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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: Slang
Thread: Slang This thread is 4 pages long: 1 2 3 4 · «PREV / NEXT»

Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 13, 2019 08:51 PM

I fixed a "aardvark (noun/US)", etc

Today morning at 6 o'clock I awoke and stood up to open computer. not much but slow work.

ace (noun/US) 1 a person who is very skilled at something 2 decent dude 3 a very close friend 4 big nob 5 a one-dollar note 6 a one hundred-dollar note 7 a prison sentence of one year 8 dressy man 9 the grade "A" 10 a table for one at a restaurant 11 a grilled cheese sandwich 12 a police officer (noun/US/baseball) excellent pitcher (noun/US/golf) hole in one (noun/US/pool) the number one ball (noun/UK) a single rotten fruit (verb/US) 1 to succeed; win 2 to fool someone; to swindle someone 3 to kill someone 4 to outsmart someone 5 to work your way somewhere, to engineer something (verb/US/study) to do well in an examination, especially: to get an "A" (verb/US/golf) to make a hole in one stroke (adj/US) exceptional, expert, excellent
ace boon (noun/US/black) a very close friend
ace boon coon (see) ace boon
ace boy (noun/Bermuda) a very good male friend
ace buddy (see) ace boon
ace cool (see) ace boon
ace-deuce (noun/Belize) your best friend (adj/US) 1 excellent 2 cross-eyed
ace-high (adj/US) excellent, prime
ace in (verb/US) 1 to manipulate someone or something into a situation 2 to understand
ace it (verb/US) to win; successful accomplishment 2 getting an "A" on an exam or in a class course
ace note (noun/US) a one-dollar note
ace on (adj/Bahamas) skilled at
ace-one (adj/US) best, deluxe
ace out (verb/US) 1 to succeed; win 2 to fool someone; to swindle someone 3 to exclude someone
aces (adj/US) excellent (noun/US/poker) a hand with a pair of aces
aces up (adj/US) excellent
Achnard (noun/US) a taxi driver
acid (noun/UK) impudence, heavy sarcasm (noun/US/restaurant) vinegar
ack (verb/UK) to acknowledge a letter, etc (interj./US) argh!, uh! (US/dial./derogatory) an Italian
ack-ack (noun/US/mil.) anti-aircraft artillery (verb/US) to shoot someone or something
Acker Bilk (noun/UK) milk
acknickelous (adj/US/rap music) wonderful, marvellous
acorn (noun/US/UK) the head (noun/US/casino) a generous tipper
acos (conj./UK/dial.) because
acquiesce-man (noun/US) a 'yes-man'; a sycophant, a toady
acquire (verb/UK) to steal something
acrylic (adj/US) superficial, hard, difficult to tolerate
ACS (US/dial.) Ancient Chinese Secret
act (noun/US/poss. with) habit, mannerism (I'm tired of your act) (noun/Austr.) pretended illness or ill-temper (noun/US) a dramatic mimicking
actable (adj/US/dial.) active, capable of lively activity
action (noun/US) 1 betting, gambling 2 the amount that a gambler is willing to bet 3 a party or gathering; excitement, activity in general; whatever is happening 4 revolver (noun/US/black) woman (noun/US/pool) 1 a game played with wagers 2 spin imparted on the cue ball to affect the course of the object ball or the cue ball after striking the object ball
action piece (noun/US/black) 1 woman 2 pistol, revolver, shotgun
active citizen (noun/US) 1 louse 2 flea 3 bedbug
actor (noun/US) troublemaker (noun/US/UK) con-man, liar, bluffer
Adam (noun) water
Adam and Eve (verb/UK) 1 to believe 2 to leave, especially in a hurried manner
Adam and Eve on a raft (noun/US) two eggs on toast
Adam's ale (noun/US) water
addy (noun/US) an address (noun/internet/abbrev.) an internet address
adios (verb/US/dial.) to make a hasty departure, disappear
adios amoebas (noun/US) farewell
adios mothersnower (noun/US/jocular) farewell
adios muchachos (phrase/US) 1 goodbye 2 the end
adjuster (noun/US) hammer
ad lib (noun/US) a remark or speech made without previous preparation (verb/US) speak or perform in public without previously preparing one's words (adj/US) impromptu; extemporaneous (adv/US) extempore (noun/US/orig.) a pointed, provocative or sarcastic comment
admiral of the head/vessels (noun/US/mil.) wc housekeeper
admiralty brown (noun/Austr.) toilet paper
adobe (adj/US/derogatory) Mexican; hence, second-rate, inferior
adobe dollar (noun/US/dial.) a Mexican peso
adobe maker (noun/US/derogatory) a Mexican or Mexican-American
Adonis (noun/US) a beautiful or handsome young man
adonnet (noun/UK/dial.) devil
adrift (adj/US) 1 harmless 2 absent without leave; missing 3 bewildered; confused; muddled
advertise (verb/US/poker) to bluff in a manner that is intended to be caught, all in anticipation of a later bluff (verb/US) to activate the siren and/or flashing lights of a police car
aerated (adj/US/UK) angrily over-excited or agitated
Aesop (noun/US/poker) any player who tells stories while playing
afaik (US/abbrev.) as far as I know
af[f] (noun/South Africa/derogatory) an African
affie (noun) afternoon (noun/derogatory) a black person
affluential (adj/US) simultaneous possession of both money and power (or influence)
affluenza (noun/US) a situation in which wealthy people find themselves unhappy
afk (US/abbrev.) away from (the) keyboard
Africa hot (adj/US) extremely hot
African ape (noun/US/derogatory) a black person
African dominoes (noun/US) 1 dice 2 the game of craps
African golf (noun/US) the game of craps
African golfball (noun/US) dice
African grape (noun/US) watermelon
African harp (noun/US) banjo
African pills (noun/US) dices
African plum (noun/US) watermelon
African skyscraper (noun/US) giraffe
Afro (noun/US) 1 a bushy, frizzy hairstyle embraced by black people as a gesture of resistance in the 1960s 2 a black person (verb/US) to grow one's hair into an Afro hairstyle (adj/US) African; black
after (noun/US/Austr.) afternoon
after-comer (noun/UK/dial.) stranger, visitor
after-end (noun/UK/dial.) the autumn
afterparty (noun/US) a celebration among intimates following another party
afters (noun/UK) the dessert course of a meal
aftersupper (noun/US/dial.) dessert
aftie (noun/Austr.) afternoon
afto (noun/Austr.) afternoon
ag (verb/US) to aggravate, to annoy, to upset, to bother (adj/US) 1 angry, annoyed, irritated, aggravated 2 crazy, fun 3 all good
A-game (noun/US/casino) the poker game with the highest stakes
age card (noun/US) proof of legal age
agesome (adj/UK/dial.) elderly
agged (adj/US) angry, aggravated
aggerheaded (adj/UK/dial.) dull, stupid
aggie (noun/US) 1 an agricultural student 2 an agricultural college 3 a country bumpkin (noun/UK) agoraphobia (adj/US) 1 agricultural 2 angry, agitated
aggravation (noun/UK) a railway station
aggro (adj/US) aggravated, irritated, annoyed; aggressively angry (adj/US/teen) great; good (noun/Austr.) an aggressive person

A good night! Remember that I don't bring all words. Tomorrow mat be a B words.

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Supreme Hero
Horseman of Chaos
posted June 13, 2019 09:37 PM

B is my favourite letter of the alphabet.

The Count
"...Mr Hack... I don't feel so good..."

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 15, 2019 11:55 AM

Ok! Snow vocabulary!

