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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Heroes 6 FAQ and QUESTIONS - Please read and ask here first! *08/10/13*
Thread: Heroes 6 FAQ and QUESTIONS - Please read and ask here first! *08/10/13* This thread is 46 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 20 30 40 ... 42 43 44 45 46 · NEXT»

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posted August 30, 2010 02:55 PM bonus applied by Maurice on 10 Mar 2016.
Edited by Elvin at 13:11, 05 Jan 2014.

Heroes 6 FAQ and QUESTIONS - Please read and ask here first! *08/10/13*

Due to the overwhelming amount of posts lately it is easy to overlook important information concerning heroes 6. This often leads members to repeating similar questions or fall prey to misinformation. I will list a number of popular questions but keep in mind that this thread is for reference and not discussion. You may ask for clarifications if you did not understand properly but offtopic posts will be cleaned.
If I have forgotten something let me know and I will update the list

Without further ado..


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The development cycle of Heroes 6 has reached its conclusion, with the team moving on to other major Might & Magic projects. There will be no further online support to this game and no further addons or improvements.


Why all this silence following the game's release?

As you know by now, Black Hole is not working on Heroes VI anymore. Since the M&M team and Ubisoft was commited to continue to improve and enrich the game beyond the release date, we looked for a new studio to work on a patching plan. This led to a period during which we couldn¢t communicate since too many things were uncertain, even for us. Fortunately, things are getting better and clearer now.

The situation about Black Hole¢s departure was quite controversial. It¢s great that we have Limbic to continue the improvement of Heroes VI, but the fans are still concerned whether or not the whole story will be repeated, or whether the development will get painfully longer. We would be glad to hear some assurance.

Limbic and Ubisoft have worked together on past projects and we always had a great relationship with them. We are glad of our current collaboration as well: Limbic had to get used to the code of the game and did it pretty quickly. The 1.3 & 1.4 patches released by Limbic proved their ability to build upon the existing features and improve the state of the game while expanding its scope.
But we need to keep in mind that they are a relatively small studio which is not geared up to produce full scale content, so our objectives remain reasonable, with a clear focus on quality and on-time delivery. For the moment everything is happening as planned, so no reason to get worried about anything.

What do you think is the best feature you¢ve done and the worst mistake? Which choices lead to failure and which had success?

One feature we¢re especially satisfied with is the Area of Control system that really allows you to focus on your overall strategy and the most exciting parts of the game (siege battles for instance) rather than tedious micromanagement (endless re-capture of individual resource buildings with “mule” heroes).
Other features, such as the Reputation system, were cool on paper but not so interesting in the end. We wanted the Reputation to influence your heroes in every possible way: story (unique quests, dialogues and companions), gameplay (unique abilities), visual (unique appearance). As a result, the concept got diluted and less impactful. A more reasonable focus would have served the game better.
The skill system is probably our biggest disappointment. There¢s really a huge gap between our original intention and the actual ingame implementation. We wanted specialized factions, distinctive heroes, cool and powerful abilities, and all that presented in an attractive, user-friendly package… Then came the negotiations, compromises, conflicting feedbacks, re-ordering of production priorities, and finally, the end result.
However, we feel that while not perfect, many of the new features of Heroes VI were necessary steps for the Heroes series. We really wanted to try and innovate in several areas. We may have pushed the limits of the game to undesirable areas, but we have learned valuable lessons in the process and we sincerely think that in a couple of years from now, when we look back at the vanilla Heroes VI, we will smile and whisper: this is when it all started…

Similarly, what are your thoughts about the Conflux? Where did it succeed and where did it fail? While the social side may have potential, fans are critical about the DRM component; any words on that?

There were two main reasons for the Conflux to be an important part of Heroes VI.
The first is that in 2011-2012, we are all connected. And Ubisoft as a whole is striding into this connected space. The Heroes series could simply not just be left behind. We wanted the Might & Magic fans to be connected with each others, with ourselves, the developers and publishers of the game, and with the Might & Magic universe as a whole.
The second reason is that we wanted to bring to the fans something they had been requesting for years: a persistent reward for playing the game. Being able to carry over some kind of gameplay benefit from one campaign to another, from the single player game to the multiplayer, from the core game to its extensions, or even to its next installment.
This is also what the Conflux, with its Dynasty system, is all about.
But we agree that as of today, the Conflux has mostly been an interesting potential. We¢re working hard to make it real, and as cool as its promise. And by we, we mean all the online teams at Ubisoft, not just the producers and developers of the Might & Magic games.

