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HC UserName: Send Chrysta-Cat an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Chrysta-Cat Chrysta-Cat
Date Registered: September 20, 2008
Status: Tavern Dweller, Fairytale Anachronism
Personal Page of Chrysta-Cat, last updated September 22, 2008
&#9829; I am The Great Cat, but I’m not really that Great.
&#9829; I want everyone to love one another.
&#9829; I eat salad with my fingers.
&#9829; I take little things way too personally.
&#9829; Mean people intimidate me. I tend to avoid them.
&#9829; If I don’t like you I’d never tell you to your face.
&#9829; I wear stilettos with blue jeans.
&#9829; I’m a “hugs are free! Give them away!” kind of girl.
&#9829; Sometimes I put coins in other peoples' parking meters.
&#9829; I’m a tree-hugger and I like it, thank you.
&#9829; I don’t eat anything that ever had a face. Pescevegetarian, thank you.
&#9829; I always get stuck in the middle.
&#9829; I have a ‘superhero’ complex. I try to fix people/problems.
&#9829; I have a crazy case of ADHD.
&#9829; My dreams are BIGGER than this town I live in.
&#9829; I'm not looking for love. Thanks, though.
&#9829; I love to talk, but I hate being the center of attention.
&#9829; I'm codependent and independent all at the same time.
&#9829; I’m the farthest thing from ‘normal girl.’
&#9829; I can be the biggest b*tch you've ever met, but I can also be one of the best friends you've ever had. It's your choice.
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Post Count: 8
Personal Info: 25 year old Female. Virgo star sign.
Location: Where the unicorns play, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Salon manager/stylist, Lifeguard
Current Email: darkestkitten@hotmail.com
MSN Profile:
ICQ Number:
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