Finnish kenkäraja(t) American english slang alligator shoes

But what's in English?


aginner (noun/US) a person morally opposed to carnivals or circus
ahome (adv/UK/Scot.) at home
ahungry (adj/US/UK/dial.) hungry, troubled with hunger
aig (adj/UK/dial.) eager
aigt (phrase/US) all right
aimed (adj/US) detected, identified (we've been aimed)
ain't (colloq./=) am not; are not (dial./=) is not; has (have) not
ain't buyin' it! (phrase/US) I don't believe you
ain't havin' it! (phrase/US/dial.) it is not allowed
ain't it? (phrase/US/dial.) isn't that so?
ain't it a treat (noun/UK) street
ain't no joke! (phrase/US) I am serious!
ain't she sweet (noun/UK) seat
air (noun/US) 1 air conditioning 2 air support, air power, bombing 3 air brakes on a truck or railway carriage 4 boasting (noun/UK) the sky, clouds (verb/US) to go away, to vanish
airbag (noun/US) a person who talks too much
airbags (noun/US) the lungs
air biscuit (noun/US) fart
airbrain (noun/US) a stupid or silly person
airbrained (adj/US) stupid, silly
airdale (noun/US) an ugly man
air-dance (noun/US) hanging (verb/UK) to hang
airedale (noun/US) 1 tramp, hobo 2 a Wall Street gentleman 3 a navy pilot 4 a airplane handler on an aircraft carrier 5 an unattractive man 6 an unattractive woman
air farce (noun/US/mil.) air force
air guitar (noun/US) an imagined guitar used to mimic a rock guitar player
airhead (noun/US) stupid, silly or foolish person; a dolt
air hole (noun/US/euphemism) stupid
air hose (noun/US) invisible socks; no socks
air it out (verb/US) to expend energy
air jockey (noun/US) military pilot
airmail (noun/US) rubbish thrown from the upper windows of a building to the courtyard below
air out (verb/US/dial.) to flee, to escape, to leave
airplane (noun/US/dial.) 1 a very large mosquito 2 dragonfly
airplane blonde (noun/US) a woman with dyed blonde hair
air quotes (noun/US) a twitching movement of the first and second fingers of each hand to quote another or emphasize or be sarcastic about a statement
air raider (noun/Austr.) 1 a talkative person 2 an argumentative female
airtight (adj/US) attractive (adj/US/colloq.) complete, unassailable
airtights (noun/US/dial.) canned food
airy (adj/Irish) mentally unbalanced (adj/US/dial.) effeminate in manner
airy-fairy (adj/US) effeminate, sissy (adj/UK) delicate, fanciful; insubstantial, trivial
a.k. (noun/US) 1 sycophant (asskisser) 2 an old man (alter kacker) (noun/US/orig./theatre) an old fogey
a.k.a. (adv/US/orig./crim.) an alias (also known as)
akey-okey (adj/US) satisfactory
aks (verb/US/UK) to ask
Alabama (noun/US/black) a native of Alabama (noun/UK) hammer
Alabama Kleenex (noun/US) toilet paper; kitchen paper
Alabama wool (noun/US) cotton
Alaskamo (noun/US) an American Indian from Alaska
Alaska strawberries (noun/US) beans
Alaska time (noun/US) unpunctuality
Alaska turkey (noun/US) salmon
Alaska tuxedo (noun/US) a wool work suit
Alb (noun/US) an Albanian
albino (noun/US/pool) the white cue ball
alderman (noun/US) a big paunch
Alexander (noun/UK) telephone
alfalfa (noun/US) 1 tobacco 2 nonsense, rubbish 3 countryside (noun/US/circus/carnival) money (adj/US) country
algernon (noun) a young male aristocrat or upper-class male
algie (noun) a young male aristocrat
algy (noun/UK) a young male aristocrat or upper-class male
Alice (noun/US) 1 police 2 a military backpack
Alice blue (noun/US/homosexual) the police
alick (noun/Austr.) an idiot
a-licker (noun/US) toady; sycophant
alicran (noun/US/dial.) scorpion
alien (noun/US/casino) a betting chip from another casino
alive (adj) on the alert, active, smart (adj/US/dial.) of bread or fruit: retaining freshness (adj/UK) said of a person when he has money
alive and kicking (adj/adv/US) alert, vigorous
alive or dead (noun/UK) the head
all (adv) very (adv/US) so
all about (adj/UK/dial.) light-headed (adj/US) interested in (adv/Austr.) everywhere
all a-hunky (adj/US/dial.) all right (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
all-and-all (noun/US/dial.) 1 one's best clothes 2 one's wife
all a penny (adj/Barbados) inexpensive and plentiful
all-city (verb/US) to travel throughout a city creating graffiti
all dat (adj/US/rap music) first-rate, perfect (noun/UK) everything
alley (noun/US/dial.) any playing marble (verb/UK/mil.) to go, to hurry, to run
alley apple (noun/US) a piece of horse manure (noun/US/dial.) a brick, rock, or stone, usually when used as a missile
alley cleaner (noun/US) handgun
all-fired (adj/US/dial.) extreme, severe (adv/US/dial.) extremely
all-fired up (adj/US) eager; ready somewhere
all get out (adv/US) extremely
all gong and no dinner (adj/UK) all talk and no action
all good (adv/US/phrase/black teen) everything is fine
all hell broke loose (phrase/US) things became very turbulent, dangerous, noisy, etc

Because dictionary isn't enough. Thank you, if you know English.

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 15, 2019 06:40 PM

I found..

alligator (noun/US) 1 elegantly dressed man 2 a worthless, unpleasant person 3 old footwear with the toes gaping open 4 a native of Florida 5 chatterbox, 'big mouth' 6 an enthusiastic fan of swing jazz 7 any unpleasant and difficult task
alligator bait (noun/US) 1 a worthless, unpleasant person 2 a black person (noun/US/dial.) bad food, especially fried liver
alligator bread (noun/US/dial.) a big round loaf with a rough surface on top
alligator bull (noun/Austr.) nonsense, rubbish
alligator pear (noun/US/dial.) an avocado
alligator shoes (noun/US) old footwear with the toes gaping open
alligator skins (noun/US) paper money
all in (adj/US/dial.) 1 exhausted, tired out 2 very sick
all in one piece (adj/US) intact, unharmed
all like that there (phrase/US) et cetera
all messed up (adj/US) 1 bewildered; confused; muddled 2 untidy, dirty
all mouth (adj/Barbados) boastful; unable to back up words with deeds
all mouth and no trousers (adj/UK) all talk and no substance
all-nighter (noun/US) 1 an all-night study session 2 a place of business that is open all night 3 a person who often stays up all night 4 a person who stays in jail all night after being arrested

Now's PAUSE!