Heroes VI is said to be the flagship of the series. Does it mean that the upcoming games will be closely tied to its story? And the ones who would like to see some different time periods (like after Heroes 5) should wait? Also, what period of Ashan history would the team members like to explore?

The upcoming titles of the Might & Magic series are all tied to Heroes VI, either because they take place in the same time period, or because the events they depict are linked to things that took place during H6. In a way, H6 opens the second big story arc of the Ashan universe (the Dark Messiah arc being the first).
There are many time periods in the history of Ashan that would be interesting to explore: the Shantiri era, the succession wars after the end of the Falcon line, the civil war in the Seven Cities... Maybe someday we¢ll even be able to tell what happens after Dark Messiah.

Why is the game still missing sim turns? It is one of the main factors that H6 online scene is dead.

Sim Turns is a very complex feature. It would be a great addition, and we know the online community is eagerly waiting for it but it won't be added in one of the coming patches.

The fan sites have a fairly general consensus as to what can be done to salvage Heroes VI. What do you think are the most important new/changed features needed for the game to evolve and survive?

From what we've read, there are actually a lot of different opinions as to what could improve Heroes VI, so it's far from a general consensus.
On the low-level changes, our plan is firstly to work on balance itself: make the abilities more relevant, reduce the power of Healing/resurrection spells, make the Core units more vulnerable, increase the damage of the spells. This should be seen in the future patches. The story part the game was not very good, but we believe the adventure pack will show how much we have improved the story telling. In the long run, we also want to promote the differences between the Might and the Magic heroes, and between the Factions themselves. We know a revamp of the Skill System, Sim Turns and map editor are important features for the Community, so they are high on our "backlog" of features to add in the future.

The game interface didn¢t work out but there will be no improvement on that I'm afraid. If there¢s going to be a new Heroes game, the magic should feel more magic, more specifically relating to the spellbook. Magic guilds could possibly return, and no more mixing skills with spells.

Given the mediocre success of Heroes V and the thoroughly unimpressive release and post-release stages of Heroes VI, the Community strongly questions Ubisoft¢s commitment to the Heroes series – it looks like you want to move on to something else already. To what extent are you focused on Heroes VI and shepherding the game to a more satisfactory state?

Heroes V has actually been the most successful Heroes game of all times in terms of sales, and proved to be a very popular game. It sold more than Heroes III for instance. Might & Magic is an important brand for Ubisoft, and we have no plan to abandon it. That includes Heroes VI and the Heroes series as a whole. H6 was meant to be the flagship of the Might & Magic brand for 2012 and beyond, and while it was not the game we dreamt it to be (not yet, anyway), it still paved the way for more Might & Magic in the very near future.

How would you evaluate your current relationship with the VIP fans? What would you say is their opinion of the game and your handling of its development? Do you think there is any point to communicating with the VIP fans or have they failed in their role?

You have to remember that making a game is a collaborative effort between us, the development studio and the VIP fans. The VIP fans have been the representatives of the Communities and always acted as the voice of the rest of the fans. Now the constraints of game development meant we could not always implement their numerous feedbacks, much to our regret. In any case, we have no intent to close this forum and we'll continue to work with the VIPs as much as possible on the future projects of the Might & Magic brand. Currently they actively help with the balance testing and general feedback on the game.

Do you have a special message for the fans?

We are watching, we are probably not the super forum active guys discussing every little details, but I can ensure you that at least twice a week in the meetings we are discussing summaries of what¢s going on in the community, what is happening in the VIP forum. So, even if there is no big answers from our side, we are aware of your feedback and we learned a lot. There is even stuff we could not have done without community input. This is something we are very grateful.

We have spent a lot of time and resources working with Limbic for the past few months. Now we are trying to release everything in time and to show to the community our good faith, to prove that we are going to keep Heroes 6 to its promised glory instead of being an uncompleted potential. This is something we want to develop and we hope in the coming weeks to show it to everyone.

H6 was rich in references, winks and nods to the previous games. Do you have a compilation of them?

Here you go!

When will the Ashan Compedium be released? What about MM books?

