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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC4 - The Grotto
Thread: ICTC4 - The Grotto

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posted January 31, 2009 01:14 AM
Edited by sith_of_ziost at 01:50, 08 Feb 2009.

ICTC4 - The Grotto

The Grotto

Forgotten enemies don't stop existing...

The Grotto

Also Known As: The Grimy Recesses, Filth Masters, the Vilenids
Associated Symbols – The Inverted Mountain, the Peaked Cavern
Race – Degenerate race of grimy brutish beings called Vilenids
Capital – Majenty, the Center of Grime
Alignment – Passive Neutral
Kingdom – Located under the ridges that separate the Silver Cities from Heresh
Religion – A High Priest named Gurguzzohm
Schools of Magic – Dark and Summoning
Dominant Stats – Spellpower then Attack
Hero Class – Augur
Racial Ability – Earthbreaking

Part One: The Birth of the Putrid

“Another day in the Silver Cities: If you ask Zehir of a day in 994 YSD, that’s how he would respond. By record, there were no catastrophes, no cataclysmic failures, no laboratory conundrums or deplosions of any kind; it is written down as a meager mediocre day. In truth, that day lit the flame to the Silver Cities fuse of destruction…

Away from the eyes of the Circle of Nine, the wizard Razzak began a secret project that involved mixing the worlds most potent substances to find a restorative agent that would cure his paraplegia. In the beginning, it was a benign and mundane project that yielded few results, until the third month of his experiments; he did not discover a cure, but discovered an enzyme that created a powerful nerve toxin and rendered the user immune to poison. He tested it on mundane creatures at first: turtles, parrots, and cats. But when the time came, he fetched a gremlin to use the serum. Much to his abhorrence, when injected into the little gremlin, the serum produced an alarming growth in the gremlins musculature and bone structure. Now morbidly huge, the serf just stood with a dumb look like a normal gremlin. Astonished, the old mage continued his now perilous and terribly unbalanced mutations. Soon enough, he created an entire subspecies of mutated creatures which all shared one characteristic: their incredulously thick hide. Not even the sharpest of needles could penetrate it, and any corrosive agent merely thickened it. Little did Razzak know that he created the greatest threat to the Mages since the Orcs.

Zehir now heard of a strange goings on in the city of Bahiyaa, and decided to investigate. To his great and uncharismatic surprise, the city was razed and crashed into the ground, no longer possessing any levitating or other magics whatsoever. Now alerted to the crisis, he was too late to stop the creatures both vile and untamed. Thus was born the Vilinids.

Part Two: The Growth of a Cancer

“If there was one advantage the Silver Cities had, it was the fact that the Vilenids were still bereft of leadership or cause. This allowed the “reclamation” parties to hunt down a majority of them. However, once the gods intervene, no mortal can stop what is to come. And so the Vilenids became pawns of the Dragon of the Earth, Sylanna. She revealed to them a secret chasm at the bottom of which was an acid river that flows into Heresh to putrify the lands. Their brutish and kindred nature struck the Dragon Goddess with sympathy, so she led them through a daughter named Rylanna to their destined capital of Majenty. A plateau in cavernous chasm surrounded by mountains, they established the city in the name of their matron, Sylanna. Understanding that they could not comprehend the complexity of the earth dragoness’s rituals, she took them under her wing, and led them to bargain with the nearby Deathlords of Heresh to establish trade routes and construction supplies. Being essentially vessels of ailment, the Necromancers immediately opened their borders to the grunts. They weaved the gift of intelligence into their inhabitants, and soon the Vilenids grew powerful. However, the Silver Cities did not relent in their crusades to exterminate them. Having strong allies in the adjacent Vale and also distant relations with the Dark Elves, the Vilenids held on to their freedom. However, peace would not last long with the encroachment of the Naga from the swamp lands of Hashima into Heresh…

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