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Index > Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register?
How to Deal with Offences and Disagreements
Philosophy of Anger
What do others think of me and how can I change it?
Who are the Moderators / Heroes of Order?
Can I become a moderator?
What is ModSquad HeadQuarters Forum?
Who is the Admin / Mage of the Land?
Who started Heroes Community, when and how?
How can I support Heroes Community?
Can I link to Heroes Community?
I Want to Know All About Avatars!
What is the Heroes Community Messenger?
What are yellow stars and ranks?
What are red stars, rank prefixes and quality points?
How Many Usernames Can I Have?
What are multi-post restrictions?
What are the Signature Restrictions?
What's with this FloodProtect?
What are the multi-thread and multi-post restrictions?
What does the little green dot next to my name mean?
What are the Smilies codes?
What are the BB codes for this board? (updated)
Why does my post count drop sometimes?
Why does total members count keep dropping?
I don't see the EDIT POST link! Why?
When are members banned? Can they be unbanned?
How do I recover lost passwords?

FAQ last updated on 30 July 2021. CoC changelog and discussion can be found here.

How do I register?
Click the REGISTER link on the top left of any page, below the Heroes Community logo. Just fill out your e-mail, username and password. You must sign up as a member to be able to post, use Heroes Community Messenger, select avatars and to use some other features.

It is important that all members of the Heroes Community read the following guidelines. They have been devised based on years of experience to ensure that the Community will remain as honorable and rewarding as possible. Any violations could result in penalties, silencing and expulsion from the Heroes Community. Please observe these simple rules and everyone's life will be much more enjoyable.

The Foundation: Respect.
* An attitude of consideration and appreciation.
* Courteous regard for people's feelings, opinions and actions.

1) NO insults, abuse, racism or sexism.
Insult is a remark that undermines another person. A simple way to avoid insulting people is to discuss their actions and opinions rather than their personality. For example: instead of saying who they are ("you suck" or "you are an idiot") say what you think about their opinions/actions and why ("Your post about me is wrong because I never said that heroes 4 is a bad game" or "I disagree with your opinion because centaurs have more hit points than gnolls"). This simple rephrasing strategy can resolve many conflicts and fights before they even happen, both online and in life.
Racism is any remark that associates negativity with a person or group of people based on their nationality, ethnicity, religion, race, place of origin, or skin color. Sexism is any remark that associates negativity with a person or group of people based on their gender or sexual orientation.

2) NO bad language, profanity, vulgarity or swearing.
Correctly censored vulgar words may be used, but not for insults, abuse, racism, sexism, provocation or aggravation.
Correct censoring means replacing all letters in the vulgar words with asterisks by holding the SHIFT key and pressing the number 8 key (US keyboards). For example: when **** hit the fan. Any other method of censoring vulgar words partially or entirely will be considered incorrect censoring and may be penalized. Actual or misspelled vulgar words will be penalized immediately.
Our aim is to keep Heroes Community children and family friendly. Instead of blurting out vulgarity, take it as a creative challenge to find alternative words to express strong emotions.
Other languages: posts or public profile settings in languages other than English may be removed without notice, as moderators often have no easy way of verifying whether they contain a breach of Heroes Community Code of Conduct.

3) NO pornography, illegal software, warez, hacks, cracks, keygens or related discussion.
This includes discussing game information that is protected under Ubisoft's Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

4) NO spam, junk posts, thread killing, flooding or flaming.
Junk post is a post that fails to address the topic of discussion and fails to provide intellectual or humorous stimulation, or put simply: off topic, not interesting, not funny. Thread killing is making offtopic comments in a thread in a way that discourages other posters from continuing their serious discussion. Flooding is creating several threads in a short amount of time. Spam is creating several replies that contain one or two sentences in a short amount of time. Junk posts, thread killing and spam are allowed in the Volcanic Wastelands forum (see Volcanic Wastelands rules here). Creating a second username in order to surpass the daily post limit or to spam/flood is prohibited.
Threads abusing any glitches found in HC will be penalized, if you spot a glitch please report it in the Turban Tribunal. Threads which are created simply to be an eyesore or cause significant lag for members trying to view them will be penalized. This includes - massive quoting, filling the posting box with smilies / bb code, and stretching posts with either long strings of text or enormous photos.

