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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: Random Thoughts: The Surprise Cavity Search Edition
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Undefeatable Hero
posted November 08, 2018 11:29 PM

The correct shape to produce a camel's head shadow puppet, definitely.

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Legendary Hero
Wait what? *expert*
posted November 09, 2018 01:29 AM
Edited by Celfious at 01:32, 09 Nov 2018.

i was robbed recently.
Front door rigged for reentry. 600 ps4 tv system gone in 20 minutes.

Let in the homeless.

now i have nothing left but crazy but its productive here. Militant effeciency oechastratiln of the aligbment of my soul feelinga and owned environmebt organizatiob has become officlally enstored.

The robver was not a thief but a delivery man. In a package of pain, rage, and seek of values identity. It was a package from the assosiation that i guess ill call the assosiation.

dont woery  While HC is the only standing lefts of my persuit. Most of my duplications will be placed in bubble wrap. labled with lots and lots of bubbles rich of thick plasticy fragile pops.

People may finally pay attention to the crazy within themselves.

The sentient entities watching us. Maybe dark web tv or local sandwich tine... These people we took their jobs.

National tv right there right there coffee with regis white balloons for miles man.

70s pop nusic the world has passed on by wtf some chick like terminatora girl sarah cobnnor in sunglasses

i am so suprised HC agaib i thank you for the flexibility allowing my assosiation being technically permitted for these years.

HC is the oldesrst standing system of suppkrt in my life and above all rheraputic atandards HC has helped me no matter what my adrenalin and chaos imagined madness expressioms produced.. or Conduced. Reduce minius RE.

for free hc here is a thanks on steroids feed it rocks and no attention unless rrmemberedd on frday 8-8:30 lights off 8:59.

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