The Ashan Compendium, a book which will describe the world of Ashan in detail, has already been released. There is also a MM comic, which focuses on Pavel and Cate Griffin's adventures some years before HVI.

It was once quoted there would be 2 factions per expansion, with one being offered as a free dlc prior to the addon's release. Does it hold any truth? What can we expect from an expansion?

The person who answered that question is not longer with us and he was being optimistic at the time. For now there will be 1 expansion with 1 faction (as hinted in the epilogue) and if it sells well, then maybe another will be made.


* I experience Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Lag, Connection issues, what can I do?
This would be a great place to start, it contains plenty of advice and solutions on various issues.

* Where can I find a full list of the H6 soundtrack?
There you go.

* What is the current game version?
That would be 2.1.1.

* Where can I get the ability descriptions/tooltips?

* What will the anti-copy protection of Heroes VI be?
You won't need to be connected to Internet to play it either. However the hero pool in offline mode is limited to 4(!) heroes per faction(although all heroes are available in tavern) and you also get less save slots.. The online saves used to be incompatible with offline mode but this has been fixed since. Also you cannot create new heroes or get achievements when not connected to the conflux.

* My game was not updated, what's wrong?
If game fails to autopatch, you should run the gu executable in the beta directory. Should be here by default: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Might & Magic Heroes VI - Public Closed Beta\Might & Magic Heroes VI - Public Closed Beta

* Do you have to create heroes to play in Multiplayer?
Actually.. yes you do. For whatever reason online H6 does not give you a hero pool like offline does, only Slava is available from the start. Playing a campaign will also unlock its protagonist.

* Will it be possible to play on Mac? Is it planned for later?
There is no Mac version for the Beta and there are no plans for later.

* What is the Conflux?
While playing the game you will come across new Might & Magic Heroes VI online features. These bonuses are only available when playing online are all part of what we call the Conflux.

The Conflux will extend your experience and allow the whole community to be part of the game:
- Create your online profile, share and compare your achievements and progress
- Check out the latest M&M news and chat directly within the game
- Build up your own Dynasty of heroes and customize it with special Dynasty Weapons and Traits
- Get access to the Altar of Wishes to unlock exclusive bonuses

M&M Heroes VI will be fully accessible offline but Conflux will only be available when connected to the internet (High
speed). To access full game features and play online you will need to register at www.ubisoft.com.

* What are the Dynasty Traits and Dynasty Weapons?
Dynasty Traits can be picked at beginning of a map; they grant your hero various passive bonuses. The Traits are part of your Dynasty, meaning that any hero of your Dynasty will be able to choose from your pool of unlocked Dynasty Traits.
Dynasty Weapons are powerful artifacts that earn experience and gain new abilities when leveling-up. They are part of your Dynasty, so any hero of your Dynasty can equip any of the unlocked Dynasty Weapons.

* I heard there was a fan manual around?
Of course, here

*Why was the game delayed?
All our play-tests show the game has a huge potential, but needs extra-time to correct a few flaws. So there had been discussions between the Heroes production team at Ubisoft and the development team at Black Hole and we all agreed we want H6 to be great and to be the flagship for all that¢s to come in the Might & Magic brand. We felt it was better to be transparent with you and announce the delay as soon as it was confirmed.

* Will there be town screens?
They will be released in patch 1.5 on July 12.

* What culture is each faction based around?
Haven is inspired by both Medieval Knights and the Roman Empire.
Necropolis is mainly inspired by Ancient Mesopotamia, and also Ancient Egypt (the Book of the Dead).
Inferno is obviously inspired by various depictions of hell, with a touch of H.P. Lovecraft on top.
Stronghold has influences from Aztec, Aboriginal and Maori cultures.
Sanctuary is mainly based on Japanese myths (the Kappa, Yuki-onna or Kirin come straight from Japanese folklore) with some Chinese and Taiwanese influences in the art style.

* How does the AI-run compared to Heroes 5?
The AI turns are way faster this time around. Also, in H6, the AI will cheat much less and less obviously than in H5. It doesn't cheat at all in Easy difficulty, and not too much in Normal either. In Hard, the AI will lose less troops and will receive some extra resources. It's still not all that strong though.

* Will there be GNU/Linux support?
As far as I know, it is not planned.

