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Heroes Community > Newcomers Inn > Thread: Newcomers, Welcome to the Bards Glade Pyre Forum!!!
Thread: Newcomers, Welcome to the Bards Glade Pyre Forum!!!

Supreme Hero
posted September 04, 2005 05:38 AM bonus applied.
Edited By: pandora on 3 Oct 2005

Newcomers, Welcome to the Bards Glade Pyre Forum!!!

I am here to introduce you to the Bards Glade Pyre.


The Glade is a forum for all sorts of textual Role-Playing. We have had all sorts of RP's, ranging from fantasy (Lets Have War), Futuristic (The Axis), and just some general, easy-going, silly RPing (F.O.G, Temple of Worship)

You are free to create any sort of RP you desire, as long as it does not break the CoC. You can create an open RP, where people are free to do whatever they want, or you may create a highly detailed RP, where certian strict guidelines apply.

Why RP?

RPing is a fun way to express your creative talents. I often find myself intrigued by the storylines developing, its as if you are part of a developing movie, you never know what will happen next.

I mean, who hasn't wanted to be a righteous paladin, looking to save the world from evil, however he see fits.

What about an evil lich king, looking for world domination? The possibilities are infinite.

RPG Help

Need help RPing? Need ideas? Some of the more experienced RPers wouldn't mind helping, feel free to send us an IM.


Lets Have War

Perhaps the most famous, and largest RP to ever grace the Glade is a simple thread by the name of Lets Have War created by RedSoxFan3.

It started off as a funny RPG, but over time developed into one of the most interesting and fun RP's of all time. It is highly recommended you check it out.

One interesting fact is the total combined QP's given out for LHW and its OOC thread totals 32, more than any other thread in HC's existance.

Another interesting fact is that many of the current moderators for HC, heavily participate and are involved in LHW.

A few of the RPers who went on to become moderators


Interesting RP's to check out

Fantasy RP

Lets Have War
Lets Have War OOC (Out-Of-Character)

The Dragons Inn
The Dragons Inn OOC

The Height of the Guild
The Height of the Guild - OOC

Science Fiction RP

Cold Winter
Cold Winter OOC

The Axis (Original Thread)
Axis Revisited
The Axis - OOC

Realistic RP's

Civilizations OOC

The Dread Pirates Saga
The Dread Pirates Saga OOC

(These RP's were created before the Glade forum even existed!)

HC Prison

Heroes Community Asylum

Temple of Worship - Open for Business!!


New Shop Opening!

Well thats it for now, i hope you check it out!

I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

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