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HC UserName: Send Conan an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Conan Conan
Date Registered: October 5, 2004
Status: Responsible Supreme Hero,
Personal Page of Conan, last updated December 13, 2005
This is me:

This is my GF:

This is our daughter Kamilia:

This is my Golden Retriever "Chanelle":

I love video games like HoMM3 and truely dislike HoMM4. I like automobile mechanic and love cars in general.
This is my car:

I like camping and fresh air. I am very fond of beer, but not to get drunk, I just like sipping it and tasting different varieties. I also make my own wine by stomping myself on the grapes and fermenting them. I also make apple wine which I have won 1rst place in an Amateur competition 2 years in a row. I no longer compete because the buffet costs too much.
I also like working on my house to make renovations and just spending time learning from my mistakes.
I am the kind of person that will find out everything I can about a subject of interest. - One could say I am VERY curious. And I find that the internet is a great tool for that.
Lastly, I am the author of the Library Table of Contents and the Library Feedback. I manage the Noob Tournament and I am also part of the Mighty Alliance.
You can usually find me in the Other Side and the Tavern.

I have also created a home page

Well, that is pretty much it, so if you have any questions, ask away!
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Post Count: 1401
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Personal Info: Male. Sagittarius star sign.
Occupation: Procedural Clerk - House of Commons
Current Email: aroger@hotmail.ca
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