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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Let's grow flowers
Thread: Let's grow flowers

Legendary Hero
posted April 01, 2018 11:17 AM

Let's grow flowers

I have invented or shall I say realized, A-Sexual pornography

I hope that this does not receive a penalty for posting porno here. I'm sorry but heroes must take certain risk from time to time.

There is a world where people don't reveal wether or not they have sexual parts. The fear of neutral gender intamacy is nearly gone but most flowers I will say are crossbred specific.

The seed stores require 18 years or older to enter. Although younglings have their version of plants too, but that really doesn't matter.

When two people get along they say
I Love you
I love you
~~Let's grow flowers~~

*Roll the music*

Sometimes they go on dates and when they get real freaky they visit the flower shop or seed garden. {In our world this would he translated to seed store}

Privacy when people are planting flowers by themselves or with others is naturally respected like we go to the bathroom, but there is no liquid exchange and touching in anyway is considered freaky.

"I'm gonna make it rain"
Thank you come again
**** off snow

This is my rally sign for every rally i go to.

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