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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Kyrota - short novel in incriments
Thread: Kyrota - short novel in incriments

Legendary Hero
posted March 10, 2017 03:09 AM

Poll Question:
Kyrota - short novel in incriments

Hi HC. I never "ask" for attention in any of my thoughts or threads but I ask now for you to at least skim this and provide honest feed back.

I wrote this over 20 years ago, have not read it until yesterday and I am truly in shock that I could write so interestingly.

This is about page 1-3 out of 24. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Chapter one

Good Bye Father:
Day 1

“But father, you can’t go alone” I pleaded.
“I must retrieve what was stolen, as long as I”…
“There are Minotaurs and shielded mages in the lands of Chesfire!”
“I must leave.  Nash will stay behind. He will teach you some new spells with his wand.” Father demanded.
“Okay it’s fine, but you’re telling mom first.”
“Alright then, I will tell her now.”

Father walked slowly into the kitchen where mom was and closed the door
A *Knock Knock* came from the front. Someone was at the front door. I answered it, No one was there. Wonderinhg who it was I sat down.

I ran to the door warning “ You stupid  *** do you know who I am! If I catch you, I will be delighted to knock you on the ground.
I jumped through my skin. It was Nash. “You. You. Thanks for the heart attack.” I said.
“You shouldn’t go around making threats” boasted Nash “without the Master Mage. The most powerful magician you will ever know”

Father returns abruptly “ROARRRR!!!”
Nash got so frightened he nearly fell to the floor.
“Ha ha ha What was that Nash? to me you are nothing but a.”
“Yeah yeah” Nash interrupted. “I know you say it all the time”

There was a pause from everyone.
“Well, your mother said it was okay for me to go, so I will be leaving in a few minutes…
Nash, I want you to train Jeremy and take him on an experience trip just in case anything happens to me”
“Yes Sir” Nash responded
“Jeremy, take care of your mother, I must get ready now. It will be a long trip to Chesfire and I will need goods and weapons.”
“Yes son?”
“Be careful okay, I don’t want to have to come find you”
Father turns to Nash, “Nash, can you wait for my son outside please?”
“Uh, yes Sir, I’ll be out back Jeremy!”

“Jeremy, this trip will be the most long and dangerous I’ve had yet. ZIO is an evil man. I will find him, and when I do I will fight him. I’d fight to my death and he is also a very powerful man. I may not win.”
“Don’t go then!!” I shouted.
“I must. What he has is very mystical, and in his hands very deadly. It came from our First father and was handed down for many ages. If I retrieve it, it will soon be yours. If I am not back within four months, bring Nash and search for me”
“You’re not going to die, are you?” I asked.
“Like I said. ZIO is a powerful and evil man. But I must at least try to retrieve what is rightfully ours.”
I pleaded “You can’t go alone. Let me and Nash come with you.”
“No, it’s too dangerous for you. Stay home with your mother.”
“Alright I will Father. If you don’t return in four months I will find you.”
“I will now get ready. Be good for your mother… I love you son.”
“I love you too dad.”

As I hugged my father, I felt it was for the last time.
“Son, I’m going to get ready. So go to Nash and start your training. Good Bye son”
“Good bye dad”.

Chapter two

Same day:

Nash begins,
“Your training starts today. Any last requests?”
“Shut it Nash you may be better in magic but I can sure kick your ***” I dared.
chapter two continued soon

Decent from what I've read
I am looking forward to more
I thought there would be snacks is why I'm here
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