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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Duel Map Revival!
Thread: Duel Map Revival! This thread is 5 pages long: 1 2 3 4 5 · «PREV

Tavern Dweller
posted August 10, 2017 08:29 PM

Elvin said:

- Attack and defense stats bonus 3.3% from 5%.
- Light/Dark buffs/curses now affected by spellpower.
- Mass spells cost 90% atb from 50%
- Unit spells last for 2 turns only.
- Starting army morale +1 from +2.
- Luck bonus +65% from +100%.
- Ballista dmg improved, shots reduced to 18(6 attacks with triple ballista).
- Tent heal and hp improved, 5 uses from 3.
- No ammo cart, making the use of ranged units more tactical.
- Destructive spell cost and damage rebalanced.
- Cold death unavailable, ice spells improved.
- Logistics removed.
- Enlightered removed, key abilities merged with sorcery.
- Useless perks removed, easier skill requirements.
- Skill text on level ups show what each ability unlocks.
- Special artifacts now allow each faction to change its stat orientation! From might to magic and vice versa.



- Artificer lvl 3 is back, with initiative and magic protection rebalanced. That means that academy has better passive stats against might factions while games vs dungeon will be fairer. Consume artifact has also been rebalanced in terms of restored hp and casting frequency.

- Summoning is now a bit less spellpower dependent which helps with the wizard medium spellpower and mass spells curses also benefit from it. Academy is one of the 3 factions with access to armageddon.

- Gargoyles are now mechanical and can be repaired, battle-mages are more competent shooters, djinn sultan random spells are cast at expert mastery and titans can now call storms 2 times.
Third djinn alternative added, the efreet(fire immunity/fire shield/magic proof)!
Third rakshasa alternative added with dash and no retaliation, a bit weaker than rajas but faster.
Third Titan alternative added, the colossus with increased might stats and call lightning but no ranged attack!


- Dungeon's native magic schools are now destructive and dark, which is not only more fitting but also more balanced. Destructive spells are now more effective but also more expensive. Dungeon is one of the 3 factions with access to arnageddon, though use of empowered armageddon is forbidden due to balance issues and a number of bugs. Access to light gives a good gameplay alternative.

- Its might department has been improved: Rider, minotaur and dragon initiative has been increased, sisters and minotaurs more durable, assassin poison improved, invisibility can be used twice, aura of bravery improved(+2), wheeling attack improved, hydra regeneration improved, matriarchs gain no melee penalty, mistresses gain swift attack(combo with slow) and red dragons are now immune to mind spells.


- Haven starts with 6 priests pre-trained but cannot train more into cavaliers. Training cap has been increased to 50, making archer/footman/priest training more effective. Peasant/footman speed/init has been improved and there is also a third option for archers and priests: T2 has longbowman for scattershot(3x3 aoe for 50% dmg) and T5 has battle-priests that are more battle oriented with ranged retaliation but no spells. Zealots now have dark magic while inquisitors have light. Both have access to cleansing and purge.

- Haven's lack of mana has been addressed though its racial: Benedition now unlocks spirituality for extra mana. The underwhelming retaliation strike now unlocks unstoppable charge for triple damage.
Mass spells now consume 90% of hero turn so they are less spammable. Haven remains the only faction that can get both empathy AND retribution.

- Trainable unit changes aside, battle griffins can dive instantly and seraphs can cast mass bloodlust(other than divine vengeance).


- Gating now costs half a turn and reinforcements appear faster at the cost of slightly reduced numbers. Mark of the damned now costs 4 mana.

- Destructive is a little more appealing due to the demonlord's increased spellpower and access to armageddon. Access to light gives a good gameplay alternative. Due to high stats in attack/knowledge, inferno has no access to triple ballista.

- Imp mana draining has been reduced, horned grunts are tougher and more explosive, leaper special has been nerfed, cerberus dmg/hp has been improved, succubus mistress dmg has been improved, seducer now has puppet master spell instead of seduction(easier to counter but also works with vermin special), nightmare specials have been swapped with fiery ones being the offensive and grey ones the defensive upgrade, pit lords have improved speed/init and spell mastery plus 25% magic proof and devils are now a little tougher and fearless. Arch demons now have 7 speed like archdevils.