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 19, 2019 03:41 PM

Forced to post a message. I'm looking for a word on the internet. Therefore job is slow. Ok you get a sequel. Because B isn't yet.

all-out (adj/adv/US) entirely, to one's full powers; completely, fully
all over it (adj/US) in complete control
all over the ballpark (phrase/US) very unfocused and inconsistent; confused
all over the lot (see) all over the ballpark
all over the shop (adj/UK) confused, in disarray; everywhere
all piss and vinegar (phrase/US) great talk, brag
all-powerful (noun/Austr.) money
all-pro (adj/US) of first quality; the best
all right (adj/US) in proper or satisfactory condition, healthy; intact, workable (US/interj.) 1 great!, attaboy! 2 ok, fine, yes
allrightnik (noun/US) a nouveau riche person, especially a Jew who is stereotypically philistine and smug; an upstart; an offensive boaster
all-round (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
allsbay (noun/US) utter nonsense
all shook up (adj/US) 1 shaken, confused 2 extreme happiness, in good mood; excited
all stuff like that there (phrase/US) et cetera
all that (adj/US/rap music) superlative, very good
all that and then some (noun/US) everything
all that jazz (phrase/US) et cetera
all the best (phrase/UK) goodbye
all the go (UK) in the height of fashion
all there (adj/UK) 1 sane 2 alert, aware, sharp (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
all the way (phrase/US) 1 (of hamburger) with all available condiments and dressings 2 always, constantly (adj/US/mil.) destined for leadership (adv/US) to a championship
all the way live (adj/US) excellent, superlative; very exciting
all the wear (adj/UK/dial.) fashionable
all thumbs (adj/US) very awkward; inept (noun/US) a very awkward, clumsy person
all-time (adj/US) excellent, great, cool
all-timer (noun/US) unforgettable experience
all to (adv/US/dial.) completely, thoroughly
all to nothing (adv/UK/dial.) quite, completely, altogether
all to the good (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
all to the merry (adj/US) splendid
all up (adj/UK) bankrupt, defeated, doomed to die
allus (adv/UK) always
all vanilla (noun/US/poker) a spade flush
all wet (adj/US) 1 incorrect; wrong 2 unpleasant; disagreeable
all wind and piss/water (adj/UK) boastful; not backing up words with action
ally-waiter (noun/US/dial.) an elevator
almighty (adj/UK) great, impressive; enormous (adv/US/dial.) extremely
almighty dollar (noun/US) the dollar viewed as a symbol of power or greed
Al Pacino (noun/UK) a cappuccino coffee
alpha alpha (noun/US) an automatic ambush
Alphabet City (noun/US) the Lower East Side of New York City in the vicinity of Avenues A, B, C, and D
alphabet soup (noun/US) initialisms and acronyms in general
alpha geek (noun/US) a person who has great expertise in computing and related technology
alpine stick (noun/NZ) an oversized frankfurter
Alpo (noun/US) sausage topping for a pizza
already (phrase/US) to know (short for 'I already knew')
already yet (adv/US) formerly; before
alrighty (adj/US/dial.) excellent; first-rate
also-ran (noun/US) a loser in a race, contest, election, or competition of any kind; anyone not performing very well; a useless person; a failure
altar (noun/US) toilet
altar room (noun) lavatory
alter (noun/US/dial.) an old man
alter kacker (noun/US) a mean and nasty old man
alter kocker (see) alter kacker
alto (noun/US/dial./rare) a hill, an eminence, generally without trees
aluminum overcast (noun/US/mil.) any very large military aircraft
alum[n] (noun/US) an alumnus or alumna
alumnach (noun/Irish) an Englishman
Alvin (noun/US) a native, easily cheated person
always-ago (adv/US/dial.) long ago (noun/US/dial.) a long time ago
alyo (noun/US) 1 a condition of calm or safety 2 a person not easily disconcerted 3 any routine task
am (noun/UK) an amateur
A-man (noun/US) a police officer assigned to a squad car
amateur hour (see) amateur night 1
amateur night (noun/US) 1 (a session in a club, theatre etc) in which amateurs perform, rather than professionals 2 New Year's Eve 3 a night when the tips left by a restaurant's customers are low
amazer [machine] (noun/US) a police radar unit used for measuring vehicle speed
ambisextrous (adj/US) (of clothing, hairdo, etc) unisex
ameba-brained (adj/US) stupid
ameche (noun/US/Can.) telephone; telephone number; telephone call
amen, brother (phrase/US) true you are talking about, I agree
Americaness (noun) an American woman
American lad (noun/Irish) unpopular imported US fatty bacon
American taxpayer (noun/US) any violator of routine traffic laws
A.M.F. (acronym/US) Adios/Aloha, Mothersnower
amical (adj/rare) friendly
amigo (noun/US/Span.) friend, dude
Amish golf (noun/US) croquet
ammo (noun/US) 1 ammunition 2 cash 3 toilet paper (noun/US/metaph.) information or evidence that can be used to support an argument or a charge
ammunition (noun/US/UK) toilet tissue (noun/US/mil.) beans (noun/US/poker) a player's betting chips (noun/US/metaph.) information and other material that may be used in a debate, campaign, etc
amoeba (noun/US) a Commodore Amiga personal computer
amoeba-brained (see) ameba-brained
amp (noun/US) an amplifier, especially one for electric instruments
amped (adj/US) 1 ready for anything, very excited, psyched up 2 silent (adj/US/music system) equipped with powerful amplifiers
amscray (verb/US) to leave
amsha (noun/Irish) misfortune
amusing (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
analphabet (noun) one who is totally illiterate or unable to read
anchor (verb/US) 1 to remain, to stay for a time 2 to apply the brakes of a car or truck (noun/UK) 1 pickaxe 2 a younger brother or sister (noun/trucking) brake (noun/US) one's wife
anchor-clanker (noun/US/mil.) sailor (noun/US) something amusing
anchored (adj/US) married
anchor man (noun/US) the last man in any group or sequence
anchor strawberry (noun/US/naut.) prune
ancient (adj/US) unfashionable, out of style (noun/US/dial.) a rustic or countrified person
ancient history (noun/US) someone or something completely forgotten, especially past romances
and a half (adj) remarkable, exceptional
and all that jazz (noun/US) et cetera
and how (interj./US) trust me, absolutely, damn right/tootin'
and like that (phrase/US) et cetera
andy (noun/US/dial.) an outhouse, a privy
angashore (noun/Irish) a peevish person
angel (noun/US/dial.) soft roll of dust that collect on the floor under beds or other furniture (noun/US) a financial backer of an enterprise, especially one who supports a theatrical production (noun/UK) 1 nurse 2 a sandwich-board man (verb/US/theatre) to finance
angel buggy (noun/US/trucking) a truck carrying explosive or highly flammable cargo
angel cake and wine (noun/US/prison) bread and water in confinement
Angeleno (noun/US) a resident of Los Angeles
Angelenos (noun/US/dial.) oysters rolled in bacon and served on toast
angel factory (noun/US) a Christian school or seminary
angel grass (noun/US/dial.) asparagus
Angelino (noun/US) a resident of Los Angeles
angel juice (noun/US/jocular) rainwater; water
angel kiss (noun/US) freckle
Angel's bible (noun/US) a Harley-Davidson motorcyle manual
angle (noun/US) benefit; self-interest; ulterior motive; scheme (noun/US/fishing) an earthworm (verb/US) to scheme, to plan tactics
angled up (adj/US/black) confused
angle-eared (adj/UK/dial.) mischievous
angle shooter (noun/US) schemer
Anglo (noun/US) 1 in the United States, an American, especially a white American, whose native language is English 2 a white person (adj/US) white lifestyle or culture
anguagela (noun) language
animal (noun/US) 1 an athlete who has developed himself physically beyond the mental 2 bodyguard; muscular man 3 an ugly man
animal crackers (adj/US) crazy, mad
animal farm (see) animal house
animal house (noun/US) a university campus restless student dormitory
animalist (noun/US) animal rights activist
animal zoo (noun/US) a rowdy college fraternity
ankle (verb/US) 1 (of play, etc) to disassociate yourself, to quit or be dismissed from a job, to give notice 2 to walk (verb/US/orig.) to dance
ankle around (verb/US/orig.) 1 to walk 2 to dance
ankle biter (noun/US) 1 a small child 2 dog 3 a stock with low market capitalization
ankle express (noun/US) transportation by foot; walking
Ann (noun/US/black) any white female
Annie Laurie (noun/UK) lorry
Annie Louise (noun/Austr.) cheese
Annie Oakley (noun/US) free ticket
annivorcery (noun/US) anniversary of a divorce
annoyous (adj/UK/dial.) troublesome
anny (noun/US/dial.) a choice marble
another country heard from (phrase/US) it is said when someone interrupts the speaker or raises his voice
another mouth to feed (noun/US) extra food guest; a new family member
answer (noun/Irish/fishing) bite (noun/US/dial.) message (verb/Irish/fishing) to bite
an't (UK/dial./=) are not; am not
ante (noun/US) 1 money 2 the charge or cost 3 price
antediluvian (adj/US) old
ante up (verb/US) to pay up, to cough up
anti (noun/US) a person who is opposed to something (adj/US) opposed (he is rather anti)
anticipointment (noun/US) the resulting disappointment when something that one has anticipated does not end up happening
antidexterous (adj/US) clumsy, butterfingers
antidote (noun/US) 1 something unattractive 2 an unattractive person
antimire (noun/US/dial.) an ant
antinuke (noun/US) someone opposed to nuclear weapons and nuclear plants (adj/US) opposed to nuclear weapons and nuclear plants
antique bozo (noun/US) an old man
ants (noun/US) an unrelaxed, disturbed condition; acute restlessness
antsy (adj/US/dial.) restless, nervous, eager, anxious, annoyed
antwacky (adj/UK) old-fashioned, especially used of clothes
anus (noun/US/vulgar) crazy, stupid, asswipe
anvil chorus (noun/US) 1 criticism 2 critics who bark in the choir
anxious (adj/US/black/dial.) wonderful, excellent; good, fine
anyhoo (adv/US) anyhow