5) NO discrimination against newcomers or inexperienced players.
Messages that state or imply that someone is unworthy, inferior or not welcome due to their lack of experience with this community, computers, internet or the game will be treated as insults. Use of rephrasing strategy suggested for insults above is recommended in combination with positively helping other members learn (for example, instead of calling someone a "noob" tell them why their strategy will not work). A true expert always lends a hand because he is confident in his abilities. A bully pushes everybody off to be king of the hill because he is insecure about his abilities.
If you believe that you have been discriminated against, notify a moderator. Newcomers and inexperienced players, however, may not use this rule for provocation (see below). If a newcomer or inexperienced player is spaming or sabotaging your discussion in the face of your polite requests not to, notify a moderator.

6) NO provocation or aggravation.
Provocation is unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment from others. Aggravation is causing, continuing or increasing irritation or trouble. This includes being a detriment to the peacekeeping of the forums.
Each member is solely responsible for their own conduct - no amount of provocation or aggravation from someone else will justify the action of breaking the rules. Instead of responding to a member who has offended you, alert a moderator about this situation and let them deal with it, keeping you out of trouble.

7) NO moneymaking schemes or unauthorised advertising.
Approval from the administrator must be obtained before any product, service, offer or web site can be advertised.
Banner ads on Heroes Community and Age of Heroes are offered through Game Advertising Online.

These seven rules apply to all methods of communication offered by Heroes Community.

Should these rules be breached, moderators may, depending on severity of the breach, do either or a combination of: issuing a warning, editing/removing messages, issuing a penalty, or temporarily silencing the offender. Should the offender re-offend, severity of the consequences will be increased. Re-offenders who fail to modify their disruptive behaviour despite multiple requests from the moderators will be permanently banned from Heroes Community. Moderators also reserve the right to move, edit or delete any message for the purpose of keeping this community up to date, peaceful and organized.

How to Deal with Offences and Disagreements
If someone is foolish enough to seriously insult you, don't insult them back, that will only get you penalties. Instead report the insult to one of the moderators, sit back and enjoy watching the offender be dealt with. Posting your comments to the offender is only likely to cause more negativity. Leave the mods to do their peacekeeping job and continue the discussion as usual. Seeing you not react is the worst punishment for an offender, making him/her feel unnoticed and insignificant.

If somebody says something that you do not like, don't put down the person, instead discuss what they've said. So instead of saying "you are stupid" (insult), try "I disagree with your idea because ..." (discussion). Offending personality automatically puts anyone in defensive mode. Constructive discussion of their actions is far more likely to provoke some thought and change on their behalf.

Philosophy of Anger
If you confront anger with anger, it will grow bigger. It is like putting out fire with a flamethrower. How can you put out a fire? With the opposite element, water. For anger it is calmness. Why does the water stop fire? Because the fire cannot get air which fuels it. Notice how you couldn't keep angry for very long when no one paid attention to your anger, when no one responded to it? Anger is fuelled by attention. Anger can be put out with calmness, which cuts off attention which anger needs to survive.

Angry person wants attention. They will get as angry as they can to get attention. Only when they realize that their anger will not work to get it, they can give it up and try sound reasoning. Give angry people the space to give up their anger. Be calm, listen but do not respond to their anger. By giving them that space you can make a big difference in how they live their life.

Many are mistaken in their ways of peace. Attacking anger is anger. Many peacekeepers are that which destroys peace. Many have justified their anger by making their opposition wrong, bad or evil. But doesn't the opposition think the same thoughts? Each opponent is good in their eyes and bad in the eyes of opposition. That makes each one good and bad at the same time, right and wrong at the same time. Righteousness is not universal, it is only made up to hide the very anger that it is.

We live in the world of people who think wanting peace is a good enough excuse to be unpeaceful to their enemy. A world of people who are convinced that their anger will somehow cause peace. The truth is that only peace may cause peace. If you want peace in your life, lead by an example. Be the source of peace, giving others the space to do what you do. If you want to eliminate anger, you must start by eliminating it within yourself, only then can you show others the way. Remember, negativity to another is anger, whatever words you call it, however you justify it.

Angry people want to prove something. They want you to agree. If you disagree, they will become more angry, trying harder to get your attention and agreement. Your journey to peace can start here at Heroes Community. Next time you see anger, relinquish it within yourself.

What do others think of me and how can I change it?
In life others react to us according to our appearance, words and actions. On HC, others react to us according to what we post. It's too simple. What you post becomes who you are.

Members who post thoughtful posts are thought of as thoughtful, members who post funny posts are regarded as funny, members who speak truthfully are considered honest. There are many other good qualities such as supportive, curious, generous, caring, wise and respectful. As long as a member's positive posting traits outweigh the negative, everyone benefits from that member being here.