- Necromancy bonuses have been reduced but skeleton archers have been improved, with 25% magic/50% ranged protection and skeleton warriors can no longer protect allies from ranged attacks. Specter speed has been improved, vampire lords are more offensive, princes' torpor has been nerfed, master liches now have death cloud and arcane crystal instead of suffering, banshee wail has been improved.
Necromancy includes mark of the necromancer for mana leeching and banshee wail that reduces enemy luck/morale/init.

- Mass dark now consumes 90% of hero turn but is also improved by high spellpower. Defense skill and stat gain has been a little reduced so the units will be less resilient. Access to light gives a good gameplay alternative. Your warmachines do not give triple ballista but necro is the only faction with access to plague tent and has the best healing tent in the game.


- Sylvan has limited favoured targets. Imbue magic now costs 10% init so it cannot be used immediately but also places you after high druid channeling.

- High druid channeling bonus works well with every magic, including buffs/curses. More rain of arrows alternatives: Wasp swarm is accessible by default, despair(now t4) appears in library more frequently and lightning stun has been improved. Sylvan warmachines have access to imbue ballista but not triple ballista, making the skill a bit more balanced. Aura of swiftness is no longer part of leadership so one turn charges have been weakened.

- Sprites, blade dancers and master hunters have been improved to match their alternative counterparts, high druid channeling has a +8 bonus cap, third druid alternative added with access to summon elementals and summon hive, pristine unicorn special now duplicates spells on advanced mastery and crystal dragons are now immune to insta-killing effects.  


- Runes have limited resources. At the same time, all runes of the same tier now cost the same resource so there are no resource conflicts between tiers and tap runes increases your mana reserves.
Rune of dragon form has swapped tiers with rune of resurrection and rune of charge is banned.

- Dwarven medium spellpower doesn't make them natural destructive casters but they work fine with ignite and have been given access to fireball by default. Flamelords and priests can apply mark of fire that is a reliable way of increasing your fire damage. The mark now triggers more often but has reduced bonus. Needless to say, fortress has no access to armageddon. Access to dark and summoning gives some good gameplay alternatives and their warmachines are the best in the game due to runic machine init bonus. Defense skill has been reduced so they are not as invulnerable anymore. Fortress is the only faction with access to offensive and defensive formation. Also, dwarven luck has been banned, making destructive/dark matches fairer.

- Skirmisher crippling has been improved, berserkers now have increased stats and unlimited retaliation, giant slayer and bash, thanes and dragons have reduced hp and liquid dragon flame has also been improved. The ban of ammo cart now requires more tactical shooting with skirmishers and priests due to their limited shots.
Third berserker alternative added, the brawler with rage of the forest.
Third priest alternative added, the earth shaper with firetrap and stoneskin. Rune priests retain crossfire and firewall but also get bless, while flame keepers have fireball and also get haste.


- Bloodrage now reduces damage less, making orcs more susceptible to early attacks and destructive. Lvl 3 abilities are accessed easier but their effects have been rebalanced and all warcries give the same amount of rage. Some rage abilities and warcries have been tweaked. Horde's anger is no longer in the game because it was essentially a might destructive spell.

- Orcs no longer gain spellpower in level ups but the crystal of revelation guaranteeds -1 to enemy sp with might over magic. Further reduction can be achieved by buying spellpower artifacts. Due to their high att/knowledge stats, orcs do not have access to triple ballista. Shatter destructive has been removed because the combination of rage reduction and defile magic was too powerful. The other shatters contain a weaken perk and their respective special abilities. Battle elation from leadership now unlocks bloodfire which needed a proper build to carry its rage momentum. Aura of swiftness is no longer in the game, which prevents first turn charges.

