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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: Moderator Log
Thread: Moderator Log

Famous Hero
Bird of Extreme Patience
posted July 09, 2004 04:28 PM
Edited by MightyMage at 23:31, 05 May 2009.

Moderator Log


Basically, I will use this thread to log the work I do in the Wastelands. This will help you to know if/where I moved things to etc. Please Do NOT post here, please
Raven ~ July 9th, 2004

Moved How did you come to play and like Heroes 1/2/3 back to the Tavern.

Moved  What do People Prefer about the Evil Side back to the Tavern.

Deleted "16", "Happy Birthday Dingo", "Army of Smilies", "The Nazy Smilies Army", "The Love Shack" "The Person Below Me - Part Infinity +2" "Muhh haha" (Dingo spam), "Random Number", "...all your base...", "Ignore Dingo" and "Why do I cry..." (I saved the poem by Consis in word, in case someone wants it). All of these threads were on page 2 and more then a week since the last post.

Moved thread Coolest Town So Far to Lands of Axeoth, thought it was most appropriate there.

Deleted "And Now Somethind Different"
Deleted "Awesome Poem" (and yes I saved it in case somewhat wanted it, just ask me.
Deleted "pls help cause I'm stuck on a man "

Deleted "Look before you delete"
Deleted "I Am Back"
Deleted "Who is this new 502 Connection Hangup ?"
Deleted "pls help cause i'm stuck on a man - Part 2"
Deleted another "I Am Back" this one by Vycka1234


Deleted "Explain me please", "mmh", "Quality Points", "Help Me!", "Is Placenta a Placenta Word?", "Tramashamockary!, "Somone buy me a PC..", "Secrete entrence to..", "Woock! Im here in PL", "Tournament of honor", "damn i don't undarstand why me ", "Newbie needs help!!!!", "I have been a bad monkey", "Spammers vs Tossers.", Help me find the right casino", and "Gothic 2"

Cleaned Thread CoC


Deleted:"I'm a mess", "Wtf?! to silent", "sounds", "which do u chose", "whistling parrots", MAXIMANE, CRYOMANTER", "Ahoy", "Feelin' Sad", "Babies and kittens and shiet", "A question........(more)", "StarCraft Brood Wars!!", "New ranks in HC? Something good? Say it here", Animation Manda"


Deleted:"Christmas carols for those who are mentally challenged" , "Far Cry", "Conflux help" , "What do you think of online playing ?", "Scared" , "Just look" , "What's the best present", "I'll be back one day.." , "Something new?!", "The Ultimate Male Revealed!",We need a member squad.. Cooler name tho", "Off for 3 months" , "Word association game...part 3", "Error in HC", "Original Heroes of Might and Magic"


Deleted:"The sectet is revealed!", "Hahaha!", "I'm going on vacation!", "Forum Suddenly Active After a long Dead stint", "Cleaning Tavern", "A topic, nothing more, nothing less...........", "The Down Town Taver - Old Skool!", "flamesercut", "Svarog is multiplying!", "Guests"


Deleted: "Trivia Tournament", "Kings of chaos.... join my army!!!!!", "The *me game", "I am back in the fold...", ""This Land" look before its gone!", "i have a solution", "doomnezeu, You're In TROUBLE!!!", "Yay!", "Poke the bunny", "I AM GOD!", "Return of a spammer! FORGET DINGO AND MVASS", "legend of zelda", "New RK forum ", "the legend of zelda", "Celfious writes a play", "Please only weird people read this thread! No one else! I'm serious... MVASS'S PART 2", "Why are people so stupid ?", "Go Woock!", "The VW is mine again", "The Down Town Tavern"


Deleted: "who knows about the xbox game FABLE", "my avatar", "I'm back", "Ste: MTG:B screenshots come see", "A question", "i need help", "Nospacesallowed", "Continue teh story", "Kenya Live!"


Deleted: "First post.", "The Kingdom Of Loathing (uber-cool free mmorpg)" , "hey i want a tavern too", "THIS IS PARTY CENTRAL", "cool pictures", "who the hell cares", "Pub El Cojon", "It's that time of the Year Again!", "Heroes Community has 3333 members", "Mvassilev's Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Non-Cybegeekdom", "Great News"

I came, I saw, there wasn't anything to do, lol. There was only one thread on page 2 that had gone more then 2 days without a post and it was just too darn funny to delete, so I left it. All I have to say is Pandora is a Moderating Goddess!

~pandora~ 09/11/04
Deleted: "I'm going to University!!!", "last 3 letters", "erdin"
ps: aww shucks, thanks Birdlady

~pandora~ 09/14/04
Deleted: "WATER ON MARS!", "Greater_Elf", "a good question", "is there a way?", "well... i had a tavern", "What the devil?", "RSF not mod?", "Hey all!", "IM STAYIN AWAKE!!!!!", Have any of'ya seen Chucky, the killer doll?", "A Scorpion Just Stung Me in the Foot (Pics)", "That little magical place", "Great News", "VMA 2004", "Ze Uropean English Taven", "I killed the IM! (Confidential) ", "look, Its a scam!", "HC Year Book. Featuring Consis.", "HC always has new stuff, that I need to comment about."

Deleted: "Is this a Joke", "Alternate Rap Song Titles", "Moderators/Discussion Motivators needed", "Are any of you from", "Aculias....dude....", "LOL!ROLFMAO! Everything ya want", "Can You Guess Who Can_U_Guess_Who_I_Am Is", "Cobretti's are damn fine (dryness face)", "An Idol of Mine", "Some useful info", "dont you hate it when....", "Where have all the interesting topics gone?",

~pandora~ 09/22/04
Deleted: "Where could I get a nice forum? Do you know?", "Finaly HC is back", "*sigh* not again!", "Once again, TPAM", "What happened?", "Whutcha doin'?", "Now Playing...", "New guardians grove layout-Horrible!", "Lets make a pact. (real)", "Happy Easter!", "Pic:the real Naga(a sexy beauty..)", "Poll: Who will win the World Cup Soccer?", "Poll: Fight", "Talk!", "hello", "Tell me what you think of boot", "Is it just me... or is it just you... or is it just the mods... or is it just Boot?", "Poll: Who of these is your favorite Member?", "Bam".

~pandora~ 09/25/04
Deleted: "cars", "WHat do you think about Boot's polls ?", "I Need Help!", "Things You Want!", "Happy Birthday Trogdor", "dingo cult poll", "the dingo cult", "Welcome!", "I'm Back", "Stiven, LOOK!", "awwww come on", "Bring out the vienettas and the mudcake............", "Mission complete"

~pandora~ 09/29/04
Deleted: "The Game of Vague" ,"are you cool?", "If you are a Star Wars nerd...let this be your haven.", "Ok thats it", "serious question", "Memorable Movie Quotes", "the cows want the earth back!!!", "Beyonce is HOT", "the cows want the earth back!!!(x2??)", "let play", "Posting at night - screen too bright?", "You know what", "

~pandora~ 10/01/04
Deleted:"Geography Game II", "Poll: Do you like Boot?", "The Lord of the Rings Talk", "which of these is the strongest", "Prison", "Are we spineless or what?", "Favorite Thread", "Placenta", "Poll Booth: Story Line", "Favorite Author!", "Fighter.", "A poll for everyone else....", "Hey! Where did my thread go?"

~pandora~ 10/06/04
Deleted:"Heroes Love club- The sequel", "I KNOW SIX HIRAGANA!!!!", "Heroes Communty", "Who is the coolest Moderator?", "Poll: Don't We All Just Love Annoying Noobs?", "the dingo cult", "Root canal pt 2", "the bard service", "the why or why not club", "Want a kiss?", "the battle to end all bards", "im 14 everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "AFL Grand Final!", "Guess who's back!!!!!"

~Ravyn~ 10/8/04
Deleted: "Did we forget?", "a little too obsessed..... I guess",

~pandora~ 10/13/04
Deleted: "Fill in the blanks", "THE DATING GAME", "to the guests", "Dang!", "randomness", "Nur Deutsh bitte", "Battlefield", "having probs!"

~pandora~ 10/23/04
Deleted: "Tyris walks in", "Woock has alot of Stars...", "Spheres of Chaos - THE weirdest game.", "Real Simpsons House!","What are you listening to?", "New member , with a Q", "U guys r still here?", "Are they still.....", "SSG Hall", "IM GOIN TO BED - (The cooler RSF version) - Bed Critics", "HC Love club, continues", "shhhhhh it a Secrete !", "Catchy Phrases"

~pandora~ 10/23/04
Deleted: "Aww i feel loved", "Dog The Bounty Hunter: Juicer and Wuss", "The person below you", "Whats going on with celestial heaven unleashed", "WARNING !", "sexualy transmitded infections", "westside or east side?"

~pandora~ 11/13/04
Deleted:"wats rong wid funi web sites", "Word association game--->continue..."," You think you know football better than me?(v2.0)", "How I play Heroes?", "HELP ME ON THE RANDOM MAP", "Download full all DBGT episodes?", "Shack of the Freaks", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Random Diaries of a Secret Agent"

~pandora~ 11/13/04
Deleted: "Ouch, My Ears!", "any one arabic", "A really cool trick.....", "For those who like fooling people...", "Lame Jokes", "The Guessing Game", "Thread: Where I might find the topic "Euroenglish" if it called exactly"

~pandora~ 11/27/04
Deleted:"install issue with MOHH 3", "Homepage","ban me", "I love statistics", "Pornmodel", "Wastelands and the CoC", "An interesting study...take a look...", "Strange things..", "I am so lazy.. How i can get motivation!?", "Computer Addiction", "Poll Questionixel-artist GM"

~pandora~ 11/27/04
Deleted: "The Photoshop Shop", "Heroes III Complete", "Noob with a difference", "The Full history of M&M revealed", "Thread: H2 stereo-music: german text it has! ", "Looking for some help", "Animations", "Anyone out there....", "Heroes Community for Poland /do not delete this, please!/", "Random maps in h3complete", "It's been 13 years...", "The Mod of SPAM", "Thanksgiving", "Have I won a 3 day cruise to the Carribean?", "Another TPAM", "Poll Question: Ban Valeriy", "Spam question", "Poll Question:
Striving for that 1post per day average..."

~pandora~ 12/11/04
Deleted:"Poll Question:I propose an alliance", "Oh dear...", "A new life", "Our pics", "red stars", "Dingo, doomfreak and whatever other maniacs who forgot their medicine this morning", "HC, become more fun!", "Ahhhh, It's Relaxing.",

~pandora~ 12/18/04
Deleted:"The BigBrother World over", "My Resignation", "So, who won?","The gibberish game", "The VW makes no sense", "TO ALL SPAMMERS!!!", "Come one come all!!!!!!!!", "The Trolls are Watching Us Die... Part 2: Return of the Trolls", "Save the Funny Wastelands Threads", "To Consis", "Ok then...", "New ___ in the making! (game)", "Grrrr Hackprotect!", "Terje The Mad Wizard is a Radiohead Fan", "Who Will Be The Last To Post In This Thread?", "Anybody want to give me a copy of POL", "Type your name with your nose", "i'm here for a year!", "Star", "Come On You Losers Post Some Funny **** Right Now Or Get Your Boring Ass Beat", "New Game - Name all the foods that end in "amberger"", "Last Letter ", "what's your favourite site", "Time to make fun of me", "A defanate QP deservance", "Naked women! And bricks!", "The Antagonist's Tavern", "Undead Alias Guild", "Let's Come Up With New Ways to Annoy Pandora", "Finding AB", "New creatures for HoMM3", "How to make Screenshots in H1 & H2?", "HELP!!! Probs @ Multiplayer"

~pandora~ 12/24/04
Deleted:"how many fingers am i holding up?", "This one is for Woock!", "Can anyone give me some advice? (i have a long journal entry that explains)", "Solmyr", "best player of heroes 2 & 3", "Ok then... v.2", "Word", "Placenta Wastelands", "Hello, I'm old", "Quote?", "Terje?!", "I just wanna say I LOVE VOLCANIC WASTELANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "Unexplained Phenomenon - Ghostly Mist Following Car", "Spam.", "intolerable cruelty, quite literally", "You Can't Get IMs from the Index page", "Bolero!", "I really need help", "I'm Ready to Play Chess Lews", "Uh, ok?", "I have a confession to make", "SCREW YOU DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!", "XARFAX", "NAKED PICTURE OF RSF!"

~pandora~ 12/28/04
Deleted:"Teh Woird AsscosaitoinGanme", "It's like, totally moving", "Good Quotations", "Random Ramble" , "Something wrong with the Mod headquarters?", "HAIL TROGDOR!!!", "Dear Stiven.", "Deep Thoughts from Kids", "The HC race for the presidency", "Week of the.....", "Question.", "To Anquelito", "Multiplayer Help", "problem", "Hi", "Problem with Zone", "Favorite Heroes version?", "Heroes 3 Complete"

~pandora~ 01/03/05
Deleted:"logging in", "Rigor Mortis", "A little something, to remind you of winter", "Spidey", "w00t, HOMM2 wallpapers!", "Khayman", "A-C-U-L-I-A-S!!", "Noob needs help !!!", ""Back for Revenge" in Heroes 3 - tips?", "RoE: Story Recreated ", "Cd music in Heroes I and II", "something interesting.. lol", "OMG, I KILLED SANTA!!!!", "Word Game Guild", "pau no cu dos mane", "Merlins Magical Eye- Trivia Tourny", "why is it", "Help..."Cannot Autosave", "Newbie Heroe has a question", "Women bodybuilders"

~pandora~ 01/07/05
Deleted:"Screw you REDSOXFAN", "Angelito", "Frabjous day, Caloo Calay!", "Dum dum dum... dum dum... dum - dum - dum...", "Manticores"

~pandora~ 01/12/05
Deleted: "I'm home....", "what word can you find?", "yr[2004] = new Year ();"

~pandora~ 01/12/05
Deleted: "TPBTPBM", "Rate this please!!!", "GOOD BYE", "Trogdor's Automotive Performance Store", "the christmas list", "Come on HC come on come on", "I´m so HAPPY", "Oopsie...", "One Smart Marine", "Those were the days...", "The Wastelands is being killed off", "Hello. I am new.", "Truck from Heaven", "Mental Disorder??"

~pandora~ 01/30/05
Deleted: "Interesting Site to Visit", "What Michael Jackson would have looked like WITHOUT plastic surgery..", "The Simple Life", "Funny anti-Kerry and anti-Bush movie", "I bought on ebay - hillarious song!", "The newsagent", "Did You Ever Wonder Why?", "What happened to 3DO", "4000", "Anyone know Walter Moers?", "LOL!", "Napoleon Dynamite", "The lyrics of Queen, translated to Japanese and back to English", "VOTE! on the Mark Your Territory Debate"

~pandora~ 02/05/05
Deleted:"Ok now seriusly.....", "FOR PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND AND CAN WRITE SPANISH!", "what are all the levels?", "Don't worry, be happy!", "?", "!!!", "Post editing thread", "RealDeal - Essay", "Erm...A similar thread to my very first thread", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which Chicken Scratch is Messier? (Poll)", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which Made-up Word Is Cooler? (Poll)", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which Imaginary Space Weapon is More Creative? (Poll)"

~pandora~ 02/12/05
Deleted: "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which is the Coolest New Word Game?", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which is the Coolest New Word Game?", "Poll Question:guilty or innocent?", "Pop up Cop", "Another TPAM", "Talk like a n00b thread", "SPRING IS COMING TIME TO SHOW THOSE BELLYBUTTONS!", "Thread Necromancy", "Ask Mama", "Pandora", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Which Ending to Mink's JG Adventure is the Most Bizarre?", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Find the Angriest Pic and Tell them to Chill Out", "OMG check this out", "RSFTPAM++", "Supposedly I'm Crazy?", "Mark Your Territory Debate: Should Two Subsequent Challenges for a Thread be Legal?", "Lord_Woock", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Tossing", "All mods suck", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Funniest Subtitle for a RL Photos Pic", "Mark Your Territory Contest: Ugliest Person"

~pandora~ 02/17/05
Deleted:"What you'd do", "OOTPAM", ""Wemember me?": A Retrospective", "Sevens", "Once In a Lifetime Oppurtunity"

~pandora~ 02/26/05
Deleted:"Test for Dementia", "Hmmmmmm", "Foreign Language Thread", "Girls kissing", "Somebody, I mean anybody"

~pandora~ 02/28/05
Deleted:"TPATPAM", "Chicken Dragon!!", "Is an emoticon valid punctuation mark?", "MYT: Funny Caption Contest", "MYT : Poetry Contest!", "SHADOWCASTER YOU WILL DIE IF............", "Watch In Awe!!!!", "BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE, CAPS LOCK", "DINGO YOU WILL DIE IF............"

~pandora~ 03/05/05
Deleted:"Used farm tractors", "TIMMAY!!!!", "RSF vs Shadowcaster for "Current Thingies", "RSF YOU WILL DIE IF.......", "MYT Contest: Woock vs Shadowcaster for "Let's Have War" ", "Doesn't this look like my avatar..?", "MYT Contest: RealDeal vs Gorman for "The Ultimate Male Unmasked", "Stupid question game", "Vadskye vs Woock for "Flash games!@"", "Terje/Woock "The Axis"", "Trogdor, you will die if....", "LKru vs Conan for "nOOb Tournament"", "Where Have I Been?"

~pandora~ 03/09/05
Deleted:"Poll: How to Revive LHW", "One Letter", "Tiz a new Month!", "MYT Members VOTE: Contest ideas", "Heroes V news --> found in the 'Taven of Rising Sun'", "MYT Members VOTE: Round #9 issues"

~pandora~ 03/09/05
Deleted: "MYT GAME Contest: Round #10 - Lord_Woock vs RSF", "Pandora's OOC Where Everyone Starts Out in a Dungeon...", "Pandora's RP Where Everyone Starts Out in a Dungeon...". "IM GOIN TO BED v3.0", "Quote Reply Email Test", "GMail", "Hehehe", "MMMMM JUNK FOOD"

~pandora~ 03/18/05
Deleted: "Final fantasy Fans!", "MYT GAME Contest: Round #10 - 2Xtreme vs Shadowcaster", "Breaking News!", "The Real Difference", "THE THREAD OF ARGUEMENTS!"

~pandora~ 03/22/05
Deleted: "Bards Glade Pyre Contest", "Poll Question:Are you gonna be iron like a lion in zion?", "RAWR! Grounded "

~pandora~ 03/29/05
Deleted:"MYT GAME: "Live" or "Let die"", "The problem with the wastelands", "Joe Cartoon - hillarious animation", "Names!", "More stupid questions", "Once Upon A Poll.", "A Lost Legacy.", "The 'what really happened' game", "Poke the Penguin!", "Are you?", "Please take my poll...", "Genesis............Revelation.........Fruition", "MYT: Bards Glade Pyre Forum Contest", "MYT-Library of Enlightenment Contest", "Is this even possible!!!", "A night of MSN with pandora"

~pandora~ 03/31/05
Deleted:"Boyfriends", "Fun on eBay", "Where is everyone today??", "Read my favorite books or else...", "Guild of Photoshop Artists?", "MYT Contest: Tavern Feedback: Avatar Complaint"

~pandora~ 04/07/05
Deleted:"Sweet McGoal", "Supersize It", "discussing McDonald's competitors", "Leave the world gracefully", "Birthday", "warm beer", "Reminds Me Of The Time....", "PLEASE", "Prophecies of a middle aged ghetto- Part Uno", "MYT GAME: Round #11 Impersonation Contest", "Fat people are hard to kidnap", "Don't read this thread", "I'm Trippin Out!", "Like, whoa...", "How is it that..", "801st post!"

