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5 Oct 2016: Heroes VII development comes to an end.. - read more
6 Aug 2016: Troubled Heroes VII Expansion Release - read more
26 Apr 2016: Heroes VII XPack - Trial by Fire - Coming out in June! - read more
17 Apr 2016: Global Alternative Creatures MOD for H7 after 1.8 Patch! - read more
7 Mar 2016: Romero launches a Piano Sonata Album Kickstarter! - read more
19 Feb 2016: Heroes 5.5 RC6, Heroes VII patch 1.7 are out! - read more
13 Jan 2016: Horn of the Abyss 1.4 Available for Download! - read more
17 Dec 2015: Heroes 5.5 update, 1.6 out for H7 - read more
23 Nov 2015: H7 1.4 & 1.5 patches Released - read more
31 Oct 2015: First H7 patches are out, End of DoC development - read more
5 Oct 2016: Heroes VII development comes to an end.. - read more
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Personal Page of EleanornLamb, last updated January 01, 1970

Selling property requires good preparation. Former estate agent Steve Lucas offers tips on how to make the selling process as stress-free as possible

While spring isn't the most busy time for the real estate market, it's a great time to get things in order if the goal is to put your house up for sale. Most buyers will still use traditional estate agents to sell their home. This can mean you are stuck with them for months. Here are some ideas on how to make your experience as smooth as possible based on my years of working as an estate agent.

Begin selling before you start buying
Would you be willing to accept an offer from someone whose home isn't listed for sale? You can have an idea of the house you'd like to purchase and be sure that your plans for moving are viable. However, before offering, you need to be bound by a contract. Estate agents aren't likely to recommend that their customers accept the offer of a buyer with an unfinished chain.

Get a shortlist of the most active agents in your area
One customer admitted that she selected us because she liked the color design of our boards however, you'll probably prefer to be more scientific. The best indicator of an estate agent who is successful is the number of boards are displayed close to their offices. But don't be overly impressed when they're mostly "For Sale" these might be due to anything from the agent overpricing peoples' homes to a special sale that gives a cut price or no commission.

Decide how many agents you are planning to use
A sole agency agreement refers to a contract in which one agent is responsible for the sale of a property. This usually lasts between eight and twelve weeks. The seller shouldn't change agents or instruct them during the time. If they do, they might end up paying more than one commission.  Whenever you want a useful reference on real estate, [url=https://www.housecondopro.com/node/add/free_home_valuation/lead_form_view?step=1]look at more info[/url].

Multi-agency contracts permit you to select from a variety of agents, and not be bound to one particular agency. However, while this could keep them on their toes, it can also hinder them from being honest with you. Let's say the sole agent introduces a buyer who offers the full asking price. The buyer does not have a chain. The agent suggests that you do not take the deal until the chain is completed. This is an excellent suggestion. This is the same scenario but this time, three selling my house and capital gains tax are competing to get the commission.

The presence of too many agents can cause a negative impression to buyers. I once saw a novice developer hand over a house which he'd renovated to eight estate agents to sell. All of the agents promoted the property on Rightmove which meant that the house was listed eight times in succession on the search results page. Do potential buyers think that the seller is desperate or keen? A stream of low offers confirmed that the latter was the situation.

Discuss the pricing and fees
Estate agents face a fierce competition when property is scarce. The practice of providing prospective buyers with an exaggerated valuation of their property has proven to be a successful strategy for agents to gain the business of their competitors. It could be effective in a high-priced market. The property might appear expensive at the time of the contract. However, once the market is catching up, the property's value is reasonable and it sells. You may find yourself in a market which is cooling and an agent who advises a price cut.

Get at minimum three estate agents to evaluate your home. If one of them recommends a higher asking price than the others, ask him why he is recommending a special buyer that will pay more? If the commissions they quote differ and you are unsure, bargain with estate agents. They are usually willing to reduce the initial price they have asked for. Don't reveal how much you're willing to spend on your home or the amount other agents have quoted until selling my house but not buying another has finished the appraisal and presentation.
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