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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Random Info/Tips, new bug I found, etc
Thread: Random Info/Tips, new bug I found, etc

Known Hero
666 Demons Rise from the Dead
posted February 13, 2005 03:56 AM

Random Info/Tips, new bug I found, etc

yo sup,as a programmer in c++ i am always looking for bugs that programmers would be likely to make..so i decided i would try to enter an artifact merchant in my dungeon to sell artifacts w/ the grail in my backback.. sure enough it crashed the game. although not a significant bug, thought it would be worth mentioning.

a random note on random maps... not sure if this is known or not.. sometimes i will start with like level 20 hero but his skills are dumb. if you click restart scenario each time the heros skills change, so you can keep doing it until the skills are what you want. hero will stay level 20 on each restart..you wolnt go to level 1 on another restart is what i mean.

also, on restart scenario you can get lucky and have lvl2 dwelling be built for you. also you starting army changes each time as well as heroes in the tavern...

obviously these tricks are mainly helpful if your playing alone vs computer.. which is what i do most of the time.

another note on random maps if you like XL/underworld, islands... i find that when the map progress bar lags on the second slot of the first bar it will almost always be a sick map..by this i mean large island,lots of places to visit,usually lots of utopias,and a rich underworld...

note: i dont use that rmg.txt or whatever..i dont use random map templates. this info is regarding heroes 3 complete..

hope this is helpful to some people.. peace,--ave

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Supreme Hero
posted February 13, 2005 06:31 AM

I used to restart dozens of times until I got my Level 2 building pre-built, but after a while I realized that it is kind of like cheating to do that. So I'm usually just playing with what I start with. I might reconsider when playing games on Impossible, though.


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