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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: Shroud of Darkness Maps
Thread: Shroud of Darkness Maps

Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted October 02, 2003 04:24 PM
Edited By: RedSoxFan3 on 2 Oct 2003

Shroud of Darkness Maps

I'd like to see a map where cover of darkness buildings are placed all over the map and unguarded by creatures. Empty garrisons should be placed in front the buildings, so that one player can protect themselves from being blinded by a weak scout.

I'd like to see several extra towns to capture making it easier to rush opponents, but ever more dangerous to rush opponents. This map will force the players to adapt a new style, since they will often not know the whereabouts of their opponents even to previously explored territory. This will create a necessity for the control over the buildings as well as the control over the towns. But this cannot happen all the time and it requires that the player is careful and ready for losing sight of their surroundings.
Go Red Sox!

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Legendary Hero
God of Dark SPAM
posted November 02, 2003 02:40 AM

Sounds like a crazy map.
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Hero of Order
MapHaven administrator
posted November 02, 2003 09:25 PM

Shroud of darkness maps can be very annoying - for all that numans recall approximately where things are, and/or use the curved edge of a shroud of darkness as a tool to locate the castle at the center.

Have *you* ever left troops in a garrison to guard something?  I always find that the best defense is a strong offense.


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