- Defile magic now triggers more often for a more reasonable effect, centaur and warrior upgrades rebalanced with nomads gaining crippling shot and maulers becoming tougher. Red shamans can now cast chain lightning immediately and executioners have 8 speed so they do not require tactics to charge. Both t5 units are immune to puppet master. Pao kai now have stormstrike instead of lightning breath, which was bugged on retaliations. Foul wyverns have improved stats and venom, untamed cyclopes now have 10 init.



Tactics -> Offensive Formation [Fortress]
Excruciating Strike[Inferno(motd), Orc(powerful blow]


Vitality -> Last Stand / Defensive Formation [Fortress]

Evasion -> Stand your Ground -> Preparation


Soldier's luck -> Misfortune / Critical Hit
Erratic mana -> Warlock's Luck
Resistance -> Warrior's Luck [Haven, Inferno, Sylvan, Orcs]


Steel Resolve(+2 Def) -> Retribution
Divine Guidance -> Empathy
Artificial Glory -> March of the Machines / Retribution [Academy]
Battle Elation -> Retribution / Bloodfire [Orcs]
Runic Attunement -> Retribution [Fortress]
Divine guidance -> Empathy / Retribution [Haven]


Arcane Training -> Spirituality(+30% mana)
Magic Insight -> Swift Mind / Teleport Assault
Sap Magic -> Mana Burst / Counterspell -> Distract


Master of Fire -> Ignite / Fiery Wrath
Master of Ice -> Cold Steel
Master of Storms -> Sap Magic


Master of Blessings -> Eternal Light / Refined Mana
Master of Wrath -> Stormwind
Master of Abjuration -> Guardian Angel
Twilight [Haven(Benediction), Dungeon, Necro(Banshee Howl)]


Master of Curses -> Dark Renewal
Master of Mind
Master of Pain -> Corrupted soil


Master of Summoning -> Elemental Balance / Fire Warriors
Master of Earthblood -> Fog Veil / Runic Armour [Fortress]
Master of Animation -> Banish


First Aid Tent -> Plague Tent [Necro]
Ballista -> Triple Ballista [Hav, Dwa, Dun, Aca] / Imbue Ballista [Sylvan]

(Orcs, Sylvan, Inferno, Necro no access to triple ballista)


Consume Corpse
Hellfire -> Hellwrath
Mark of the Damned


Banshee howl
Spirit Link


Imbue Arrow -> Rain of Arrows
Favoured Enemy -> Forest Guard Emblem


Benediction -> Spirituality(+30% mana)
Retaliation Strike -> Ultimate Retaliation


Magic Mirror
Mark of the Wizard
Consume Artifact


Empowered Spells
Elemental Vision


Powerful Blow -> Stunning Blow
Memory of our Blood
Might Over Magic


Runic Machines
Greater Rune
Tap Runes


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Tavern Dweller
posted August 10, 2017 08:33 PM

Hello Im new to this bussiness. Can somebody elaborate what Dual Maps is? Is it a mod, or a map? Thanks


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Supreme Hero
Legit Karate champ. Totally.
posted August 13, 2017 10:56 PM

It's both, basically. A simple, self-contained mod that is also a playable map in its spare time. H5 has this nifty little feature of turning maps into stand-alone mods if you know what you're doing. I think it's because the formatting of map files and mod files is really really similar. Of course we've since gone a step further and now you need a hardpatched exe to play the map as intended.
Screw interest, take initiative!

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted August 14, 2017 05:16 PM

My apologies for the late reply, I was away for a few days

In short, the duel map is a modded map with a focus on strategy and tactics. You spend 5-10 mins to level up, develop your hero build, buy artifacts, warmachines, army and then you face your opponent in neutral territory. There is no creeping, just a day's worth of preparation before a final battle.

The advantage compared to regular maps is that there are a lot more viable hero builds and better creature balance. That and the short amount of time it takes to face your opponent which might otherwise take a few hours in a normal map. Hence, duel map.