~pandora~ 04/15/05
Deleted:"New McSpells for Heroes", "MYT GAME: Round #13 - Battlefield Report Contest", "This McDonalds isnt staying is it?", "Cold pizza", "Poll Question:Why?", "MYT GAME: Round #13 Caption Contest", "What is history...", "Need HOMM3 Complete", "April Fool's Day", "An old classic, reappearing for your viewing pleasure!", "HC AWARDS for 2004 - Cast your vote!"

~pandora~ 04/21/05
Deleted:"I wanna be a mod", "Don't tell what you are, BUT WHAT YOU ARE NOT", "The Executive Management Consultants", "DO NOT PRESS", "MYT Round 14 Contest: Lords of Tanaran", "MYT GAME: Round #14 Horoscope Contest", "Lesson of the day", "I wanna be a Corn Cob", "DON'T TELL THE FULL TRUTH! TELL HALF OF THE TRUTH OR NOTHING BUT HALF OF THE TRUTH!", "How do you edit the title of a thread??","PLAY?", "MYT GAME: Round #15 Valeriy's Garden Contest", "MYT GAME: Round #15 Apology Contest", "baileys commercial", "Wooden doors", "LIVERPOOL(2)0-0(1) juve", "star trek is over", "Let's write a poem / story / something", "Is it true?", "Mr Mackey's audition for the role of Yoda", "Feeling like Garbage", "Who Ronald McD really is?", "MYT GAME: Round #15 'LHW' Contest", "MYT GAME: Round #15 Michael Jackson Contest", "The wastelands", "can u read",

~pandora~ 05/02/05
Deleted:"New pope predictions by Malachi and Nostradamus", "Another TPBM", "Star Wars", "Canadian Girls Kick ***", "Riddles,Riddles and Riddles", "Worst MSn conversation ever...", "Rebel Against Mickey D's! Secret Burger King Alliance here!", "liv 2-1 juv", "Are you experienced?", "Attention Americans!", "boyzvioce"

~pandora~ 05/06/05
Deleted:"sticky threads" "Used farm tractors", "It's not fair!", "Pull my Finger!", "Yet another The Person Above Me!!!", "Seinfeld", "*MYT GAME* World Leader Contest", "HE IS COMING FOR YOU ALL!!!"

~pandora~ 05/15/05
Deleted:"Once upon a time.. OoC", "I need some help please~", "Vote for the March PotM", "soccer quotes", "It's happened again....... ANOTHER TPBM", "debating mods", "Happy b-day, Consis!", "Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose?", "*MYT GAME* Royal Rumble Tournament", "What really happened - PART NUMMER ZWEI", "Uncouthness and roller coasters", "WANTED SERIES - the last attempt", "WANTED - who will be the first to go?", "Villains Community", "The final showdown...", "I tried to view Terje's profile", "I win the second "DW" h3 match", "I am new comer from china", "Heroes 5", "too late for tax season..", "Sword of Truth", "chelsea 0-0 liverpool", "The Mafia of the Antichrist", "dume qusteions and other stuf !", "Wowzers", "My avatar", "WANTED - who will be nr two to go?", "I HATE CURRIED RICE!!!!", "Read my Religious Education essay- what do you think?", "Do you think I am...."

~pandora~ 05/30/05
Deleted:"Do you sometime think this way?", "80's movie/tv trivia", "LIVERPOOL 1-o chelsea", "Arsenal 7 - 0 Everton", "Emotion icons", "Which is your Forum?", "1080 Guests!!", "I'm God", "I hate Lkru", "HELP!!! ANYONE!!!!", "Temple of Aozos", "What happen????", "HC's Loser is Back", "2 Khayman @ paper.", "Aliens exist they will invade us!", "Which is the stupidest?", "Girls Wanted +++++", "Don't Boo, I'm Two!", "Today's (May 17) Picture on Celestial Heavens", "Hey Val!! Aren't you suppose to be studying??", "Terje vs. Conan for Capitalism for Dummies", "Look Inside For Description Of How To Abolish The Gap Between Rich And Poor!", "In the spirit of episode 3.......", "Daddy, Lord_Woock, & Vadskye vs. Korejora for The Minks Jolly Good Adventure.", "Freudian Picture, need help.", "Riddles,Riddles and Riddles", "*Hangman*", "sexuality", "Bog standard", "This or That (Wastelands Version)", "buy a genie"

~pandora~ 06/14/05
Deleted:"Jebus loves Lkru!", "I never really understood....", "Peeing while... uhm, u'll see", "if u dint know....", "Liverpool vs. Milan", "peeing while walking", "Haha, Woock!", "Background- Made in Photoshop", "PLEASE HELP", "MYT Fake RL pics of Conan", "New dictionary definition", "Jebus Request", "Poll Question:WANTED - Week five, who will in the game no longer stay alive?", "Who has faked thier deaths to get out of this scandal?", "The Dark Side", "Slow Wednesday", "I'm Leaving", "LIVERPOOL CHAMPION!!!", "testc", "Try not to miss me too much", "hey, Mvassilev, read this!!", "Endor....rant on", "MISS ME GUYS?", "Savagely murdering celebrities","Regards: Place Signature Here", "Guitar Guy and I (on this may the 30 05)", "HC: E-mails to Pandora"

~pandora~ 06/24/05
Deleted:"Part 1: Logo contest", "Hello", "Get Paid for browsing and Surfing", "Have You Ever Been Curious?", ">Poster of the Month - April< *VOTE NOW*", "Yayz0r!", "Hacker and Cracker", "It's after midnight CET again...", "My "new" Blog - Dispatches From the Moderate Left", "supernatural", "Liverpool", "DO NOT BELIEVE", "Hey you! read this yet another stupid copy of another already stupid thread", "Vadskye Is Going To Be Taking Some Time Off (name attached for convinience)", "memberlist", "Web Comics", "plz no", "Karate", "This or That", "Cheezit Masters", "Thanks for the PM, dude!"

~pandora~ 07/04/05
Deleted:"What to built first???",
"6/14/05 News Flash!", "If you don't wanna see an old woman kick a baby, don't click here", "Check this fun site", "Whatever happened to TheUltimateMale", "my stalker", "Free Img, Mp3, and Video Hosting!!", "Turn up the sun","What's That Song?", "Pandora, or other more experianced and Wiser HOC user, please respond!", "LOL, Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods NYC!", "The Craving Thread", "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!", "I'VE DONE IT!! I OWN THE WASTELANDS!!", "Wanna be a drummer? BUY A KEYBOARD!", "dead HC", "i have a plan", "The biggest cliché in the world", "Now tell me..........", "Predict who the next poster is going to be", "The Screaming Thread!", "IM's", "Three Clues To Solve Game", "Your Perfect Profile", "Poster of the Month - May", "Whats your Favourite Sense"

~pandora~ 07/13/05
Deleted: "Girls Wanted+++++", "Whats your Favourite Sense", "What are they COOKING in ......................", "Entertaining Facts", "The Pink Side", "Whats ur favourite visual atrwork", "Plain Times", "relating x to y", "what does ur room need?", "greatest game ever, seroiusly", "Lady Guinevere, Paladin, Lord_Woock, VaRUaS, a_rebirthing_light", "Other Games Exist too?", "Hey LadyGuenivere, read this!", "What Happened to MYT?", "Heaven VS Hell", "What are you eating right now?", "I JUST FOUND THE 2 GREATEST GAMES EVER!!!!!", "What's Worse In Your Opinion?", "Turd", "PANDORRRRAAAA HELLO!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?",

~pandora~ 07/18/05
Deleted:Celebrity Dead Pool- What to do- TPAM
-Singling out of members - Fall? look at this hipnotizing thing - 3 favourite threads at HC 2005 - Nothing important - Getting into a scrap? - Guess the song - Happy belated HC birthday to... - 1001 posts in under 6 months..... so lets PARTAY - VaRuAs a 1337 H4X0R! - The Sports Café - *<-Nickname->* - I spy with my HC eye - YEEEEAH!!! Nineteen, baby... - wtf..the lat two days... -Simpsons Quiz

~pandora~ 07/18/05
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~pandora~ 01/10/05
Deleted:Search Forum messages / HoMM 2 Players / Can i play with somebody Heroes???? or is it not possible???? / worst artifact / A party of recognition..... JEBUS GOT HIS FIRST RED STAR!! / My Age??? / Trogdor recieved his first red star! / Utopia
/ everyone gogo donate me 50 dollars / Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together / I Need Help from the Mods Here! / Why are u at HC? / The Daily Chat Thread.../ Guitarguy is leaving HC / DO IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!! / If you were a {insert subject here} what {repeat subject} would you want to be? / Recent IMs to Lord_Pc / USVW

~pandora~ 01/19/05
Deleted:Who is wise young or old? / Rubber Chicken Battle Royal Event!!! / ARF, you spamming machine / Post editing thread... PART 2! / Varuas ? / Motörhead / VaRuAs leaving...... / mod information: startune / Eating healthy Bah for wimps! / Spammers Tavern / Poll Question / LotR Jokes / your favorite movie and tv series / what happened to GG / make me hard-the whitlams / simpsons question / What game...?/ Is my IM not working? / Soccerfeva / I am a serious poster / Will you people please take me seriously / Repent, People ! / How do you feel right now? / typical evening

~pandora~ 01/26/05
Deleted:Romana...!!! LOL / I am a spamer spammer spammer / Gonna take a break.. / Repent, People! (part 2) / joke of the week / who will/wantsto be the next mod / Lord_Pc is having surgery / Lord_Pc survived surgery / Music problem / How to get into Mod Squad HQ / why dont u ppl like football (soccer)??? / HC IS MINE AGAIN! / MYT Poll - Start Fresh or Continue Where we Left off? / The falling of the VW-please read / The Antitossers Tavern / easiest poll ever, so take part / just imagine. . . / Ban Soccerfeva? / do u have access to a good library??? / DANCE OFF!!!

~pandora~ 08/08/05
Deleted: Born of the DeViL / You won't click here / I will not eat green eggs and spam! / Fantasy Football anyone? / Hey, Lord_Woock, read this! / HEY PAN READ THIS!!! / Hey Medusa, read this ! / things that'll never happen / Bi-mon Sci-fi Con / 3 hung monks / Hey... Yeah you!! Read this / Hey, anyone, don't read this! / Blank VS Blank / YOU PEOPLE ARE LAZY / Who is the best spammer? / where' s the joke thread??? / hey, non-spammers, read this / Moe's Tavern / Hey Lurkers, Read this!!! / MYT Contest: Terje vs Woock: The Axis Revisited / ***Everybody Vote*** / The daily chat thread - part deux! / Hey, Guitar Guy... read this... / Stalkers / 2XtremeToTake?

~pandora~ 09/05/05
Deleted:HC Doctor's Tavern:For HC patients only / A HC record??? / Riddles,Riddles and Riddles / Roe v Wade / Flying Meatballs!! / Who's online? I AM!! / Log out? / Your Ten Most Favorite Words / Fun with IMs / The worst spell ever... / Hit the JESTER, win a prize!! / O RLY? / OMG Look how many QPs I have!!! / Hey, mr_niceguy, read this / cool info about REM (the band) / Anyone watchin Pure Pwnage? / TOP 5 QP threads / Other side? / Hey Noobs! (Teh Noob Song) / What reallyy Happened at 9/11/2001 ?/ Zielevitz???/ The Off-Topic Topic / Survivor- Discussion Thread / I Love Rock! / Help, how can I make money / HAMMERTIME!! / Why is 13 an unlucky number? / The trolls are watchinig us die!

~pandora~ 09/07/05
Deleted:The summer leave thread 2005 / Pictures sites / Slime Sports / THE DAILY CHAT 3000!!/ For Spanish People! / funny funny ha ha / Now don't be like that Pandora!! / G'day / Harry Potter Fans / seeking a romanian member / To Lich

~pandora~ 10/10/05
Deleted: Liverpool WON. . ./ World Cup Sub -17 / ducks in a row / Skywalker... read this! / To Jebus / The chilling out tavern / !!! TIGERS WON !!! / !! SWANS WON !! / names / Maclean's magazine / canadian weather / Why MSG is bad.... / Still Playing Noob-Like / HOMM3,4,5 / Fired for playing heroes!! / Consis: new avatar yay or nay? /Sleeping disorder..... / You'd have to be Canadian to undersand... (well Lee might get this too!) / Me thinks Congratulations are in order!! / Chill out / Jackie Chan 's garbage bag commercial / Do you like my username? / You will click here / The Happy Tavern / HC has 3997 members has there been 4k before? / An off topic spam thread. / Hi / Quiz (es) / Gun control / heroesportal! / I am ALiVEEE>.. / HC has its own game!!! / Explain why things further away are smaller looking / What music are you listening to right now? / Faith?? cuz you gotta have.... / Check out HC Gamers Club / Trakphone Cannibals / shoot to kill policy / Simspon's voices on Conan... / Moper's Tavern / happy holloween / Bad boys, bad boys, whatchaa gonn' do.... / I GOT THE JOB / The thread is gone. / Nasty, Rotten, Gross, Sick!!! / Motorola Cannibals / Jebus read this!

~pandora~ 12/16/05
Deleted:MUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! / Nokia Cannibals / lyrics, statements, ect, the game / Huh? / Tigris Read This!! / The Biggest collection Maps for Heroes IV and Heroes III / I am leaving Heroes Community... / Speak Spanish? Take a look / HC cannibals read this / HOMM3 trivia thread. / What you need! Google game / CAREFULL... PAN'sa LURKING! / Parliament hill on this Nov 17th / where did my IM window go? / Well, who didn't see THAT coming?/ Lee? read this... / battle central / Well, you never thought I'd be a millionaire / You learn something new every day / HC Messenger / Ummmm... hi? / New google game *Name* prefers / Germany 2006 - are you in? / Jebus, Read This.... / Maretti Battles / Wuzzaaaaaaaa??? / You Guys were Great / Anyone like Breasts? / Superknight, read this. / Deep thought of the day-by Jack Handy / Hey RUSS, ready this...../ STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH THE SERVER!!! / Nobody read this / Dingo, read this / dvader, read this!! / South Park Quote of the Day / Glögg / Family Guy Quote of the Day / I GOT A NEW JOB!!! / I am dying / Hitler eats Watermelon / The Great Pirate Combo / Doctor Rock!/ Tongue twister / HC's first community outhouse / FLAMES / See you on the Other Side../ LORD CRUSADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~pandora~ 12/22/05
Deleted:fighting adainist undead / neutral creatures? / Brag about your HOMM3 games!! / testing / The way of the room temperature beer/ heroes 5 ideas/ Get Hamachi and never worry about hosting games again!

~pandora~ 03/09/06
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~pandora~ 03/15/06
Deleted: Less famous webcomics/ Script Development Worksheet for / Is there anyone out there?? /Marettiolator/  I like my women.../ I like my men... / LGs BAAAACK!!!! / Dis or Dat - Global / Dis or Dat...FOOD!!! / Since when could you write in red? / aaawwwww / Qlimax

~pandora~ 05/15/06
Deleted: For you beta-testers out there..../The latest Viral joke / Funny Website / IM GOIN TO BED /Back for a week this time.../
Jumping buildings is for trained professionals/ When glass doors get rigged and fight back/ Word Game / SCREW YOU ACULIAS/ Where is ThE_HyDrA?/ Titans or Black Dragons ?/ Serioulsy need help - I'm actualy serious, not kidding/ An odd law suit we would never press.../ Hey bobby23, read this!/ I have a confession to make.........../ Mod squad headquarters/ The blank post game/ Guess the HC member by the post/ Shoot the Moon/ All my HC posts for/ Beginning of your Nickname/ Valiery/ Finnish Story/ I will speak on behalf of everyone in this room/ And a happy one for Daddy!/ NO MORE GOODBYE THREADS!!!!/ The KookaBar Lab/ What do you think a me?/ Yet another good bye thread/ THE LEGENDARY " ie " MOVEMENT's Trust Act/ There is a change in the air/ Legend Maker Leaves/ The most useless poll in the world/ The ICTC Game/ Hey Val/ Elimination Game - Mod Squad Style!/ From now on........../ my favourite weenie/ Whats easier HCM or MSN/ good laugh/ Err... Mr. Nice guy?/ Er... GuitarGuy?/ Troop Comparisons/ 1.2 gigs a RAM. . ./ Does anybody have HC for their homepage?/ Take your cigs and stuff them up your bung/ Civilopedia style in-game help/ Sup, VaRuAs/ Heroes III Online !/ non-english keyboards/ How will you die?/ Does anyone like me here/ What isThe strongest spell in the HOMM 3 spell bookl/ ho whant to play homm2?/ Best heroes version/ Testing/ Myspace Myspace MYSPACE!!!/ Petition in the legalised execution by gas chamber of Lord_Woock/ What has HC come to/ Getting in to Mod Squad HQ.../ Ok. I gotta ask/ 'had' had had the best sentence/ Buddy in need of help with Spanish/ Come back and join the fun Legend_Maker/ You Have Been Banned For..../ I HATE YU-GI-OH/ How would you rate HC on a scale of 1-10/ I TNT am leaving for good.../ How annoying is LadyGuinevere?/ Petition for the demotion of Angelito/ You just won lotto! Do you still remember your password?/ VW Bar & Grill / Moper's Tavern/ THIS IS THE RED BOLD CAPITOL LETTER THREAD!!!/ Hey William, read this!!!!/ Back Of everyone Volcanic Wastelands!/

~pandora~ 07/12/05
Deleted:whats ur Favourite alignment?/ HC... Is it NEEDED ??? / Last.fm / FIND THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS PIC / a stupid question but plz answer/ *BEER thread*/ DAILY CHAT 4K!!!/ I'm so bored, what should I do?/ I've lost my left sock/ MYT '06 - Unhinged/ MYT '06 Contest #1 - TDL vs 2Xtreme over Cauldrons Keep/ I TNT_Addict, resolve to pick on Aculias on every occasion/ Thesaurus Challenge/ Who wants to have some fun???/ Happy Birthday To Me/ William HC fan club/ 50s Club/ Tosser sign up list/ LITH MAETHORS POST COUNT/ Look what I found!/ DEMONIZE Angelito ! ! ! ^__^/ Disease, is it needed?/ Whats more important?/ I'm starting my own language/ The Christmas Spirit/ The weather in germany is really funny I guess/ Nation Fights/ Contest to name TNT's chin/ No More Witch Hunting/ Boo!/ Does Namus symbolize the state of democracy in HC?/ Lord Woock's last twenty posts/ Attention Heroes Community/ The game of questions (a little seriousness is needed )/ Insert title of thread here/ I'm getting paranoid/ 5000 members woah/ Attention Stalkers!!/ Do you have any idea what I have learned/ William's MSN Behavoir/ Word association game: Ressurected/ I can never get Titans anymore/ Do you look at your own butt in the mirror?

