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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: 12 Labours of Hercules
Thread: 12 Labours of Hercules

Supreme Hero
posted January 12, 2018 09:53 AM
Edited by Rakshasa92 at 09:56, 12 Jan 2018.

12 Labours of Hercules

I'm a little bit addicted to Greek Mythology, and I was reading about the Hercules labours, what I find strange is that they say that EACH of the labours becomes more difficult.

But to me it seems that they become easier and harder randomly.

What would be the good order of hardness/difficulty of the 12 labours of Hercules in your eyes?

The Real order was: Nemean Lion / Hydra / Golden Hind / Erymanthian Boar / Stables / Stymphalian Birds / Crete Bull / Diomedes Horses / Hippolyta Belt / Geryon's Cattle / Golden Apples of Ladon / Cerberus.

In my opinion it would have been this order:

1: Diomedes Horses, I mean, they are just mares that were fed flesh, how can flesheating horse be more difficult to beat than an invincible lion?

2: The Crete Bull, in some versions it can breath fire, in others it was just the father of the Minotaur, so this would be the second easiest labour in my eyes, a bull is just a bull.

3: The Stables, just hard labour, but nothing deadly.

4: Golden Hind, while it isn't deadly, the Goddess Artemis is, and the Hind is almost too fast to be believed.

5: Erymanthian Boar, weaker than the other monsters, but still much more difficult than the Bull and Horses.

6: The Belt of Hippolyta, this could be higher though, he fights and entire army of battle-hard warrior women, but this could be done strategic.

7: Nemean Lion, the first task my ass, this is a very hard task, a invincible to weapons lion would prove difficult extreme.

8: Stymphalian Birds, a swarm of metallic birds with arrow-like feathers would be even more difficult, of course Herculus could use the Nemean skin to stop the feathers, but in some versions of the myth the feathers pierced even that.

9: Geryon's Cattle, the giant has three bodies, a half-God shepard named Eurytion, son of Ares and a two-headed guard Dog Orthrus at his command, this would prove difficult, and then he has to lead the big cow herd back through the realm of a fire breathing giant Cacus.

10: The Hydra, a very difficult task for just the second, a giant extreme venomous snake which grows two heads back after one is cut off, that sounds like an almost impossible task. It was also helped by a giant Crab named Karkinos, which added to the difficulty.

11: The Golden Apples, which would anger a goddess Hera, also Hydra's bigger more powerful 100-headed brother Ladon protects these apples, Hercules even carried the world on his shoulders to let Atlas grab the apples for him.

12: Cerberus, hands down the most dangerous mythical creature, this is a good last labour, also because he faces Hades god of the Underworld in this task.

So what would be your order? Please share!

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Legendary Hero
able to speed up time
posted January 13, 2018 10:03 PM

Are these allegories for something?  Or is this just the 1st millenia BC version of a comic-book movie?

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