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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Help with script!
Thread: Help with script!

Tavern Dweller
posted November 01, 2012 06:21 PM

Help with script!

Hello everyone,

I'm doing a script in which a hero is in a prison and he has to pay to get out. So when he steps on region prison, it calls the function prison_escape to asks him if he pays or not, and if he does, he gets teleported.

Problem is the script doesnt work. In the console, it says "empty message text!". I don't understand why because my message texts are not empty. I checked the path and it seems fine. I suspect some little detail hidden somewhere that escapes me...

Here's the function :

function prison_escape(heroname)
herolevel= GetHeroLevel(heroname);
GoldBribe = herolevel*100;
CurrentGold = GetPlayerResource(1, 6);
GoldEnd = CurrentGold - GoldBribe;
if GetPlayerResource(1, 6) >= GoldBribe*100 then
QuestionBox("Maps/SingleMissions/Xentar/prisonquestion.txt", "onOK", "onCancel");
else MessageBox("Maps/SingleMissions/Xentar/notenoughmoney.txt");

function onOK()
SetPlayerResource(1, 6, GoldEnd);

function onCancel()

And here's the trigger :


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