~pandora~ 08/03/06
Deleted: Problems with my music / Ignore this thread/ LegendMaker,/ Throw a beer fest fools Coco's back/ ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEY/ Tech Support/  I'm going home now.../Oh NO! Lotsa puns... RUN for your life/ Hey WIlliam /Can H3 Complete be played windowed/ I'm 20, Baaaaaaaaby!!!!!!/new and need help/ Contest: Longest page of a single thread/ testing sig / The List
/ So Guitarguy, Wassssssssup/ My Recent Penalty by Valeriy/ Something I had to say/ Wake of gods is the devil!!/ A thing that I found/ A Really Disgusting Survey/ Continue the password Argument Valeriy/ William for Mod/ Call the Pun Police...Here comes a bunch more/ The Heroes of Might and Magic Questions/ Random Conversations/ Help start a religious forum/ Rudest person poll/ What happened to Asmodean/ Lich is a true Womans Man/ So Tixy, what are we going to talk about

~pandora~ 09/06/06
Deleted: Its Self Explantory 2 by EldGiffen / good / I lost my PC due to patch 1.2.../ "Stone" Should this natural resourse be added to HOMM/ Lesbians! Griffens! Aculias! / The Person Below Me 12/ One Post Per Player / So, god, what are we going to talk about?/ I'M GOIN TO BEDDYPOO!!!!!!!!/ An interesting, but totally useless thing/ The Evil Overlord Thread/ Do You Shave?/ My real and online names may die/ Why do i hate all non-fantasy fiction books???/ Trogdor why are you so angry? / Somebody is always talking / Wrong gender / Happy birthday to me :-D/ Milena is choosing a new avatar! / Forget TNT. Whatsup with Celfious / Hero pic / Hey, ladies!!/ Jim Carry / Which one? / hilarious pic of darth vader/ Oh n0ez TnTs hare (originaly designed by haloverge)/ 2X's wise words/ happy birthday to me../ My view on things here/Does anyone else.../ Being put to good use / I am drunk / "The Chicken" / oimg im scarred thier talking about me/ Does anyone have this game?/ How to do THAT/ One Word At A Time Story/ Hey, Lich, angel, pan, Jake, Woock, DS, Gootch, Acu,TNT, FoG, Iris, kooka, LM, russ / Send old mod buisness here/ That flashing number/ Damn you MightyMage!!!/ Hey Val, ever been here?/

~pandora~ 09/12/06
Deleted:thread topic replaced with a story.. i cant delete it so heres a story / The Mini-Zen Garden of Doom/ what did batman say to robin before they got in the car?/ I am Back / Voilà!/ Moper's Tavern: B.T.S. Edition/ Ever Had Braces / All Right William / Things you don't really notice / Sooo 666....what should we talk about?/ Turkish Terrorists?!?!?!? / 1-3 sentence at a time story / Corrupt the previous poster's wish / Write a letter to your favorite HOMM3 hero/ Yo, William, analyze this!/ Seven layers of beauty/ AVAST YE SWARTHY SKULLIES!/ It's a shame/ Soo... LadyGuenevere, what are we going to talk about?/ Tavern of the Falling Sun/ So.. LadyMeryl, what are we going to talk about?/ You're wrong once again Mr Woock/ Aculias:Stop the torture / Lefty, Righty, Both, or None?/ im about to flip and say ****/ ***IMPORTANT*** Archiving VW Threads/ Petition for FoG to stop posting pics of his nipples/ Word association game: Ressurected 2!/ I am not the only abstract thinker/ Random Reflecting/ The sour ram testicles poll !/ So Iris, Wassssssssup?/ So Valeriy, what have you been up to lately and are you getting rich at it?

~pandora~ 09/14/06
Deleted:HCCDC: Uniform Haven/ HCCDC: Crikey's Hotel and Casino/ hung over / I was not thinking about / Condolences to my Australian Friends / Bah ! ! !/ Oysters / good / An Inspiring Story / Throw a party, LG's back / Confessions of a non-hero-player

~pandora~ 09/18/06
Deleted:So Russ If you were to populate a world.../ What songs do you sing when you're drunk?/ It's weird but for some reason / Wow! Iris is unstoppable!!! / THE INTERNET SUCKS / Get Some Sleep!?!?!/ Congrats Pecu!! / How can I know if someones retrieving PWs?

~pandora~ 10/03/06
Deleted:Do you have what it takes to become a US citizen? /My bird friends / Insult Yourself/ omg only 19 seconds to make this thread/  feel like changing my username already / with negative qps we cant learn a lesson if..../ YES Documents of a mad man what is celfious/ Can't get IM's -- chapter 3,124/ somebody PLEASE post in one word story! / Why is that people at HC can never finish anyth / Heroes3@Mac (Intel processor)/ Do you spam the VW more than you play HOMM? / Teh roxor / Did you get the memo?

~pandora~ 10/05/06
Deleted:AntiPalidins Toss CHallenge/ Boredom or Being Neutered/ Would you rather.../ Ban the Titan Avi Poll/ ohh god! that's life!/ Diablo 2 Meet up / @acu/ So my internet has finally been taken away/TNT_Tribute

~pandora~ 10/16/06
Deleted:Drunkess in school/ I've often dreamt of editing a Pecu post so it makes sense.../ ME ME ME ME is all you think that I care about/ GAH - That Quote Reply Button/ Pandora I am fuming at you!/ heroes do not play baseball/Joe Cocker!/I'm going to blindly change my password so that I won't return.../ Help me with my homework/ Mightymage/ SUPERSONIC CHANGE YOUR AVATAR!!!/ Here's a riddle for you/ :-( / The Person Above Me 19/ "The Last Word Becomes the First Word/ SCREW YOU MIGHTYMONKEY!!!!/ I Need a New Signature / Experiment ***Edit War***/ where is that hate thread / The First VW Official Roast, Part 1/ I was thinking about..../ Im back... again... for like the fifth time.../ GET OVER YOURSELF RSF!!!/ Tell me how can I post pictures / spam-yes another / G is for Orange!/ flood/ spam / Making floods / It's snowing!!!!/ *waves at Bjorn*

~pandora~ 10/18/06
Deleted:Count to Infinity / Legendary Hero / Circular Logic Game / Poland 2-1 Portugal / LadyG's Signature Contest! / Modhat On / Metallica-Your votes / A funny thing happened...

~pandora~ 10/23/06
Deleted: O RLY? / Is my cupcake here? :*( / What'cha Listening To? / soo kakister what are we gona talk about?/ Guess what i AM BACK...../ I am Trogdor and I'm not Consis........./ LIBRARY PARTY (copy)/ Anybody seen my cupcake?/ Anybody seen Ruby?/ Drunk man mauled by pand{or}a/ Iris does NOT equal IRISCANNOTPOST/ Russ's own Pandora thread/ Post your funniest picture/ I finally got my fifth yellow star!/ Pandora's Favorite/ Bears/ Stop with the Pandora Threads/ My own pandorific thread/ Pandora's Box/ I AM QUITTING

~pandora~ 10/29/06
Deleted:A hate thread for everyone./ 2+2=Pandora?/ I've found Bjorn's cupcake but i've lost my cookie 8(/Hey DS! / William Just Started his Own Pandora Thread / Pandy I loves ur sig / I'm so confused..../ My 1st KookaThread / Please Kooka, Stop!/ TnT request a thraed/ O RLY picture/general discussion/ What happened to u william?/ A like/love thread for everyone/ KookAlarm!!! Beware the slanting tooth!! O_o/ Does anybody know the REAL lyrics.../ The thread for jokes/ Ode to cupcake/ Poll Question:help !/ Just in case there ever is a need, val put this in/ Smiley for TNT/ OMGZ Whos a what now? O_o ^_O/ Give pandora a hug/ In case anyone cares/ Give ShadowCaster a fat kiss

~pandora~ 11/07/06
Deleted:What's with TNT_ADDICT/Kooka's Green Goombas/US has gone mad {er}/ Firefox 2.0!!!!/ Time of from wasteland and tevran/ going away for a week/ TREES ARE ATACKING!!/ I lost my phone/ Pandora or Kooka threads/ Which One Of the heroes game is your fav/ Cool Internet Speed Test/ Cool Internet Speed Test/ ... what's a huklberry?/ old word game/ Put Your Mouse Over the Guy's Nose/ A thread dedicated to MightyMage/ I'm so behind on all the spam.../ Pandora's Sig/ Hughes Vs St. Pierre/ Niddy's massive sox orgy

~pandora~ 11/07/06
Deleted: Very addictive game/ YOU CANNOT SILENCE ME!!!!!/ The Wrath of the Mouse/ Go bonkers / I'm shouting happy-screams!! / Snow!! / DAILY CHAT, LIMITED EDITION!!/ TnTina does NOT equal TnT/ William William William William William William William William William William/ A New Lord of Spam?/ Last wish?/ MAS Ball This Weekend!!!/ Should Lady G stop making useless Petitions?/ Signup list to rib LadyGuenivere/ Petition to Bring back a_rebirthing_flight/ I'm sick and it's all Pandora's fault/ I saw you Shadowcaster/ Let's Have an RP VW Style/ Look !/Signup list to rob LadyGuenivere/ People you would like to beat up, defecate on etc etc/ Adressing Mods or Lich_King?/ LadyGuenivere does NOT equal LadyMeryl (last post date Nov5) / Dear HC... (Last post date Nov 8)

~pandora~ 11/20/06
Deleted: I like you / HC Democracy Revolution/ Spam Race!!/ Sing with me/ Stargazer how many times? / We can be real heroes/ Petition to Bring back TDL/ Free Passes to Play WoW ITT/ Shadowcaster, when are YOU going to make an RP?/ Simple Technical Help/ Dare you click?/ help with installation/ This New Generation is Boring/ What happened TNT?/ yes/ I'm going to read you a bedtime story/ I am/ I like to Scroll / Here's my recommendation/ Who is your Daddy and What Does He Do Here?/ What do you do here?/ Signup list to rub LadyGuenivere/ One Word Replies in this thread

~pandora~ 12/03/06
Deleted:Who cares?! / I got addicted... for the first time/ Hi
/ TitaniumAlloy! I dare you to quote the first post of this thread!/ Skype/ Should we stop doing stupid polls?/ Roleplayers Can Spam Too!!!!/ Woock Will No Longer Be The Spam King in 2007/ Impending doom/  working progress/ When is ur brithday!?/ You think Planet earth is big? Take a look/ Why is Aculias Feeling so Pissy Today/ Sacred - Online / Violent Flower Says/ Petition for Lady G to not post annoying threads/ Hellloooooooooooooooooooooo/ ghosts and UFO's/
Woock, I am you, twenty years from now/ Whos cooler?/ Evil Music/ NO/ My change/  i just invented a new word.../ There's a crack in the clouds/ GAAAAH!!! I'm sick!!!/ I would!/ DAILY CHAT!!!!! DISEASE AWARENESS FUND!!!!/ Petition to demod MightyMage to a normal member/ My change/ An important subject/ MY Change/ My Change

It's not who wins or losses that matters, it's how you play the game. Honor before all else!

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The way of the semi-coooked pancake ; The way of the Heroes ; The way of the Heroes ; HP fans ; Merry Christmas HC ; Age is a big importance!!! ; Nice MSN conversation =P ; I really think HC should always be like this. ; Happy Birthday, Sweet ; The world's ugliest dog died ; Heroes Tattoo ; "Hattrick" anyone? ; Deppressing old week ; Story Puzzle ; One of the funniest things I've seen in a long time... ; who has been rating the threads ; Are emoticons valid punctuation marks? ; Uh-oh! It looks like HC is dying!

I have a forum. ; Need a german translator ; Some Spooky Spam... ; Sir Dunco, Check Your HC Messages ; msn? ; The Ultimate Showdown! ; asdf ; Age of Wonders II ; Solmyr Sucks Totally!! ; Ignore this...

new english ; has anybody tried googling "Spam"? ; I, FriendofGunnar... ; The latest LG spam thread. ; Volcanic Wasteland, My Favorite Forum ; ZOMG HOT NAKED BABES! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!11!1one!!!1!!1!two!11!2 ; TROGDOR!!!!!!! ; Grandmas apple pie recipe ; The latest Viral joke ; l ; RED SOX FAN YOU PISS ME OFF!!! ; Death knights or DEAD knights? ; Don't post here ; Hey RSF... READ THIS!!!!!!!!! ; Chuck Norris! ; Post Your Favorite Triangle ; Miss HC ; The most annoing monster !!! ; "I havent slept for a week. . . ; Sheesh William ; Asmo, if you are here by all means, READ THIS!!!!! ; And now for something completely different ; Let´s bash Solmyr! ; Predator > Chuck Norris ; snow Rotta Rove ; I was gone... but im back! ... for the weekend ; May Angels Lead You In ; I am on a vendetta ; A very important question ; Satisfied customers, gotta love them. ; Post something unique here ; Heroes 3 Crashes ; Sir Stiven ;  I (Celfious) Wont be a millionaire soon afterall ; William's daily Titan ; I have a confession to make. ; Finnish word fights !!!! ; The R.D.A. Thread ; Gootch ; ICTC is Immoral ; ICTC is Dirty ; ICTC smells like poo. ; ICTC reminds me of J.M. ; ICTC is Morbidly Obese ; ICTC needs help! ; Userbars ; ICTC is Lame. ; ICTC is Meretricious ; ICTC is ugly. ; ICTC is lonely. ; DIngo reply here, I got a surprise for ya ; ICTC is a threat to society! ; ICTC is an S.D. ; ICTC has a small..... ; ICTC is very rude. ; That's it, yep I pissed my pants... ; ICTC is racist. ; ICTC full of ****! ; ICTC Has Crabs ; ICTC is Salacious. ; ICTC is uneducated. ; ICTC cannot get an erection ; ICTC is a fat *** ; ICTC can kiss my ass. ; ICTC doesn't have a pinky toe. ; ICTC is a gold digger. ; ICTC crashed my ****ing car! ; ICTC is a Butt Pirate ; ICTC is Glib. ; ICTC is a real panzy! ; ICTC is cheap. ; ICTC is Untrustworthy. ; ICTC drives a POS. ; ICTC is on a gay cruise! ; ICTC is a Loser. ; ICTC is below avarage ; ICTC likes the Sexually Monitor children. ; ICTC is Unattractive. ; I don't like ICTC and neither should you. ; ICTC is Not a Law Abiding Citizen. ; ICTC made me piss my pants ; ICTC Kills Culture. ; ICTC Likes it Raw. ; ICTC a mistake of nature? ; ICTC is a Vandal. ; ICTC sucks gasoline! ; ICTC Doesn't Wear Protection! ; ICTC sucks more than just gasoline... ; ICTC is imature ; ICTC Kills Kittens! ; ICTC Intentionally Litters. ; Kill ICTC vol. 3 ; ICTC Hits Women.ICTC listens to Britney Spears! ; ICTC doesn't wash hands after taking care of unsanitary buisness ; Now Taking Bets on how many QPs Dingo needs to get to 7 Red Stars ; When I get constipated I don't have to wipe ; I took the Dairy Challenge ; Kookastar you RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; Hey, look at me! ; ICTC makes people spammers! ; ICTC eats babies ; ICTC has been linked to AIDS ; a ; RUN FOR YOU LIVES! ; why does everybody hate ICTC so much? ; ICTC is not as praiseworthy as DINGO! ; ICTC corrupts children ; ICTC eats before swimming ; ICTC a satan worshiper! ; ITCT is dumb ; Should Honorable heroes be worshiped as gods? ; Campgains Talks ; HC Member Rating -WILLIAM- ; ICTC Drives Without Insurance! ; ICTC is sexy. ; What's up with william bashing? ; I'm curious if anybody uses that floating HC menu ; Is EldGriffen Cool? ; k ; I Had an Ice Cream... ; Feelin' Like a Ham & Mustard Shake ; What's with the k? ; Drawings!!! ; Because of ICTC, We lock our doors at night.
Go Red Sox!

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posted June 22, 2006 07:15 AM
Edited by RedSoxFan3 at 08:00, 13 Nov 2006.

Deleted: ~ 6/21/2006

Thank-You Val; Anyine hear of that teltubbie?; Tosser of the Month; Petition for legalised silencing od person known as ANGELITO; What do you think about ADMIN and MODS?; The Mods, are they doing a good job?; Which HOMM creature/hero am I?; UCL and FA Cup Finals; Apply for a qp here.; Weather impact; Save us from BOREDOM...; Six Pack; I, Trogdor, resolve to still be the only TRUE ruler of the VW.; HC quote of the week; VW can't be ruled; The TPAM Tavern - open for business and open for one and all; VW cannot be ruled.; Get some Sleep [insert name]; Check Out TNT's Back.; MS Word Problem; Find the stealth!!; Moper's Tavern, third time isnt a charm; WOOOOHOOOO!!!; Petition to save william; is it?; Only 1 Allowed; Damn my Feet are Veiny; Who likes to travel???; Who likes to travel???; Hey noob.; HoMM 1-3 Plot (spoilers); In response to Uwe Boll getting the HoMM movie...; Guess That Game; IM GOIN TO BED; The Necro Campain`s To Easy; Petition to Ban Aculias if the Royals Make the Playoffs; Who are these people?; Careful TNT; Dumb Question / Dumb Answer; Petition to Stop the Petition Against GG Leaving "-GuitarGuy" After His Posts; Petition for Russ to shave his balls; Mr. NiceGuy, you deserve your own vanity thread.; I, Bob Dole, resolve to become President of the United States.; Ghost Ship and dead crew!!; Petition for Guitarguy to stop leaving -Guitarguy in his posts; RTI; Hi I'm Santa Clause and I'm an Alcoholic; Help; This is not a petition.; Famine, is it needed?; HC keeps cutting out on me!; HC keeps cutting out on me!; Big Brother Eviction; Petition to send Lord Woock to space without a spacesuit; No recent posts; Petiton to keep TNT_Addict's mouth shut; Whats more important?; download H5 free; Throwing away my life for nine inch nails? VW, is it needed?; This Joke, is it needed?; Temple of Ashan, new place for spam?; William, is it needed?; Monkeys, are they needed?; My brain itches; Aculias does it again...; H 4 was not made by NWC; Rudest person poll

Archived: ~ 6/21/2006

Russ... I'm serious now... This has gone too far...; A war against Pandora! I'm MAD!; 6 year anniversary for Woock; Val Made a Typo

Deleted: 11/13/2006

A question from Cel; Petition to make Aculias less evil; Dumb Question / Dumb Answer (2); Pecu, have you run out of love?; I Wanna Kill Spam; The darkening; Thread Ideas; Effin Boyscout's Effin Symposium; One word at a time story continues...; Evil heroes or Good heroes
Go Red Sox!

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posted December 08, 2006 07:01 PM
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~pandora~ 12/08/06
Deleted:CAD / Trainrider/ Chili Out!/ TitaniumAlloy needs to appreciate other materials/ Is HC doomed?/ Petition to bring back Jebus!/ My Change (which is better then everyone else's changes)/ is this good rsf?/ Russ Needs a New Nickname/ &#9835; &#9835; ¢Ü ¢Ü &#9835; &#9835; &#9835; &#9835; ¢Ü ¢Ü &#9835; &#9835; b/ perhaps/ ¨¬¢¯¨¬/ Hey you all forgot?

~pandora~ 12/13/06
Deleted:I'm Sideways/ given one more chance/ I'm Front/ 1 Liners/What Happened?/ Griffins/ A Song Getting Old/ You Know You're Shallow When.../ Jeopardy Winner/ Get Addicted!/ A New Creature Pack!/ Im back people!/ tuo edisni m'i/ SPAM Club/ Dear Fergie;

~pandora~ 12/17/06
Deleted:I am BACK!!!!/ two in the pocket is better than.../ what was in the thread "TitaniumAlloy needs to appreciate other materials"?/ skookum / It is the new rumor

~pandora~ 12/24/06
Deleted: Silly question but ..../ Friend of Gunnar OR Friend of Piquedram/ Late Night..../ Christmas coming, beware of robots/ Do dragons exist?/ A VW Poem/ I want to know everybody!!!/ A thread about Domo-Kuns/ Where were you at 6:09 at 12/11??!!!?/ 20 post per 24 hours enough?/ It's Official. Snowflake Stinks/ Drinks, everyone!/ William Needs a Nickname/ Hula Dancing / Hey Guitarguy!/ Everybody Loves Romana!/ So, LKru33, what are we going to talk about?/ Don't you hate it when you remember there's something important/ I added namus on msn/ 20 posts in 24 hours. Enough?

