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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: ICTC 8 - Necromancer's Guild
Thread: ICTC 8 - Necromancer's Guild

Famous Hero
posted March 23, 2015 05:10 PM
Edited by husham123 at 08:46, 04 Apr 2015.

ICTC 8 - Necromancer's Guild

This is the Necromancer's Guild.
It is a more likely-influenced town by the campaign:Rise Of The Necromancer (from Homm3).
When Sandro collects all the artifacts,and started a campaign against the zones around,he was about to raise an infestation with undead too.
So as you might saw,there is actually an infestation witch you must beat in one of the campaigns of the game,eh ?
So sure,it is true
Well,but if we are thinking of an overview,it is more influenced by 2 castle witch where knew from a very old time.It's a combination of Necropolis and Castle.It is awsome to know that some peoples REALLY survived the waves,and created a new artifact called ,,The Surviver's Shield''.Well,know that we think at Necromancer's Guild,you think at a town witch MUST look like Necropolis.Because it has the Organic Reanimator (instead of Skeleton Transformer;it does actually ANIMATE the undead creatures),and the Lucky Fields (witch increases the luck by +1 for any visiting hero),it is NOT
But let's say that after you cleaned that zones,the peasants were left,and were an easy-to-shot target,witch means that they needed forces.The Necromancer's Guild as knowned is a more exactly castle composed of nutral creatures,but is made of some creatures witch raised a riot from the Necropolis castle and maybe we talk about a few normal soldiers,witch in our world would be only wil humans XD,but sure,i am talking about the peasants,warrior peasants,rogues,and protector rogues available lke the other creatures to recruit.As i telled you a bit earlyer,all the creatures living actually here where just kind of neutral creatures , witch means that this actually town is composed of forces still wondering around the Heroes even today:

Level 1 Creatures:

The Peasants
The former of any empire Refugeeing into this town.
They are willing to protect theyr familyes
They could be recruited for a low number of money.

Warrior Peasants
Elite Peasants are willing to protect the king,and are the backbone of the city.They are able to cast bless on other troops,and curse in enemy troops.
They have high morale,and middle luck

Level 2 Creatures

The Rogues
They were once neutral creatures,and they would likely continue to be.
But i would say that in that town,they are good defenders,witch the nature gave to the Refugees.

Protector Rogues
Good troops,may fight both hand to hand,and shoot.Are the kind of Sharpshooters,but more mysteryous.

Level 3 Creatures

Rebel Liches
May i say that there must exist at least one Necromancer-about creatures ? Because there is :
The Rebel Lich.This kind of creature was owned by the army of Sandro,and is still owned by any Necropolis Town.But this is a rebel one.It is more likely a Lich witch does flee from Sandro's army,and started a rebellion,in exchange for freedom,and the Peasants and other Neutral creatures allowed them to be theyr Protector.The Rebel Liches are almost the same as the other Liches are,excepting that they are using the Necromancer for Brave,Holly things,witch makes them appart.
They likely are immune to any Necromancer options,and specially to
Destroy Undead spell.
This is more likely a good kind of troop,witch makes the whole town look like a Necropolis in the outside,but in inside,it looks like a kinda castle

Protector Liches
The same as above,excepting that they could cast a few more spells:
-Destroy Undead
-Mirth (this is caused by theyr well-commanded skill )

Level 4 Creatures
Banshee Dragon
Increases the Necromancy Skill,and the Offense Skill to any hero,and troops owning to him.Very great in battles.Are MORE advanced than the Bone,or Ghost Dragon.That makes him a fearfull-leveled creature

Evil Spirit Dragon
The same as above,excepting that they have a more great power.
They are the kind of dragons witch are made of a MORE unrested soul,than the Ghost,or Banshee Dragon's.
They are powerfull again any Devils,but could not beat the Angel/Archangel.

Level 5 Creatures

Holy Gladiators
They are serving the greatness power of heaven.
They could hold games in the Arena,witch increases the Attack skill of the other troops.They have a more greater power than the Crusaders,and this thanks to wars.Because they are coming from the soul forgived by God,and allowed to live there of some dead creatures (witch were in battles,and died,likely for example you have Pikemen that died in the war,and each time they die,you may recruit the same number of Holy Gladiator

Supreme Gladiators
They are upgraded Holy Gladiators,witch have the same power,but the more holy power,and the calm,witch gives high morale,and high luck to other troops.The high morale and luck could be sprained to the enemy troops too.

Level 5 Alternative Creatures

Unholy Gladiators
They are exactly the opposite of the Holy Gladiators.They just escaped from Hell,and are willing to protect you for a prize of gold,and protection.The perfect match for the Castle troops,but not for the Inferno.Could hold games in the arena,and could decrease the morale and the luck of the enemy troops,witch could just raise the morale to your troops

Necromancer Warriors
The same as the unholy gladiators,but they are the ones that retreated,or died,and could escape again.Higher cost on recruiting them,but theyr force is HIGH.They are using the Necromancy skill to achieve a higher level of power,and using it against the enmy soldiers.They have a warrior style,witch DECREASES the morale of the enemy troops.