* How are our (the fans) questions, ideas etc brought forth to the dev-team?
We read most of the community boards, and take note of interesting suggestions. It¢s not as easy as it may sound, because not two fans think alike  But at times, global threads are emerging, and we do our best to take them into account. Also the VIP fans themselves are quick to warn us when they think one subject is especially hot for their respective communities. The difficulty is, as in any project, to see what can be done with the budget we have.

* Will the adventure map have any dwellings for neutral creatures?
There are no dwellings for the neutral creatures yet but some of them can be summoned with abilities.

* Will different spells and abilities affect each other?
There are abilities that are more effective when used together and others that reduce the power of the enemy¢s abilities. One cool thing in Heroes VI is you can really build different Heroes with different types of abilities. The variety of different heroes and types of abilities will enable the player to find the combos that fit his play style.
An example: several Water spells cause a "Soak" debuff on the target creatures. Soaked creatures suffer 20% more damage from Lightning spells.

* Will the town building plan be unique to every faction like in H5? Are town levels still in the game?
In H6 the town building plans are more similar to each other compared to H5. We¢re using an idea similar to the town levels: you have to upgrade your town to a certain Tier before you can build certain buildings. There are Tier 1 buildings, Tier 2 buildings, and so on. So you cannot build the Champion dwelling in a mere Village for instance, you need a Tier 3 town(City Hall).

Are "weeks of" still in the game? Any improvements done to them?
The week system is still in, but this time there¢s a pre-determined calendar. For instance the Week of Festival always happens at the same time of the year so you can adapt your strategy accordingly. The only random weeks are those that affect production (like the Week of Plague). The week on which the game begins is random.

* Will the tear of Asha return?
Yes. This time you have to collect several pieces of an artifact to find the Tear. Another way to find the Tear of Asha is by defeating some of the Bosses or completing a quest.
As usual you can bring the Tear to your town and build a monument that gives you a huge bonus and enhances your faction abilities. While the Tear is the only artifact that can be obtained that way, there are other powerful artifacts in the game; but we¢ll tell you more about those later.

* Are heroes' primary stats still given out randomly, considering that the skills are now being chosen by player?
It is mostly pre-determined, but there is still a little randomness. There is a ratio among the stats and when the Hero levels up, if one of his stats is really behind this ratio, this stat will gain an increase.

* Will the player have the opportunity to customize the game mechanics (e.g. activate/deactivate the area of control, enable/disable town conversion)?
We're still working on the actual options that will be available to customize the game experience outside of the campaign. What is possible today is to create maps without Areas of Control in the editor. If there is no control point in an area, then mines work the same way they did in the previous Heroes. You can also block the ability to convert towns, so it's possible to create "old school" maps. The only things that won't work without Areas of Control are the neutral dwellings.

* Do you plan for a strategic mode view? Like "2D" view from above or lowly skewed angle in the battles and alternatives to "View Air&Earth" in the overall map?

In H6 we brought back the "kingdom overview" screen, where you can see a larger, more detailed minimap. You have different layers that can be activated or deactivated if you want to only see the mines, towns, areas or quest locations, or all at once. It also summarizes the towns you own, your heroes, the creatures available for recruitment and the resources produced each turn.
As for the in-game view, you can zoom out more than in H5. It's not a 2D view, but you have a better sense of your surroundings.

* How many magic schools will be accessible to each faction?
Five schools will be accessible, a different combination for each faction.

* Will there be simultaneous turns?
Unfortunately not yet.

* Any H6 Reviews?
Pc games
Hooked Gamers

* What are the Minimum & Recommended Specifications for Heroes VI?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (all 32/64 bit)

PROCESSOR: minimal (recommended)
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.0 Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 5000+ @ 2.6 Ghz (Intel Pentium Core 2 @ Duo E6400 @ 2.00 Ghz, AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8 Ghz)

RAM: minimal (recommended)
1 GB for Windows XP and 1.5GB for Vista / Windows 7 (2 GB)

VIDEO CARD: minimal memory/directX version
(optimal memory/directX version)
512 MB, DirectX 9.0c (1 GB, DirectX 9.0c)

DirectX� version DirectX 9.0c 2008 November (included on disc)

DVD 8x (DVD 24x), needed only for installation

DirectX 9.0c compatible (recommended)

8 GB

128 kBit/s upstream


First list to be completed :
- Minimal: NVidia GeForce 8600GTS, ATI Radeon HD 2600XT, both with 512MB of VRAM
- Recommended: NVidia GeForce 8800GTX, ATI Radeon HD 3870 both with 1 GB of VRAM

The video card has to have/support:
- Minimum 512 MB of Video RAM
- Vertex Shader 3.0
- Pixel Shader 3.0
- Vertex Texture support with R32F or R16F format
- Render Target support with R32F and G16R16F format

*Will heroes play on Mac?
There is no Mac version planned, only PC.

