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Heroes Community > WCL Heroes 3 Tournament > Thread: WT past 1vs1 games
Thread: WT past 1vs1 games

Tavern Dweller
posted March 06, 2012 10:14 AM

WT past 1vs1 games

By creating a thread for the this purpose, I hope to get a good discussion about how to get WT to work past 1vs1 games.

Me and my friends have for years played H3 Complete 2vs2 games, and lately we have experimented with both WOG and WT to primarily create a more balanced game where more races are viable choices. There's a but here though.

We cannot get WT to work for 2vs2 games. We can join with any one computer to the created game, but as soon as one computer joins, the game disappears from the screen on the other computers and we are unable to join even if searching for the IP adress (IP adress not found). If the computer that connected successfully exits the game room, the game magically appears to all computers again, and once more only 1 computer gets to join (it can be any one of the 3 other computers) and again it disappears to the remaining 2 computers. Sometimes, magically we get to join with more computers (seems kinda random). Game starts, and all seems normal until the turn is passed on to the 3rd computer, and we get stuck on sending data.

both WOG and regular H3 Complete does NOT have this problem, which is weird since WT copies the files from H3 Complete, which indicates that its a problem with WT...

SO, my initial questions are:

1) Is WT only meant for playing 1vs1?
2) IS WT supposed to be installed (as we have done) on a fresh installation of H3 Complete (4.0) or are we supposed to have SOD (3.2) or something entirely different? (e.g. WOG-TE)

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