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HC UserName: Send mr_niceguy an Instant Message. If you have the HC Messenger window open, the message box will appear right inside it. Send E-Mail to mr_niceguy mr_niceguy
Date Registered: March 23, 2005
Status: Famous Hero, of power
Personal Page of mr_niceguy, last updated July 27, 2005
Hello, here are some things about me you might (or might not) want to know

I have Long Nails
I may be Partially Evil well thats what everyone tells me, (just cuz i dont like good doesnt mean i'm evil)
I am young (in my opinion)
I have a healthy addiction *cough*obssesion*cough* with cards
I dont like (hate is such a strong word) sports
I play the piano (partially well)

I like reading web comics, mainly
Secret of Mana Theater
8 bit theater
A modest destiny, The starship destiny

A few quotes i like are:
whatever doesnt kill you, makes you want to die
you cant make an omlet without...umm...burning down a forest
You cant write 100% without two 0%'s
You cant spell slaughter without laughter
A true Paladin. Will sheath his sword

A few of the people i look up to are:
Joan of Arc
Nobuo Uematsu
All those scientist people said were crazy but really the scientist were right

If i was a tree i would like to be one of those trees with ferny leaves
If i was an animal i'd like to be a cat
If i was a rock i'd like to be lead
If i was a metal i'd like to be Mercury
If i was a liquid i'd like to be water
If i had one wish i would wish i never existed
If i was to travel through time i would rather go to the past rather than the future
If i was a uni-celullar oragnism i would like to be a flesh eating bacteria
If i was a fish i would like to be a flying fish
If i was a dip i would like to be an avacado dip
If i was a bird i would like to be a humming bird
If i was a highly important religuos leader i would like to be Zeus
If i was one of the five senses i would like to be visual
If i was a body of water i would like to be the pacific ocean
If i was a computer i would like to be a super computer
If i was a fabric i would like to be Nylon
If i was a colour i would like to be black, if you say thats not a colour than i chose plaid
If i was a mountian i would like to be everest
If i was another HC memeber i would like to be a_rebirthing_flight
If i was a country i would like to be china
If i was a toy i would like to be a toy i'm probably not allowed to mention
If i was a woman i would like to be joan of arc
If i was an energy source i would like to be NUCLEAR POWER!!

Some lines and words i like to use in everyday life are:
Fine, if you insist
You're cute
You're hot
Do you enjoy pissing me off?!
(when someone doesnt listen to my advice) You do what you want and then i'll laugh when you screw up

I like Konami

Heres a profile i made of myself in the "community members vital statistics" thread

Real Name: N/A
Username: mr_niceguy
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Heigth: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood type: N/A
Species: HomoSapien
Gender: N/A

Statistics (all in a general age comparison):
HP: High
Strength: Medium
Agility: Below Medium
Vitality: Above Medium
Intellect: High
Spirit: Medium
Luck: Above Medium
Weakness: Water (large masses), poison bugs, Sport
Advantages: Stupid people, Straight People
Exp: Above Medium
Special Move: Swift Choke, Head Kick, Blood Suck
(never actually performed blood suck, they always run before i get a chance)

Final Fantasy
Other Video Games
Singing (which really annoys everyone except me)
Playing Piano (quite well)
Playing Guitar (quite badly)
Making Card Games
Writing Songs

Band: The Black Mages
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Historical Figure: Joan of Arc
Game: Final Fantasy

I have a generally calm attitude for the first half of a year, tollerate insults, ignore things i hate about certain people. If i'm sad or angry, i just cool off quite well and i'm back to my happy easy going, carefree self. I'm really nice aswell.

Then toward the second half of a year i'm a major phsyco angry person who keeps wanting to fight and doesnt take a moment to think before getting into a fight. Someone i dont like insults me, i go tottaly psyco on them when they dont see it coming and they totally <insert other word for fecies here> themselves. I tend to swear alot more aswell. I dont go Physco on my friends, unless they keep annoying me. I'm a real <insert other name for female dog> to anyone who annoys me in this part of the year aswell, and thats to everyone i know.

Then about 3 months after my phsyconess i go into my semi-crazy stage. I'm alot more tollerant and i only go really phsyco if someone were to purposely provoke me. Then at the end of the year the cycle repeats.

For the entire year im a really paranoid person, i never tell anyone too much about me, not even my friends. I'm always expecting someone of something though i never say it to anyone i keep thinking all these insane thoughts beneath. Sometimes i even talk to myself, and i only notice after about 3 minutes of crazy talk.

So to generalise that description, i have some major problems. (but i choose not to fix them)

old sig:
mr_niceguy for Admin 2005

thats it for now, and possibly for ever, i cant tell because i cant see into the future (yet)
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