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25 Aug 2015: Heroes VII Beta #2 Starting Tomorrow! - read more
5 Aug 2015: First Details of Heroes VII Modding and new H5.5 patch! - read more
25 Jul 2015: First Look at Map Editor Teases RMG and Modding Tools! - read more
1 Jul 2015: Heroes VII Beta: Phase 2 Announced, Sylvan Reveal! - read more
4 Jun 2015: Heroes VII Beta Available for Download! - read more
30 May 2015: Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5, Announcement & Beta! - read more
25 May 2015: H7 Beta delayed, Stream Round-up, ICTC 8 Results!! - read more
18 May 2015: Dev Team Livestream on Twitch.tv next Thursday! - read more
4 May 2015: Might & Magic Humble Bundle! - read more
24 Apr 2015: Heroes VII: Beta in May, Release in September!! - read more
25 Aug 2015: Heroes VII Beta #2 Starting Tomorrow! - read more
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HC UserName: Send Lexxan an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Lexxan Lexxan
Date Registered: March 21, 2008
Status: Honorable Undefeatable Hero, Unimpressed by your logic
Personal Page of Lexxan, last updated May 24, 2013
List of *titles* I hold:

Slayer of Coincidence

The New Survivor™

Chief Judge of the Heroes Commmunity Courtroom

The Often Overlooked Pinnacle of Awesome (added 05/24/2013)

Exposer of the Elvin-Doomforge connection

Keeper of the Anti-Troll Repellant

Awaiting Servant of Nature

Unicorn Lord

Chosen of the Sylvan

Resident Drama Queen of HC™

The ONE - the ONLY

His Lordship, Lexxan Lakely. ^__^

Yeah whatever and here are some RELEVANT words of wisdom:

To all you kids in your mid-twenties in my situation: Confused, not sure which direction life is pulling you:

Just try and find yourself.

I urge you all: Please, be hungy, be foolish, block out the noise, find yourselves, be who you potentially are and pursue your dreams and what you really want to do

If we all maximize that personal freedom, we can change the world.

-- Nick Stanbury, Survivor Exile Island episode 8

The often overlooked pinnacle of awesome. He is an enigma, nobody knows what he's thinking nor feeling at the moment, yet this is what makes him appealing to EVERYONE. Handsome, intelligent, friendly, and refined, it is hard to find a single word that can encapsulate the greatness he exudes. To be a Boris is to be the ultimate underdog; everybody seems to underestimate and even forget about him, but he never fails to blow minds whenever it's his time to shine.


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Personal Info: 24 year old Male. Taurus star sign.
Location: Loltardland
Occupation: Apprentice Teacher
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