Level 6 Creatures

Death's Diplomat
The Death's Diplomats are actually creatures coming from the afterlife announcing the coming of Death from the afterlife.
They are more exactly only creatures making the enemyes have a fear for Death,and any creatures linking for him (any creature in Necromancer's Guild)
It actually causes low morale for the enemy troops (-3),and sometimes cast spells like Curse (like the Satyrs witch casts Mirth)
It is available to be recruited from another building,called the Diplomat's Salon.

Death's Dealer
The Death's Dealer was sent to earth to deal with the peoples ready to die,in exchange for anything

Level 7 Creatures

The death as we might know takes the soul of any living creature.
It is a very high power in war.It more exactly reduces the morale on the enemy creatures during the whole combat,and reduces the luck so.
Actually,it sweared not to take the soul of any member,and sweared to protect them.As many as there are lots of peoples to die,there are more Deaths,as you though that there is only 1 XD

Death Angel
The death angel is more powerfull than the death.It has wholy powers for increasing morale and luck for the troops,and decreasing it for the enemy.The death angel is the best warrior,witch shots with Necromancy Spells.This is because they were trained to use the black magic.

Other things are still in edit ! :3

Religion:A combination of the rebbelion cult,and the necromancer cult

Town Hall > City Hall > Capitol
Fort > Citadel > Castle
Mage Guild (until level 5)
Necromancer's Guild (increases the number of creatures per week,and allows you learn Evil,and Good spells.Only 50 gold on buying a spellbook  

House > Garden Barracks (allows you to recruit Peasants/Warrior Peasants)
Rogue Cavern > Protector's Cave (allows you to recruit Rogues/Protector Rogues)
Shrine Of Rebbelion > Temple Of Rebbelion (allows you to recruit Liches/Protector Liches)
Soul Cave > Evil-Soul Cave (allows you to recruit Banshee/Spirit Dragons)
Holy Barracks to Victory > Supreme Barracks to Victory (allows you to recruit Holy Gladiators/Supreme Gladiators)
Unholy Barracks to Victory > Necromancer's Barracks to Victory (allows you to recruit Unholy Gladiators/Necromancer Warriors)
[NEW IDEA]The Diplomath's Salon>The Academy (allows you to recruit Death's Diplomats,and gives the town a fog,witch doesn't allow enemyes to see though castle/Lets any visiting hero learn Advanced Scholar for 3000)
Soulless Room > Soulless Gates to the Afterlife (allows you to recruit Death/Death Angel)

Blacksmith (allows you to purchase war machines)
Marketplace/resource silo (allows you to trade/gives you a resource bonus)
Arena/Colloseum (witch allows games to be held,increases the Attack skill of any hero with +1 at any visit ; allows the recruiting of Holy/Unholy Gladiators and Supreme Gladiators/Necromancer Warriors)
Soul capter (increases the production of Death/Death Angels by +2 per week)
Theathre (increases the morale of the Peasants by +3,and increases the production of Peasants/Warrior Peasants)
Organic Reanimator (transforms any dead/dead releated to peasants)
Lucky Field (adds +1 Luck to any visiting hero)

Hero Types:
1.Necromancer Rebels (actually rebels from Necropolis,witch have expert Necromancy,and expert Mystycism)
2.Death Diplomats (they have Expert Diplomacy at the start,and could learn even Necromancy,but SPECIALLY Estates.

I added the latest thing in my project:The Photos.
I post a reply with the link,you may go check it,and sure,I EDITED IT YESTERDAY,so you couldn't be confused,and i couldn't be unbanned

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted March 26, 2015 03:01 PM

Another entry, welcome to the contest! =)

A kind of overview at the beginning would be nice, and maybe a clear mentioning which creature is which tier?

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Famous Hero
posted March 27, 2015 08:00 PM

Jiriki9 said:
Another entry, welcome to the contest! =)

A kind of overview at the beginning would be nice, and maybe a clear mentioning which creature is which tier?

Oh,Thanks for the help,but what do you mroe exactly mean by the tier ?
Sorry,i know english fluent,but i never heard of this word (sorry)

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Undefeatable Hero
Altar Dweller
posted March 31, 2015 08:23 AM

The Tier is the "level" of the creature. For exaple, homm 3 and 5 had seven tiers, heroes 6 used 3 tiers (Core, Elite, Champion)...

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Famous Hero
posted April 04, 2015 08:44 AM

I did made the latest thing in the project:
Necromancer's Guild Photos

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