~pandora~ 01/06/07
Deleted:Will you be nominated / I've been away for a while/ CoC Violation?/ What's with the Wastelands lately/ omg u ppl are kinda boring atm / SPAM WARS!!!!/ Should we fear William?/ don't post in the other side/ Spam for Brekkie/ I found my H3 disc again/  Don't Want to Know Anybody!!!/ Gibberish... or / Gibberish/ Who likes William/ I tried catching snowflakes with my tongue/ How do i?/ Robosaurus is dangerous

~pandora~ 01/10/07
Deleted:Your first Encounter's with HC members/ People Angry for.....?/ 'Wikimbulate' is a stupid word/ 666 posts in the last 60 days / 'Mayhaps' is a stupid word

~pandora~ 01/14/07
Deleted: I need a sig?/ Pecu's at it again.../ 8 Threads Currently In Wastelands/ Newcommers please read, like if you want to.../ funny exam answers/ I have an announcement to make/ Which word is worse/ Who gave William his unlimited posts back / Men Are Beautiful/ Remaking Lyrics of Joy/ 'Beddypoo' is a stupid word/ So what did YOU drink on New Years/ The Person Above Me 20/ Chill Out! (In Honor of Dingo)/ Which Messenger do you use?/ Kooka, Iris Listen up/ Is it a warzone?/ I just noticed something today

~pandora~ 01/18/07
Deleted:Newcommers Read please v.3/ This page will display automatically in a few seconds/ Volcanic Wastelands should be a democracy/ WhahahawoOooOwhaAA/ im going to bed/ Burn out (in the honor of Dingo)/ Aculias vs Binabic!/ I'm Sorry/ Funny Back/ I'm not sorry

~pandora~ 01/22/07
Deleted: Replacement/ Happy Easter/ Homeless people... Are they needed?/ I miss Val's spam/ You burly moderator you!/ I Am So Fricken Bored Right Now/ 'Is it/are they needed' threads, are they needed?/ So Bored/ I KNEW IT!!!!!/ Dingo is going for yellow gold/ Panties: Are they needed?/ Azure Dragon vs Halflings/ Hey Dingo remember this?/ Give Your Soul to Jesus for a FREE PS2!!!/ I am so tired!!!/ is there a word/ Back off everyone vw is mine!! part 2/ Note to William/ Wierd feeling/ Chill out

~pandora~ 01/30/07
Deleted::New RP- Dark Ages of War and Battle and Fight/HC IS BORING/ The Person Under Me/ Overrated!/ In Search of Soup/ Mod abuse/ JenJenJenJenJenJenJen :/ Brrrrrrrr!/ Something like the... Special Ranks!/ Funny idea/ William for Mod!/ I'm back/ SnowFlake for Mod!/ I remember when.../ How old were you when you went to school?/ Listening to Whaaa...???/ IM HERE!!!!/ Funniest Borat Clip/ Alcohol is the devil and should be destroyed/ The system detained an innocent man/ The Daily Chat Has Poofed!!

~pandora~ 02/05/07
Deleted::BBQ at my place/short-term return.../ What's gotten into KD?/ UHUH/ How much we dislike KY/ I think my PC has a virus/ Dear Fortress_fan/ What is an Aussie?/ TDL is Back!/ Just a Post/ Vodka - the best rdink in the World!/ Did I do something wrong?/ So kooKaStar, what are we going to spam about?/ the HC's DIY guide to destroying a country/ I am Iris, hear me roar!/ Lich Kings Revenge/ Where has all the good spam gone?/ Different Draculas/ Books are heavy

~pandora~ 02/15/07
Deleted::A bug (please fix it)/ KD was disappeared!/ GO BEARS!!!/ I need a phrase/ So, VokialBG.../ I got hacked also/ Check This Out (LOL)/ What ya think ?/ Dear GenieLord/ Hey Pandora!!!!!/ other other forums/ Dear MightyMage/ New Breeds/ WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ME!!!!!!!!!!!/ I hate being bad-mannered/ And I thought airport security was tough as hell........./Whos sexy men & women/ What HC needs....

~pandora~ 03/02/07
Deleted::GenieLord's terrifying sighting/ HC could use a forum game/ Hey Mighty Mage!!!!/ Castrate Acu/ Yo Woock!!!!!/ Yo What's Up/ Constapate Trodger/ [enter your name of a thread here]/ Kookie! This will help!/ Daystar!/ Imagination is more important than knowledge./ Dear_Morons02/ OWNED!/ Lost is back!!!! / Hey GuitarGuy/ Fake Usernames/ Gogs and Magogs/ Global warming/To mycelf and all my haters/ Yay! William is back/ The Movie Thread *Might Contain SPOILERS*/ FOR CHRISSAKES SPELL MY NAME RIGHT!!!!!/ what has your country done to inhibit mankind/ Doomforge is a Promising Hero!/ Woock scared me!!!!/ Ultimate ninja battle!/ All hail the Scarlet Crusade!/ Japanese don't have sense of humor? You bet/ Monty Python/ Cash or Experience?/ no Qps/ Dislike R.E.M.? C'mere/ 2 = 1/ Who would be the ideal Admin?/ Grind XP

~pandora~ 03/07/07
Deleted::wow vs vice city / Talk about HCers/ I discovered this... all by myself!/ Supreme/ Where'd You Guys Go???/ Woe is me...

~pandora~ 03/07/07
Deleted::The Thread of the Year Contest/ did you EVER go to school/ Where it all started.../Gimme something that rhymes with Banff/ What do you think of.../ What's this sound/ The Real World: Episode 1: Is it okay to be Gay?/ Questions for Moderators/ Monsters ''favorite'' names/Talk About Nothing/ Anchovies suck./ Trogdor/ Funny what people do when they're bored/The Real World: Episode 2: Morality; Would you run around naked in a mall? FOR $50!!/ I'm Sorry.../ HAHA!!!!!!!/Is Unhackable KD?/Who want's KD here?

~pandora~ 03/19/07
Deleted::Mummies/ I want 2 see the funnyest pictrue ever../ The Real World: Episode 3: Corrupting the Youth/ What is your fashion?/ what does ron away love mean to you?/ Answering Questions With Other Questions/ the world stands up/ Anyone living in Berlin?/ An Annoying HC problem/ I know this will make things get real quiet but.../ I need a rest.../ Random Musical Thoughts/ A room in the tavern/ The Human Slingshot/ The end of the Spam Angels?/ 1 thread and 753 replies in the VW?/ Daylight Savings Time/ Insult someone then say 'no offence'

~pandora~ 04/02/07
Deleted::Thread of Thousand Blesses/ Happy Tree Friends/ I am an Effin Modscout/ Kookastar is.../ The primordial problem/ Go Leafs Go!/ So Baklava/ Go SHARKS Go!/ Heroes rules, Lost and Prison Break can bite me!/ Makeover to Bixie!/ Censorship../What do you think of this cool video?/ A Poem I Wrote About Elves/ What Kind of Forum is This?/ PANDORA A WOMAN!!!!!/ Yyou can not beat me Impacted/ People from Michigan are Losers/ I Love My New Avatar/ I love my new Avatar/ I remebered!/ Last Night Was Fun/ I am an Enchanted Puppy/ I/ Censorship, is it needed?/ An even longer thread name, because obviously multiple exclamation marks don't count./ This is the longest thread name possible. Don't you think? I think that this is!!!!!!/ I can't make a thread title longer than those others, I can make one of equal length/ Here is a weird question./ A thread without any swearing in it/ NowthisisthelongestthreadnameonHeroesCommunityEVERbecausespacesdontcounteithersuckers/Alright TA, duct tape versus swiss army knife!/ LOL at Pandora Locking that Thread/Hey, RSF, read this!/ Does it seem like Alc is locking too many threads in the Temple?/ They say you aren't allowed to swear in your posts/ Happy Birthday Milady Milena/isn't sleeping nice/  IM GOIN TO BED/  MMMMMM/ The Titanium Alloy/ I'm at work right now/ Attention, I too have Something Important to Say/ Aclydiabetis OR however you say his name/ Where is Startune?/ droid VS mage/ The KD Fan Thread/ Why is everyone suddenly switching avatars?/ ZOMG! I Have Something Important to Say as well/ Alucard/ Q L I M A X/ My threads are better than all of yours./ MUSIK/MY DEMANDS DO NOT HAVE TO BE MET BUT IT WOULD BE REAL NICE IF THEY DO/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!/HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!/ HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!/ Yo, Am I Throwin You Off?/ the king of undead/ Why the Morale never work when i need?/ Feeling Lonely? (PS: You guys suck ~ Pandora)

~pandora~ 04/09/07
Deleted::You vs. The Bomb/ Spammers beware!!/ Personal Profile/ inappropriate titles/ Let's have peace/ the mighty boosh!/ +QP Awarded Threads - Age of Heroes Coliseum/ Imagehacks@ ?/ My Life as a Newter/ Why the Morale never work when I need?/ I LOVE YOU ADAM/ Pandora is my HUNAY/ What is 1 / 3 ?/ best April fools prank ever/ For whomever it concerns/ Nival is here!/ ADAM who?/ Bye, bye I leave HC/ My Beloved/Luck versus Skill/ AND FOR AN EVEN BETTER PRIZE, POST IN HERE/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!/ Once Upon A Time (Archived)/ MightyMage broke the COC!/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!/ I Vote BAN Kookastar!/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!/ How ancient and great "Might and Magic" is!/ LMAO @Spambro!/ >.< .....Sexy Crack..... >.</ The Monty Python fan thread/ I reset RSF's Siggy and Status!!/ And now you do what they told ya!..../ Hey Pan, this is for you and your little ones!/ I fought the law

~pandora~ 04/17/07
Deleted:: What's On My Mind?/ The Biara Thread/ No more Chop Suey?/ +QP Awarded Threads - Volcanic Wastelands/ OMGLOL/ Hey TA!/ Save the thread!/ Offtopic Thread aka Burn out in Honor of Mvassilev, KnightDougal and Trogdor/ KD has returned! (again)/ Hmmmmmm/ Need more Speed?/ RSF is jealous!!!/Desktop Tower Defense/ lol cosplay/ Republicanisms/ k/ One Word at a Time Story continues...

~pandora~ 05/04/07
Deleted::Billy Pete's Fun Time Adventures/ IMVU/ Money Money Money/ It's fun being a Promising!!!!/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!/ Bye for two weeks/ The ONLY decent Britney Spears song / Now THESE are funny/ Heroes Font/ Pls help with a problem/ Mr. Neud Heroes Community 2007/ The Person Who Created The Thread That is Above this one in the wastelands forum/ The Person Below Me/ List of All QP Hunters Not Awarded/ To Everyone Who Has Nothing To Do With Me/
Catchers Cavern/ OMGWTFBBQ/ Let's talk Crime/ 3/ Wow... I mean, WoW/My Feet Are Burning/  I rule vastelands!/ '/

~pandora~ 05/09/07
Deleted::Thirty Dirty Birds/ Hey, Svarog.../Gayfriendly discussion/ I see Shadowcaster!/ No Soup For You/ Smart question / Smart answer/ Don't Drop The Soup/ AHK' RP/im ok/ Our desktops!/  know its april but.../ AHK` OOC/ I gave up on paying my bills.../ Don't delete! Try this yourself! It's really true!/ I gave up on giving up. / Things that make HC good or bad/ Mighty Mage would love this song.../ Kooka, Pan, Iris, and any other females here

~pandora~ 05/24/07
Deleted::Boring Discussion/ automatic-sth-o-maker ;-)/ I disagree with TA's custom signature.../ I'm goin to Beddypoo/ No, don't call me a hero./ Mighty Mages turn ons/ Renegades with fancy gauges/ Hey Look a Gorilla!!!/ Do I have to leave HC (again)/ Yo Pecu/ Why Doesn't Anyone Respond to my Gay Crappy Threads?/ Mighty Mage is Good At It/Dogs, Cats or what???/ Moderator Log/ Rebels of the BK Lounge - Down with the McTemple/ I'm going Cookies for Kookastar/ Yea Lith/ A Future Picture of Me.../ Gay crappy threads and all that/ Ikaros dabate thread/ homm2 multiplayer/ Is it any good?/ It's Raining/ An even gayer thread than MightyMage's. I, too, am super serial!/ Pandora I helped you out/ I, RedSoxFan3, Resolve to be No Longer Neutered/ The gayest thread in HC. I'm Super Serial!/ Cats can play golf, too (browser game)/ Rock me Shock me come here and Sock me!/ Arnold Schwarzenegger's day out/ The WV Knock-Ins/ It's not raining/

~pandora~ 06/04/07
Deleted::Burnination Damage Reports/ Who would win, beer versus wet socks?/ something really REALLY awkward/ Which is cooler?/ How did Chuck Norris affect your life!/ THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED/ Poetry/ nine inch nails/Great signature Asheron!/ I think we both know you're not meant to take my place, brother./ Some people had an enormous amount of free time

~pandora~ 06/13/07
Deleted:: WOOHOO/ Personal Quotes - Spamfest Version/ LOL/ Who posts next?/ Hey Trodger!!!!!/ Fortunately CONSIS/ What I want? Dude you know what I want!!!/ All I Have To Say Is.../ Copycat/opposite threads - and yes, I refrained from said ideas/ Threadbane/ Things I hate today/ McDonalds rots your brain/ A butterfly that flaps its wings/ LG exposed?/ So, you may have been wondering.../ Violent Thief/ How hot is she?/ Illegal Danish/ Williams personal fav to have! WHats yours!/ The impossible quiz/ The Person Above Me(I've lost count because there wasn't a TPAM for such a long time)/ So, you WILLIAM may have been wondering...

~pandora~ 06/26/07
Deleted:: Kookie!/ That's What She Said/ Bunny Rabbits Jumping on Bells in the Sky/ UH and Ash/ Watcher83, buddy/ One line at a time TPAM story/ FINALLY BACK/ Things I love today/ I don't/ To none of you/ hOw to????/ The Biggest Pig in America//Just be glad.../ Things That I Don't Hate, Nor Love, But Are Just Kinda Okay Today/ Ximinez is my evil twin/ Follow The Rainbow/Think you know me?/ Going away now.../ To the number one linux guy here.../ Think You Know Me?/ Hey Tumblelith!/ The Trolls are Watching Us Die 3/ I think MightyMage is Puppy Chow/ What lies Underweaneath/ Im back, for the... er.../ Mind Control Resistant/ HEY, efreeti_man!/ Subliminal message from TA?/ Bye for a few days!/ AAARGH!!!! THEY'RE PULLING OUT MY EYEBALLS!!!!/ Osama Raider/ Who would win- Spiderman or Slipperman / There were no "TPAM" or "Who posts next" thread in last 10 replies...!/ Man I haven't played this game in so long/ test/ Spellchek on Identical/

~pandora~ 07/18/07
Deleted:: Funny stuffs! / Two inches of dangling fury / ARRGH!!!! THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!/ Look Who's Back/ Who would win - Caveman or Astronaut/ Who would win - Pan or the 'Who would win' threads?/ To Runawaylove/ GUESS WHO JUST GOT PWNED IN SCIII/ Do you reminder Eldgiffen?/ Who would win Trodger or William/ Cons & Pros/Who would win- Superman vs everyone else/ LICH_KING but you know i still love you!/ Urban Legends and More!/ Mods Need to Post/ Lets just do it/ Bed Ridden Fatties/ Where do you like it?/ Pros & Cons/ Who would win- King Kong or Darth Vader?/ Party inside/ Click to enter this topic [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]/ Found my HoMM 3 disc/ Am i remmberd?/ Emo police/ Dumb Question / Dumb Answer/ Yeeeaaarrrrghghghgh!!!!/ SOAPBOX ANYONE/ Why only 20 posts in 24 hours?/ 4th of July woot!/ YEEHAW/ Yay for Scotland/ Who's got a Playstation 3?/ / Geny spams to much/ I challenge Geny on a spam saber duel!/ I caught Val online!!!!1!1!one!/ Fool prove method for "scoring with chicks"/ HC stats/ My WM conversations today/ I gave up on believing in George W. Bush / Let's Write a Poem/ GL won't be here for two weeks/ Just to say thank you.../ Who would win - Britney or Paris?/ Jesus saves!/ Update on KD/ Drone music/ The mods are getting lazy/ Hey Alc/ Odessa/ Hahaha It's GL/ GHNARLG!/ Alphabetical One Line at a time Story/ Let's write a story!/ copy-paste/ Top Movies

~pandora~ 07/23/07
Deleted: Would you?/ TPAM pro/ It's not called 'SPAM' anymore/ SPAM festival/ Pivot!/ Your next screen / HELP! In need of new home page!/ Would you?

~pandora~ 08/03/07
Deleted:w00t, finally 17!/ Who posts next?/ holy shezmoly!/ Bowling today/ Oh My Cheeks / The end of the world is coming!/TPAM is just one letter away from SPAM/ William's evil twin!/ Impossible Question/ Secret Message/ 16777215 Threads?!/ Do you know any aliens?/ Kookie!/ Which Iraqi is most responsible for the countrys upheaval?/ Amzanig huh?/ Inquiring Minds Loves to know Bixie?/ Promising People!/ Pistols at dawn.../ Irony of destiny/ Random Kookie Thread No715/ YO Kookie Sue Where Are You / Who does the boggy man look for in his closet?/ Free qp's for sale-/ Hard Rock Hallelujah/ Graffiti - art or vandalism/ HEY VIOLENT FLOWER!!!/Kookie was posting nekkid!!!!/ If you wanna get down/ The JCB Song/ This thread isn't about Kookie/ GET SOME SLEEP MAETHOR!!!/  like to think of Jesus as wearing a Tuxedo T-shirt/ Cheer up, Pan

~pandora~ 08/09/07
Deleted: Big Brother HC Days 1-7,Top 10 reasons why Leo_Lion left./ The Moses Switch / Chill Out/ SOX/ Help/ Alcibiades VS Zombies/ Blackle/ What are you listening to now?/ Pan's a necro / Kookie the Hottie Waitress!/ Shadowcaster makes for groovy Dos-Based GoodTimes!/ TNT watch out it's coming

~pandora~ 09/05/07
Deleted:digidestin/ Happy holidays people!/ Baklavas a dessert / HE IS IRONMAN/ Pan is usin passive leet/ The Guitaring Willy show/ I'm going on holiday/ A Little Forgetful/ flying fluffy fridges .../ All / Hey Alc you are gonna like this/ Meteor Shower Tonight/When sign makers go on strike,/The list of top 1000 hottest chicks of all time/ Daily Chat - The Ultimate!/ One... take control of me,/ The worst time to have a heart attack/ Would you rather be/ Who is your personal savior?/ BLAAAAAAAAAAA/ I need to know!/ Hi Noobreaks/ Tricky Locations on HC/ TPAM 2 (by the new reckoning)/ I gave up on believing in Namus.../ OMGWTFBBQ...Inside the word/ IN THE NAME OF BLUE SOCKS/ The Jack-O-Lantern!/ OMG Hexa's BAK!/ I want to FLYYYYYY/ Bush talks about the zombie threat!/ Alone!!11/ Teapot/ Back Again/ I'm Going to Bed/ The Quoting Pyramid/ Poll: Have you been in a mental ward before?/ The return of.......... THINGS I HATE TODAY/ Windows Really Good Edtition/ Need more pirates/ Job opportunity/ Peanuts/ Cya later freaks/ Battle Garden/ Dis or Dat

~pandora~ 09/24/07
Deleted:Age of Heroes won't work for me/ I'm not going on a holiday/ Going away... / LOL OMG ROFL HaHaHahahahaha/ Petition to save money in order to buy maps for Americans!/ How Elvin will Die in 19 days/ The Antipaladinia/ 3D logic/ Happy birthday, Ted!/ IT'S A SIGN!!!/ petition to remove politicians from face of existance/Will it blend?/ PPLS are comin bak/ ATTN: Iris/ 86 reasons,why it's great being a guy/ Fnord update/ Hey IRIS!!!/ Random/ Imitate TPA(M)/ I bet I can find a video of a dude eating a raw chicken somewhere on the internet./ King Don's Music Review #1./ My mailman has 73|-| 5X1115!/  can't remember how to give a gift!/ WELCOME Boogerman!/ Another Frickin Iris thread/ Bloopers./ Calling Korejora !!!/ Lich Kings spying on me/ Where are you people?/ Who the hell posts next?!/ My Inspiration/ My Avatar/ What is it with Boogerman?

