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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: BROSKI
Thread: BROSKI

Legendary Hero
-3 cat deflection
posted November 06, 2018 02:30 PM
Edited by Celfious at 14:33, 06 Nov 2018.


I write to you today, enhancingly mindful of the spell check WAZerd. aThats right Mr. Taunting me to try him on the apostrophe plain. Im not risking a single shot to you just to save face and chaallang you on changing text to happy faces, various @$#%& etc.

We owe this community for all our blood shed on the white sheets i spewed... Stewed and respewed on these innocent mindful HEAROESMTHZUCKAberg heroes.

I hace drained the tones which flooded and reigned as if they are enemies who deserve no less than the common respects.

Heroes of Heroescommunity.  I stood nightfall as king of shame and have mnown no kther place greater through some ways.

Like. If you can paint a trogdor, why really trace the dragon?

These guys and the ladies most now must he very much chilling back in stalk mode like.. Jebus was jt not the a Jebus once stood tall?


Im going to yell at myself the next time i mix scifi truth religios perception and vakpire slaying clqims like if Im snarfing tge snarr life, i need to respect my brotherman and not claim them brothersnarf.

the rampage and eat pencils i am 12 and i fought dragons
I mean... Seriously celfioussnarf. I have a funny secreg though i really hust CHANGE names. Snarf i used his or its name to shroud funny images with God.

By the way nevermind

So this brings me to my point. The next public rambling should be held at anothers expense. If it is deemed incohearent and rabbid  than someone to my deepest fear and remourse shall be possibly chased and bitten by rabbid dogs.

And if no dogs own that country then it goes to all champion rabbit.

This will glowingly encourage me to fuel the fire kf grammer perfection. And less thoughts delending on heroes eyes to risk bloodtears and shedding.

We owe you this at least as a force of gratitude.

And because i am weak i submit herry. To the first and most likelyast Dog herring. Ever.

Excuse me for that joke slip. dogs hear but its not a dog hearing.

But my philosophy id that if we all very strongly unite and try reay really hard in unison. we can get rid of the demons rabbid possezsion of my self control and holdings of respect.

God is good, rabbid celfious especially unchecked flaming is not very good. And balabce may be herrys hope. But herry knows in light itll be okay.

I 6hink herrys a real dog anyways  

I dtrive for that to be the last tjme i refer to all pillars defining this communities.. Other than some one likes crayon drawings too. forging freds name. That name hro. Dont blame fred for your twisted moment of fredenvy

Spell check crayola last name crayon next time line step up.

I want to go down the list of more or less unequal.

I need to go. Before i say something that actually makes no sense ageain and i run with that into risking herrys or maybe all of his meat kind of sandwhiches for life.

Spell check wizard wasard whichever
just cor person fun and the check herrys life depending on herrys chance meter.

Okay EDIT. im lazy and herrys okay right now so i counted two but i counted really fast to get in fjnal score before its time we actuy gk

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