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5 Oct 2016: Heroes VII development comes to an end.. - read more
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HC UserName: Send Xenophanes an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to Xenophanes Xenophanes
Date Registered: June 6, 2001
Status: Promising Famous Hero, Chief Consul to Queen Mutare
Personal Page of Xenophanes, last updated January 01, 1970
I have loved Heroes since the day I first played Heroes II, and practically worship Dragons.

Here is my official Biography:

Xenophanes was born in 1128 and raised in Enroth. He was always fascinated when he saw a Dragon, and during the first years of his life, would often sit outside for hours, waiting to catch a glimpse of one fly by.
At this early age, he also showed quite clearly that he preferred Magic to Might. By the time he was twelve, Xenophanes was apprenticed to the Warlock, Alamar. Xenophanes learned quickly, mastering the arts taught to him by Alamar with perfection and accuracy that rivaled the Enrothian Wizards, pouring over ancient manuscripts in their Ivory Towers.

With the advent of the Succession Wars, however, Xenophanes immediately left Alamar and Enroth. Alamar had taught him all he knew, and Xenophanes did not support Archibald as Alamar did. He took a ship to Antagarich, the last to leave before war broke out. The ship Xenophanes took was destined for Erathia.

On the way, however, they were attacked by Regnan Pirates. Xenophanes then demonstrated his magnificent magical talent for all to see. The pirates were easily defeated. When the scuffle was over, however, Xenophanes seized control of the ship, and ordered that they change course for Nighon. It was the nation of Warlocks, according to Alamar, and Xenophanes knew that this was destined to be his home. The ship dropped Xenophanes off, and hastily sailed back to Erathia.

Xenophanes wandered around Nighon for a short time, searching for work. Soon, he entered into the service of Rauric, one of Nighon’s many feudal Overlords. The work Rauric offered was simple: Xenophanes was placed in charge of small garrisons of troops originally, but moved on to larger regiments once Rauric witnessed his magical finesse.

In the November of that year, Xenophanes was invited to a feast, celebrating a recent victory of Rauric’s. Xenophanes was one of the guests sitting near Rauric. On his right side sat a young General of Rauric’s. She called herself Mutare, and seemed no older than 15, but from what Xenophanes gathered from the other guests, she was known for her venomous cunning on the battlefield, and the obvious affinity that she seemed to have for Dragons. Xenophanes chatted with Mutare for a while, and it was quite clear that she loved her Dragons.

What happened next, Xenophanes still looks back on with amazement. Rauric had consumed a large amount of ale, and made a foolish comment about women. He was glancing Mutare’s way at the time. Xenophanes saw her spring out of her seat, and immediately challenge Rauric to a duel. Mutare was, indeed, skilled in combat, and it wasn’t long before Xenophanes and the other guests gasped in amazement as Rauric toppled to the ground, his head rolling off and stopping at Mutare’s foot, whereupon she crushed it with her boot. Xenophanes was one of the many who entered Mutare’s service that night. He knew that Mutare was a Lord he could serve completely willingly; she, for one thing, shared his love of Dragons, and recognized the value of magic.

He was given small jobs of protecting Mutare’s lands when she went out to war, and performed these with the efficiency and meticulousness that had come to identify him. Xenophanes did not find Mutare’s original conquests extremely exciting; after all, they were only matters of making a name for herself, and setting up secure borders. One day, however, he received word that she had declared war on a neighbor, Ordwald. Xenophanes was further fascinated when he heard that she was hunting down the Vial of Dragon Blood. It was said to contain the Dragon Father’s blood, and would transform the drinker into a sentient Dragon!

Xenophanes then saw a grand design coming together. Mutare was to become a Dragon, and then seize control of Nighon! Of course! She had always aspired to be Nighon’s Queen, and as a Dragon – Xenophanes was thrilled with the prospect of this new, powerful leadership. Xenophanes was even more thrilled when he was chosen to accompany Mutare to the Deep Caverns, where she would acquire the Vial. He aided her greatly, and was one of those fortunate enough accompany her to the Vial, and be among the first to see her as a Dragon. After Mutare’s transformation, Xenophanes recalled an ancient prophecy, which mentioned an event such as this foretelling the coming of the Dragon father. He, and many others in Nighon, have pondered over the prophecy to this very day.

Regardless, Xenophanes then supported Mutare’s armies with lighting bolts and fireballs when she seized the reigns of power, conquering all of Nighon. When Mutare had crushed all those who opposed her, she summoned Xenophanes to her. She had noticed his key role in her campaign, and decided to reward him by allowing him to drink from the Vial of Dragon Blood. Xenophanes was speechless. That day, however, he did drink of the Dragon Father’s blood, and was overjoyed with his transformation. Mutare also appointed him as her Chief Consul. He would handle all affairs with other nations, Dragons, and be Mutare’s lead adviser.

