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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: World Tournament
Thread: World Tournament

Tavern Dweller
posted February 12, 2018 12:58 PM
Edited by gigisuru at 16:36, 12 Feb 2018.

World Tournament

Heroes World is planing to organize a country team tournament on heroes III (shadow of death) if someone want represent one country other than Russia and Ukraine please leave a message here and a possibility to be find (ICQ or Skype preferably). The rules will be very probably HW rules http://forum.heroesworld.ru/showthread.php?t=10593 (you can use google translate, or down on the thread, there is an english version). Please specify country also.

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 12, 2018 01:18 PM
Edited by gigisuru at 13:19, 12 Feb 2018.

This is the message from organizer:
"Hey. This is Armagh. There was a sponsor and we plan to organize a team international tournament on the game Heroes of Might and magic 3. Shadow of death + HD mod + hwruless. Each country can collect its team of 3-6 players (in extreme cases, you can 2 players). But the more players there are, the better. Most likely, replacements will be allowed. The teams will play several players for the game in the format 1x1. Up to 2-3 wins. Players are required to select a captain, as well as to be able to stream every game or provide a screen demonstration (for example via Skype or timewire). At the moment, the prize background is 50,000 rubles. More detailed information will be available later. While the tournament is at the polling stage and the formation of teams. Try to disseminate this information as widely as possible, especially if you are a representative of foreign countries.

The game will be played on the version of Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Shadow of Death + HD mod + hwruless. We use for communication programs - hamachi, teamviwer, gameranger.
The more teams we can collect - the more interesting the tournament can turn out! All in your hands! Thank you in advance!
We want to make sure that every game was played for 1 time in one chosen day. Selects the captain of each team and he decides who will be on his team to play. The captain must be a responsible and reliable person, so that all problems through him can be solved. If the player of the team can not finish the game - he can immediately be replaced by another player and he will continue to play further. In total, between the two teams will have to play up to 2 or 3 wins. Have not decided yet

Each player will stream the game on a tweet, YouTube or somewhere else or provide a screen demonstration (skype, timewire). But if during the game it will be seen that the player peeks for the game of the opponent and behaves strangely on the map or in battle - can be counted a technical defeat. From China, we participate in different tournaments player Herolwy.
We are going to make three prizes. 1 place - 25 000 rubles, 2 place - 15 000 rubles, 3 place - 10 000 rubles. Well, or about such figures
We plan to make games on random maps (templates). Templates either will be offered by each national team and we will form a list. And then the players will take turns deleting the templates until there are 1 and they will play. Ili in the first game - one team chooses the template, in the second game the second team. And if the score is 1-1, then in the third game, delete the templates until you select 1 template.
We have not done the page yet. But it will be later in English. We first need to negotiate with all teams. Learn the total. Then we need to discuss the rules that will suit everyone. Then we will discuss the terms of the games and the specific format of the tournament. And then we'll make the page.
Are going to play Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Korea
Have not decided yet: Moldova, China, Bulgaria, Latvia
I have also tried to contact England, the United States, Germany, but unlikely there are heroes so popular ....

Countries with few players will be allowed to join the same team. If they need it. Iili make the team of Asia, America or Europe. The main thing is for more countries to participate. This will benefit the popularity of the game heroes 3.
The more players you have, the easier it will be for you to find those who will be and the time and date for the game is convenient. And it will be easier to make replacements.

If you use the browser Yandex brovser or Chrome - they offer the above to translate the page into the desired language automatically and you can read them conveniently then.
Now there is only discussion on our portal about this tournament:
Here are the first three show-tournaments for the game Heroes 3:
So every one who want to participate please write here or contact organizer on ICQ on 620163142.

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 12, 2018 02:29 PM
Edited by Armageddets at 23:23, 19 Feb 2018.

You can contact me like this:
Vk page: https://vk.com/armaggame
Programy ICQ: 620163142
Detals from tournament: http://forum.heroesworld.ru/showthread.php?t=14161
Skype: armageddetss
email: okzona1@rambler.ru
Heroes 3 youtube channel Armagplay

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Undefeatable Hero
proud father of a princess
posted March 02, 2018 06:16 PM

10 years too late...
Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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Supreme Hero
posted March 02, 2018 06:35 PM

Why too late? HotA's lobby activated many players recently. Now in Poland there's national online competition - 526 players in 128 groups.
H3 is still popular game...

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 04, 2018 03:15 PM
Edited by Athis at 15:19, 04 Mar 2018.

That tournament is going ahead and there are almost daily uploads of matches on that channel.

What I notice is that HOMM3 is doing well, for such an old game, on Twitch. Almost all the streamers are Eastern European - Russian and Polish etc.
I wonder why the game is so popular in those countries?

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Known Hero
posted March 08, 2018 02:15 PM

5 years too late for Bulgaria ):

we just stopped playing

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Tavern Dweller
posted November 01, 2018 09:25 AM
Edited by Armageddets at 11:39, 01 Nov 2018.

xlnt said:
5 years too late for Bulgaria ):

we just stopped playing

Some players from Bulgaria still play in tournaments and fun games with streams: Liophy, Tanenceto, Ritosux, _Neo_, GrishaBG and others.

As it passes more and more tournaments with prize money tournaments. Many players began to return to the game. And the younger generation is also catching up. On the portal Heroes World there are a lot of tournaments annually, there are even international offline tournaments. Players from different countries come to the CIS Championship, St. Petersburg offline and others.
The lawsuit has a conversation of almost 500 players to search for opponents and to communicate with players - https://icq.com/chat/AoLCp9xL2UAnLZKubgc.

In the Shadow of Death with the HD mod, the online lobby also appeared and a simultaneous move for classic heroes, a reorganization of the magicians guild appeared, mirror patterns appeared with the same map layouts for both players and much more.

Every day you can see Streams online in sites:

Many video vods heroes 3. SoD:

In this site manny tournament:

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