*What about DRM?
Ubisoft has removed constant online authentication DRM for PC games It is possible to play this game offline though you miss some of its content.

*Will the game ship with a Random Map Generator?
Unfortunately not. Ubi is focusing on the Map Editor, which is much more powerful and flexible than in Heroes V and they want it ready for the game release.

*What do we know about the magic system?
There will be 7 magic schools: The 6 elementary schools (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness) plus the seventh one, Primordial or Prime. They will be learnt via level ups, as a result there won't be any mage guilds in H6. Spells are tied to reputation and can be tears or blood. Like might skills they come in 3 tiers.

*How will Luck and Moral work?
Morale can be seen right before a unit acts, the second action comes at reduced damage/speed. Luck's effect has been decreased to 50%. Luck and morale are now gained as hero stats and units have their own luck/morale values. Naturally locations and artifacts further add to them. The scale has also changed, now 1 luck/morale means 1% chance to trigger.

*Why has the primary skill system(Attack, Defense, Spellpower, Knowledge)been changed into magic attack/defense, might attack/defense?
The stat names echo the Might & Magic dichotomy. Every hero will have magic/might attack and magic/might defense and the same goes for creatures. A might creature's attack will be increased by the hero's might attack value while a caster unit's attack(and spells) will be increased by the hero's magic attack stat.

*What Do we know about Sieges?
Creature stacks can now damage the fortifications but are less efficient than catapults. Catapults will be different for each faction. There will be moats with different effects, for instance inferno's will deal continuous fire damage to units walking in it.

* Will warmachines return?
Sieges in Heroes VI involve one--and only one--siege engine, the catapult, which, as ever, still has a random chance of knocking down a wall to let attackers inside the keep. Ballistae, ammo carts, and first-aid tents are all gone--instead, these effects are replaced by your hero's powers, which, depending on their strength rating, may take one or more turns to recharge before they can be used again.

* What do we know of the hero skill trees?
There seem to be three main tabs, the might, the magic and the hero tree. Might Abilities are divided into 5 families: from left to right, they are Paragon, Realm, Tactics, War Cries, Warfare as can be seen here while Magic Abilities are divided into 7 families: from left to right, they are Prime, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Darkness, and Light. The hero tree shows the unique abilities linked to his faction and class.
These abilities are automatically gained when the Hero reaches a certain level or ascends to an Advanced Class.

* What is known of the reputation system?
In H6 the player will be faced with a very important Reputation choice between two different "moral paths": the path of Dragon Tears and the path of Dragon Blood. Blood Heroes will be active and offensive, Tears Heroes will be more reactive and defensive. In terms of storytelling, it will unlock special quests on each campaign map, different companion heroes, and a unique "epilogue" map linked to your path.
Gameplaywise, it will grant you access to specific "advanced classes", 4 per faction, each with their unique visuals and sets of abilities. The more Reputation you gain, the more powerful your Reputation-related abilities become. For instance, Healing will be influenced by your Tears rating, whereas Fireball will be influenced by your Blood rating.
Your Blood and Tears ratings are not co-dependant and you never lose the Reputation points you've gained. Every ten levels, you can also "respec" your hero's Reputation (and therefore their class and abilities). But in the single player campaigns, you have to make a final Reputation choice at a certain moment, and you cannot go back and respec (for obvious storytelling reasons).

* So how does the reputation system work? What if there are no quests?
Many quests will offer a Reputation choice with the appropriate Reputation points as reward but most ingame actions will award Reputation points.
For instance, if your enemies flee before your powerful army, choosing to let them escape will grant you Tear points. Chasing them down to kill them will give you Blood points. More generally, using Tear abilities will grant you Tear points, and the same goes for Blood.