Now's PAUSE!

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Supreme Hero
Horseman of Chaos
posted June 19, 2019 10:06 PM

Ghost has a big dictionary.

The Count
"...Mr Hack... I don't feel so good..."

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Legendary Hero
Horseman of Madness
posted June 19, 2019 10:21 PM

Ghost said:
alligator (noun/US) 1 elegantly dressed man 2 a worthless, unpleasant person 3 old footwear with the toes gaping open 4 a native of Florida 5 chatterbox, 'big mouth' 6 an enthusiastic fan of swing jazz 7 any unpleasant and difficult task
It's also an animal.

Ghost said:
anxious (adj/US/black/dial.) wonderful, excellent; good, fine
Never in my life have I ever seen this word meaning that.

Ghost said:
ankle (verb/US) 1 (of play, etc) to disassociate yourself, to quit or be dismissed from a job, to give notice 2 to walk (verb/US/orig.) to dance

This is so confusing. Half of these words I have never heard being used as slang. Some of them I haven't even heard of. I'm beginning to think Ghost is just taking words he finds and then adding his own definition to them.
"Everyone is a schlong sucker." - Kayna
"I would have needed to dislocate my jaw to fit it inside my hole." - Blizzardboy

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 20, 2019 01:47 PM

You got a new word. Yes I'm looking for everything on the internet. Because I have a Fin-US-Fin. I can't use a google translator. So I'm looking for thefreedictionary, etc Hit came right. What I just wanted was the same as Fin-US-Fin. Maybe therefore a word is weird something to you, Oddy.

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Supreme Hero
Horseman of Chaos
posted June 20, 2019 02:19 PM

Oddy, dear child, you should always be on the lookout to expand upon your English lexicon!

The Count
"...Mr Hack... I don't feel so good..."

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Legendary Hero
Horseman of Madness
posted June 20, 2019 09:20 PM

I'm quite happy with the state of my lexicon thank you very much. If I find a new interesting word I'll let you know
"Everyone is a schlong sucker." - Kayna
"I would have needed to dislocate my jaw to fit it inside my hole." - Blizzardboy

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 22, 2019 05:31 PM

I'm sweating, and I drink beers. Work is a very slow. Ok now you can see my job.

