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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Heroes IV. The Wids of War
Thread: Heroes IV. The Wids of War

Supreme Hero
posted November 22, 2002 07:30 PM

Heroes IV. The Wids of War

Those features are announced in Celestian haevens !
Well now we know the second expansion name !

The Winds of War. The title will add a collection of new features such as:

1.Customizable Object Paintbrush
2.Campaign Editor Help file
3.Customizable spell lists in the Conservatories
4.Find feature
6.Add/Remove underground level on an existing map
7.Water passability indicator
8.Editor remembers your window layout between sessions

Hmmm. I wonder... What is connection between weather and Heroes IV ? (Gathering Storm, Winds of War)

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Famous Hero
The Dark Shadow
posted November 23, 2002 05:02 PM


The second expansion is scheduled for a March 2003 release, according to previous message board announcements.

Do you actually think there going to get it out on schedule?
Isn't that just a tad (lot)optimistic?

"I am both selfish and instictive.  I value nature and the world around me as means to an end as well as an end in itself; at best I ... too long to display...

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