~pandora~ 10/01/07
Deleted:Gather round ye flee ridden sea dogs! Arrr!/ What is your favorite fruit/ emilsn, i got one word for you/ Easy Fasting/ Hey everyone, come take a look at this picture of Iris/ Aculias Practice for Dummies Page/ oNCE uPON A tIME/ More than just Boogers/ Revised 1st post/ Hey everyone, come take a look at this picture of MightyMage!

~pandora~ 10/07/07
Deleted:It's a friggin miracle!!!/ Does anyone remember the Saga of Bob?/ 3 months left!/ ToTE Demo ..../ Scientific natural drugs are a possibility/ Log in Lurker!/ Alcibiades the crazy mod/ Grim Reaper's view on politics/ Missing to someone?

~pandora~ 10/11/07
Deleted:I see Valeriy!!/ Hey Kookie!/ Something needs to be done!/ Save It For The Rainy Days/ wog_edn the promising/Heroes Season 2/ Mvass gave up on believing in Namus.../ Fall is the Time for Triangles/ Hey I'm Triangular/ The best posts of Heroes Community.../ Triangles are everywhere in Life/ Robotic Sheep Administrator vs. Namus/ All Hail Trogdor!!!/ So I had lasers shot at my face...

~pandora~ 10/15/07
Deleted:Daily Chat - the mostester ultimate!/ What size is Insanity?/ For FoG / Tainted Love/ TPAM part 3/ See I know you like my swagger/ A Man Needs A Woman/ Welcome to Mars/ HC ISLAND/ Which HC member does this represent/ Treating Marriage as a Business Relationship/ What is your Favorite Shape/ Does Anyone Even Want to Hear About My Religion/ Silly Sally/

~pandora~ 10/15/07
Deleted:error/ Welcome to Adult Only Forum!/ I'M LURKING! LEAVE ME ALONE!/ What's new around HC these days?/ Genielord - What do a lord have?/ Most useless facts per post.../ Tnt= Calories/ KOOKASTAR!/ Within Temptation/ Have u ever seen such an army..../ OCKDE - official counsil of the KD expert/ City 'terror'./ Guitar heroes!/ Welcome Homer's Birthday Party/ Finally 1000 posts/ Lincoln vs Kennedy/ Miru has poor taste in movies/ daily chat undeleted / Witch King?/ Truth about Weightloss/ There can be only one/ Peanuts/ What is Your Favorite Shape?

~pandora~ 11/06/07
Deleted:IDEA: Triangle Contest/ my thread/ someone play me, or talk of things that matter/ Does anyone think his life sucks?/ Lich or Witch?/ What time is it ? / Mod Squad Headquarters - Open for All!/ Mamga's think tank.corp/ [game] Folk tales for HC/ If electricity is made of electrons, what is morality made of?/ a weird/scary dream you had/ TrogdorStrikesAgain Account/ ARRGGGHHHHHH i spelt it wrong/ moderator tournament/ Random wierd things that happend in your day!/ If Trogdor Strikes Again ,How Many Junior Mints Does It Take to Fill Your Piehole?/ A useful disccusion/ Daily Chat - even more ultimate/ ART!!/ How to avoid virus on your computer!/ Within Temptation - All i Need/ Tarja Turunen/ The Codex of olympiad.This is called a delicious apples/The Best Game Ever/ The Way Of Wierd Words (TWOWW)

~pandora~ 11/14/07
Deleted:Good vs. Evil/ Would you?/ I'm callin you out imposter/ How about exercising?/ Welcome... to the.../ Whassup?/ Would you vote for me.../ simpsons quotes/ Question/ Pikachu Awards/ It's my birthday!! /Help Peanut Planters!!!!/ what happened to Korejora?/ What Are you Wearing?/ Anti peanut hq/ Boemerang - / Family Guy's funny Days

~pandora~ 11/21/07
Deleted:Wmv ? / funny cats and dogs/ Vodka Terminator/ Hey Guitarguy!!/ I gave up on believing in TitaniumAlloy./ Dead Terrorist / What are you listening to now?/ Code talk / Direct2drive-Safe?/ A tale of one word/ Words are flowing out/ I gave up believing in/ Why Shmalf? Why??/ I believe in giving up

~pandora~ 11/27/07
Deleted:Avast antivirus/ Opinions/ Hunting season/Yes or no?/Reasons for Paranoia.../ I gave up on beliving in Russ.../ Chat till your keyboards busted/ Remember / I think Guz gave up on believing in tents and car alarms/ Things that I think should get a QP/ Ragdoll Master/ In memoriam Lizardmen

~pandora~ 12/09/07
Deleted:Fluffy bunnies, Rainbows and Butterflies/ Mah new computer is running/ The Trans-Triangulation Game/ Do you like corn?/ Who did u vote for,,,,?/ Earthquake/ Confuse Box/ Prank calls / Spybot ?/ of to the emerald isles/ WhOa/ Question/ Its Been 1 week!/ What would it be, if it wasn't like it is, when it was, or is it already is?/ A Question to the Moderators/ What is the meaning of.../ Prank calls/ I am Tired!!!!/ Worst homm 3 spell/ Question

~pandora~ 12/12/07
Deleted:Just my luck/ 1-10000/ ??????/ Nethack/ UNINSULTABLE/ what you do thirst in h3 /A tale of one word 2/ What can you do in a one man tent?/ Antimod

~pandora~ 12/18/07
Deleted:The inevitable return of the i gave up beliving in topics/ Woock for mod/ WhiteyMage this is for you/ The Ultimate Quiz/ I gave up on believing in is it needed?/ I just give up/ Pi/ 5 things on an island/ Perfect christmas present/  gave up on believing that everyone's had enough of the "I gave up" topics/ Another Question to the Mods/ What would it be, if it isn't what it is?/ 12 Days of....Starcraft!?!/ Good vs. Evil/ Quote of the Day/  i gave up the fact that everyone curses me/ one ring to rule them all./ Guess what i'm thinking/ Hey, Aculias/ they killed our lord/ Since Kooka's been away/ Winnie the pooh worships satan!/ Elmo TMX commercial banned on youtube?/ horror/ I can't see anything / spam!!

~pandora~ 01/01/08
Deleted:Can you remember a time when this city was/Post a picture relating to the word/ VERY IMPORTANT/ Someone wanna play with me now?/ Word assosciation game/ i'm a murderer?/ Pokemon/ Food/ Today/ What the hell is this/ William/ Spam And More Spam/ Antipaladin killed Kenghi!/ I say it you say somrthing else or I spray you(sorry about the long title)/ TNT_addict/ HELL DELETE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE/ What is your Favorite Sports Team?/ please arrest me/ Dr. Inuyasha/ please shoot me/ STOP THE SPAM!/ Quick Question/ What is the most spamy thread in HC?/ Multi city combos what works best/ I HAVE A CONFESSION/ Word Association Game/ What is the most hated person of yours/ Laughter/ Post random lyrics/ What would 24 have looked back in the nineties?/ Who or Whom?/ What is the great question/ A Crag Hack Christmas/ Merry Christmas!/ Guess which two HC ladies are having a reunion again!/ U Might not no me but anyway I am Back =P/ I Am An Internet Café In Sweden/  Am In An Internet Café In Sweden

~pandora~ 01/09/08
Deleted:IM BACK!!/ 'sup?/ Mytical loves me!/ PEOPLE/ Our Perception of Beauty is Distorted!/ The difference between the US and Serbia/ BIBANIC?/ a shout to all austrians/ Celebrity deathmatch/ Kookie!! Who knew you were so freakin' cool !!!/ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow/ I just surfed the web and found HC on a cell phone.../ Mind exercises/ Overbooked spellbood ->erased spell/ Hacked/ Hey MeanyMage!!!!!/ Elvin, is it needed?

~pandora~ 01/16/08
Deleted:Happy New Year!!/Who is Namus?/ Elvin/ U HAS A TIMEMACHIN?/ I love explosions, fire and death!!! / The Unrelatedness Fair/ BORED MYTICAL/ Random Thoughts/ Ecoris/ Teaching the teacher a lesson/ Hey Aculias.../ There is a big pile of stardust here.../ Startune: out for lunch/ Conjurer's vases boil! / Two new Fora!

~pandora~ 01/29/08
Deleted:Who invented the pancakes?/ Irresponsible posting in the Volcanic Wastelands/ Who inverted the pancakes?/ Design/ The Bank of Useless Trivia/ Final Fantasy VII/ k?!/ An infuriating game for people to die on or else they may have to go to the pub fast / Pandora.../ Talking to the songbird yesterday/ The inevitable return of the awesome cat pics/ It's time to kick the cat out of the house/ What Would Pandora Do?/ What is your preferate factions? / Someone make an/A few Piks from the 24 hour LAN party i went to/ You know.../ The throne/ Sorry Pan, but I just have to shatter your illusion of reality/ Help, I'm getting second thoughts/ Weird Al Yankovic/ k/ I Have Just Received Detention/ I started again: a confession/ Useful information for new guys!!/ The number 13/ ZOMG I SAW TNT IN RL / Elvin is a mod Now.../ Hey MamGaeter!/ I think Mytical is my long lost twin sister.../New Commandments/ HC or HOMM?/ Flexibile keyboards/ Challenge major world accepted theories/ William FINALLY likes women!/ Spam...Or Not?/ The inevitable return of the TPAM/ yeah so i got back this morning/ Let's write in our language!/ Maretti needs a new avatar!

~pandora~ 02/04/08
Deleted:Kookastar the helper./ I need to share a quote/ Joker No More/ Is anybody here an active Magic: The Gathering player/ ZOMG I saw Genie_Lord in RL, here's the shocking description!!/ How is this even possible?/ HEY SHADOW!!! (formerly HEY PAN!!!)/ Can you handle the truth of scientology?/ Insane velocity mark twelve the is and a nooby word death scheme/ You wanted to post.../ If Namus was here.../ EVERYWHERE I GO/ Hey All!!!/ Do you exist?/ Cool song/ Wulfstan8182, stealer of souls... er.. sigs

~pandora~ 02/07/08
Deleted:Is there something in this world better tham spamming in the volcanic wastelands?/ OH NOES/ Funny Strips/ OMGWTFBBQ/ Tesla/ What if - (the game)/ -=FREE CAREBEARS VIDEO=-/ Was RSF3 banned?/ Unscramble the sentence/ Voice in Your Head/ What is the Picture Saying???/ Voice coming out of your head/ The brag thread/ TnT_Addict the even newer mod!/ Trivial Info About Everyone/ Guess the sound/ You don't need to use a trash anymore!/ X or Y??/

~pandora~ 02/19/08
Deleted:Daystar vs William - HC's Got Talent/ Random Thoughts (Again)/ depression/ Mars is inhabitated! Or is it....?/ Voices coming out of your ass/ Gasp everybody is suddenly changing avatars!/ Lolcat Family Tree/ Two really minor questions for Ceres and Geny./ IMPORTANT:/ Some women jokes/ Coca-Cola vids/ What's up?/ HELP!!!/ WHAT WILL I DO?!!!/ there are two lich_king???/continued/ I have never been clever because I needed it never!/ List positive words/ Geny got hair raped/ Weirdest Things I Said Today/ pandora is evil!/ The SPAM thread!!!/ Another thread about MightyMage/ Trogdor whats wrong? :/ / CoC / Symantic program blocker/ Valentines Plans/ Try to flip out/ Speak with the voices in your head!/ A small Question/ curse you lord woock/ Voices in your head/ Calling all Australians--->/ More Cool Songs!/ Im Addicted to lolcats!/ Baklava is more tempting then ever before/ What are you listening to Now?

~pandora~ 03/05/08
Deleted:Jokes/ Create a Story/ Help write a song/poem/ My dream world/ Your favorite superheroes and supervillains/ Cool Car/ The HC Election projection 2008/ thread/ omg DEJA VUU/ VW philosophy/ Person Above/Below me/ Its lonely being me/ It's not lonely being me/ Cartograph Please/ Spam in the HC Mansion!/ i figured out who i am/ Donuts are fun/ HC GenieLord Invitation Thread/ HC's Got Talent - Vote for the Winner/ Random Occurence of Lucky Symbol/ join me!/ A caution folks..../ ADAM/ pandora gone?/ Give a bonus to the person above you!/ QP Dates/ I discovered my soul mate!/ I HAVE A GREAT MOOD TODAY, AND I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYBODY/ My heroes complete edition/ Rysponseeble again!/ I'm inside your mind/ I'm leaving/ Wish me a happy anniversary?/ I am soooo close .../ Dumb question/ Our Castle/ A subject about absolutely NOTHING!/ sorry HC i have to go / Chill out/ X or Y/ Ok now I wanna know which of you voted for what in the Worldvision contest/ AlkarRahn is william!/ XP to Win2k ?

~pandora~ 03/12/08
Deleted:Wtf.../ CoC/ She-Gootch/ Sooo... you want to earn a QP?/ Celtic Tales Needed/ Colorful signatures/ Ouch!/ Green pwns blue/ I'm addicted to SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA/ Todays adventure/ Daily Chat: the really quite best/ do u know me?/ This thread belongs in the Wastelands/ Anybody with a quad-core processor?/ warm fuzzies / What's your favorited alligment/ HC Mytical Invitation Thread/ Magic: The Gathering signatures/ Ceci n'est pas une pomme/ Voices inside their heads/ The I SAW PANDORA!!!/ The attack of zombie Hitler from outer space/ Hey Wulfstan/ Share with us/ 4 pages! Yuppie!/ Just because I adore you.../ Hey Violent Flower read this, IMPORTANT!/ Hey Skeleton King!

~pandora~ 03/20/08 {Geny's Birthday! - not that Geny had anything to do with the destruction of the spam - I just wanted to commemorate his special day }
Deleted:What happened to RSF???/ Wooohooo blizzard!/ Illusion and Reality/ Movies in 5 seconds/ HC Kingdom/ Hey TrikingManiak/ Hey Wulfstan/ NERF DUNGEON/ NERF RAMBO/ HEY MV / You don't have to do the crime to do the time/ Hey everybody/ "My color is -"/ Something Disturbing/ HC Picture/ Try not to talk about sex./ Nerf Nerfing!
/ You're going to kill your mother/ In this thread we don't fi/ Elvin- The spam-MOD?/ Another castle has fallen .../ No Flood protect in VW/ A petition for TitaniumAlloy to bring his old avatar back/ You enjoy playng with avatars guys?/ Gamespy Comrade/

~pandora~ 03/27/08
Deleted:Happy Pi Day/ The Hero you like../ Anything but real pictures of HC members/ settle it once and for all/ HOMAM3/Arcane Library Project/Town Building Plan/ Peanuts suck! Cashews are better!!/ Welcome to doctor Dark's lab/ All Praise the Great and Wonderful Elvin!/ Even more Baklavas!/ My name is my name and yours is too!/ Alrigth,who ordered these?/ I will go to jail for 26 years.../ Ceres must change her avatar/ Yes, its true, i have been on TV/ Am I cool or not?/Welcome to doctor's Gadi cabinet/ my threads

~pandora~ 04/08/08
Deleted:APS CS3 Extended/ Where is the best living place?/ Weird Dream/ Happy Birthday Geny/ what is the best team/ rammstein pooh!/ An Idea for a Video/ Undead_Warrior must change her Signature/ Big Kitty/ I can post again!!!/ What do you think about me?/ ICTC is back/ Ok I will stop/ Owned VS Pwned/ Which one is better?/ Japanese game show/ Miru, you are the gawdawfullest spammer on the internet/ The HoMM Challenge/ HoMMM3 Statistics/ LIES!!/ Wow.../ Memory vs Actual (a game)/ Heroes 3 info for enemy town/ Softy Talk/ Faster is better!/ The Adventures of Sinbad: Return of Sinbad/ Off road GOD./ New Puppy!/ Hey All, Watch Achmed the Dead Terrorist or I KILL YOU!!/ Bulgarian BG's/ Just excellent!~/ Daily chat: the really quite best/ Happy Birthday, Woock!/ PMD2:EOTAEOD!!/ wtf see this/ old music yay/ Talk to me!/ Why?/ Mirror, mirror, on the wall/ 1st of April

~pandora~ 04/24/08
Deleted:Huh? Did I miss it?/ WooohoOOOOO...Spring is here finally and I've paid off all my credit card debt too/ Savings ahead/ Ramblings/ Ken Léééééééééééééé Tilibu dibu douchoo/ Wow/ 23 of 58, 03/05/2008/ Perry Bible Fellowship/ Studying sucks/ Describe above/ Give a QP to the person above you/ ****STORM!!!!!/ 16/ Spambots- Invasion/ I Love New Zealand/ missing the elephant in the room!!/ Pimping ....../ Stuff - Things, Items, Nouns etc/ OSF Spam, please here./ Fristajlo!!!/ The Friends List of The Ring/ French rapper copies Nightwish/ ....cbs??!??!?!/ How to pass the Time at Work!/ green bar = movement / blue bar = ???/ Hey Fogman Gunnar/ My english is getting worse!/ Which movie would you unmake?/ DOOD! TAHK STOOPID/ A forgoten moderator/ What to wish from a genie?/ Hey guys please help me out! / Super Smash Bros RETRO?!?/ What should the person above u do?/ I am back *guys*/ Provoking Violent Flower!! Not a Good Idea.../ HC the board game / Iris on TV?/ Anyone get their hands on an 6 inch dick?/ A lot of Flamewielders/TnTina is male!/ Changed your profile? Come here!/ would you do a succubus?/ Mods!Give me penalty

~pandora~ 05/20/08
Deleted:Rise of Legends/ Different Types of Players/ Castlevania SOTN!/ Subspace/Continuum <- MUST TRY/ Trickster!!!/ Pokemon Opal: What will become of it?/ Happy Passover/ Call to arms!/ I have two months to live.../ would you play this game?/ Mods!Give me attention/ Will HC have a "World's End"?/ Titan pwnage (brr I hate that word)/ Unbelievable/ Attack of the matching Avatar and Name/ What is your Favorite Animal?/ Titan Quest/ Neverend RPG/ SILKROAD ONLINE/ Lord of the Rings Total War/ MightyMage is the biggest contemporary spammer/ WTF ????/ Strange recipes/ Hey DS] or the Great HC counsel/ Nice Job, Kooka!/ Hey MightyMage.../ Eating Duck Lowers Cancer Risk/ Hey Pandora.../ Return to the Good Side of the Monitor/ Icons story/ Geny spoils the fun/ You Damn Mods/ thread of accomplishments/ Someone with experience in graphics please help!/ Upqrades/ Are polls useful?/ Namus./ A Tribute to the HC Icon/ Youtube with no sound..?/ Give a Penalty to the Person Above You/ Church of NAMUSISM/ You are a real member of HC when .../ blahblah/ Hey, Vokial.../ KD strikes again?/ B/ How my B-day had passed/ Mods banning immediatly/ @angelito: 2. Deutsche Meisterschaft/ Just a little Oblivion question/ Free QPs here 17/19 see script afk/ Happy Birthday, Omega!/ some kind of a word game/ I want that girl that wants Dominions 3 / I want spam/ GUYS IN PURPLE / Tip of the Day

~pandora~ 05/26/08
Deleted:Heroes Complete Edition/ Game mechanics:Missiles, kinetic, lasers,nuclear or fire?/ Millenium on the Tavern of the Rising Sun/ Why liches have their mouths open?/ Guess who ?/ I'm going to bed.../ It's getting waaay too god damn dark! / The day's the day!/ REDSOXFAN vs IRIS best of 7/ What do you think of Namus ?/ Best replies to a poll

~pandora~ 06/16/08
Deleted:He Thinks/She Thinks / The Unfair Platformer/ Long Hair vs Short Hair | only for boys/ I am an official wuss :-/ / Imaginate your own town/ LotR:/ Reboot!/ URGENT HELP- Arguments against Hippies / Stuff people like, along with stuff nobody likes./ What is this?!/ Played against yourself?/ Mario Kart Wii (Wheeeeeeeee!!!) / Corrupt a wish/ welcome to gamer tonight/ Garden Gnomes from Hell/ Misheard Lyrics/ I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!/ I can't post polls!/ Eurovision strikes again !/ Mighty Mage thread - Ebay and other stuff/ Reviewing CDs for the hearing-impaired/ Spambots Have the Hots for me?

