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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: Barbarian Breakout
Thread: Barbarian Breakout

Known Hero
True Gentleman
posted December 08, 2010 11:55 AM

Barbarian Breakout

How to beat this scenario in impossible difficulty?
I can only won once after more than ten attempts. After try again I lose again. So what's the best strategy?

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Known Hero
posted January 16, 2011 02:23 PM

I have tried this map on impossible difficulty several times
I chose red flag and starting town was castle with christian. But I have not completed that map yet, it is quite hard for me too..
In one game the blue player entered my territory in week 1 and day 5! And before the second week he has already bought behemoths

Maybe the best tactic would be sit in the town and build castle and wait when the enemy attacks and loses his troops.. After several days, when he has not anymore a lot of troops, you are able to defeat him

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Tavern Dweller
posted March 20, 2012 02:57 PM

Barbarian Breakdown

Killed it today. if you want the quick version of how i did it. read #4.
everything else probably added up to give me an edge but #4 was really what put the stake in the heart of those damn barbarians.

I was jonesing for some Heroes and loaded it up.
I decided to play barbarian breakout because it's a small map which means those impossible level brutes are going to be swinging in fast.
I killed it, attaining Archangel status on the leaderboards. The basic strategy is sort of simple:
1. save often and whenever things are looking grim or really good, save under an alternate file. ex: acekicker1, acekicker2
2. don't try to have 2 armies. stack your best dudes on one guy. if you have two castles, make extra dudes that can assembly line the troops to the front line.
3. use the necromancers. necromancers have a hero that gives you 350 gold a day as his bonus skill. in the early moments this is huge, since impossible mode is starting you massively behind on resources.
4. Vampire Lords + blind. Once there are 60+ Vampire Lords in an army they are tough to take pretty much anything the impossibles will throw at you. The vampire Lords are a holy terror because they resurrect themselves by draining the life of living armies. You have to watch yourself against other undead groups though. what helps is if you also have the 'resurrect / raise undead' spell. Also, if the vampires get ganged up on, they're health will drop to fast for them to deal with crap. So, to slow down the attacks, blind all the dudes on the other army. don't bother with damage spells, even sexy ones like implosion are a waste. blind the quickest/highest damage dealing guys first and then methodically work you're way through their army, blinding all but one. at this point, the vampire lords might be hurting but with a couple raise undead spells and by only having to duke it out with one dude, they will stabilize and then they'll leech the life out of your opponent. This is probably a craven way of winning. Sort of like a guerilla tactic or something. Oh well.
5. Watch for the moment when the game doles out more random monsters on the map. There's a spell you can cast to see if they will join your group or not, i think it might be 'reveal map', but whatever the case, go attack them and if they ask to join, tell them hell yes. in my case, the computer dropped a crapload of vampires on the map. i attacked a group of 40 of them and they asked to join my campaign. then i headed straight to the castle, upgraded those guys to vampire lords, and the feast of blood began to break the back of scores and scores of dumbfounded barbarians.

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Tavern Dweller
posted April 22, 2012 08:19 AM

This is going to be long...

Hardest map, but possible to win even without saves. It's the only map I usually play cause everything else is easy.

You need to be really good in tactics (know how to use "wait" perfectly) . You need to start with tower with Cyra.

here are some of my best tips & tricks for good tactics:
1. spells:
first thing is that 2 of the best spells in combat are haste (preferably  mass haste) and slow (only when it's mass slow).
start each fight with mass slow or mass haste. try to do the spell as close to the end of the turn as possible (cause the computer counts the tiles)
best spells are haste, bless, slow (mass), curse (mass), cure (mass. against pesky enemy with blind), blind, berserk, resurrect. armageddon is also useful if you have a black dragon (or as i call it: one monster army). try to have atleast 2 black dragons (in different slots) so you won't be ambushed by someone with archangel that might kill you in one hit.
implosion is not that good! it's nice for specific things (like what you'd read in tip #2) but i rarely use it. don't waste your magic which can turn the table on some one-monster magic. a good use of haste & wait can make all your monsters attack one monster while he would retaliate only once. this means that you give much much more damage in this turn without much penalty whereas implosion will just give 1k dmg. furthermore when you put haste it will stay for a few turns and probably till the end of the fight.

2. if you have lots of gold and a good hero, you can easily kill almost any hero next to your castle. simply put 7 of your lowest monsters 1 in each space, attack him. use a spell and retreat. then revive the hero and do so again and again. by the way, you can get mass gremlins this way cause each time you revive you get 50-70 gremlins (which most you leave in your castle). Yes, it's ugly, but all is fair in barbarian breakout.