Some members fail for one reason or another to make ontopic, interesting or funny posts, and hence spam. This means they are prevented from building their identity as thoughtful, serious, honest, funny and from associating themselves with other good qualities. This is an identity crisis, and the member will behave along the following extremes:
1) change the way they post to be ontopic/interesting/funny.
2) leave the way they post to be offtopic/uninteresting/not funny and find some positive qualities to attribute to this behaviour.
3) leave HC altogether.

Members who have chosen 2 tend to seek the following identity traits:
1) power and potency - usually sought through high post counts, large amounts of yellow stars and various titles that glorify their offtopic/uninteresting/unhumorous posting behaviour.
2) cool - sought by relating their careless posting behaviour to their high confidence and self-esteem, and by relating to other members with similar posting behaviour.
3) spontaneous and unpredictable - attributing their lack of willingness or ability to post ontopic/interesting/funny topics to the complexity or originality of their thinking.

If you see yourself in one of these descriptions, know that there are better qualities in you waiting to be expressed through what you post. HC has seen members change from careless posters to respected members, and even to moderators! Think of your best quality that you want to be respected for and make yourself known for it. It's amazing how much your view of yourself can change as a result.

Who are the Moderators / Heroes of Order?
Moderators, or Heroes of Order, are responsible and trustworthy people that have been appointed to keep order at Heroes Community. Moderators do not hold stars or gain new ranks, instead they concentrate on making Heroes Community a better place for everyone. Moderators have powers to move, edit, delete, close and rate threads, to give/take quality points and to silence members. They are the people to contact if there are any problems or rule breaches going on. They have volunteered their time to make HC a better place for you, have respect of what they have achieved.

For Moderators: Heroes of Order abandon stars and ranks to be outside of the competition. Hero of Order is the one who never takes sides. Remove yourself from judgement. You have universal conduct which applies to all, and personal favours are not to interfere. A Hero of Order should not agree with what one person says and disagree with what the other person says in the argument because of what they've said. Look from the above perspective and see their intentions. Punish if required, but always be a guide for everyone to become a better member of the community.

Can I become a moderator?
Do you know and follow every rule outlined on this page? Can you let go of your own viewpoint and judge from a neutral perspective? Are you willing to give up your stars and ranks? Are you visiting Heroes Community almost every day for 30 minutes or more for the last six months? Are you willing to commit to making Heroes Community a better place? Can you be a good example to other Heroes Community members? If you've honestly answered 'yes' to every single question above and believe you are worthy to be a moderator, send Valeriy an E-Mail describing the contribution that you want to make to Heroes Community. Your e-mail will be posted in Mod Squad HQ and current moderators will decide whether you'll be the next Mod Squad member.

If you've answered yes to a few but not all of the questions, contact one of the moderators and ask them if they need any help. This way you can help the community while keeping your member privileges. Moderators will appreciate if you alert them regarding any misconduct, spam, threads that could be deleted and quality posts that deserve a red star.

What is ModSquad HeadQuarters Forum?
This is the forum where moderators and admin discuss current issues and coordinate their orderkeeping actions. Members are not allowed into that forum. This makes it easier for a moderator to ask the opinion of their colleagues and not be bombarded by advice from all directions. If you wish to discuss something publicly with the moderators, use the Turban Tribunal forum.

Who is the Admin / Mage of the Land?
Valeriy is the administrator / webmaster / creator of Heroes Community. He pays the bills, does necessary programming to accommodate new features and coordinates the Mod Squad.

If you run a big website dedicated to Heroes of Might and Magic, and would like to have Heroes Community as a forum for your website, contact Valeriy to discuss the partnership possibilities.

Heroes Community is not a part of Tournament of Honor. Heroes Community and Tournament of Honor are partner sites that are administered separately and have separate sets of rules.

Who started Heroes Community, when and how?
Heroes Community was started by Valeriy (also known as Valera), webmaster of Age of Heroes, and Valera's COOL HOMM2 Page (1997-1999). The original Heroes Community was running on everyone.net services for almost a year, but barely achieved 2000 posts in total. Tournament of Honor was a big partner of the old Heroes Community, but TOH board at HC was getting out of control due to several abusers and due to having limited means of stoping them. Valeriy started looking for a better system which would allow better features to satisfy the needs of TOH. BlazeBoard v0.95 from bbhacks.com (free script) was used as a base for the new Heroes Community, started in May 2001. Tournament of Honor was very pleased with the new look and features and remains a strong partner of Heroes Community to this day.