* What can we expect from the advanced classes? Will they work like in H4?
No, because they're not based on a specific combination of abilities but rather on your Reputation choices. Your heroes' classes will ultimately be defined by their faction, their affinity (Might or Magic) and their Reputation choice. When you reach a certain Blood or Tears threshold, you're offered the choice of evolving into the corresponding Reputation advanced class. This is not automatic; you have to return to one of your towns to change classes. Every ten levels, you can also "respec" your hero's Reputation (and therefore their class and abilities).

*How many artifacts can we expect? What about artifact sets?
There will be about 150+ artifacts. There will be eight artifact sets that will give set bonuses like in H5.

*What are the general principles of the revised RPG system?
Heroes can be male, female, Might or Magic which also reflects on their model. They have faction and class specific abilities and gain one skill point per level up. They can spend skill points on “general” abilities which are organized in skill categories. They have total control over their development,– no more “probability-based” skill choices like in H5. Heroes can unlock advanced classes that will change their appearance and grant them an ultimate ability.

*How about the Initiative system?
We are back to H3 mechanics but with a H5-like INI bar interface. Speed will determine movement reach, initiative decides who acts first.

* There have been mentions of hero customization. We still get "tavern heroes" with their unique bios, skills and specialties, right?
Your starting Hero can be made from scratch but there are still unique tavern heroes. You can unlock new heroes by completing a campaign.

*What do we know about bosses?
There will be 8 bosses, all linked to a faction except stronghold. They can be placed on a map like any neutral and each comes with various abilities as summoning reinforcements, slowing down your army etc.

*What about the neutrals?
They will also be 10: The phoenix, mermaid, two wolves and 6 elementals.

* Will we have dragons in the factions?
In the original H6 no, only as a boss. Shades of darkness added the dark elves with black dragons.

*To which elements from previous HoMM games does H6 stay true and which are going to be removed or heavily overhauled?
Ubi stays true to:

The turn-based system, “play at your own pace” experience,
The unique mix of Strategy, RPG and Management,
The Epic and Enchanted Universe,
The world split into warring factions.

What was reviewed:

The player has more control over the development of his Heroes and Kingdom. Choices used to be heavily based on random propositions, now the player can forge his own path. Micro-management was reduced so as to focus on high level strategic decisions.

*Are there any plans for expanding past the traditional magic point system for the base factions?
Not really, the magic system is unified, based on the lore of the world of Ashan and organized into elemental schools. The focus went to creating unique faction abilities and expanding the Might/Magic dichotomy.

*Where did nagas spawn from? I've seen no references in H5.
They are considered a core race in the myth of Creation along with elves, humans, dwarves, angels and the faceless.

The wise reptilian Nagas choose SHALASSA, the Dragon of Water.

The blue Dragon of Water is humble, quiet and secretive. She is the serene mystic, wisest of the dragons, and her knowledge is only second to her sister Malassa, the Dragon of Shadow, for her watery realm is ripe with forgotten lore and treasure.
In all things, she values diplomacy, versatility and adaptability. Yet, if she decides to act, she is swift and indomitable. You cannot hope to win when you are fighting the waves…
Shalassa is worshipped by the sailors, fishermen and pirates, but also by the prophets, hermits and wisemen.
She is the patron-deity of the Nagas.

There were a few models inside the tote files. Like this. Also a voice recording of the demon sovereign mentioning the water snakes. Various official artworks have also popped up.

* How will hero movement be affected on the adventure map?
You’'ll have skills and artifacts linked to movement. Creatures in your army won’'t affect your movement. Terrain will also have an effect.

* What is the estimated planned map total (campaigns, single scenarios and multiplayer maps inclusive) for the initial release of Heroes VI?
We have 24 campaigns and 10 multiplayer maps. While there will be only 10 MP maps in the retail game, the goal is to have more maps available for download on the official website of the game right from day 1.

* If many of the mines and creature dwellings are being retired for Heroes VI, what will take their place? How will the adventure map be kept interesting and fresh?
You still have treasures, artifacts and places to visit. Also, re-centering the game on areas of control and strategy will make the adventure map appealing.

* Will mixed neutrals ala Tribes of the East be returning?

