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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: 17 famous pizza
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Legendary Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 08, 2019 09:16 AM

Yeah I ate/eat true Chinese food is delicious in my hometown. Ok 2 days ago I went to Pori at mom's, it before I visited Porian china restaurant. Food is garbage, Finnish beef food, dried rices and didn't taste the chicken. I ordered buffet My hometown is 10 times better than the best Porian restaurant. I always eat top places. Ok I like more Thai food. My favourite isn't Italy, because Finnish pasta is already delicious or lasanen (eng. lasagne) I don't like. My sicilian guy like my preparation "Italian" food. He ate very fast. He asked me what I used ingredients. Cloudless marihuana (THC is removed), we Finnish says cloud means high. I Said. And I haven't told him more. It's just Italian. Easy cooking. Meaningless. Tomorrow mom does spaghetti and minced meat sauce. Finnish food is more hard, she said. When I hope food alternative also meat loaf. And in Italian restaurant isn't so top level in Finland Maybe in some day I get a Italian experience.

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Legendary Hero
Pizza Nazi
posted July 08, 2019 10:13 AM

Now, for something out of character, I don't usually eat foreign food, since that's something almost impossible to find here, unless it's Asian food or kebabs, some could argue that some recipes like cous cous are technically foreign but get a thousand camel fleas, we had our Arab phase here, so it's our dish too; even then I bet someone more experienced would say that's not the real deal, so I'm not gonna express myself a lot on that.

So, if I'm not eating Sicilian, I'm eating Japanese food, which is becoming a surprisingly common occurrence for me, I make provisions for weeks of instant noodles, I eat sushi with my bro sometimes and I even make some dishes myself (most of the time I make Yakisoba, then rarely I make curry or omurice, and I'm probably going to try something else too).

Now, denying my becoming more and more of a weeb each day is a factor in that preference would be lying, but to be honest, I also like that it usually has these mouth filling tastes, the use of spices, or the common mix of vegetables and meat, while remaining delicate on sushi, which is different from the homely and traditional tastes of my land. Indeed, it would be hard for me to fully declare my home cuisine as vastly superior, it's superior to be sure, but Japanese food does take a good place in my mind, like, if I'm feeling like having a good time eating raw fish, marinated anchovies and company all the way, but if I want something more delicate while still having a fine taste, sushi.
And so it basically comes down to this, Japanese food fills that hole in my tastes that unfortunately we didn't get to codify yet.

After all, there is a reason why Italians and the Japanese are brothers despite the incredible distance.
Never forget the Samurai of Fiume.

0.05% Chance of being Cyrus the Great's descendant

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Supreme Hero
Have you seen my chicken?
posted July 08, 2019 10:40 PM

And here I was, thinking that the biggest delinquent around these parts was Stevie... SMH. The Pasta is not happy.

The Count
"Being here with the Count is the only thing that makes my heart happy."

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