AO (noun/US/mil./abbrev.) area of operations
A-OK (adj/US/astronaut) satisfactory; completely acceptable
A-one (adj/US) excellent; first-class
AOS (phrase/US/abbrev.) All Options Slink
Apache (noun/US/dial.) a type of men's haircut; a Mohawk (noun/Irish) joyrider
Apache state (noun/US) Arizona
apast (adj/US/dial.) completed, finished
APB (noun/US/police) an all points bulletin, broadcast to all who are listening
apcray (noun/US) nonsense; rubbish
ape (noun/US/derogatory) a black person (noun/US) 1 roughneck, brawler, quarrelsome 2 any ugly man, especially if large (noun/US/dial.) a foolish person who imitates (adj/US) 1 extremely excited about something 2 frenzied, berserk (verb/US/dial.) to pretend
ape hangers (noun/US) long steering handles on a bicycle or motorcycle
apesnow (noun/US/vulgar) crazy, stupid (adj/US/vulgar) excited, freaked out
aphrodite (noun/NZ) nightgown
apiculturist (noun) a bee keeper
A-pie (noun/US) apple pie
apogee (noun) the best; the greatest
aponted (adj/UK/dial.) tainted
apoplectic (adj/UK) behaving in a violently temperamental manner
apparatchik (noun/US) an office worker in a support role
apparatus (noun/UK/dial.) a kitchen stove
apple (noun/US) 1 fellow 2 ball 3 baseball ball 4 American football 5 basketball 6 hippie hat 7 a native American Indian who curries favour with the white establishment by embracing white cultural values (noun/US/mil.) hand grenade (noun/US/black) 1 the planet Earth 2 money (noun/NZ) 1 a one-hundred dollar note 2 the heart
apple-bee (noun/UK/dial.) wasp
apple-blowth (noun/UK/dial.) apple blossom
apple butter (noun/US) nonsense
apple-drone (noun/UK/dial.) wasp
applehead (noun/US) fool
applejack (noun/US) hippie hat
apple-knocker (noun/US/often derogatory) a fruit picker (noun/US) 1 hick 2 inexperienced worker, rookie
apple orchard (noun/US) a location where police wait parked, certain that they will soon witness a driving infraction
apple-peru (noun/US/dial.) rhubarb
apple pie (noun/US) traditional American values
apple-pie (adj/US) typical American (adj/US/dial.) excellent; perfect
apple-polish (verb/US) to curry favour, to toady
apple-polisher (noun/US) toady; sycophant (noun/US/college) a favoured student
apples (phrase/US) clear, ok, all right
applesauce (noun/US) nonsense
apple simonizer (noun/US) toady (noun/US/college) a favoured person
apple strudel (noun/US) nonsense
applet (noun/US/computing) utility program, small application software
apple up (verb/US) to curry favour, to toady
apple-washer (noun/US) a person who curries favour
approacher (noun/US/dial.) one who curries favour
approof (noun/UK/dial.) 1 approval, praise 2 courage, pluck tried by experience
apps (noun/US/computing) applications
apron (noun/US) a woman or wife
aqua (noun/UK) water
AR (noun/US/abbrev.) armed robbery
Arab (noun/US/dial.) Jew (noun/Bermuda) dolt (noun/US/dial.) a street peddler selling fruit or vegetables
arain (noun/UK/dial.) spider; cobweb
arb (noun/US/abbrev.) arbitrageur
arbitrary (adj/UK/dial.) 1 hard, greedy, grasping 2 independent, impatient of restraint (adj/US) insignificant, unimportant
arbuckle['s] (noun/US/dial.) any coffee
arc (verb/US/computing) to archive something
architect (noun/US/poker) a player who bets heavily
arctic (adj/US) cold (adj/US/poker) a very poor hand or series of very poor hands
arfto (noun/Austr./NZ) afternoon
Argie (noun/adj/US) an Argentinian
Aristotle (noun/Austr.) bottle
Aristotle's lantern (noun/Can.) a sea urchin
arithmetic bug (noun/US) louse
Arizona (noun/US) buttermilk
Arizona cloudburst (noun/US/dial./jocular) sandstorm
Arizona nightingale (noun/US) mule
Arizona peacock (noun/US) roadrunner
Arizona stop (noun/US) a rolling stop at a traffic signal or stop sign
ark (noun/US) 1 junk car 2 any old, clumsy boat 3 a dance hall
Arkansas credit card (noun/US) a hose used to syphon petrol from another car
Arkansas dew (noun/US/dial.) a sudden heavy rain
Arkansas lizard (noun/US) flea (noun/US/dial./jocular) louse
Arkansas toothpick (noun/US) a hunting knife
Arkansas wedding cake (noun/US) cornbread
Arky (noun/US) a resident of Arkansas (adj/US) old-fashioned, out-of-date
arm (noun/US) police (verb/UK/dial.) to walk arm-in-arm
armful (noun) wife
armored cow/heifer (noun/US/mil.) canned milk
armpit (noun/US) an extremely unpleasant or undesirable town or place
armpit of the universe/world (noun/US) the worst place
arm-stretcher (noun/US) a heavy suitcase
arm-twister (noun/US) someone who uses strong persuasion
army (noun/US) a large bankroll
army chicken (noun/US) frankfurters and beans
arnberries (noun/UK/dial.) raspberries
Arnold (noun/Jamaica) pork
arrow (noun/UK/darts) dart
arrow hawk (noun/US/dial.) dragonfly
artic (noun/UK) an articulated lorry
article (noun/US) quite some, quite a case
artillery (noun/US) guns
artsy-craftsy (adj/US) pretending to artistry and craftsmanship or to an interest in arts and crafts
artsy-fartsy (adj/US) someone or something that tries to show their knowledge about creative works such as painting, sculpture or other artistic pursuits
arty (see) artsy-fartsy (noun/US/mil.) artillery
arty-crafty (see) arty-craftsy
arty-farty (see) artsy-fartsy
arve (noun/Austr.) afternoon
arvie (noun/South Africa) the afternoon
arvo (noun/Austr.) 1 afternoon 2 afternoon tea
arything (noun/US/dial.) something
ASAFP (adv/US/abbrev.) as soon as snowing possible
as all get out (phrase/US) very much, to a great extent
ASAP (adv/US/abbrev.) as soon as possible
as be damned (adv/Irish) very, extremely
as easy as apple pie (phrase/US) very easy
ash-barrel baby (noun/US/dial.) an illegitimate child
ash bread (noun/US/dial.) cornbread made in ashes
ashcan (verb/US) to give up (noun/US) car
ash-handle (noun/US) baseball bat
as if (phrase/US) (of ironically) it is not true that
ask (noun/Austr.) request
ask for it (phrase/US) to ask for trouble; to act in a way that invites trouble
asky (noun/US/computing) ASCII
asleep (adj/US/dial.) (of inanimate things) motionless, inactive (adj/US) dead
asleep at the switch (adj/US) inattentive; not alert to a duty or opportunity; oblivious of responsibility
asparagus (noun/US) nonsense
asphalt jungle (noun/US) a large city
asphalt pilot (noun/US) a truck driver
aspirin (noun/US/baseball) a fastball that is especially difficult to hit
ass (noun/UK) a fool; a stupid or foolish person; an oaf
ass along (verb/US) to be slow
ass-breaker (noun/US) a strict disciplinarian
ass-busting (adj/US) exhausting
ass-chewing (noun/US/mil.) a harsh, prolonged scolding and reprimand, as from a superior officer
ass-deep (adj/US) deeply involved with; having a superabundance of
ass-deep to an elephant (adj/US) exceptionally deep
ass-dragging (adj/US) run-down, worn-out
assed out (adj/US/black) 1 defeated, out of luck, impoverished 2 dead, killed
assed up (adj/US/dial.) confused; mixed up; disorderly

Now's PAUSE!

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 25, 2019 05:16 PM


ass gasket (noun/US) a disposable paper toilet seat cover
ass hammer (noun/US) motorcycle
snow (noun/US) 1 snow, snowty type 2 idiot, cretin 3 the most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area (noun/US/mil.) 1 a bullet wound; a serious wound 2 a violent rebuke
snow buddy (noun/US) a best friend; a close friend
assifled (adj/Barbados) foolish
ass-kicker (noun/US/mil.) martinet; eager superior (noun/US) 1 excellent device, person, etc 2 an exceedingly difficult task 3 shoe, especially a man's sharply pointed shoe
ass-kicking (noun/US) beating; defeat, slaughter (adj/US) great, absolute, best
ass-kiss (verb/US) to behave in an ingratialingly sycophantic manner
ass-kisser (noun/US) sycophant
ass-kissing (noun/US) sycophantic or ingratiating behaviour (adj/US) sycophantic
ass-lick (see) ass-kiss
ass-licker (see) ass-kisser
ass-licking (see) ass-kissing
assload (noun/US) a great deal; too many or too much
assneger (noun/UK/dial.) fool, simpleton, stupid person
as soon as (adv/UK/abbrev.) as soon as possible
ass over appetite (adv/US/dial.) in all directions, confusedly
ass over teakettle (see) ass over appetite
ass over tit (see) ass over appetite
ass pack (noun/US) fanny pack
ass paper (noun/US) toilet paper
ass-poots (noun/US) beans
ass-scratcher (noun/US) an idler
ass-sucker (noun/US) one who curries favour; a toady
ass-tickler (noun/US) something amusing
ass-tight (adj/US) 1 (of friends) very close 2 very efficient
ass time (noun/US) time wasted sitting around
assumacy (noun/US/dial.) presumption
ass up to (verb/US/dial.) to toady to, to curry favour
ass-waxing (noun/US) thrashing, trouncing
ass-whipped (adj/US) physically exhausted
ass-whipping (noun/US) beating
ass-wipe (see) ass-wiper
ass-wiper (noun/US) 1 toilet paper 2 crazy, snow 3 difficult task 4 one who abjectly curries favour; a toady
as the cat jumps (adv/US) eventually
astorbilt (noun/US/jocular) a person who overdresses
astorperious (adj/US) haughty
atable (adj/US) approachable
at an amplish (adj/Irish) at a loss
at ears (adj/US) at odds; in disagreement
at edge (adj/US/dial.) at odds
at ends (adj/US/dial.) at odds; in disagreement
ate out (adj/US) (of trousers) worn, baggy, saggy
at half-mast (adj/US/dial.) poorly, unwell
at long (adv/Scot.) finally
at loose ends (phrase/US) idle
atomy (noun/UK/dial.) skeleton
at one jump (adv/US) suddenly
at oneself (adj/US/dial.) in good health
at one shot (adv/US) immediately; shortly
atrocious (adj/UK) very bad, execrable
atsy (adj/US/dial.) confused
attaboy (noun/US) praise, especially from a boss
attaboy language (noun/US) slang
attic (noun/US) the head; mind, memory
auction gale (noun/Can.) an equinoctial gale
august ham (noun/US/jocular) watermelon
aumrie (noun/Scoth.) a very stupid person
aunt (noun/UK/dial.) grandmother (noun/US/dial.) midwife
auntie (noun/US/dial.) midwife
aunt Jane (see) aunt Jemima
aunt Julia (noun/US) communist propaganda
aunt Jemima (noun/US) a black woman who seeks approval from white people by obsequious behaviour
aunt Sally (see) aunt Jemima
ausgespielt (adj/US/dial.) tired out; finished; broken
Aussie (noun/Austr.) 1 Australia 2 Australian English 3 the Australian dollar (adj/Austr.) Australian
Aussie steak (noun/US) mutton
autem (noun/UK) church
autocutie (noun/UK) an attractive but incompetent television presenter
auto-getem (noun/US/mil.) automatic weapons fire
auto-go-fast (noun/US) a fast car
automagically (adv/US/computing) in an automatic but explanation-defying complicated fashion
automatic tongue-wiper (noun/US) sycophant, toady
automaton (noun/US/poker) a player who bets and plays in an extremely predictable manner
ave (noun/US) avenue
average (adj/Austr.) mediocre; not the best, just plain dreadful
avgas (noun/US) jet fuel
avigate (verb/US) to travel in an airplane
avvo (noun/Austr.) 1 afternoon 2 afternoon tea
awesome (adj/US) exceptionally good; wonderful; great, excellent
awful (adj/US) disagreeable; ugly (adj/US/dial.) excellent; good (adv/UK/colloq.) exceedingly; very
awful good (adj/US) excellent; first-rate
awfullest (adj/US/dial.) best
awfully (adv) very, exceedingly, extremely
a-wiper (noun/US/dial.) one who curries favour; a toady
awn (noun/US/dial.) yawn (verb/US/dial.) to yawn
aw right (see) all right
awse (see) awesome
ax (noun/US) 1 an electric guitar, a saxophone or trumpet 2 a straight razor or knife 3 any sharp-edged weapon (noun/UK/dial.) question (verb/US) 1 to dismiss employees 2 to reduce expenses (verb/UK/Scot./dial.) to ask
ax-handles (noun/US/dial.) diarrhoea
axle grease (noun/US/mil.) margarine or butter
axman (noun/US/black) a musician, especially a guitarist (noun/US) barber
ayemer (noun/Can.) (in television) a morning show
Ayrab (noun/US/derogatory) an Arab
ay yo trip (phrase/US) listen!, hey!
Aztec state (noun/US) Arizona
Aztec two-step (noun/US) diarrhoea suffered by visitors to Mexico
azul (noun/US) police
azzy (noun/UK/dial.) a wayward child