* Are the beloved dialogue and text boxes from Heroes I-IV returning in Heroes VI? Will the campaigns contain a lot of juicy narrative as in H3 and H4, or just cutscenes like in H5?
In the campaign mode, you’'ll have some cut scenes, dialogue boxes. You won’t have big texts like in H IV, but for curious players, there'’ll be plenty of very detailed text to read in the bios of heroes, creatures, cities, etc. Also map makers will be able to put all the boxes they want in their maps.

* According to the timeline, necromancy was only discovered in 461 YSD and the rise of the Necromancers took place almost 50 years after H6, in 610. How is it possible the Necromancers are such a strong force at this point in time?
At the time of Heroes VI, Necromancers are just a group of wizards, not a full Nation. They are part of the 7 cities but their cult is 100 years old. Heroes VI is the turning point where Necromancers come to the foreground.

* The press release claimed "Might & Magic Heroes VI will include all the characters and features that have made this brand a worldwide success". Is it possible that any classic heroes from the Might and Magic franchise will return in some form for Heroes VI?
This is a request that has been strongly expressed by the VIP fans. As you know, 2011 will be the 25th anniversary of M&M, so surprises are to be expected Many of the old heroes exist in Ashan though while familiar they are not the same as those of the nwc continuity.

* We are worried that the storyline will ultimately just rehash the Everyone VS Demons plot yet again. Will the Demons be the main antagonists of Heroes VI?
There is a Demon invasion in Heroes VI but it is not the most important plot element in the storyline. Even though most factions have the Demon invasion in mind, the political face of Ashan is evolving way beyond this threat.

*What is the new Creature Tier System?
Core, Elite, Champion (like Clash of Heroes). First category has 3 units, same with second and 1 for the last one. Units under the same category will have similar stats/strength but different roles on the battlefield.

*Where can I get the H6 pdfs with haven, necro and inferno?

* What do we know about the factions?
H6 starts off with 5 factions: Haven, inferno, necro, stronghold(orcs) and sanctuary(nagas). The addon adds dungeon(dark elves).

*What will bring more variety in the combat arenas?
- Specific topography (various sizes and shapes for the battle arenas)
- Different combat objectives (hold your ground for X turns, defend this sacred shrine at the center of the arena, kill a specific enemy stack, etc.)
- Boss fights!

* Will there be any camera rotation?
H6 will come with a fixed camera angle so that you don't have to rotate to see hidden objects but rotation is still possible. As soon as you release the button though, it returns to its default angle. It is possible to zoom in and out, when at maximum zoom the camera angle gets more horizontal.

*What are the new mechanics for creature production?
Creature dwellings will work as resource production buildings. When you first capture a creature dwelling some creatures will join you. The dwelling will then add creatures to your creature pool every week as a gold mine would add gold to your resources. These creatures will be instantly hirable in the cities and forts you control. That way there is no need for caravans.

* Will there be map editor?
Yes though it takes some getting used to. To be improved.

*What tilesets will the game feature?
Jungle, Plains (Summer AND Autumn), Lava, Wasteland (Necropolis), Underground (Natural subterranean and dungeon tileset). Black Hole also added snow.

* Has the storyline improved?
It is decent. With Marzhin the creator of LotA in the team the level design has also improved. There will be 5 campaigns of 4 maps, 1 per faction, playable in any order, with an optional tutorial map and a mandatory prologue map.

* When is H6 set?
About 400 years before the events of H5. For timelinereference look around 564 YSD, 2nd Eclipse - Rise of the Demon Sovereign.

* How does the area of control work?
When capturing a control point like a town or a fort, all the mines/dwellings etc of its immediate area come under your control - as long as a hero has flagged them first. Once you own the fort/city of an area and flag the mines, the only way for an opponent to take the mines from you is to capture the city/fort that controls the area.

* Why were the resources reduced?
Various reasons including lore, balance and mapmaking.

* What about alternative upgrades?
Sorry, maybe in the future.
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Undefeatable Hero
of Gold Dragons
posted August 30, 2010 02:57 PM

Thanx for this. We will try to keep this up to date.
What will happen now?

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Famous Hero
Lord of Image Spam
posted September 03, 2010 02:36 AM

Do heroes still have their own special skills, like in HOMM5 (such as Ossir boosting hunters)?