Champions of Tymeria tournament was a great partner site while it lasted, and even after the site was closed Pluvious (webmaster of Tymeria) remained a moderator and gave birth to the Library of Enlightenment forum. Pluvious has mysteriously disappeared in the late 2001 and hasn't come back since. Celestial Heavens Unleashed, resurrected by Angelspit joined the new Heroes Community, until the early 2002 when Angelspit decided to start his own heroes forum and withdrew from both partnership and moderatorship. Dungeons Keeper was another partner, and its last webmaster RMS was a Heroes Community moderator. Later on he created the Guardian's Grove forums and left HC moderatorship. Age of Heroes, Valeriy's site which had a huge relaunch in late 2005, remains the base site of Heroes Community (see the History section on Age of Heroes for more info). MapHaven is the latest partner site. Dragonsister is the moderator of MapHaven Guild and webmaster of MapHaven.

Heroes Community script (BlazeBoard) has been modified in many ways, and some features such as red stars and HC Messenger are unique to Heroes Community. Similar messageboard system cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet.

How can I support Heroes Community?
First of all by being a member who makes interesting posts and acts kindly to others! You can also help HC moderators by suggesting quality posts for bonuses or alerting them of threads that need attention.

Banner advertisements on Heroes Community pay for the server upkeep, so keep an eye on them and visit the sponsors that interest you. Alternatively, you can become a Supporter for one year by making a $10 donation. Supporters receive the ability to browse Heroes Community and Heroes 6 & 7 Wikis on Age of Heroes without banner ads, and get an "HC Supporter" badge on their HC profile. After one year the supporter status will automatically expire and you can restore it by donating again. (Please note: supporter donations are non-refundable).

Being a supporter is completely optional and does not give extra priveleges over non-donating members. Supporters can turn off or filter the ads they see on HC by adjusting the ad setting in their HC profile. Moderators have full access to ad settings in their profile but cannot become donating supporters - because they already support HC with their work.

You can become a Supporter or renew your supporter status by donating $10 USD using the button below. You will be sent to PayPal to make the transaction and the Supporter status will be applied to your account within the next few to several days (the Supporter status will last one year from the time it is applied).

[ Please log in to display the button ]

Can I link to Heroes Community?
Sure! The link to main page is http://HeroesCommunity.com
You can also link to a specific forum, a specific post or even a specific member profile.

I Want to Know All About Avatars!
Avatar is simply a picture that a member chooses to represent him/herself. Avatar is something that represents your personality beyond your username. Others will recognise you easily by that picture as you'll get to know them. Hundreds of avatars are available for you to choose at Heroes Community. Click the Avatar List link near the top of any page to browse the picture gallery and to find out which pictures are the most popular.

Avatar reservation is a feature that allows a member to lock their avatar so that no other user may select it in their profile. Reserving your avatar is the way to stay unique and to prevent the "choose some other avatar" disputes over your favourite portrait. In order to reserve your avatar, you must have a post count of 50 or higher, which is the same as becoming an Adventuring Hero. When you've met the criteria, the option will appear on your profile page.

Once your avatar is reserved, no other member will be able to register or update their profile with your avatar selected. Members who are already using the avatar you've just reserved will keep using it, but they will be unable to update their profile unless they choose a different avatar.

Becoming an Adventuring Hero also entitles you to a custom avatar - the image of your choice being uploaded for you to use as your personalized avatar. Custom avatars must not be larger than 100 x 100 pixels and must have a file size of less than 4 kilobytes. The image must not be offensive, vulgar or visually irritating.

Your custom avatar can be changed, but only once per calendar year, so choose wisely. You will always be able to revert back to any publicly available avatar of course. When a member's custom avatar is updated with a new custom avatar the old custom avatar will remain in the avatar pool, available to be used by other memebers.

If you want a custom avatar, request it in the Custom Avatars Thread.

What is the Heroes Community Messenger?
Heroes Community used to have an instant messaging system that opened pop-up windows to deliver messages to members as they browsed the forum pages or when they had a simple IM window open. There were problems with pop-up blockers, lost messages, etc. In the end of 2005 the system was completely overhauled and turned into the fully featured Heroes Community Messenger.

HC Messenger allows you to send near-instant messages to other members of Heroes Community. When you have an HCM (HC Message) waiting for you, you will see a red note on top of forum and thread pages of Heroes Community asking you to open the HC Messenger. HC Messenger window (maximize it for best performance) contains the list of members who are online, your inbox, your outbox, message reading and message writing areas. Let's go through each part in more detail.