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Supreme Hero
Horseman of Chaos
posted June 26, 2019 09:18 AM

There's no B in here! Ghost...

The Count
"...Mr Hack... I don't feel so good..."

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Legendary Hero
Horseman of Madness
posted June 26, 2019 09:00 PM

Well there are a lot of words that start with A
"Everyone is a schlong sucker." - Kayna
"I would have needed to dislocate my jaw to fit it inside my hole." - Blizzardboy

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 27, 2019 11:31 AM

Yes normal size, I don't added sex and drug to slang. And I chose words, if more words, slang changes different picture/style.

Now B to you, Count.

B (noun/Austr.) snow (noun/US) a Cadillac Brougham car (noun/US/black) woman
B.A. (noun/US/naut.) Buenos Aires
baa-baa (noun/US/dial.) sheep
baadass (adj/US) very bad, very dangerous
baba (noun/US/dial.) 1 grandfather 2 grandmother
babai (noun/US/dial.) a girl or woman
babble (noun/UK/dial.) 1 an idle, foolish story; gossip 2 lie
babbling (noun/US) cooking
babe (noun/US) girl (noun/US/college) freshman
baboon (noun/US/derogatory) an ugly or uncouth person; a stupid person; an inferior person; an oaf, a jerk
baboon owl (noun/US/dial.) a barn owl
baby (noun/US) 1 girlfriend, wife 2 a tough guy 3 a thing of excellence 4 a glass of milk (noun/US/mil.) mustard (noun/US/dial.) cougar (adj/US/colloq.) small
baby bear (noun/US) a highway patrol officer who has only recently started in that line of work
baby Benz (noun/US/black) the Mercedes Benz model 190E
baby blues (noun/US/colloq.) blue eyes (noun/US) policeman
baby buggy (noun/US) 1 wheelbarrow 2 a convertible Volkswagen Beetle
baby burglar (noun/UK) a young thief
babycakes (noun/US) sweetie
baby catcher (noun/US/dial.) 1 midwife 2 an obstetrician
baby daddy (noun/US) divorced father of a child
baby elephant (noun/US) a fat, awkward, or clumsy person
baby food (noun/US/mil.) cereal
baby grand (noun/US) five hundred dollars
baby in the bushes (noun/US/dial.) an illegitimate child
Babylon (noun/US) the United States
Babylon house (noun/US) a police station
Babylonian (noun/US) a white person
baby mama (noun/US) divorced mother of a child
baby snow (noun/US/mil.) mustard
baby-sit (verb/US) to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away
baby-skull (noun/US/college) an apple dumpling
baby-snatcher (noun/US) an obstetrician
baby state (noun/US) Arizona
baby woman (noun/US/dial.) midwife
bacco chewer (noun/US/dial.) grasshopper
baccy stick (noun/US) leg
bachelor girl (noun/US) a young unmarried woman
bachelor mother (noun/US) an unwed mother
bach it (verb/US) to live as a bachelor
back (verb/US) to bet on behalf (verb/UK/colloq.) to support (noun/US) back-up, help, support
back-ah-yard (noun/US) a poor area of the city
backassward[s] (adv/US) 1 backwards 2 in the wrong order (adj/US) confused, muddled, backwards
back atcha (phrase/US) you too, same to you
backbreaker (noun/US) an exhausting, demanding, usually physical task; a difficult task
backbrush (noun/US/dial.) backwoods
back-buster (noun/US) a dive in which one lands flat on the water
backcap (noun/US) an answer

Ok I continue with slang

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted June 29, 2019 08:42 PM

Hard B labelled. Because I have a word, but I haven't been found internet. Example of bear away, I can't write: "to bear away", when sailing term. Snow! But nice with slang. If you will say me that to bear away is correct, say then. Otherwise slang has a little mistake.