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Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted September 10, 2010 06:02 PM

Classified. We'll answer that if/when we can.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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Famous Hero
Map Maker
posted September 10, 2010 10:06 PM

Seeking Clarification:  Why would they release the map editor before the game?  For those of us more interested in playing the maps and not the campaigns this seems like it'd spoil a good chunk of what will be new

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted September 10, 2010 10:22 PM

You could always avoid getting it It does come with some bonuses, for instance it would allow mapmakers to have their own custom maps ready by the game's release. The reasoning is more or less 'if it's in good shape to publish why not let people enjoy it.' Might even allow for faster improvement if there is enough feedback by the time the first patch comes but this is just a random guess on my part.
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Hired Hero
posted September 13, 2010 12:14 PM
Edited by Metathron at 12:16, 13 Sep 2010.

By Cepheus:

Congrats (and envious regards) from the community to Elvin!

By Elvin:


* Is cepheus really part of the VIP forum?
He was in before I even knew of its existence


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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted September 13, 2010 12:33 PM

Ceph had not revealed himself at the time but his wording was impeccable as always
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Hired Hero
posted September 13, 2010 10:52 PM

Right. So how about a news item about yourself, C.?

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Legendary Hero
Far-flung Keeper
posted September 13, 2010 10:59 PM
Edited by Cepheus at 23:00, 13 Sep 2010.

Fame isn't everything
Besides, a news item devoted to the news poster could (perhaps rightfully) be construed as gloating. Maybe I'll mention my involvement in the next post, but it'll need to be dwarfed by something more interesting to the community at large.
"Those who forget their history are inevitably doomed to repeat it." —Proverb, Might and Magic VIII

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Supreme Hero
UHU!! supreme!
posted September 24, 2010 09:28 PM

pretty nice update right there a lot of interesting stuff and most of the answers are good  news
Dig Out Your Soul

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted October 08, 2010 03:07 PM

One question Elvin, thanks for posting this btw.

I am very concerned about playability. The Dev.s getting rid of the caravans is a good move towards that end I think. You could see the game stumbling whenever they moved.  Do they have a good handle as to why H5 runs so poorly if you try to play bigger maps? It would be so awesome to be able to play some of the maps that fans spend untold hours on, without having to read books between turns

"Do your own research"

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted October 08, 2010 03:30 PM

H5 engine was poorly optimized, I think it even had memory loss during play. Marzhin said that Black Hole's engine is pretty strong so hopefully there won't be such issues this time

On another note I am hoping to update this FAQ soon.
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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted October 09, 2010 06:12 PM

Story Q&A with Jess Spock

Some questions regarding H5 loose ends and Ashan lore.
H5 is still alive and kicking, join us in the Duel Map discord server!
Map also hosted on Moddb

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted October 09, 2010 08:06 PM

Story Q&A with Jess Spock

Some questions regarding H5 loose ends and Ashan lore.

I went to the site and listened to Paul. Beautiful

I read a lot while there and hopefully misunderstood something;

Am I going to have to be on-line all the time to play H6 in my normal solo-at-home? Sorry if I'm totally ignorant and this subject has already been beat to death elsewhere.

"Do your own research"

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted October 09, 2010 08:28 PM

Yeah he is amazing, I hope he'll be back for H6. Ideally ubi's DRM will never be used in another game much less heroes but the devs cannot confirm nor have a say in the matter. Still I have my reasons to be positive that won't happen.
H5 is still alive and kicking, join us in the Duel Map discord server!
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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted October 10, 2010 11:26 AM

Well, that lore Q&A was enlightening. It's good that Ubisoft is willing to put in effort to tie up such loose ends. It also limits us lorehounds to debate over possible interpretations.
Vote El Presidente! Or Else!

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Omnipresent Hero
Endless Revival
posted October 10, 2010 10:12 PM

Added the pdfs in case someone is looking for them again.
H5 is still alive and kicking, join us in the Duel Map discord server!
Map also hosted on Moddb

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Hired Hero
Master of knowledge
posted October 11, 2010 08:58 PM

no unit upgrades make me sad

BUT I'm sure they will add those in the expansions

so no bigy

everything else I read/seen/heard is GREAT, I mean it, I can't really find any thing to complain about.

BUT the gating, oh the gating... hope they implement this in a good way, and I'm glad to see the inferno units looking more EVIL and devilish.

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

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Legendary Hero
posted October 11, 2010 09:25 PM

We're getting upgrades, we're just not getting alternative upgrades.

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