Among other things in the short period after his appointment, he negotiated a powerful pact with the Warlocks of Thunderfist Mountain. They were glad to be accepted as a powerful force in Nighonese politics, and invited Mutare and her court to reside at Thunderfist, making it the seat of Nighonese power, and the nation’s capitol of sorts. Mutare accepted, as she would then be able to call upon the Warlocks quickly for auxiliary strength, if needed.

Xenophanes was gleeful of this new state of things. There was a Dragon Queen on the throne of Nighon. It was a united nation. Nighon, however, was of course far from peaceful towards its neighbors. Mutare soon aspired to rule the world. With her command over all Dragons, this would be easily accomplished. Xenophanes wholeheartedly supported her, and soon, she controlled half of the Elven Nation of AvLee.

Around this time, though, Mutare encountered a Hero who had decided to fight back. His name was Tarnum. Mutare soon had a spy in his ranks. He was a Dwarf, named Kurbon. Xenophanes continually advised Mutare to rid herself of Kurbon. He was a Dwarf, quick to anger, and as intelligent as Dwarves are calm. He was not to be trusted, Xenophanes advised. Mutare, however, ignored his proposal, and continued to use Kurbon to gain valuable information on Tarnum. He was immortal, blessed by the Ancestors, the Gods of the Barbarian people. He was once a tyrant, as he considered Mutare, and had vowed to stop her. He had been living with the Elves for many years, and could not stand and watch AvLee’s destruction. Mutare laughed at his pitiful rebellion, and decided to toy with him.

Mutare had planted fake Vials of Dragon Blood all over Antagarich, in case an upstart Nighon Lord tried to steal the real Vial. The fake Vials were all guarded by token militias, one of these in Eofol. Mutare led Tarnum on a wild goose chase for the Eofol Vial. She then allowed him to think he had the real Vial further by giving him control of the Green and Gold Dragons. They died often in her ranks, and once in their dying moments, could reveal valuable secrets. She had no qualms about getting rid of them. Then, as Xenophanes predicted, trouble began to brew.

Mutare allowed Tarnum to ally with the Faerie Dragons. Xenophanes had vehemently advised against this, but again, Mutare paid him no heed. While Tarnum only had Green, Gold, and Faerie Dragons, she had Red, Black, Crystal, and Azure Dragons, she reasoned. Eventually, however, Mutare spread her forces too thin around AvLee and Erathia, again against Xenophanes wishes. At the last moment, Xenophanes convinced Mutare that this was not a war she could win at her current position, and persuaded her to place a decoy in her stead in AvLee. She, Xenophanes advised, should return to Nighon, along with the majority of her troops. Mutare finally agreed, an action that saved her life.

Barely a month after their return, Mutare’s decoy fled back to Nighon, bringing word that the Nighonese forces had been defeated by Tarnum. Infuriated, Mutare began to plot his death. Xenophanes completely agreed with this. To fool her enemy further, Mutare spread word around AvLee that she had been assassinated.

Unfortunately, this could not be accomplished without spreading this lie everywhere else, including Nighon. Both Xenophanes and Mutare knew that when the rest of Nighon’s Dungeon Overlords found out, even if Mutare revealed herself as still alive, they would take her defeat by Tarnum as a sign of weakness, and rise into a rebellion that she could not quash without heavy loss of life on her side, her Dragons morale already lowered by the defeat of their brethren. So Xenophanes advised that they go into hiding, while he used his magic to pull the strings of different Nighonese lords, and acted as a puppeteer, with all of Nighon as his stage.

Xenophanes did not have to play this part for long, however. Mutare had a troublesome vision one night, of the Earth being consumed by the fires of Armageddon, and the deadliness of Ice. A fortnight later, the Reckoning came. The majority of Nighon, being located underground, was safe from the flames above for a while, although would eventually be destroyed by earthquakes and floods. Those on the surface were not so lucky, although there were rumors of great ships sailing through portals to a new world. One of these portals appeared at the summit of Thunderfist Mountain. This allowed what seemed to be all of Thunderfist to escape to Axeoth, and others from neighboring towns as well.

From what word could be gathered during and after the exodus, portals had also appeared in other parts of Nighon. Xenophanes himself stayed behind with many other Warlocks, who had remained faithful to Mutare even after her defeat, creating a magical barrier around Thunderfist Mountain, to protect the relics and knowledge that lay within its treasure hoards and libraries. He would have attempted to do the same to many other cities in Nighon, but, as he was her most valuable aid, Mutare made sure that he was one of the first pulled through to the New World.

In this new world, Axeoth, Xenophanes aided Mutare in founding a new nation for the scattered Nighonese people—Draconum. Draconum’s capitol city was founded, and christened Dragon Nest. Mutare’s rivals after Tarnum had defeated her were now either dead, or too far away to pose a threat to her for the moment. As Queen of Draconum, Mutare has once again begun to set her sights on conquest, which might eventually lead to world domination. Xenophanes has resigned himself to not meddle with the Dragon Queen’s dreams, however, and wait, and watch. For though he misses Nighon, along with the rest of the Old World of COLONY, the New World of Axeoth never ceases to amaze him.
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