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HC UserName: Send MarcusX an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to MarcusX MarcusX
Date Registered: August 19, 2008
Status: Known Hero, *happyface*
Personal Page of MarcusX, last updated September 20, 2008
MarcusX the Warlock

Biography Marcus never was a good fighter. Not being a good tactician, he got defeated many times in battle. However, Marcus learnt from his Mistakes, even more than from his victories. His motto, "Defeat only makes me Stronger" reflects this strategy. he used to be despised and Underestimated, but now Marcus is feared for his feared hit-and-run Tactics, Tactics that turn out to be pretty effective against any kind of opponent. If Marcus Sences an enemy, he doesn't hesitate: He hastens to the Battle wreaks havoc for a short time and then flees from the Battlefield before he get's caught or killed. A terrible foe indeed.

Specialty: Battered Survivor: The Hero gains Experience from Defeats. In addition all experience from Vicories and Defeats is increased by 2% and 3% per Hero level respecively. No matter how he got defeated, the Hero can always be recruited in the Tavern after defeat. [Get's Vinraels Special]

Skills Basic Irrestable magic
       Basic Defence - Protection

Note: An Expert for Armageddon Tactics.
Thanks to Lexxan-"The Heroes of HC" for Dummies and Newbs

War Academy Trainer: MarcusX
MarcusX is an old friend of Guarder. Although he is not as experienced as Guarder, he can still teach valuable offensive or defensive skills to any hero that wishes to improve his battle skills.

Thanks to Asheera-Zeroes of Fight and Tragic
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Personal Info: 17 year old Male. Pisces star sign.
Current Email: mark.jones22@yahoo.com
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