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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Can we script it?
Thread: Can we script it?

Famous Hero
posted October 27, 2010 08:26 PM
Edited by Lord_Immortal at 20:38, 27 Oct 2010.

Can we script it?

So,I was thinking about what Kronos1000 said about Nexus in TOK,that he used the town ID TOWN_DUNGEON.
My Idea is not add new town id but a new (AdvMap Town Shared). So we get the example Nexus:
There are:
Dungeon.(AdvMap Town Shared)
Nexus.(AdvMap Town Shared)
We script that before the game begins,we choose if the starting town of ours or our enemy has the Dungeon.(AdvMap Town Shared) or Nexus.(AdvMap Town Shared)
There is another option:
We add a new class,jus as in MegaProject New Classes and take:
If the starting hero is Demon Lord we play Inferno.(AdvMap Town Shared)
If the starting hero is Uni's Chosen we play Oblivion.(AdvMap Town Shared)
(I choose Oblivion as example)
So,Nexus.(AdvMap Town Shared) will have same special buildings as Dungeon.(AdvMap Town Shared),maybe renamed.
Adding them to map is easy,but they will not be generated as neutral towns.
So,can we do this using lua scripts?
P.S.We should enable more than 2 choices per town ID.I don't know about apparence and effects though.

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