back-door (adj/US/poker) describing an unexpected hand produced by drawing
back-door trots (noun/US) diarrhoea
backed up (adj/US/dial.) constipated
backfire (verb/UK) to fart
backhander (noun/US) face slapping
backhouse (noun/US) a privy; outhouse
backhouse flush (noun/poker) a very poor hand
back in the day[s] (phrase/US) formerly; long ago
back-lip (verb/US) to speak insolently; to backtalk
backlog (noun/US/dial./jocular) wife
backne (noun/US) back acne
back-number (adj/US) old
back patter (noun/US) an obsequious person; a sycophant; a toady
back scratcher (noun/US) toady; flatterer
backside (noun/US) a small town
backslide (noun/US/trucking) a return trip
back street (noun/US/dial.) 1 a poor, usually residential, district 2 a predominantly black neighbourhood
back to square one (phrase/US) to go back to the beginning, after a failure
backup (noun/adj/US) vice-, surrogate, etc (example of) stunt person
bacon (noun/US) 1 police 2 money
bad actor (noun/US) 1 recidivist; criminal 2 heinous, double-dealing, unsuitable person
badass (noun/adj/US) (of person) unfit, bad, insignificant
bad-assed (adj/US/dial.) mean-tempered; belligerent; worthless
bad crack (noun/US) a verbal blunder
baddie (see) baddy
bad dog (noun/Austr.) an unpaid debt
baddy (noun/US) 1 a bad person; criminal; villain, especially in a film or play 2 a bad thing or person
bad egg (noun/US) hateful person
bad fluke (noun/US) a stroke of bad luck
badge (noun/US) police (noun/UK/dial.) a moth of medium size
badge bandit (noun/US) a motorcycle police
Badian (noun/US) a native of Barbados
badical (adj/US) awesome
bad job (noun/US) 1 a confused or awkward state of affairs 2 an unattractive thing or person 3 bad luck
bad lamps (noun/US) sunglasses
bad lands (noun/US) any dangerous area
bad-mouth (verb/US) to malign
bad-mouther (noun/US) one who maligns
bad news (noun/US) 1 an annoying, disturbing, unwelcome thing or person; nuisance; troublemaker (this guy is bad news) 2 restaurant or other bill 3 a shotgun or revolver 4 a depressing person 5 pessimist (noun/UK) a person who is better avoided
bad news wagon (noun/US) a police car
bad off (adj/US/dial.) 1 poor 2 sick
bad paper (noun/US) counterfeit money or cheque (noun/US/mil.) any discharge other than an honourable discharge
bad pay[master] (noun/US/dial.) a person who does not pay his bills
bad rags (noun/US/dial.) stylish clothes
bad rap (noun/US) 1 miscarriage of justice 2 undeserved hard treatment
bad scene (noun/US) an unpleasant situation; a depressing experience
bad snow (noun/US) bore, lousy thing
bad trip (noun/US) 1 any bad experience 2 bore (he is a bad trip)
bafan (noun/Jamaica) a clumsy person
baff (noun/Scoth.) a big, clumsy person
baffle (verb/UK/dial.) 1 to strike, to beat 2 to insult, to bully, to tease
bafflegab (noun/US) unintelligible jargon, double Dutch
baffy (adj/Scoth.) chubby
bag (noun/US) 1 crazy, duffer 2 a old woman 3 a woman who is unattractive, obnoxious, or otherwise unpleasant 4 a low and despicable person 5 position; situation 6 a man's suit of clothes (verb/US) 1 (of police) to arrest, to overtake 2 to get, bear away 3 to give over 4 to dismiss, to sack 5 to slander another mother 6 to go to bed; to sleep 7 to wear, to sport (verb/US/basketball) to score a basket


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Undefeatable Hero
Horseman of Havoc
posted July 02, 2019 11:02 AM

You got legs, baby! You're all over the place! Yeaaaaah...

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 02, 2019 05:15 PM

bag ass (phrase/US) to run away
bag a title (verb/US) to win a championship
bag a win (verb/US) to win a game or contest
bagbiter (noun/US/computing) equipment or a program that fails, usually intermittently
bagel (noun/US/sports) a zero; loss; shutout (verb/US/sports) to shut out
bagged (adj/US) fatigued, exhausted, very tired
baggie (noun/US/dial.) a rutabaga or Swedish turnip (noun/US/mil.) a body bag
baggy (noun/US/dial.) an outdoor toilet
bag it (verb/US) to skip school (verb/US/study) to go to bed; to sleep (interj./US) 1 forget it!, give up on it! 2 shut up!, be quiet!, go away!
bagment (noun/UK/dial.) 1 rubbish, worthless things 2 foolish talk, nonsense
bag of bones (noun/US) a very thin or skinny person
bag of bugs (noun/US) a fast car
bag of flour (noun/UK) a bathroom shower
bag opener (noun/US) a handbag thief
bag people (noun/US) homeless people
bagpipe (noun/US/black) a vacuum cleaner
bags (noun/US) trousers
bag school (phrase/US) to skip school
bag some rays (phrase/US) to sun-bathe
bag that (interj./US) forget it!
Bahama-mama (noun/US) a fat black woman
bah-ma (noun/US/dial.) grandmother
baignet (noun/US/dial.) a fritter or doughnut
bail (verb/US) 1 to leave 2 to give up
bail out (verb/UK/skateboarding) to fall badly
bait (noun/US/black) an earthworm (verb/US/dial.) to curry favour
bait can (noun/US) a worker's lunch box
BAK (internet/abbrev.) Back at the Keyboard
bake (verb/US) to arrest
baked [up] (adj) sunburned or very tanned
baked wind (noun/US/jocular) boasting; empty talk; nonsense
baldie (noun/US) a bald man
baldy (noun/US) 1 a bald or partly bald person 2 a worn automobile tire having little or no tread left
bale (noun/US/dial.) 1 a small package 2 a box of baking soda
bale of hay (noun/US) a blonde person
bale of straw (noun/US) 1 blonde hair 2 a blonde person
ball (noun/US) 1 bullet 2 a dollar, especially a dollar coin
ball and chain (noun/US) wife
ballbasket (noun/US) jockstrap
ballbreaker (noun/US) 1 tease 2 thug 3 weapon
ballbuster (noun/US) 1 a very difficult task 2 severe superior, slave driver 3 tease
balled up (adj/US) 1 mixed up, in a mess; disorderly 2 bewildered; confused; muddled (adj/US/dial.) constipated
baller (noun/US) 1 talented basketball player 2 success
ballhawk (noun/US/sports) a fielder who is skilled in catching or gaining possession of a ball
ball of dirt (noun/US) the earth
ball of fire (noun/US) 1 a person exhibiting unusual energy, ability, or drive; a lively person 2 a fast vehicle
ball of wax (noun/US) a complete set of facts or situation
balloon (noun/US) 1 a one-dollar note 2 comic speech bubble
balloon-brain (noun/US) fool, simpleton
balloon foot (noun/US) a slow driver
balloonhead (noun/US) an empty-headed, dim-witted dolt
balloon juice (noun/UK) soda water (noun/US) 1 empty noisy talk; nonsense 2 helium
balloon soup (noun/US) nonsense; empty talk
ballpark (noun/US) an approximate range
ballpark estimate (see) ballpark figure
ballpark figure (noun/US) an acceptable, roughly accurate approximation
balls (noun/US) grit, courage
balls-out (adj/US) strong, enormous (adv/US) at full speed
balls to the wall (phrase/US) with maximum effort, energy, or speed, and without caution or restraint
ballsy (adj/US) brave, courageous
ball the jack (phrase/US) to go, move, or work very rapidly or fast
ball up (verb/US) 1 to confuse (thoughts, plans), to mess 2 to ruin, to botch, to blunder
ball-wracker (noun/US) 1 a difficult task 2 the person who assigns difficult talks; a hard taskmaster
bally (adj/US) excellent; first-rate


