played and finished them (even easily). Like
my Heroes 2 and 3 strategies, I like to include general tips and bits of wisdom that are not necessarily scenario specific. Feel free to comment. So without further ado:

1) The town you must take is already visible on the map. You'll reach it by following the road but nothing prevents you from making a few detours such as the Garden of the wee folk (dancing eprechaun) and the Haven military post (buy some troops).  You could also
take the ore pit west of the road but I didn't do so in my game (at least right away).

2) It's possible to free Isabel (who's in the prison at the northeast of Dunmoor) on day 4 or 5 with minimal casualties. It's also possible to get the gold mine at the northwest of your town by the end of the week. I suggest using Isabel to minimize losses.

3) You'll get attacked fairly soon by Agrael (a high-level enemy). He's not that hard to beat if you keep Isabel inside the town while keeping Godric hiding in a corner (northwest of your town but not too far away)

4) After that, you do have a little time (don't
remember how much) before enemies (of level 1 mostly)
start harassing you. I  suggest keeping Godric or
Isabel fairly close to your main town. In my game, I
used Godric to explore the surface (taking mines in
the northeast first) and Isabel to explore the
underground afterwards. That way both heroes could
level up.

5) In other scenarios, using "hero chains"
(transferring creatures from one hero to the other
that still has movement points left) is a major
factor in improving your game. In this particular
scenario, doing so, unless fairly close to home, is
risky since you cannot afford to lose either Godric or
Isabel. Being the somewhat reckless type, I did at
first hero chain troops between Godric and Isabel more
than I should have.

6) To be on the safe side, try to keep approximately
two weeks' worth of creatures in Dunmoor. Later on
(when you can have cavaliers),  around a week's worth
of creatures should be enough. You can probably manage
with less troops if you keep Godric or Isabel inside.

7) Enemies can reach you in the space of 2 or 3 days
through one-way monoliths. In a worst-case scenario, the
enemy hero can reach you in one day if he's fast
enough and comes through the monolith in the center of
the map.

8) You'll notice quickly enough that most of the
fighting outside the town is done by cavaliers and
griffins. The other units (such as squires and
conscripts) just don't arrive in time to be useful.
Henceforth, try using cavaliers and griffins for your
exploring hero along with a strong stack of shooters.
The rest of your troops could be kept for garrisoning
your town but that seems like a bit of a waste (a
week's worth of troops, or two seems plenty to me for
garrison duties).

9) I had no problem beating almost all underground
stacks with the following army led by Isabel: 8
cavaliers, 36 griffins, 50 archers, 30 marksmen and
assorted troops. Those are approximate numbers. The
two stacks I hesitated to fight and and kept for later
was lots of hydras and a pack of shadow dragons.

10) At one point, I had Godric venturing through the map
killing pesky inferno heroes (and retaking mines)
while Isabel was busy exploring the underground (that
she started doing on week 4 and kept doing until
close to the end). Do keep a decent garrison while
doing this.

11) I used "sacrificial" scout heroes to explore the
unexplored parts of the surface (especially south and
southeast) before sending in Godric. I usually split
low-level troops (such as peasants) in 3 equal stacks
of one so that no enemy hero can defeat my hero before
he flees.

12) The northeast exit of the underground is not really
worth exploring. If you do so, try to avoid the legion
of imps.

13) The crystal cavern is very far away in the southeast
part of the underground. I discovered it very late
myself (after having explored most of the underground
already). This makes the resource silo (giving you one
crystal per day) a more important early purchase.

14) Always consider the reward versus risk (potential
losses) when deciding to pick a fight. For example, if
the reward for a fight  would be a magical item whose
usefulness seems doubtful along with a treasure
chest (or two) and a small pile of resources; but you
risk incurring some medium to important losses
(especially if it's a few of your higher level
troops). Please pass your way unless you really want
the experience or you really need the resources. The
chests of gold are less important in this map since
you will rarely lack money.

15) On the flip side of the argument, I usually suggest
to be agressive when picking your fights. Your army
led by a strong hero can usually take on more than you
think. Besides, if things go badly, you can
always reload. It's a good way to learn what fights to
pick when you're just starting out.

16) Learn to wait (by pressing the letter W) with your
griffins, otherwise you'll lose too many of them.

17) The dive bombing of the Imperial griffins is good
against enemy shooters and sometimes against stacks
that have already engaged your other troops.
Otherwise, you're very likely to miss your target and
waste a precious attack.

