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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Heroes 4 Ultimate V5 Release (With Succubi!)
Thread: Heroes 4 Ultimate V5 Release (With Succubi!)

Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted January 26, 2022 04:25 PM
Edited by NimoStar at 16:29, 26 Jan 2022.

Heroes 4 Ultimate V5 Release (With Succubi!)

Unlike in other releases, there seems to be nothing I missed now


H4 ULTIMATE new version 5 changes...

- Fixed a problem with a Spell Scroll for Rock Growth causing the game to crash when used on a hero witrhout Nature magic.
* Resolved Rock Growth scroll bug.

Added transformed/adapted H3 campaigns from Chronicles (done by iliveinabox05 and bytebandit):
> Warriors of the Wasteland
> Conquest of the Underworld (Modified)
> Masters of the Elements
...to be continued.


Spell Balance:

- Rebirth power halved.
+ Rock Growth: +50% rock HP base and increment (120+12 from 80+8)

> New spell: Rally the Hordes
>> Summons great numbers of (Infernal) Troglodytes.
> This is now the Archdevil summon
(Replaces convoke Iron Warriors, which was OP)

Some summon spells replenish the spell points of creatures, these have been weakened for balance reasons.
- Invoke Devil nerf [Makes all Devils be able to summon Goblin Knights again] (310 from 350)
- Summon Phoenix nerf [makes all phoenixes be able to resurrect again]
* Invoke Succubi (ex Infernal Liches) rebalanced for non resurrecters.
> ** Change icon

> Other minor spell changes


> Necromancy description changed to refer to Succubi.
, as well as building descriptions and others.


> Changed image for Chaos Magic Female hero
* Is now Chaos Bard.

> Changed color for Female Order Mage
* Is now clad in blue clothes like male counterpart.


> Succubi. Switched from Infernal Liches (possibly temporarily)
> Succubi abilities:
* Ranged
* Fire Attack / Flying (with melee animation, lol)
* Attacks cast Weakness (works at ranged and melee)
* Attacks cast Hypnotize (only on melee)
... Succubi vs Infernal Liches will be decided for next final version in a Discord server and Heroes Community forum voting.
(To change: Projectile graphic to old "magic"?, sounds to woman)
Move -> "melee"? (if flies, not to be used for others, think prewalk and postwalk, could be recolored Efreet moving anim; including the flying itself if needed)
Stand -> "fidget" OR "spellcast"
Fidget -> "spellcast" OR "melee"
Ranged -> "melee" OR "ranged"
Melee -> "block" OR "melee"
; Think also if the succubi isn't too "pink" and an orange-red skinned version is in order (middle between Imp and Devil)
* Added female sounds

> Skeletons:
- Removed Life Ward (it had too much defensive bonuses for a necromanced + transformable level 1)

> Troglodytes made into Infernal variant.
+ Added Life Drain
- Removed Regeneration
- Reduced HP, DEF
* Recolored to reddish hues

> Griffins:
+ Added Life Ward (rewilded griffins don't want to be enslaved again. Erathians, begone!)

> Magi
- loses "attacks cast Hypnotize" on melee.
- has blinding attack.
+ Plus 1 Drive.

> Copper Golem (formerly Gold Golem)
+ Gains Rebirthing (30 hp).
- Stats adjusted: 40 hp from 46, DEF and DMG nerfed.
* Recolored / Added fidget

> Mummy
- Minus 1 attack, minus 1 drive.
+ Plus 5 HP.
(Rebirth of Mummies will now not be 100% of stack.)

> Priestess (ex-Monk)
- loses cast Weakness.
+ But gains Ranged Stunning (similar to Greatest Mod monks)
+ Stats upgraded
* Finally added female sounds

- Removed Berserker because everyone frigging complains.
- Stats slightly nerfed to compensate.

> Evil Eyes
+ Gains Life Drain (only non-undead that drains life, only ranged that life drains on melee)
- Loses Flying
+ No melee penalty
- Stats nerfed to compensate no penalty and life drain
* Recolor to purple, yellow to cyan and purple to red.
* Change adventure stand for fidget
* Switch melee and fidget animations?

> Medusa
- Minus 1 HP

> Nomad
+ Plus 1 Attack

> Air Elemental
+ Now teleports instead of flying
+ Plus 1 movement
- Minus 4 HP and 1 ATK
* Slower prewalk and postwalk anims

> Earth Elemental
- No longer "no melee penalty" (melee power is halved)
+ Has two shots instead of one
+ Underground movement now counts as "flying"
+ HP increased, spell summon power increased, ATK and DMG increased?

> Water Elemental:
+ Gains Bonuses on Sea (it was pretty "Duh" if you think about it)
- Regular stats diminished (Doesn't affect much due to Spellcaster)

> Leprechaun
+ Is now Ranged (three attacks, Luck is the "fourth leaf")
- Has melee penalty
- Minus 1 HP
+ Plus 1 max damage
+ Movement is now Teleport
* Teleport appear is a reversed Die. (Prewalk is die and reverse is Postwalk)
* Distribute ranged/block between fidget/spellcast. Change actual fidgeting for melee_up.
* Fidgets in adventure map.

> Other minor creature changes

I hope you enjoy this new installment of the mod and I'm here for any comments!
Never changing = never improving

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Known Hero
posted January 28, 2022 04:53 PM

That scream to me deviantart?

BTW Succubus animatons are splendid. Congratulation

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