~pandora~ 07/05/08
Deleted:Moderating for Dummies/9 posts in a row/ And what is this?!/ Powder Game/  So yeah I've just won 1 milion dollars XD/ Could it work like this/ nobody will beleive me but/ Happy Birthday GL / what game?/ Hey guys a question/ Chinese food/ Wish you were here/ Hey ppl/ I see Vokial! / I'm gettin' freakin' stalked!/ Why I hate the videogame subculture/ What socks to wear today?/ I am so sorry/ People should post more !/Lexxan changed his avatar to a unicorn/ I have a problem making a decision.../ Creepy/ Today.../ Let's talk movies/ I can't choose/ Important!/ Hey Geny/ cbs!!?/ This is a neat little game/ I hate cold weather/ Yeah I hate I hate hot weather! I hate sunny days! I hate + 40 degrees!/ I Accuse and punish!/ What do you see in the Elvin?/ In the beggining there was Everything/ Spam is free, Spam is fun/ Will they ever be legends?/ Madness is..../ Subliminal messages/ what do you think is going on?/ Variations of how we and the universe could have came to be/ Graduated at last !/ I had a terrible dream/ Sith/ Be prepared.../ Hidden words/ Val is silenced / If you are angry post here/ HC Competitions Competition!!/ Pros & Cons

~pandora~ 08/03/08
Deleted:Expecteria Trouserius" (Trouser Snake)/A Different Perspective on the Nintendo Wii/ Dashboard Lights See All / Is there any italian?/ I'm sorry/ Every light is on..../ Old heroes in Homm V/ Chill out: Reloaded/ Who is it ?/ Pretty gals!/ Funny moments in Heroes 5/ Now/ Namus, can we ban him?/ Elvin intervention/ The best unit?/ It finally happened!/ Don't be a Pervert/ I'm going to get a species change operation, help me pick/ [Weird news] Woman kills husband with folding couch/ Anagram/ TNT are you okay?/ HC Sociopath/ Why is it that every game in HC get's forgotten?/ Mytical I really have to be honest with you./ Long ago, when my English has improved enough to understand this.../ Pan, are you okay?/ 9000/ You know whats funny? (Rhetorical)/ a fun campaign thats play by post/ Uncyclopedia/ Did my dream come true?/ Alright you spammers, time to help out your old pal MightyMage/ Maps problem/ New Game Idea!!!!/ I gave up in believing in The Ultimate Male/ I brought some DVDs over...

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

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~pandora~ 08/28/08
Deleted:Also leaving.../What HC religion are you?/ I gave up on believing in humanity/ CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!/Your spam is pathetic / Quote Wars, are they needed?/ Someone tell me about QPs quick / Advanced Engrish Resson - Prease herp!/ Someone tell me about useless crap quick/ Is the End coming????/ Water on Mars!/ OMG ... it's official: Im SIRIOUS!!!/ I'd like to organize a contest.../ The Dark Knight Tops IMDB?/ / wheres that drunk threda/ Good Spam / Bad Spam / SCREW IT!!! I'M LEAVING.../ Save the victims of the upcoming spam wars!/ I'm leaving HC/ Learn to spam/ Dumb and Unecesery Things HC member's have done/ Second Best Grail Structure?/ If you could have superowers/ Epic fail/ Everything you always wanted to know about Heroes 3, but were afraid to ask/ So wrong, but so funny/ great tit/ Hello again/ To hell with it/ KD has Time Travel!!/ Olema's beard??/ Happy Birthday Lord_Evil!/ Heroes Community Awards 2008/ Epic win / Future Mods?!/ I see Guitarguy.../ The trial of Mvass vs. The people/ The Counterrevolution Headquarters - Down with the Revolution/ TPAM (the person above you)/ It Happened!/ im horrible at this!/ Doesn't matter, Azzie!/ Diet Pop - Same Taste my../ notes (i ran out of paper)/ Please help while I am logged on/ Thank you guys!/ Avatar changes II/ Must not fall asleep!/ HELP ME! CompSpeeder ruined my computer!!!/ Ethiopian Party/ I hate/Silliest Sentence / Stealth Testicles!/ Oh My God.../ Pretend to be the Person Above You/ Text thread missing?/ Double Birthday/ Comic of the Day

~pandora~ 09/12/08
Deleted:if i was a rapper/ Curious Quality Points/ Yes, its possible..../ Wtf? Can't log in.. / Hole in the Wall/ i have an idea/ LOL!/ I really need a GF../ Another really contributive thread by Darkshadow.../ I lub you/ The day came to spam./ OMG DemonS, A Demon barney in my rooom/ But I am not funny?/ I really need a lolcat../ I really need a GIF./ Who killed VF and Gootch?/ Selfcritism Thread/ Heroes 6 Revealed!/ To all who hate quote wars/My Dear Friend? Wtf?/ I hate.../ I'm a Promising Hero!/ Talk about your fears/ My Msn/ I love.../ Had a nice chat with Skelele!/ AMAZING Photo/ The most awsome animal pics and videos/ Google Chrome/
What religion are you, the online test/ Funny flashmovies./ Darks has left the building.../ Look at that!/ Death Magnetic/ One word of Advice:/ Happy Birthday Mvas!

~pandora~ 09/17/08
Deleted:What's up.../Max Payne movie/ Who is this?/ I'm in love.../ Chaos has a new face./ Skub or Anti-Skub?/ Here we go!/ What has happened?/ Praise Darkshadow or he's gone,,,/ I'm jealous/HEyellllpppp me find a song/ Hurray for mytical and GL/ HC Bug invasion!/ What did you find.. on your internet journey?/ For those who have MSN Troubles.../ Who made HC so small/ Destroy your computer.../ Mr smith I presume/ Hey Celfious!/ First post wins./ BULL'S FEECES!!!!11111oneeleven/ Who can talk best like an alien?/ The revolution has begun.../ Lord of the Moon/ You'll never guess what Valeriy just did..../ Hey, I found a GF!

~pandora~ 09/24/08
Deleted:List of All QP Awarded in VW/ VOTE FOR ME!/ Make Elvin Look Silly !/ lol/ AARRRGHHHH!/ I DONT think we should extend thread titlebecause its already plenty long enough see?/ Happy Birthday to me/ If you could say only one word..../ Petition to all HC members/ I am indifferent about elvin/ Comic of the day again/ I love elvin / I hate Elvin thread/ Happy Birthday TNT/ Poetry contest closed, vote now/ Negative threads about negative threads about others / VANGELIS!!!!!!!/ The HC Para-Olympics/ A once in a lifetime opportunity!/ Pieces of History/ Phone threads kinda suck/ The HC Para-Olympics: 1st Event!/ Clones kinda suck/ Which Is Your Favourite Forum/ ANOTHER KOOKASTAR DRAMA THREAD/ I DARE YOU/ Another elvin drama thread-hes smuggler abilitys/ Enough thread hating/ We can do magic/ Warning: Danger - The honey badger/ The ONLY unofficial VWL improvment thread/ Dinosaurs what???

~pandora~ 10/02/08
Deleted:When the lights went out/ What's with the Wastelands?/ I love Cristiano Ronaldo thread/ History Exams / X or Y?/ ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR/ Stupid remarks/ What is this new ftw? Explain it to me/ Another Emo thread/ MY GOD NO!!!! Not another one, for Crap's Sake!/ I hate this stuff/ What are you listening to now (again)/ Enough thread hating hating/ Want to buy: a newbie corner../ I had this wierd dream./ We can has lyrics gaemtiem nao?/ THE ULTIMATE SPAM THREAD/ Hockey fans help rate my fantasy team / I would like t thank mom and dad and my... fellow HC-men...

~pandora~ 10/14/08
Deleted: It's over./ TEH CAPS LOCK THREAD/ Peace/ We miss you/ HC Para-Olympics 2nd Event/ Last post wins/ I want to know/ What's Up World?/ Free Hugs!/ Roll Call: I see the power of three!/ Still depressed.../ Your favourite colour for teeth/ Make a creature out of the abilities I post/ The Fighting Scenes Thread/ HC Para-Olympics 3rd Event/ Guys.../ what is homm creature are you?/ Where's TNT?/ I can never go back to hospital again!/ Angelito...I am there homie.../ Has anyone noticed/ The real story of the Golden HC Years/ Wait, whats this?

~pandora~ 10/21/08
Deleted:One Word at a Time Story continues... again./ Yearly Fasting Thread/ HC Para-Olympics 4th event/ one year three days ago!/ Videos through my avatar!/ Frustrating!/ Wich is better logo?/ I'VE HAD IT/ I have the day off today/ A word game/ I HATE THIS!/ This is a discarded topic.../ Your own battlecry!!/ Pirates or Ninjas/ The HC Para-Olympics Finale!/leaving members/ Happy Birthday Homer/ Say, did someone just lift the Posting limit?/ Healing Tent problem/ ANOTHER VW SPAMMING THREAD - Lexxan/ zzz.../ Last post might win 24 times/ trains/ Namus is back???/ The WV is gettting boring (inb4goldenoldagesrant)/ Bask in the knowledge of nonsense/ Ceph do you hate me or something

~pandora~ 11/03/08
Deleted:H5 Fantasy Tournament (WIP)/ one word at a time story continues... part 4/ Need a medic here.../ My new sig/ Disregardable rambling about a game idea/ List of All QPs Awarded in the LRH Heroes Tournament Forum/ there can only be one threeway/ Fear me.../ Help, I pressed a key combo and walla HC looks wierd now/ Palin photoshops/ How many Skels can you drain by fighting a horde of wandering Pit Lords?/ My birthday/ Going to be far away for three days/ Taste Test/ MSN signed me out ../ Obvious, I suppose.../ I wonder if anybody can guess/ Story Stick/ Not going to be far away for three days/ What Happened to my Beloved Turtles???/ The OSM has become weak/ Help finding Thinkpad type/ Im bored... who wants to roleplay?/ tons of free aprons going around wth/ My whine: /  game that (luckily) was never made.../ Juice did not kill Jesus!/ Happy Birthday Jornsaber/ Damn it.../ Dream Costume/ A whole year.../ I thougth I had to leave HC for good!/ Question about our guests here at HC. / What time zone do you live/ heads up/ Happy Birthday Azagal/ I need your help with vista going to dos/ Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby/ Where i it?/ If it happens/ 400 post game! / Ban the above user for whatever reason/ I'm Back!!!!/ Carcity/ Give Me Some Names/ What did you ever want to know?/ k/ For Lack of RUM/ Guy proposes using a hacked Chrono Trigger ROM

~pandora~ 11/15/08
Deleted:1st 2nd 3rd, person, but what about we person?, More LOLCats, What happened to Killa?, Ask Beelzebub, I am too a Promising Hero, Graduation , The Mean Kitty Song, What are you eating to Now?, Back from Finland, Click here to destroy the world. Seriously its that easy., MARIO EPIC FAIL, dis iz tha storee dat be talkinz about dat mightymage personz. he iz cool., Back from Real Life, When life gets hard..., my story, For those who care - My lifestory, Q & A, OMG a great game, Hangovers and dead graphic card, 10 things about spam, OMG a great video, Women need to love me... NOW!!!, WTF?, I'm Losing My Edge./ KANE '08, Who Will Win, what happened here?/ a reckless attempt/ Twenty more minutes/ The Drive for 13/ HC'ers Beware! / The moment I've all been waiting for.. /0.999...does not =1/ Z-ZERO???!!!/ "To play us out"/ Any Germans here?/ Good sites?/ A hard night/ Hard Times/ i'm real depressed/ Random/ You're strangers to love

~pandora~ 11/24/08
Deleted:Where's Daystar?/ Review the song above!/ Creature Vs Creature/ Another Lame game (this is by me now!)/ Joke that no one understands!/ In America!/ what happened to you today?/ Let's NOT talk about math!!!/ Who hates that ad?/ Fear the Roman army!/ 0.999... = 1/ Help me/ Lexxan's Darkest Secret revealed! Click this link to learn more!/ Tip of the Day/ Wuold you rather/ AVI, MPEG 1, or MPEG 2 to DVD/R???/ link these topics/ Happy Birthday Corribus!/ An entertainment icon has died/ I went to /b/ / Quantum?/ We do what we have to / Black, white, yes and no/ Happy Birthday Elvin!!/ ant.com / Looking through my old posts.../ ***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT***/ Most Threads/ Let's Make Fun of (RSF) / The funniest Harry Potter naration online/ Cashew Emporium / I've Been Here for 7 Years Now!!!/ Oh by the way, it's my sister's birthday/ The "Nerd" Strikes Again/ I have just noticed...../ The dude above/ I know/ I'm going blind/ Missing Lines/ Good Place to Continue Conversation in / New game/ Jedi persuasion game/ Tara Reid is ******* HOT!/ Yay! I poured molten carbonite on my left hand./ I agree with Lexan, the spam is getting out of control here!!!111oneoneone/ The Spam is getting out of Controll!!!/ Stupid songs/ I'll wobble your gabble chunks/ Yay! I poured hot water on my left hand/ Exclamation game/ Math problems/ The Cloud that everyone didn t say about/ What do you seein the picture-nasty spin off

~pandora~ 12/05/08
Deleted:Who wants to be in a threesome with me?/ If You Felt Nothing Would You Neuter Yourself/ Yay! I poured a clone topic on my left hand!/ One shot, 5 million kills/ What?/ The word "bed" looks like a bed/ United States Emperor 2012/ Lexxan's Online!/ Doodle yourself/ Enough is enough/ death said x/ Mamga's sleeping Shhh/ The positive game/ You're leaving HC/ I'm not really leaving I will just post less./ I'm Considering Applying for Mod/ Volcanic Wastelands Volcanos/ Laptop/ List of all Quality Awards in the Wastelands/ I'm Definitely Not Leaving HC, In Fact I Think I'll Post More/ QP Hunting Contest / and now for something compltely different/ If the settiongs are to outlandish..../ If we keep this up....../ Five minute theft/ Food/ Mvassive Service Announcement/ Warning, I'll be seeing the sunrise tonight. / anyone else received this e-mail from Aculias?/ So now I am supposed to be workin'/ I'm gonna get a shower now/ I suggest this to be the official thread of the famous HC Castle / Preaching theoritical religion. / The time has come.../ Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets Rick Rolled / Xerox Answers the most Difficult Question on YouTube/ A fun RP system I found/ 60 sec./ GRAGGGGHHHH/ Help me apply my skills/ Which is better?/ what the?/ If all you had/ NAMUS? HERE?/ Happy Birthday, Skeleton_King/ A little question/ Strange things..../ Haven't noticed this one before/ Word game/ Kill me please / What is Umbarge? / I have to go to work in a couple of hours/ Long Live Skele (it never stops)/ did not!/ Long live Skele (yes, again)/ I have a confession/ What happened to my PP?/ TPAM Returns/ It makes perfect sence. Darth vader is smart!/ speachless/ Rule the damn world!/ Looking at computers/ Representing, the unknown. / All these Internet fads are stupid

~pandora~ 12/12/08
Deleted:24 wins/day/ Long Live skele (yes again)/ Curious george the curious little monkey/ Create your south park character./ Warning: Creepypasta/ Today I spent 4 hours in a traffic jam (/ RSFs Signature/ Who Wants to Trade Avatars?/ Pandasia!! What happened to my?????/ Full of pwns/ Discovered!/ What happened to my sig?/ A game/ Aborted scientific marijuana causes subjective socialist imperialism/ I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass/ The Wisdom of Blizzardboy/ I think I'm going to be sick/ Civilization Chrionicles/ guess what!/ Hello everybody/ Pandora's Signature/ I am going out of here/ Bjorn190/ What song is this help I'm going crazy/ 2008 HC Pistachio Roast-Off/ Whoa!/ I, too, am going away from here.../ Pandora Is the Best/ Save the president from ninjas/ Norweigan/Swedish Jokes/ Vut dost thou vant for Xmas?/ Help HC's are turning into zombies/ My head is going to explode.../ Olympics Aftermath.../ Yo Lexxan/ Female Hormones in Beer/ Rock rock, rock it on/ Hey Asheera, WASSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUP?/ This thread is the incarnation of awesomeness!/ Mighty mage???/ Relationship advice for HC/ I just found the sickest clip that the internet ever contained (early deletion, links were not appropriate)
~pandora~ 12/28/08
Deleted:good ole' scrunch/fold debate/ New Uniforms! Yay!/ MYT Contest - Vote for your Favorite/ Proof that Asheera is a man/ Something in the world. / I give up.../ You know what I've just realized?/ Let's talk about Heroes (maybe spoilers if you haven't seen season 3)/ Mindscrew: the thumbs-up smiley has only three fingers/ Hey TheDeath!!!!/ Speccie might be coming back.../ about my sig/ Help!/ Dead Fantasy is AWESOME/ RSF's Christmas Presents!!!/ Which ones did I miss?/ Friday Spam Fever/ You guys rock!/ I Need Feedback/ Don't read this thread/ To those who believe they could never roleplay in the Glade/ Post here if you are asleep/ Its that time of year again/ Why doesn't Angelito play heroes 5?/ The Beauty of Blank Space/ To the members of the Mytical/MightyMage/Asheera threeway/ The Beauty of White Space/ I've just noticed!/ How do you say Angelspit?/ Pandora Did you used to make maps?/ William has 5 penalties!?/ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!/ Dagoth's Signature/ william's signature/ If you've ever watched The Price is Right.../ Find The Link And Win A Prize!/ Happy Birthday Guarder!/ Do you recognize this song / The pwn thread/ Celfious is an adjective?/ There is no justice/ Stop linking me to bad music!/ New computer! Yaay!/ We're going to Candy Mountain, Charlie! *spoilers*/ CHRISTMAS VACATION!/ Monthy Python/ A few random questions/ Tomorrow/ Sock and Awe!/ Living alone is fun, but.../ Am I the bad guy?/ some strange questions./ A wild Bush has appeared!/ Test Post/ Am I dreaming/ Happy X-Mas Suckers!/ Whoever buys me a Playstation 3.../ I there of thee are Celfious Give me no support./ Help Bush Conquer the World (or Stalin)/ Can someone translate something in German for me? It's... kinda christmasy./ Happy Birthday, Pan!/ someone didn't get a birthday thread./ I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing.../ Travel log - Zan_Jerusalem/ How to create a pop-up?/ I wanna join an RP thread/ How do I add a signature at the end of my posts ?

