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5 Oct 2016: Heroes VII development comes to an end.. - read more
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Date Registered: June 1, 2011
Status: Hired Hero,
Personal Page of unifex, last updated June 24, 2013
Hi guys, umm .. about me  

I have been into PC games since I bought my first PC in 1994, and I also bought my first game the same day, which for the record was a chess game. My first PC was a genuine IBM and I wonder if anyone else can remember back to the days when suckers like me who didnt know jack about computers actually thought that buying a 'genuine' IBM made a big difference (you know, like BMW versus KIA) to justify the exorbitant purchace price. At the time my computing knowledge didnt really extend much beyond how to switch the PC on and the phone number for live support (remember that - live support haha!!).

And of course the game wouldnt run out of the box and, well, it was welcome to the world of a PC Gamer!! It really didnt take long before I understood the difference between XMS and EMS, fixing IRQ conflicts and using my own multi config files!

I still remember my frustration that my PC could not run (Bullfrog's) Magic Carpet in high rez mode, and before I knew it I was buying a 3DFX Voodoo Graphics card and installing "glide" ..... and **whammo** ..... suddenly I was caught in the vicious cycle of perpetual upgrading where the latest game needed the latest graphics card which needed the latest motherboard design and bus speeds which needed the latest CPU and on and on and on..... Nearly 20 years later and nothing's changed, I'm still regularly upgrading to play the latest game on the highest settings. You know how it is - it just has to be the ultra settings, anything less is defeat.

Stored in my garage I have four large removalist containers full of the original boxes from all the games I've purchased over the last 20 years, and with over 150 original game boxes it will make a wonderful library one day.

Every now and then I like to open them up and enjoy the memories - from instant classics like the original Warcraft, Diablo, Age of Empires or Mechwarrior 2, to the worst games I ever played including as "This Means War", or the highly anticiptated games that ended up being turds - anyone else remember Gene Wars by Bullfrog or Daikatana by John Romero?!!

And of course the games that literally sapped days, weeks, months and years of my life - UO, Diablo 1&2, DAoC, AO, HoMM, MW2, M&M, EQ 1&2, WoW, AoE series, Civ series, Descent 1,2&3, ... and so on. People talk about how they can remember where they were when history was made - historical events like mankind landing on the moon, but for me it's the night I first hit clvl 99 in D2 or clvl 60 in EQ (the original cap in EQ), or achieved "Glorius Lord" fame in UO, or the night my clvl 87 Harcore D2 character died to a weak Pk'er using the portal lag exploit (D2 hardcore = die once die permanently so getting PK'd by an exploit at clvl 87 really hurt)... and so on .... so many memories and I think only another gamer could possibly begin to understand ....

Cheers and safe travels ....
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