3. calculate everything. in the map, calculate how many steps you can go, if you can get to somewhere and back to town. count how many steps your enemy has to see if he can get to your town.
most importantly - calculations in battle:
when you left click a monster (yours or your enemy) you can see how many steps it can move. this is CRITICAL. I just won a battle with 70 gremlins against 15-20 basilisks (in impossible difficulty) without 1 casualty. why? because:
1. I counted the steps.
2. I used wait
3. I used haste (only haste. it's the only spell I had)

4. now for barbarian breakout...as i said, start with cyra with the tower. choose gold as the starting bonus and hold your fingers so you get 1000 gold. USE THE GOLD TO BUY GREMLINS. you can't wait for better monsters before you start exploring. you don't have time. you need to find lots of gold.
there are to places which have gold, you go to one of them, depends on the enemies on the map (don't fight ranged monsters or really fast ones):
one obvious place is the gold mine. the problem is that you get too close to one of the barbarian castles and you might make him attack you (which is not that bad, you want him to attack so you get your hero level up).
the second option is the monster on the right, above the crystal shrine. yes, it is level 4, but with good tactics none of your only  few of your gremlins will die and with perfect tactics they all would stay alive.

how to win this battle?
an important tactic is to not have open slots. put one gremlin in each slot. in this way, if a monster is clost to you, you can attack it with one gremlin, the monster will retaliate, but then all your monsters will be able to attack it without penalty.

now the fight. press wait for all your monsters. w w w w w w w w w w. after your enemy moved add haste to your main gremlins (which should be at the center so they won't start first after the "wait"). he will be the fastest monster in the game thus he can attack and might kill to monster slots with no retaliation (one kill since he is the last to move in the first round and second kill since he is the first in the second round). try to devide the enemy monsters so that there will be 1 or 2 monsters in an area where the other monsters can't reach and you will kill them both with your main gremlin.
2 more points to remember:
1. cyra haste (when she is lvl 1) lasts 2 turns on it, so you might want to start using it at the second round. if the enemy is faster than your gargoyle you might need to use haste again on your main gremlin on each round, since if you won't, at the beginning of the third turn you will be slower than the enemy and he will attack you before you use haste.
2. forgot what the second point was. oh well
oh! you need to count not only steps (not to get into a dangerous area where your enemies can hit you), when you attack an enemy check that your damage can kill him in 1 blow.
if your gremlins do 90dmg~ and the enemies are greater basilisks attack ones that have 2 monsters in a slot and not 3.

after you get the gold, try to get a city hall as quickly as possible.  before you get to the capitol (maybe even before you get to the city hall) upgrade your gremlins. In this map you can't go to the gold and then build the monsters, you have to mix them up. master gremlins will be your main monster at the beginning of the game.

hope you get bless, it really is a bless with gremlins. if you have 300 gremlins, bless & haste might turn the tables from defeat to almost flawless victory.

try not to go near the barbarian castle. I try not to go near the snowy terrain. You will upset the barbarian.

oh, and try check if the grail is next to your town. if it is, buy another hero or 2 and try get it. if you do the game is easily won.

okay, so you have many master gremlins (maybe when you had some money you bought another hero and gave the cyra his gremlins). you cleared all your area from goods. How the heck you win against a barbarian that comes with a mass army? you can't use the "gold & hero" strategy (tip #2) cause you don't have gold nor a crazy hero. what you can do is fortify. put your main master gremlin in the corner. fill all the empty slots with 1 master gremlin and try cover for him. USE WAIT. don't fire on an enemy which is not in range, and kill the rocs first. they are your main danger. and yes, on this fight you may use damage spells as much as you want. don't put any of your monsters out of the castle and don't melee attack anyone. the 1 slot master gremlins are there for 4 reasons:
1. when some enemy monster has 1-2 life. in this cast the 1 master gremlin can turn the tables.
2. guard the main master gremlin
3. cannon food for the ballista.
4. at the end of the fight they might give your magic and castle archers another round which can be the difference between victory and defeat.

about the secondary skills:
get expert air magic (mass haste. for huge maps better dimension door)  as quickly as possible. same as expert earth (mass slow, for huge maps efficient town portal) , water (mass bless, mass cure). you better have one in expert (if you have a relevant spell of course) than two in basic/advanced since then you get mass spells. mass bless, mass haste turn fights into massacres.

of course never put your castle empty. always leave one monster at each slot. if you are attacked don't fight with them, just move them away and hope the castle will kill the enemies (or atleast hurt them badly)

oh, and how can i forget - it's not that important in barbarian break out, but in larger maps - BUY ATLEAST 4TH lvl magic mage guild. you must get town portal and the dimension door. you can't play without those two.

these are the tips i think of right now. best of luck.