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted September 24, 2018 09:41 PM

Tactical Duel Map 24/09/18

New update, only requires 3.1 to play. No modded exes or H5.5.

Massive changes again, the interesting bits are bolded in the masterpost. Here's how factions play out:


Factions normally get 20k for artifacts, mentoring and warmachines. Haven gets 30k so at least 10k can go to training extra archers, footmen or priests. At expert training you can get 36 archers, 33 footmen or 12 priests. Since armies are pre-bought, you cannot sacrifice your swarm of conscripts for extra trainees. With the inclusion of DV and holy word, the magic class can make better use of its spellpower(along with regeneration/rez).


Demon explosion is well worth using(twice!), leap and seduction are toned down and archdemons can relocate from 2 tiles away - Enemy front row units are no longer safe! Consume corpse is back to help the magic class and triple ballista gives a further boost to might. Magic class makes all magic choices viable.


Dancers, treants and dragons go up one tier and summoning replaces destructive. Imbue arrow strategies work fine with little (or even no) destructive mastery with the return of triple imbued ballista and uncapped druid channeling. Rain of wasp swarm also a fun possibility for the druid class while summons are excellent. Worth noting that druid natural spellpower is not high so high druids are important for them.


Summoning has been exchanged with dark. Most units have a tier upgrade except matriarchs. Matriarchs get hexing ranged attack and mistresses 13 init for better use of invisibility(plus hexing). Reds are now mind immune so they are usable vs dark magic. Warlocks have an abysmal knowledge but sorcery tree helps with both mana and swift mind. Might dungeon has improved defense but is mostly offense-focused. Works well with mass spells and wm.


Few changes though more spell combos are now available. Magic protection arties have been removed, consume artifact toned down and magic mirror is now accessible to all factions(at 10% chance). Genies are no longer random casters but closer to their H4 version(haste/slow/sorrow/icebolt/phantom). Academy 'might' class has balanced stats(25/25/25/25%) so magic remains an integral part of their gameplay.


Vampires, liches and wights have gotten a tier up. Poltergeists have life drain, banshee wail has been boosted and ghost dragons are now incorporeal at the cost of defense! Plague tent(now necro unique) has doubled tent bonus. Necro might lacks leadership and has low odds for luck but is tough and reliable.


A destructive gameplay is now viable, especially now that destructive has access to firewall, fireball and armageddon. But mark of fire has its bonus halved and priests/flamelords are now 50% fire resistant instead of immune. Battleragers are a little slower, berserkers gain giant slayer, flamekeepers gain crossfire and liquid breath lasts longer. Thanes and dragons get a tier up. Units are overall stronger but less numerous. Rune levels come in pairs: Exorcism vs buff steal, berserking vs ethereal, dragonform vs thunderclap and battlerage vs rez. Resources are a bit more restricted.


Shatters are gone, defile has been improved and there is a beastmaster class alternative that favours defense over attack. Goblins will now switch sides at 25% and centaur nomads have full retaliation with maneuver. Centaurs and executioners get a tier boost. Sky daughter cannot cast chain on first turn but sacrifice allows them to cast for the next two turns. Wyvern regeneration and venom is greatly boosted while paokai scavenger is nerfed and its bugged lightning breath has been replaced with stormstrike. Cyclopes retain ranged penalty but gain full range, making goblin throws more effective from a distance.


Hero attacks are now a viable strategy. Powerful blow allows two attacks per turn with improved stun and doubled damage from excruciating strike.

Preparation is easier to get and you can base your build around it.

Artificial Glory accessible to all. Morale ballistae are a thing and they also boost empathy!

Twilight accessible to all. Nice for Light/Dark casters.

Magic Resistance now unlocks a 10% Magic Mirror. Bouncy fun ^^

Luck has been reduced to 50% but critical hit can upgrade it to 75%.

Sorcery has two paths: One for mana and swift mind, another for counterspell and distract.

Triple Ballista accessible to all but shots are limited to 18.

First aid tent has numerous uses but heals 100hp max. Necro tent heals/plagues for 200hp.

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