~pandora~ 01/12/09
Deleted: Please Vote for MYT Entries/ I love you, Mysty!/ Pistachio Dungeon/ GL is back (but as a memeber) But where's Daystar?....The Altar is dying / Valuev vs. Holyfield/ Do I know you?/ Whoa, Asheera is almost Undefeatable!/ I got TotE Today!/ Are You Smoking?/ Picture thread?/ Now its free for the taking/ WOOKIE I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!/ HC castle - trip down memory lane./ The Geek Test/ Wow!/ Pop Star/ what did you get for christmas?/ Game Suggestions/ Holy cow! I found a pic of Aculias/ How to delete CD protection/ A dangerous word/ Videogames are educational!/ TheDeath, an interesting question has come to mind/ Can you spare some change?/ War Cry!!!/ Help! I accidentally a coke bottle!/ There's is an Thread about Arguements!/ Pandy dont be blue../ ITT: Punchlines, but not jokes/ The final cry of a wolf/ One word at a time the story continues" Strikes Back/ Random Thoughts/ Youtube Question/ New quotes and stuff/ Who throws a shoe - where the original idea cames from!/ Whats up?/ It is time!/ To the people already in 2009/ One Question/ Mytical's Vault/ I'm staying blue!/ Just a little inspiration.../ And the Firts Member, Registered in 2009/ Retirement/ Lucky abstainer club/ Just curious.../ Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz/ Just call me Paul/ The Rise of Numbers/ I'm back!/ Hosting people from the south/ HELP!!!/ Hmm/ Who cares about apathy?/ I am back!/ Who here knows how to embed non-Youtube videos into your post?/ Battle Of the Sex Gods!/ Serious question in VW!!/ Whenever you think Doomsday is upon us.../ I'm living/ How dumb are you?/ Why is philosophical thought so clichae?/ lol,Mvass you can't stay longer the 1 day with an avvie??/ I'm leaving.../ Exam Questions/Whenever you think Doomforge is upon us...

~pandora~ 01/26/09
Deleted:It's that time of the year again/ How is this possible?/ A cooler experiment/ The story of the freckles/ An experiment/ the ultimate question/ I am bored/ HOMM/MM COMPETITION OPENING/ The Thing vs The Hulk/ Ronaldo's crashed Ferrari/ Hangover Club/ Cops.. Friendly servents or cheating manipulative self obsorbed devients?/ Black and white 2: battle of the gods key..../ The essence of capitalism/ This is not a rickroll/ israel vs palestine everyone vote for israel!!!/ Hamachi/ Left right one two 3 4 left right

~pandora~ 01/29/09
Deleted:Namus 5.4 million/He's good!/ What the Hell?/ A Little Question/ Last call for help, speakers are low volume/ homm3 pets/ An important question for Celfious/ Lazor Eyes/ How?/ Apologies to Matt Damon..../ Apples vs Oranges/ Why am I going to die?/ I remember a thread just like this one/ They took our jobs!/ /b/'s newest adventure/ Rambling contest/ Awesome/ Im about to eat a sandvich.../ HOMM3 Against Tower Tacs/ HC riddle/ Imperium/ Plan of attack/ Oh Laura/ What are you listening to Now? Again/ Elvin's post count/ Where's TA?/ You are making a tenth thread in ../ Hi./ OMG Ash is undefeatable./ suddenly/ Quote retrieval/ The Game/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYTICAL!!!/ The dissapearance of Celfious/ Shopping list.../ Cepheus rocks!/ I know SO WHAT!!! lol/ I'm about to get NAKED!! ... PERV!/ youtube doesn't work on my computer!/ Getting it off your shoulders - Dark danish guy/ HOLD!/ I'm so stupid./ Violent Flower come back/ OMG! somethings happening to me... or Geny!/ Death went undefeatable/ I just had a brilliant idea/ It is time!!!

~pandora~ 02/22/09
Deleted:Pizzas make me angry/ King Kong Movie/ What to do/ Val, we're sorry./ my first thread/ The Spam Sign!/ The Diaries of Love/ Throwing in the towel/ I am mvassilev and I am here to ask you a question:/ DF's GF dillemas. Part IV/ Work your brain cells, HC!/ Complain about someone or something!/ anyone wanna duel/ Finally got 1000 movies/ who is cooler???/ You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent .../ A spectre is haunting HC.../ Why...? Why?/ Where I should open a thread about a personal problem?/ Economical crisis/ Attention!/ why can't i post/ Oh no!/ Yay! Semla Day is soon here!/ William,/ I can't stand it!/ The execution of the dark danish guy/ wtf?/ What do you like better cats or dogs?/ Sample of Experiment Results/ When you are drunk/ Let's try this experiment again/ Motivation fail/ WMG sucks.../ Brute Fighting/ The rise of THE DARK LARD NAMUS!!1!11!one!/First Picture of Hitler/ twilight/ A Piece of Awesomeness/ The official "I am ambivalent towards MightMage" place/ The box/ YEAH!/ trew/ The Official anti-"the official mightymage sucks club" club./ I was sitting alone in a Dirty Camel/Would you buy an hero?/ Alcibiades/ Moonlith = OSM equivalent of LucJPatenaud/ To be or not to be?/ KDE vs Win 7 / Lady Guinevere we need you back/ Grand Battleplan/ I just received this message on Skype:/ Lost Invasion.../Trial for Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush/ Lady Guinevere should not com e back to HC/ Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles/ Give a quality star to person above!!!/ A simple question/ Adrius,Lex,Ednaguy/ Order check/ Scariest Boss?/ Scam?/ Evil yes man!/ I finally solved the rubic's cube/ That was Awkward/ Hitler vs Stalin - the comic/ I feel a great disturbance in the Force/ THE TUNISIAN ELECTRONIC INGENEER IN OIL COMPANY THREAD/ what if there was a drug..../ NO ONE reply to this thread!/ The offical screw ON valentines thread/ Interest check and fishing for ideas/ The official screw valentines thread/ I like your.../ Vampires among us? Most epic boss fight/ If you could change heroes 5 what would you change?/ The chances of this being a BAAAAAAWWWWW thread/ map hidden image/ Take care, Elvin!/ Romanticism has been reborn/ Screw you Titanium!/ Last night I dreamt I was a moderator/ Finding Azagal/ There's Sure Some Strange People on the Internet/ Chucky Vs Jigsaw

~pandora~ 03/09/09
Deleted:Smileys thread/ Huge Tragedy In My Life/ The official "Mightymage Rocks" place/ Is this even legal?/ "AWESOME STUFF"/ Rejoice my friends! He is back...and 18!/ i have no life/ skippy pippys windmill of meat jokes/ Uwe Boll Wants YOU!/ Are you bored?/ Good news/ Private Tub/ Bad News/ talking to the songbird yesterday/ A thing I realised!!!!/ I've had a depressing revelation.../ private jacuzzi party - by invite only/ Would you buy me?/ I HATE SCHOOL MATH!!!/ This or That?/ My last Thread .../ The Tililean spam/ The DARK BALKAN SUBJECT!!!!/ What can you do with the frankfurters, since they can't be used for eating?/ What about .../ Whoa/ Im still here/ This is not funny/ My first month here/ Legend Of Neil/ TQ talk show/ to the Moderators / Now I know!/ [insert thread name here]/ The official "Omega sucks" club/ My evening/ Hey Vokial!/ an technical help/ Best Commercial Ever/ YES!!!/ delicious roast beef/ My Posts Keep Getting Deleted For Some Reason/ I feel sick/ Geo Challenge/ Man she's hot/ OOOOH NOOOOH

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

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The Chosen One
posted March 25, 2009 12:44 AM
Edited by pandora at 03:20, 26 Apr 2009.

~pandora~ 03/24/09
Deleted:I caught an Asheera/ Change Forum Names/ The Final Straw/ Glad Val Switched HC Back to the Old Format/ What's wrong, TheDeath?/ An Article As to Why Obama Will be the Next Jimmy Carter/ Hey Lexxan/ I cought a Valeriy - twice!/ the return of the king / Hey Mytical/ GoodMorning everyone thread/ 400 Miles for an x-ray/ This sux/ Give a QP to the person above you/ Hi, again.../ ORIORIORIOOOOOOH!/ Elvin's creed or the mods's avatar changing boom!/ We fight for/ for the crazy Thanatos / Yesterday is history/ Tell us about your chicken/ The Exorcism of DagothGares/ LOGIC ERROR SCREEN UPDATE!/ Two truths, a lie/ the exorcist beats the hell out of the ring/ I released a lexxan/ Spin the clock back a year.../ The story of my life/ What subject would you rick roll?/ MightyMage Needs to Refrain from Deleting My Posts/ What to do with all these people?/ Malefunctions/ hi everyone/ favorite videogame quote/ Hello I am a HOM3 Addict./ Crippled Man Walks Again After Spider Bite!/ Suggestion/ Im so damn happy/ Shapeshifting question/ This is FRIKKIN awesome!/ Should Asheera change her avatar?/ Who came up with this name?!/ My new avatar./ Creepy/ Hey Alci / 8 truths, 2 lies/ The Golden Earth/ Oops I silenced a Laharl/ I caught A Thanatos!!!/ I dare you .../ I Caught a COLD/ Oops I silenced a Thanatos/ Elvin 10 000 PC/ MAD/ Gentlemen/ I caught a Lexxan!

~pandora~ 04/05/09
Deleted:Howdy d00ds!/ I'm so tired/ God Shave the Queen/ I caught a Ninja/ This thread needs some attention/ Nordic Chatroom/ I AM BECOME DEATH/ Beware/ I caught a polititian/ So/ KD is overrated! / Poetic/ William is overrated and I caught an elf!/ Mytical is Overrated / Let's play a game / The most important website list/ Ohffff.../ Sex is overrated / I herd u liek / To xero/ I need a picture/ Mytical is Overrated / Good night thread/ Picture game!/ DnD is overrated! / I need a drink.../ Bulgarian Eurovision scandal and song/ poetic / This is not funny/ New forum type/ How to worship Pan properly ?/ La La La Laaa Laaa Laaaaaa Laaa Laaaaa La La/ GoodNight Everyone thread/ Screenshot Thread/ There is ALWAYS room for more B-E-T-A(s)/ Spam Spam Spam/ Xerox/ Raise of the dark lord/ 8999 members?!?/ Im going away.../  get spammed by Chinese kids/ Draw the best treasure map of real treasures/ Sometimes Don't you feel like this?/ Any kind of stars post here / I'm back!/ Best Mod! Free Donuts upon Vote!/ Binabic/ How is this thing possible/ Who rated everything as "poetic"?/ It is good to be alive.../ Azagal Help!/ IZZY & Mighty Man / Elvin surpassed 10k!/ I Heard Asheera Got a Penalty / this is old, k?/ I accidentally the whole telecommunications system/ To asheera/ What is up with you guys?/ Celfious/ Praise Celfious/ I need the opinion from a proffesional.../ Hey, GenieLord!/ What's wrong?/ this doesnt make any sense./The eye.../ WE ARE FAMOUS!/ My conception for the future of the humanity/ Get some sleep, Lexxan!/ Earth hour/ rename idea /typing issues / I've dealt with cute before / Hmm, why hasn't this been thought of before/ I'm scared.../ Give a Penalty to the Person above you / H1_Cr_Druid/ I need a drink... (part 2)/ Remember that time I said I was taking the LSAT?/ Travel?/ I've found out why!/ AAA (no, this time it isn't AAAAAA spam)/ It's the end of the red stars wooHOO!/ Azagal Support Thread/ hi im h1_cr_druid /I've been defeated by Shao Kahn/ you can't make this stuff up.../ Pandora & Bosoxfan/ Choose your new star color/  just accidentally the whole QP system/ Hiring teapots for private parties/ i'm leaving/ We are all Mods/ Nevermind this thread/ MY DEMANDS MUST BE MET!!! AGAIN!!!/ what is going on here???/ April 1st chaos ? or fun ?/ Claim your "I was a skeptic" T shirts in this historic thread/ Valentines day/ What do you guys think about RECYCLE BINS?/ The may take our UPS/ DO...NOT...POST...IN...THIS...THREAD!

~pandora~ 04/25/09
Deleted:Vlaad is admirable .../ Buddy you're a young man.../ The game/ They may take our QPs.../ Binabik is solvig it/ Soviet Power Supreme!"/ Welcome back, h1_cr_druid/ Laundry Day!/ I like my coffee black just like my metal!/ I pose a serious question, form the constructs of a new evolution/ GARBAGE DAY/ Please Don't Hate Me Lexxan.../ Soon I'll Be Passed/ Who makes the least sense?/ OH Lexxan / I'm back/ Picture Gallery Exhibit/ Do you ever ever cry?/ On this moment.../ AAAAAAA!!!/ Pan, What's up?/ hey is this person real?/ Hey Elvin!/ Survey on tax surveys/ No fair/ Mamga, Inc/ New Avatars/ Val used to mod the OSM/ What does it all mean? / Wulf's BD is today / nev awatar poll/ I know a good game!/ Help wanted!/ Pizzas make me angry 2: The Sequel/ How, can I get quick money to start a buisness/ I can do it!/ Welcome!/ VW RP - Slayers of Thanatos/ Free online RPG free account click here/ WHY!?/ Sorry guys/ Awesomeness.../ Suggestion to get rid of Yellow Stars/ Should I change my avatar?/ IS INACTIVE/ Phoenix Support Thread/ Tortoise FTW/ What's a Mamga?/ Oh, god../ Lexxan's Lore of Supremacy/ SRT underground movement!/ Hey guys./ Energy needed/ A chrillion dollar idea - I'm Ney Kid

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

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What if Elvin was female?
posted May 04, 2009 01:22 PM
Edited by Elvin at 17:53, 26 Oct 2009.

Deleted  04/05/09

I'm back from my philisophical escape, Any argument that is "x has inherent value", warhammer, Hymn of the internetz, Which Harry Potter character are you?, TPAM, my last thread for a month is so vital, Lucky_dwarf has 4 stars now, A cookie for kookie, Do You Dream About Me?, CUBE, What Game are you currently playing, I am now Undefeatable, What, When did HC reach the point, Is it always this quiet in the forum?, Noobs, READ THIS FIRST!, anyone read the belt of Deltora?, You PIG!!!, The Official "I Love You" Thread, How many E-mails to you have from HC?, Please, kill me, I don't like celebrating my birthday, Teenage Girls,  ITT: You are a giraffe for 12 years. You have fallen into quick sand, I love Lexxan, Software question, I think I figured out TheDeath's problem, Im back , Now see what you have done!, So Moses and Nietzsche are talking, What are you Listening to Now?, DO EXTERMITS BELIEVE OBAMA IS MESSIAH?, What is dubbing good for!? h8 germans!, hmmm ..., I gave up on using emotions, Trogdor's Flash Game, You Laugh, You Lose, I am tired, One word story game, Could you do me a favour?, Now I must tell you..., Cat Attack!, -_-, Now I must tell you, Ode to asheera, Which EVASION are you?, I quit!!!, Which NAMUS are you?, Last Annual HC Opposit Thread,  I think I met Celfious in RL, What town do you think/know is the best?, Oh no!!!

writing this stuff as I go... moved to the tavern.

Supernatural, Paranormal, or ... moved to osm.

HC Impressions - Trial Run moved to the tavern.

Reason for Father's fits of Rage moved to tribunal.

A look at music moved to the tavern.

Help with a card game moved to the tavern.

Our Government is Inept moved to osm.

The Countdown... moved to the tavern.

So Mvass moved to osm.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Hero of Order
The Abyss Staring Back at You
posted November 16, 2011 10:32 PM
Edited by Corribus at 02:22, 21 Mar 2017.

Deleted 11/16/2011

Ohforfsake, Choose Your Element,,Beta Re-Opened!!!, .......This makes it personal...., AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, Epic Battle, The Armageddon, Lizard's Holy Crusade, Lunch or Dinner Today, The Holy Jihad, The duel, NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE, The Pit of Doom, I actually sent one, Meroe is right..., The Pit of Forge, Alright, gentlemen:, What is this I don't even, BLAM!, Fricking Japanese, That's gotta hurt, 2170, Corribus, you looked evil as it was, When did the OSM invade the HoMM boards?, Saw Journey yesterday, Happy Skeleton..., I want a pair of these, Me and the Mod Squad HQ?, I must ask, metal is underrated, Super sexy, It's all my fault, an apolgoy to H5 players, Funny by not doing anything, William, Aculias, Tsar loving swords.  Selcy's no evil! Elodin's MEAT, I'm being exiled, It's getting chilly in here, Meroe is underated., I found Doomforge's perfect custom status, What the...?, What should I do now?, I'm off to bed, Blond chick with a nice pussy, Damn Corribus, "How am I supposed to live without my mom?!", I know..., Guys! Don't tell anyone but..., Meroe watch out!, Yesterday I saw an episode from this..., "wtf darky" - Azagal, Question for mods..., I have something to share with y'all., Atlast!!!, ToHers, who are they?, Where in the world is gnomes 2169?, Azagal!, Acu VS the world Round 3, Fish, I have a Facebook account!, I almost cried!, I've been wating 22 FREAKING YEARS, So Adrius.., HAHAHA!!, a zombie apocalypse..., Hail from Bremen!, Thai life Insurance, HOLY **** Blizz!, You know what REALLY grinds my gears?

Deleted 11/18/2011

Would you rather.... / Parents / Thread: Mvass's Insanity (or how he wants to reform the world and his basis for it) / I need a hero / Conan the Barbarian.... / Forbidden meats / I love you people / The Ohforf we Knew is No More / Ohforf is online / R.I.P. Nighterror / Back to being happy! / Daggoth / Hahahahahahahaha!! / Hello everybody, my name is Gnomes2169. Check out this awesome new video I found. / I really don't know / It saddens me to inform you / Meroe? / Where did Lion of the North... / No ponies, no Youtube videos / CHOOSE!!! / I drunk 3 cans of energy drinks! / 1000 ( . ) ( . ) to grab. Russia... / An interesting game / What happened to this place / I Challenge you All / A request and/or challenge / CAPS ONLY CLUB!!! / I'm back / ART! / Museum of bad art / The books on Drizzt that I've read. / The most Awesome GAME !!!!! / I'm so happy, I think ... / Dear lord am I rambling today. / Some action please! / Where in the Lords name is Blizz??? / Doomforge, when you're publically asking on an online forum for some action / VW Horsecleaning / Wasteland Feedback Thread / Tsar... You know nothing !!!!! / Tsar come over heeeeeeeeeere / Where in the Lords name is Blizz???