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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 05, 2019 12:57 PM

baloney (noun/US) 1 nonsense 2 cretin, idiot (interj./US) nonsense!, it is ridiculous
balonus (noun/US) pretentious nonsense; humbug; foolishness
balooey (noun/US/dial.) nonsense
bam (noun/UK/dial.) fudge, nonsense
bambaze (verb/Scoth.) to confuse, to puzzle
bambazed (adj/Scoth.) puzzled, confused
bambling (adj/Scoth.) clumsy
bamma (noun/US/dial.) grandmother
bammeling (adj/Scoth.) clumsy, awkward
bampa (noun/US/dial.) grandfather
banana (noun/US) 1 comedian 2 (hook) nose 3 an Asian who seeks to blend into the dominant white culture 4 automotive bumper horn (noun/US/casino) a $20 chip
banana-bender (noun/Austr./jocular) someone from Queensland
banana cake (noun/US) a crazy or eccentric person
bananahead (noun/US) fool
Bananaland (noun/Austr./colloq.) Queensland
Bananalander (noun/Austr./jocular) someone from Queensland
banana nose (noun/US) a person having a large hooked nose
banana oil (noun/US) 1 nonsense 2 something worthless
bananas (noun/US) insane, mad
band (noun/US/black) woman
Band-Aid (noun/US) something that provides a temporary solution to a problem
bandit (noun/US) an enemy aircraft
bandwidth (noun/US) intelligence, genius
bang (adv/UK/US/dial.) thoroughly, completely, exactly
bang-bang (noun/US) 1 western 2 firearm, gun
banger (noun/US) 1 automobile 2 automobile engine cylinder 3 something excellent 4 something heavy (noun/US/dial.) banjo
banging (noun/US) great, cool
bang wagon (noun/US) an ambulance
bangy (adj/UK) brown (adj/US) excellent; first-rate (noun/UK) brown sugar
bank (noun/US) big sum of money (noun/US/skateboarding) flat inclined surface (adj/US) rich
banker (noun/UK/dial.) 1 one who becomes bankrupt 2 cushion
bankrope (noun/Irish) bankrupt (verb/Scoth.) to become bankrupt
bankrout (noun/UK/dial.) bankrupt
banner (verb/US/dial.) to challenge, to dare; to goad
banya (noun/US/dial.) bath-house
bapa (noun/US/dial.) grandfather
bar (noun/UK) pound sterling
barber (verb/US) to talk; to gossip
barber-bait (noun/US) recruit
barbie (noun/Austr.) barbecue
bar cat (noun/US/dial.) lynx
bare (adv/US) 1 much 2 well, very
barefoot (adj/US/dial.) 1 undiluted coffee or tea 2 (of bread) plain, without anything added
barefooted (adj/US/dial.) undiluted coffee or tea
barf (noun/US) 1 vomit 2 beef (verb/US) to vomit (verb/US/computing) to fail to operate
Barf City (noun/US) someone or something that is very unpleasant or repulsive
barf me out (interj./US) yuck!
barfola (interj./US) dang!, darn!
bargain (noun/US) a stroke of good luck
bargain hunter (noun/US) a person who looks for a place to buy something at a price that is cheaper than usual
barge (verb/US) 1 to gatecrash with a group (to barge a party) 2 to come; to go; to leave; to arrive; to move 3 to boast, to brag (noun/US) 1 a large (old) woman 2 a large car, especially a Cadillac (noun/US/jocular) a big foot
bargoon (noun/Can.) cheap; at an unusually low price
bark (noun/UK/dial.) an Irishman (noun/US) money (noun/UK) cough (verb/UK) to cough (verb/US) 1 to brag 2 to tell a lie
barked (adj/US/dial.) bald
barker (noun/US) 1 dog 2 singer 3 handgun (noun/UK) an antique dealer's assistant
barm (noun/Scoth.) nonsense; foolish talk (noun/US/dial.) a large quantity

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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 05, 2019 11:48 AM

barn (noun/US) rural summer theater (noun/US/trucking) a truck garage
barn-burner (noun/US) sensation, great miracle
barnet (noun/UK) the head
barnet [fair] (noun/UK) the hair
barney (noun/US) a police officer (noun/US/study) an unattractive male (verb/UK/Austr./NZ) to argue
barney dillon (noun/Irish/Scoth.) shilling
barn fly (noun/US/dial.) a rustic person; one from a rural area
barnished (adj/UK/dial.) fat
barnstormer (noun/US/theatre) actor
barnyard golf (noun/US) the game of horseshoe pitching
barossa (noun/Austr.) girl
barracouter (noun/Austr.) Tasmanian
barracuda (noun/US) a domineering, argumentative person
barrel (noun/US) a cylinder in an car engine (verb/Austr.) to drive at great speed
barrel along (verb/US) to drive fast
barrel-ass (noun/US) a fat person (verb/US/see) barrel along
barrow (noun/Austr.) 1 a police van 2 a second-hand motorcar
barry (noun/South Africa) a fool; one who has newly arrived at a township from the countryside (adj/UK/Scoth.) good, excellent, wonderful
bars (noun/UK/dial.) 1 a rest from work 2 peace, truce
barthless (adj/UK/dial.) houseless
basackwards (adv/US/colloq.) done the wrong way
base (verb/US) to argue (verb/US/black) to disparage or ridicule; to confront someone
basement (noun/US/euphemism) a toilet room in a public school
bash (noun/UK/dial.) the palm of the hand
basinful (noun/UK) as much as you can tolerate
basket (noun/US) the stomach (noun/US/dial.) a person who can't keep a secret (noun/US/roulette) a bet on zero, double zero and two
basketed (adj/US) dead and buried
basket-fortune (noun/UK/dial.) a small fortune
basket head (noun/US) a Vietnamese peasant
basking (noun/UK/dial.) 1 beating, thrashing, flagellation 2 a drenching in a heavy shower
basking shark (noun/UK) a Citroen DS or Citroen ID car
Basra belly (noun/US) diarrhoea
bass (noun/US) a defiant, tough person
bassackwards (adj/adv/US/colloq.) backwards
bassalon (noun/US/dial.) a ragged man
snow (noun/US/derogatory) snow
snow bread (noun/US/dial.) bread made with half meal and half flour
bat (noun/US) 1 a foolish or eccentric person 2 an ugly woman (noun/UK) shoe; slipper (noun/US/college) dollar (noun/US/dial.) 1 girl 2 a pool or billiards cue
batch (noun/US/colloq.) bachelor (noun/UK/dial.) the palm of the hand
batcrap (noun/US) lies, nonsense, rubbish
batey (adj/UK) angry
bath (noun/US) a heavy loss in a business or betting proposition (noun/UK/dial.) sow
bath dodger (noun/Austr.) an English person
bathers (noun/Austr.) swimming suit
bat hide (noun/US) paper money, especially a one dollar bill
bathtub (noun/US) 1 a Sedan convertible with two cross seats 2 a motorcycle sidecar 3 a small ship
bathtub scum (noun/US/college) an unpleasant person
bat one's mouth (verb/US) to talk
bat out (verb/US) to dash off
batphone (noun/UK) a police radio; the police personal radio system
bats (adj/UK) crazy, very eccentric, mad to any degree
bat's balls (noun/US) the very best, the ultimate
batsnow (noun/US) lies, nonsense, rubbish (verb/US) 1 to gossip, to chatter inconsequentially 2 to tell lies; to confuse with false information (adj/US) crazy, out of control, angry
batso (adj/US) crazy, eccentric
bat someone's ear (verb/US) to pester, to nag
batter (verb/US) to beg on the street (noun/US/dial.) pancake
batter bread (noun/US/dial.) cornbread made with eggs and milk
battercake (noun/US/dial.) pancake
battery (verb/UK) to knock; to hit; to knock down
battery acid (noun/US) 1 coffee 2 grapefruit juice or sour lemonade
bat the breeze (phrase/US) to talk, chat or gossip
battle (noun/US) an unattractive woman
battle breakfast (noun/US/mil.) steak and eggs
battle [cruiser] (noun/UK) 1 a public house 2 a formidable older woman
Battle of Hastings (adj/UK) history, in the past
Battle of the Bulge (noun/US) an effort to lose weight
battle wagon (noun/UK/mil.) 1 battleship 2 an expensive car
batty (adj/US) 1 eccentric, odd, insane, crazy 2 bewildered; confused; muddled (noun/UK/dial.) rabbit
batty-breads (noun/US/dial.) cornbread pancakes
batty-mouse (noun/UK/dial.) bat
batwank (noun/UK) nonsense
batwing (noun/US) paper money, especially a one dollar bill

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