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Known Hero
True Gentleman
posted May 14, 2013 08:16 AM

Thanks Sargon and Vegan.
Any other suggestion??

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Tavern Dweller
posted September 24, 2016 11:35 AM
Edited by Kitarak at 17:34, 24 Sep 2016.

Hey everyone, sorry to necro this thread - it came up #1 when I was searching for the same thing, so I guess maybe it is still relevant in that way. I just finished this map on Impossible and wanted to add my own suggestions... having played through all campaigns and many scenarios on that setting, this is definitely one of the hardest.

The suggestions above are really good. I started with Tower on my successful run as suggested. I used the hero with +350 gold as it is really important to have that extra cash early on. Castle would also be a decent choice as there are two related creature generators (archer & barracks) nearby. But I think Tower wins out due to the very cheap ranged attackers (master gremlins) and the land mines, which can decimate the Barbarian armies that attack in the first week.

This strategy assumes you started with the Tower. With a hero with +350 gold/day. With gold as your starting bonus. And that you set the Tan player to Stronghold as well. (This is important later).

As Vegan mentions, absolutely always split your gremlins into stacks of 1 + a single main stack, and have them surround the main gremlin to slow enemy advance. This is more of a general tip than for this particular map, but having an extra 1-2 turns before enemy reaches your main ranged attacker is huge.

IMO, these are the keys to winning:

#1 - This part is mostly luck, but you need to hope and pray that Blue/Green don't team up on you early, and at least one of them decides to pick on Tan instead. If you head toward the portal on the left & avoid the right side free artifact + barracks + snow area, you'll generally anger Blue while Green ignores you. This is what you want.

#2 - Take out Blue early. You need to bait him into attacking your Tower toward the end of the week. If you successfully hold him off, there's a very good chance they left their own town undefended. With some luck on your side, you can go capture it just in time for the start of the week. And wipe him out when he comes to get it back.

#3 - Understand difference between early & late week. Late in the week, around day 5 or 6, the enemy is likely to be making a move on your town. For some reason, they also like to leave their own towns totally undefended. This is the time to get your defense ready, but also to try & snipe a free town with a spare hero. If you can score a free town on day 7, you can reinforce that spare hero immediately the next day, while also denying the enemy those troops. It's risky but has a huge payoff, and you can always save and reload if it fails. You should generally *avoid* attacking towns early in the week because (a) they'll have a full set of new troops recruited, and (b) you won't get reinforcements for several days.

#4 - If you can reach the point where its just you vs. Green (hopefully you took out Blue, and Green took out Tan) - then you've almost won. At this point, it may seem counter-intuitive, but its actually to your advantage to avoid building up the Tower to much, and ditch it as soon as Green attacks with a heavy force. As soon as you see them coming with a force that looks too big to handle, just purchase all the troops you can and abandon ship (run away) in the opposite direction, and continue straight on toward their closest stronghold. The AI will have attacked you with their strongest troops and the defender they leave behind is *usually* either too weak to defend against you, or not close enough to matter.

If you manage to capture 2 strongholds and leave the enemy with 1 stronghold and 1 tower, then you've almost won. By switching with them, you're forcing the barbarians to stack different troop types (they have a stronghold & a very poorly developed tower now), which will naturally split their armies and prevent them from having a "super army" early on. If you're super lucky, you'll grab the town that they put the grail in (one of the two underground), and then it's relatively smooth sailing for the rest of the game.

The AI doesn't seem to recognize that it's made a tactical mistake by grabbing the tower at the cost of a fully developed stronghold. They'll often hang out and focus on grabbing your mines/upgrading the tower instead of coming right back for the stronghold. Which gives you 1-2 weeks to upgrade and stack two armies together while the enemy has two different troop types and  takes time to upgrade. That will give you enough edge to win, provided you don't waste too much time yourself.

Last thing - make sure you set up hero chaining for fast troop movements as early as possible. You'll generally need your entire army to defend your towns, and they will often strike separate towns only 1-2 days apart. Having your heroes spaced out to quickly transfer troops is crucial. And of course make the strongest heroes the defenders and use throwaways as the "chaining" heroes. Oh, and don't be afraid to sell all your resources at the marketplace if you need to afford a few more troops. It can make the difference between winning and losing - and we're not building anything new here.

Hope that helps... this is a very difficult map. Kudos to anyone who can finish it on impossible.

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Famous Hero
posted December 19, 2016 10:19 AM

I beat this map on HotA. I used Jeremy as main hero and always recruiting cove heroes for more pirates, First focus on blue if he break then green(probably being with tan.)

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