Deleted 11/22/2011

An open letter to Scarlett Johansson / So, who likes Coca-cola without gas? / Totally Random Question / Am I dreaming or Awake? / Finally bachelor degree / Being stupid doesn't have limits / Supreme all over-again ! Don't you just hate it when.... / the real question darwinists refuse to answer!!!! / Tsar come over here / So I watched X-Men First Class again / Where are you my love? / Vampires cant act.... / HOMM Game that I like the best... / Tsar I have a mission for you / Is it true that..... ? / I need some help / I find this really sweet. / Standing in the gates of madness / Woolly Rhinoceros / FREE TIME?!?!?!?! / The random thoughts thread / War with me? / Hey Mr. Edn / My computer dying on me / Duty calls / Safe Sex.... Big Corporations / Where did / Straight or Bent? / I miss Elodin / Do you ever accept strange cookies? / The Salamandre Awards / Do you ever accept cookies from strangers? / Secret is out! / Hey Gnomsey / It's October....... / Ancient Aliens / Hard Drive Installation?? / ESFJ - The Provider

Deleted 11/23/2011

VROOOOOOM / Jabadabadoo... dude... / Personality Test / naked wednesday and when did it start... /  I saw an old black and white movie last night /  Rich kids are dumb. / WTF lol? / I'm blue / Back..kinda / Your opinion needed. / Wesley says HI / Log in to HC? / Has anyone had problems accessing HC lately? / *Cough* / LoLz / A new subforum appears / Is 'invasion' a defensive or an offensive move? / So young... so naive / All-purpose hype thread / Anybody copped the game already ?? / The story of Drevon. (add 4 words) / The Smug B**** Smilie / The obvious question. Manybe an obvious answer / Why is HC so full... / Heroes 6 Widowhood / kodial79 / I hate arthritis

Deleted 11/30/2011

Return of the Spam Lord / I Love Blizzboy / I like purple / Final exam for Tsar / Shortcut / Lizard's Holy Crusade II / Hay Guise / The Infernal crusade opposition! / The Meroe and Gnomes corner / Winter / Hey you, you lazy twerp. / End of the world / Lexcellent Lexcelebrations! / I got a problem with my prilogilagia! / So I just found this ASUS graphics card... / HoMM 'terminology' that stuck with You / Meroe's Tyranical Plot - Questions and Answers / Dammit Alcibiades / Happy Anniversary Adrius / I killed a mouse with a steak knife / A glupaca is always a female! / Forfy's Mad Half Hour / I've found the true identity of DarkShadow / Who says learning can't be fun. / Brains? / For Meroe! / Happy Birthday Azzie / I've got a golden ticket~!

Deleted 12/21/2011

King Tutankhamun / Charles Manson / Alan Joyce / What's wrong with Imgur?! / So yes... Cats. / 11 pages of the VW / "I never care for a minority" - Dagoth / Farewell! / Market check up - bids are welcome! / What you have... / *Facepalms* / Anarchy / Seizure / Come Adrius /  Coming-out / Holy **** / Love you guys / Oh **** / Remember, remember the 5th of November... / Way to go Duke / Tackling the difficult cabbage / Happy ten-year anniversary to me / Book / Anyone know something about Game maker? / Remember that game where Snow Maidens wiped out an entire stack with their damage? / Share your Nerdgasms / Thank you for your posting Adrius / Purgatory of Gaming: "Nintendo - Genius? Or Madman?" / Any artists in the house?

Deleted 1/12/2012

Do you believe in pleasure during rape?

Deleted 1/15/2012

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Where are all the word games? Trivia. / Your favourite century? / Would Anyone Find Out If You Won Lotto? / About LoL / To VW.gov / Hi bohemia, flower, collegeclothing, old wooden house etc / Don't get tired yet!!!  / My birthday... / Red Bull Stratos FULL POV / Who do you wear from now on? / Hangmon / My Little Pony VS Monster High / I am sorry / This is the question. / What's You're Major? /Talk ghost the place / if one species were to evolve and take over:  / Interesting Facts / Hobbit / Its time for IQ tests / TV Show Thread: What're You Watching? / What's You're Minion? /  What do you swear from now on?  

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/ Does anybody else do this?  / Your photogram, story and VW / Snow needs replacing / I am over halfway to passing Asheera's post count  

Deleted on 6/15/2014

It is not allowed to be done / Is it allowed to be done? / New Heroes Community Avatar Uploader / CRAZY QP TRY / AZZIE!!!!!!! / Do you do it? / Heroes III - strategy & spam (To only free liver) / Salamandre vs Herry / April Fools / it's meme time / Girls, booze and Rock'nRoll /  Russian aggression on Crimea / The tech guys may appretiate this site / Mod Swap Headquarters / Current vw situation / To all of the undefeatable heroes / JoonasTO / Hey guys can you hand me a star? / Volcano of Feedback and Complaints. / Claidman kid dude / Heroes Community Banal Appeals / Imma gonna ban ya all / Help a guy pick a computer meeting these reqs  / my opinion and fiction about kipshasz, his own comments unaccepted / A massage to all beginners out there - starter's message / WATCH THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW / You should see this / What's up with all this Herry Tardness ? / Free QPs! / The funniest joke in the whole universr and beyond / LizardWarrior / QP-Hunting - Copy & Past EDITION / Sometimes.. / QP-Hunting / Veco Got a QP - Celebration thread / THIS THREAD SUCKS / Funniest jokes ever / Islamisation of HC? / Just Another Joke Thread / Random Thoughts- "Smite the Heretics" Version / WoG and Beyond on the brink of civil war / Share your knowledge about emotions - Fight the emotions edition / Games and Undead / Should i do this or not - Your thoughts about my work / XXX Fill in the Blanks Game / Random Thoughts - Fight The Man Edition / To valeriy - important / HC goes McConnelling / Password Saver Tool / I had a serious ghost moment today / What are you drinking now? / I need some serious help with my social life / Law and Xerox, now.. (Only to VW'ers) / Gnomes... / What are the girl and man, do you like? / Tsar Ivor'er Hairstyle & VW'ers / What if your mind broke past the programming of the world / having trouble / oh, my, HDMI / Haha! / why the hell did 3do make pheasants!? / hey, i revived The Wrong Answer Game thread in the Tavern / X guess the person X / Elderscrolls beta key available / WTF I'm still 15?!?! / Ye olde English thread / Guide for how to be a real man! / Wow, according to this, I'm a complete idiot! / Some help, please / How wolves change rivers. / Nerd clothing & things / Just wondering / What I hate the most about Comic Book movies / He said birdes. BIRDSES! / HOMM 3/WOG jokes / Great new superhero  

Deleted on 8/31/2014

pandora out of the mod squad / Quick grab the hairy Swedish Troll / Cab driver falsely accused of rape saved by his phone app / Happy Easter! / Advertising Bar Thingy / Who's claidman_kid / share the lyrics of your favorite songs / i'm eating buffalos / VW has 6.666 posts! / We should summon Drakon / Happy Birthday! / How to get QPs guide / This is amazing / Beauty girl and handsome boy / It just dawned on me / (A) or (B)? / MY 100TH POST OF THE DAY IS A THREAD OPENER!!! / I accidentally.. / um, mods? i've apparently been a member since 2011... / i accidentally... / Crocodile kept in garden glasshouse for 10 years / A room,without a roof / Herry's guide to derping - LIKE A BOSS Edition-complete / Human Evolution / Talk in alt + PN language: ã&#9617;v£&#9474;tmé&#9553;µ / So, here's the plan... / opperation haircut / GRAMMAR help plx / HC, I NEED YOU NOW LIKE NEVER BEFORE / Journalism at its finest / MY FIRST ANIMATION  / My house didn't catch fire. / Any phablet phone geeks here? / I'm finally coming clean, HC...  / OhforfDay / I AM NOT DEAD / if you are a sandwich expert you have a chance / I have over 10,000 posts / What has been happening / Super supercell / A Visit to the OSM / What do you think about: My S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Silent Let's Play / Mvass's guide to Herrying / Random thoughts - Troll Herry edition / Random Thoughts - "Smear the Priest" Version / QPs? Talk about fairness / OMG!!! MUST READ FOR ALL H3 PLAYERS / Come back Hobbit / The Official Nurgle Thread / Bear hug! / fred and artu's pov's thread / I have a little secret.. / Two men bored by gulls / for over a year I am trying to know what song this is / H6 Sanctuary / Woman arrested for.. / be careful what you say / Is HC created/led by Feminists? / U.S. Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing after Dog Poops in the Aisle / blizzardboy / A Problem In My PC Literally Out-Of-Nowhere? / Random Thoughts: Alternative to 'Random Thoughts: Politically Incorrect Edition' / Your opinion / Random thoughts - legendary edition / Most useless hero in heroes community / News of the Wastelands - Latest and Crucial

Deleted 12/04/2014

Tribute to Bands with ****ty promotional ideas / How to start a career as a criminal? / You can't handle the tooth! / Male-Only Games Always Heavily Criticized Discussion / You can't handle the truth! / Poker for the politically correct / Two teenagers got robbed at knifepoint / I accidentally... / Remember password? Not now not now / About the socioroguery / I feel great! / No unit mixing! / Did JeremiahEmo Lied/Over Exaggerated his horsepoop? / Heroes 7 in Volcanic Wasteland / I miss lil' ol' sal / Hey HC / What is listening to you at the moment? / Dedicated to Hayven / 2014 HC Drinking Game /  Messed up my leg a bit / Blaze - windows 8 dvd player free / lOOOVD / Ungooglable Questions / what are your reasons for adblocking? / How do Harpies get babies? / BIIIG HUUUUG / HC crumbling? / The androgenic energy levels of cinema / HC is worth 15k bucks / NOOO! Gandalf !!!!!! / Magic babes, good night! / I got spirit points 362 / Beware of fanfiction / Amazon Customer Service ftw! / Graffiti found in the wasteland / why aren't you outside? / *turns into a cat* / Thunder_Titus / that dreadful feeling / Chuck Norris Aint So Tough / How do Babies get herpes? / Random Thoughts: Apocalypse of the Wastelands / Random Thoughts: Politically Incorrect Edition / Bankers May or Not have a Soul / OMFG?! / Which Fringe character are you? / Is HeroesVW really active like it seems? / Code of Conduct / Listening to music at night / Sad.. / LOL / Which Heroes Community poster are you? / A new legend! / PROOF that women oppress males! / The OSM is going to hell - FOR SURE!

Deleted 3/3/2015

the russia is evil thread / Random Thoughts: The Final Chapter / Random Thoughts: HoMM VII Necropolis Edition / Random Thoughts: The Struggle Is Real Edition / Random Thoughts: The Galactic Horse Edition

Deleted 3/18/2015

What kind of Apocolypse Survivor are you? / what movie car should you drive? / Who is your LotR charecter? / What Metal genre are you / I've come to a realisation / Which 'Family Guy' character are you? / Who do you prefer the knew HC owner to be? / Legendary Versus! / Summer is ending in 5 minutes / I am the angle of light / How to create more and more chocolate out of thin air! / An apology on behalf of HC members/ Meroe is in Good / Infinite! / Kipshasz is in trouble / Random Thoughts: OSM edition / What in the... / The Veco and Blizzardboy thread / I don't want to be mean or anything / Most Misandric TV Shows / 8( / For meroe / What is your brain actually good at? / xerox goes to / Witch famous wizard are you? / Which Putin are you? / Some ninja entered my house... and my cat attacked him... / Will you... / Which Jesus are you? / Which Disney Princess are you? / I have sonething important to tell you all / Guys / ****! / R.I.P. Jack Bruce / I've made an important decision / ****ing ****es and frolicking with jews. / What do computers eat for a snack? / Here's to you / What u offer to guests & visitors? / Witch Horror Villain are you? / I KNEW IT! / Val you can make oodles of money / EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! / Random Thoughts: Champions of the Wastelands / cor, i think i found the source of your fungi phobia / Which Big Bang Theory character do you identify with? / black vs white / .5 The Gray Chapter Is Out / Guess The Question / Celfious is in trouble / Good to be back... / The One-liner Thread / What Are You Listening To Now? Again / Btw / Race to treusrue! / Skeletons were real!  / The War of the Classes has begun / Gr8, now I feel bad / Exclusive Mod Squad Info Released for the First Time! / Why Game of Thrones Suck / Why you have to believe in evolution. / Namus / Pokemon  / I knew it! / Mad Libs for Madmen(and Madwomen)  / Do Elves even age? / What is Offensive and What is Not / 5 Ways Society Is Sexist Against Men / The Katana / What is your country's resident maligned subculture?  / NoobX vs gnomes2169 / Lizard being vocal about his cozonaci / Who is this mysterious EDN ?? / Adrius vs Drakon-Deus / Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015  / Most popular on twitch / It's that time again... / Happy New Year  / 2015 - lost members / The return of the Jeep; The beepening / ...  / Get ready - HC Awards 2014 / You are real / What u?

Deleted 08/08/2015

Dogs / Modern Titanic / !CTC 8 - Meroe / Hai / What is your destiny? / Darkshadow vs EDN  / How much do you know about India? / Are you M? / New Year Celebration Sucks/ Neat way to censorize....  / Tsar's birthday / Blonde chick with nice pussy (18+ ) / What color is this dress? / Hepi burtay Gnoms / Forge propaganda / Putin kills opposition leader in Ukrainian gay bar / xerox being vocal about his sex life / Is there Some sort of Vistor mesage or Private message system? / My band's gonna support Periphery / Random Thoughts: Butterscotch Dinosaur Pussy Edition / I almost died today / Dragon Cave 666 - Immortal thread / it's my birthday, so... / it's my birthday, what should i do? / OSM in the **** of the VW / Greece elects communist party / Proof that the Draft and the Rights to Vote was Connected / Me VS You / Wrongs or better nasty matter / Another tributt to Elvin? / Happy Easter / I got laid / Apologyse me, please !!! / Buffets are socialist and unamerican / Post limit  / If I was a moderator / Really, Kareeah? / Worldwide survey: Who do you see as the biggest threat to HC? / I just finished Scrubs / Now that's what I'm talking about / Which fairy tale villain are you? / I was eating a wheat thin cracker / Why am I not active anymore? / Which Anime Character Are You? / Which X-Men are you? / Where are the Game threads? / What Is Your Inner Nationality? / How to meet Elvin in Donuts Cafe? / Dagoth's birthday

Deleted 9/14/15

Husham... / HARRY IS BACK !!! / Logic VS Common sense? / GAME: Do a funny thing to the person before you. / SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAM !!! / The Image Game / Vappu / You go girl! / Some help in English / Be happy! / hello, please help / Will Russian State/Putin fall ? / Food Topic / Who is your favorite Star Wars character? / PewDiePie / Turkey 'condemns' Putin comments on Armenia genocide / it is time to call / Erwan Thread back in Heroes 7 subforum / Peacock Spider Dances to YMCA / New Russian oriented thread, Russia bans porn! / Cheezboiger / dude / Editing the Web-Sites / dude / Real Life Magic Game / We have lost Saruman's third nipple!  11 Jun 2015 / the great pei is back,mujujuju how awesome is that? / I'm taking bets / Noobx, / GAME 2: Hangman / Fred's Maps and Campaigns / Size and activity of the current community. / You know you're snowed when / New Post! / GAME 3: Seek, Find and Post / HC Got Talent [2015 Edition] / happy victory day / Gym to ache to GYM / What are your favorite Top gear moments? / let HC users sell their posts /Adrian Von Ziegler / FRED DESERVES A PENALTY / NSFW tasteful nudity (fred's penalty thread) / aa / Computer help / 25 things men in their 30s shouldn't be doing / Your advice for Ghost on English / What in the world... / What is your mastery of English? / Blow something up day / We call upon the earthly spirits...

Deleted 11/16/15

Beauty athletics / Please explain this / Question / Herry is evil..? / Drakon Summoning Thread / Drakon and master_learn are here... together / women are evil / / And a hundred percent reason to remeber the NAME! / Be vewy, vewy quiet, I see a kookastar / Surprise Inside! / Please help I don't want to look like a loser on Facebook / The Rush / No surprises here! / ASCII artworking / Chill, Mr. Robot / What are the most awkward moments you had in class. / Do not post in this thread. / Manta / My new name / Folklore from around the world / there is no better sitcom... / Pointless cow picture thread / Feedback request for hypothetical Heroes universe / Should I be a god? / WTF? / Wtf is this? / An Omen? / Banana Volcano / Should I be a mod? / If a fruit fly drowns in your beer? / Input desired / Enlighten me / Viva la Revolución! / The Penalty Corner / volcanic poll / Clipping / These awkward moments... / Random Thoughts - Unlockable Edition / The age we live in / Who ever answers this question will be given one million / Random Thoughts: Lamp of The Ghast Edition / Hey, I want a +QP please / Random Thoughts: Corribus and Elvin are Amazing Individuals / take this personality test / GOG sale off - Heroes, MM and other games, oh my! / Titties have been discovered! / Please help me choose my new laptop / Need Help picking a Desktop / Random Thoughts: Communist Utopia Edition / I Hate You / I don't do drunk so here's me late-night gibberish posting / Dear HC / Coincidence or Scientific conspiracy? 911 / What is your favorite soft drink? / Game of Thrones - 1995 Edition / Has anybody used binaural beats? / Am I the only one... / Fans replaced Manticore with Strider! / Please, the emoticon isn't what you think it IS! / Moon Doe Upgrades to Male Sun Deer / I'm really a Gryffindor / RAGE thread / I want someone I've never met to come back to HC / Happy Birthday Thunder Titus / Which Zodiac are you? / Post your favorite Baroque/Classical/Romantic musical piece / A message and a question / Happy Zergday / Hey Corribus / Random Thoughts: Right Wing Radical limited edition. / Random Thoughts: Left Wing Extremist edition. / Random Thoughts: Homo Adamiticus Edition / Random thoughts: Judgemental Racism Edition / RT threads creating contest? / Oi, Adrius! Come back dude! / Do you not know death when you see it, old man? / Windows 10 free for 7 and 8 users / DO YOU SPIT OR DO YOU SWALLOW? / WHO WANTS DRAKON DEUS BACK / Kiiiiiiyruuuuuu / We have our new mod / Pictures of boobs / ROAD HOUSE

Deleted 01/15/16

Who should become ruler of the universe? / What is it that you don't understand the most? SIP-SIPPIN' ON SOME SIZZURP / Guitarguy  / NOPE NOPE NOPE / Da Popa / CLEGLAW!!! / Did you Know Gaming: Heroes of Might and Magic / I have cancer / This forum isn't as populated as I want it to be / The ones who don't play H7 / I want an on-site IRC chat / What if the 20 post limit included VW / Evaluation  25 Sep 2015 / Choo - choo: Steam sale / Explain to me / Global farming / Should I GTFO? / Remember to / Octoberfest / Which Heroes do you prefer? / Hipsters: Before and After / Break Up Letter Dramatic Letter / HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / I read the news today / mosquitos and their ITCHINESS / Back to the future / Lets say I want to buy HOMM, how much? / Cats know how you feel / Artificially breeding farty animals / Why can't we just use farts for space travel? / Why can't we just use the Earth for space travel? / Praise the Devs! / Come HC, Come Tally Me Banana / It's been a long time, HC / Selfie Killer / Two / Suddenly a light rips through the sky!! / Don't kill me plx / LaFerrari crash, NSFW video / Happy birthday Elvin!  / Borthers unite / *wakes up* / Elections / If you took Ubisoft/Nival's place... / Pyramids were used for storing grain / Fonts question / Why was there no turkey day thread this year? / Happy Turkey Day Thread 2015 / And finally... when you so badly need friends... / The best cereal I have ever had is Kraves Smores / LGBT in Might & Magic / 99th HoMM7 thread, 9,000,000th post about HoMM7 / I'm officially undressed, yay! / Will the Heroes franchise ever recover? / When you try to act as happy person... / When you plan to do something... / What are you eating? / Company That Upped Drug Price By 5,000% Reports $14.6 Million Loss In Three Months / Fear itself /  Millenium Falcon or Starship Enterprise / New Photos of Princess Charlottesville released!! / The eyes of Texas are upon you / Never forget! / All times are GMT, adjusted by timezone profile.

Deleted 3/13/16

What you realize that... / Major Star Wars Events Not Shown in the Movies / His name is Kipshasz, he posted Polandball comics. /
His name is Lemmy, he played rock'n'roll / Fred's Christmas Song Lyrics (aka, snow christmas) / Do you celebrate all those dull December holidays? / Happy Birthday JJ / Dec 21st! Only ten more days. / Star Wars / How fast internet connection you have? / Look what i have found... / Did jerry join isil? / Star Wars spoiler review / I joined the Dark Side / SW: The Trade Federation/C.I.S. / Dead game / Dilemma / what is Love: VW edition / Jingle Bombs / Angels / What you think of Putin? / I need your help / !I hope you've come prepared / What movies you wait in year 2016? / How to spot a fascist / Snape died / