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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Total War.
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Known Hero
Rest in Peace Juvia (48-499)
posted February 28, 2017 11:35 AM

I waiting for Skavens. When they will come?

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Legendary Hero
A - Ω
posted February 28, 2017 12:16 PM
Edited by tSar-Ivor at 23:25, 01 Mar 2017.

Loool I'm dumb af, fighting 3800 Mousellions as Bordeloux with an army of 1600 (250 knights rest men at arms and archers). I thought Knights got buffed, so I used them as my frontline for a devastating charge, they stood their ground longer than normal mod Bretonnia so kudos for that. My objective was to cuck the Red Duke with everything I have then watch his army crumble to dust.

The funny thing is after my 'Valiant Defeat' with my much depleted army of 600 vs 2000, I almost obliterated his entire army, with just 80 knights charging into his flank broke the entire first army, with my archers secure I repeated till eventually I was broken by the Ghoul king, (I he had 25% hp left, but my strength was totally spent).

He can't do anything with what he has left, but I can't help feel if I just fought the first battle as I have my second one I could've won a heroic victory easily. Also massive shoutout to the AI, both campaign and battle ones are really good imho.

Edit: FFS Alberic of Bordeleaux supposed to have the best knights in the realm ik this is for lore, but seriously I had knight errants get routed by friggin bats, BATS!!! If I had my way I'd strip these oath breakers of not only all their knightly privileges, I'd strip them nude force them to take all manner of potions and whatnot to dull pain (I'm not cruel), give them nothing but a sword and force them to the frontlines to prove their worth. Those that stand their ground and prove their merit will be welcomed back with open arms.

Turn 50 Finally have a grand army to take on Mousillon once and for all thanks to my unification with Lyon. The grand battle that ensued I had to play on lowest graphics for a whopping 19 fps:

Battle results

Massive shoutout to grail pilgrims, those buggers stood their ground to the last, I had at least 3 of em get totally wiped out and they didnt flee once. I shall weep for them. (oh you guys cant see the reinforcements, ye I had mostly reliquiers and halberdiers, he had more zombos and a bunch of friggin vargeists)

The enemy ai is alright, but gets screwed over rlly easily with vision, like I had all my knights hidden on the left flank and just obliterated their flanking black knights (while on the right flank my halberdies cucked the others, one of my archer groups was constantly harassed by bats that were disintegrating from the getgo just wouldn't die)
"No laughs were had. There is only shame and sadness" Jenny.

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Hired Hero
posted May 11, 2017 11:49 PM

I hope they come up with a Total war China dynasty.

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