18) I've noticed that often, the enemy heroes will
attack your garrisoned town even though they have no
chance of winning. Keep that in mind so that you let
the enemy attack your town, instead of you pursuing
them and not having the benefits of the arrow towers.
If you see an enemy hero taking mines, it's doubtful
that he will head straight for Dunmoor unless it's
really badly defended.

19) Once you get the Tear of Asha, you can afford to sit
in your town a little while: building the upgraded
town structures (one per day skipping a few as you
wish), upgrading your troops and basically
creating your last army. You will probably need to
trade resources for ore. I suggest spending at
least a week in the area, more if you feel it's

20) Hire all your town troops and give them to Godric
(Isabel can be busy somewhere else and keep her own
troops) except the footmen/squires and the conscripts
that are not really necessary. Leave with Godric on a
day 1. Make sure you leave the new troops (that
arrived on day 1) to defend the town. You can take all
the archangels or cavaliers/paladins with Godric if
you wish but do leave one week's worth of either of
those units as insurance against sneaky inferno
attacks. Hire all remaining units in town as soon as
you can.

21) Near the end, just before reaching red's territory,
I would have had 20 cavaliers join me for greater
glory but I decided not to take them.
I'm pretty sure that if you have troops of the same
town as the one you will fight, that neutral stack
will be more likely to join.

22) Nikolai is in the southeast corner beyond a
garrison: not the one with the inferno town to the

23) Once Godric reaches Nikolai, don't worry about
losing his troops. The scenario will soon be over.
Just don't leave Isabel between Nikolai and

Finished in month 3, week 1, day 6 at normal difficulty

The Quebec Dragon

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Legendary Hero
ghost of the past
posted February 03, 2007 06:31 PM

I hate to say it, but you are nine months late.

Perhaps you could do HoF...?

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Tavern Dweller
surviving azure dragon
posted February 04, 2007 12:31 AM
Edited by quebecdragon at 01:49, 04 Feb 2007.

I hate to say it, but you are nine months late.

Perhaps you could do HoF...?

I know I'm 9 months late but not everyone will play a game when it's initially released. I just had a new computer at the end of december finally permitting me to play Heroes 5. I'm still going through the initial campaigns. Perhaps my strategies are "late", but perhaps they could still be useful, especially since they were made with patch 1.4. and some gameplay changes were made from the original version, unless I'm mistaken. Besides, aren't there several ways to play through the scenarios? My "strategic way" and writing style are probably not the best but I think they might be different from the usual and sport some positive quirks

I'm also trying to go at it from a fresh perspective:  avoiding reading other strategies of the same mission beforehand, exploring instead of always going for the fastest way and quickest kill, telling about my "mistakes" (and how I handled them if I didn't reload), telling players what I would have done differently in hindsight, writing about what surprised me (pleasantly or not) and my discoveries as I come to grip with Heroes 5 and learn its intricacies. I have limited free time so I tend to write the strategy as I actually play the mission for the first time, switching back and forth between Heroes and Wordpad. I'm new at this game but a long-time veteran at Heroes 2 and 3, so some good old tactics and dirty tricks still work. I also think I'm doing relatively ok since I've had ratings of black dragon in the 3 campaigns I've played up to now.

But all that being said, if the strategies are not particularly welcome here, then no harm done, I'll just continue posting them somewhere else

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Legendary Hero
posted February 04, 2007 04:01 AM

It was an interesting read.

My own personal approach to Heroes V was to play a ton of single player maps to get a feel for the game before doing the campaigns.  I coasted through fairly well until Dungeon campaign...let us know what you do in some inferno maps.
Bask in the light of my glorious shining unicorn.

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Known Hero
posted February 04, 2007 04:04 AM
Edited by alcibiades at 14:07, 29 Mar 2007.

Before Patch 2.1, the only strategy you need on that map is Training. Seriously, all you need is marksmen and squires to own that map on Heroic AND without using Isabel (I just had her take what's left of my nonmarksmen, nonsquire units after Godric defends the first wave). By focusing your resources on just training marksmen you will have like 300 by the third week or so. The enemy heroes don't really have any direct damage spells or anything so the worst they can do to you is hero attack your squires which kills like 1 squire per hit. Just max Isabel's level on neutral fights while Godric laughs at the demons with his hundreds of marksmen. When Isabel is maxed, have Godric defend a couple more waves if you want to max him too (I did) then go finish the map.

Moderator's note: Discussion to be continued in Haven Campaign strategy section.

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