The list of online members shows you which HC members were active (loaded a page) in the last 10 minutes. It also tells you what each member is currently doing on HC. The list refreshes every 60 seconds. When your session expires (you haven't loaded a page of HC in the last 10 minutes) you will get an option to reactivate your HC Messenger session. Click "Send Message" under any user's name and the message box will appear in the message writing area. When writing messages, you can use the BB Code and smilies, just like in normal HC posts.

Your inbox contains your read and unread messages. As long as your session is active, HC Messenger will check for new messages every 60 seconds, making the messaging process nearly instant. When you get a new message, you will hear a soft bell sound. Remember to keep your inbox clean as having over 60 stored messages will prevent you from sending any more messages. There is a handy export messages function at the bottom. Note that each message is automatically deleted 60 days after it was sent, so make sure you save the messages you want to keep on your computer.

Your outbox shows the messages that you've sent to others - first all messages that are "awaiting delivery", and then the last 20 messages that were "read and stored" by their recipients. This way you can know whether someone has read your message or not, and then whether they've kept it. You can read all of the messages in your outbox, and you can even delete a message that has not been received yet if you've changed your mind!

These are the basics, and you can have some fun discovering the rest. HC Messenger is a great way to chat with other HOMM fans and to make new friends. It is also better to use HC Messenger to resolve any disagreements privately instead of doing it on the public forums. And best of all, HC Messenger is very fast and 100% web based - no downloads or installation required!

You can also send someone an HCM by clicking "Send Instant Message" below one of their posts, or by clicking the little IM symbol on the HC index page or in the member's profile.

What are yellow stars and ranks?
Yellow stars correspond to the member's post count. Members start with no yellow stars and gain them as they make more posts. Each yellow star amount has a rank associated with it. Tavern Dweller is the rank of members with no yellow stars; Hired Hero is the one yellow star rank; Adventuring Hero for two yellow stars, etc.

An amount of yellow stars held by a member does not illustrate his importance nor quality of his ideas, it only illustrates the amount of posts made by that member.

You do not need to worry about getting stars, because if you are logged in properly, yellow stars will be given to you automatically once you reach a certain amounts of posts.

What are red stars, rank prefixes and quality points?
Each member stars with 0 quality points. To gain a quality point, a moderator needs to rate one of member's posts as being a quality post. Moderators can also give you a quality penalty if you make a post that breaches the code of conduct.

Quality is a relative term, so there's no set definition. Moderators will give quality points upon their judgement of quality. Bad quality is defined by breaching the code of conduct outlined above. Sometimes quality points are also given for other forms of contribution to HC.

Quality point amounts correspond to the amount of red stars a member has. 0 quality points corresponds to two red stars. Red stars therefore can be gained or lost by gaining or losing quality points.

Each amount of red stars, except two, corresponds to a rank prefix, which will look like: Promising Adventuring Hero, for example.

Loss of red stars puts member into an imminent danger of being banned from the community. Negative amounts of quality points increase the floodprotect exponentially, so the more penalties you've got, the longer you will have to wait before you can make your next post. If you have only one red star left, you will be unable to modify your signature or custom status. If you have no red stars left, you will be banned.

Gaining red stars has its own benefits. Having four red stars will set you free of floodprotect. Having five red stars will enable you to rate threads.

Red stars are not a basis for discrimination, it's a feature implemented in order to shift the focus away from gaining stars through quantity of posts to gaining stars through quality of posts.

If you want to get some quality points, find a member that has lots of red stars, click his avatar, find the posts where he gained his quality points and understand what they have in common.

If you think a particular post deserves a quality bonus or penalty, contact the moderator of the forum in which it is posted. Do not nominate your own posts though, as such proposals are biased :)

How Many Usernames Can I Have?
Only one username. Secondary usernames will be deleted and their host account penalized. The reason for this strict policy is our intention to keep the forums free of spam, flood and fake people as much as possible. Secondary usernames may be allowed in special circumstances - you must ask a moderator first for approval.

What are multi-post restrictions?
If one member makes more than one post in a row in the same topic, the following will apply:

second post in a row in the same thread by the same member does not increase his post count.

third post in a row in the same thread by the same member decreases his post count by 3.

fourth post in a row in the same thread by the same member will not be posted.

If member A replies to a thread, then member B replies to the same thread, and then member A replies to the same thread again, his post count will increase, since he is not posting two posts in a row in the same topic, due to B's reply in between his posts.

This feature is implemented to prevent members from boosting their post counters through posting one or two sentences in the same thread with a few minute intervals. If you are logged in properly, you can always edit your last post instead of making a new one and add as much text as you want, so multi-post restriction is not a restriction to the amount of things you can say.

What are the Signature Restrictions?
Signature is made to give your messages a personal touch, to give a taste of who you are as a person and a sense of what you stand for. Signature is automatically limited to 200 characters. Your signature must not take up more than five lines of text in height. The combined size of the images in your signature must not exceed 10 kilobytes. Your signature must not deteriorate the viewer's experience of Heroes Community. If any of these guidelines are not followed, a moderator will reset your signature to a blank one.

What's with this FloodProtect?
At Heroes Community we encourage thoughtful discussion. We discourage flooding (posting many posts in a short period of time) and unmeaningful conversations. There is an Instant Messaging and E-mail systems at Heroes Community for unmeaningful conversations. We encourage you to make your posts interesting so that everyone can have a good time reading them. 90 Seconds is the time that must expire between making consecutive posts. If your balance of Quality Points is below zero, your floodprotect will be longer for each quality point below zero. If you have four or more red stars, you will be free from floodprotect.

What are the multi-thread and multi-post restrictions?
Members with less than 3 red stars can post a maximum of 20 posts per 24 hours. This restriction is to discourage numerous and meaningless replies. In our experience, it is not possible for a member to make 20 good and interesting posts in a single 24 hours. So this limit allows plenty of room for a few good posts and several normal posts each day, while leaving little room for spam. Members who have proven that they are capable of quality posting become free from this limit.

Members with less than 4 red stars can post a maximum of [ 1 + postnum / 10 ] threads, where "postnum" is member's post count. Basically, one thread to start with, and one more for each 10 posts. This limit is in place to prevent forum flooding by new members, and to encourage them to search and post in the old threads instead of creating an identical new thread (for instance we've had dozens of "what is your favorite creature?" threads). This is a large forum with many topics already covered, so a search or two will in most cases find just the right thread for what you want to talk about. This also prevents new members from unintentionally frustrating the old members - it is frustrating to see someone creating a new thread, asking the same question that was discussed on the forum a week or two ago instead of posting in the relevant old thread.

What does the little green dot next to my name mean?
Most new members are puzzled by this mysterious green dot. It means you are online! :)

What are the Smilies codes?




What are the BB codes for this board?

SWF BB Code Format:
[swf width=244 height=39]http://www.server.com/file.swf[/swf]

IMG BB Code Format:

Quote BB Code Format:
[quote]This board is cool![/quote]

Email BB Code Format:

URL BB Code Format (only works for members who reached the Adventuring Hero status):
[url=http://www.HeroesofMightandMagic.com]Age of Heroes[/url]

Bold BB Code Format:

Italics BB Code Format:

Underline BB Code Format:

Red BB Code Format:

Green BB Code Format:

Blue BB Code Format:

Why does my post count drop sometimes?
Moderators often delete or clean threads that are more than a few days old and do not contain any information relevant to the future. If you have posted in one of those threads, your post count will be adjusted accordingly as those posts are deleted (-1 post count for each of your posts deleted). Interesting threads with good ideas do not get deleted regardless of how old they are.

Why does total members count keep dropping?
Members who have joined 60 or more days ago and do not have a single post on the board are deleted. This process happens every once in a while to keep the HC database efficient. If you have posts on the board, this process will not affect you.

I don't see the EDIT POST link! Why?
Log Out and Log In from http://HeroesCommunity.com using the exact username that is displayed on the post that you want to edit, capitalizing the letters properly. To edit a post made by usERnaME, you must be logged in as usERnaME. If you log in as username, you will not see the EDIT POST link.

When are members banned? Can they be unbanned?
Normally, members are banned upon losing their last red star. Members may be banned before they gain enough penalties to lose their red stars if their offences are serious and if they continuously ignore warnings from the moderators.

Banned members may not post or use instant messaging on Heroes Community. We have allowed certain members a second chance in the past, but they always reoffended, so the bans are now permanent.

It is very rare, but sometimes if you share the same ISP with a banned member, you might get the message that you are banned. If that happens, e-mail Valeriy here, don't forget to include your client IP address.

How do I recover lost passwords?
Lost passwords can be retrieved by typing in the email address you registered with, and the password will be mailed in a few seconds. It is your job to keep track with your password, not the moderator's job!

Click Here to recover your password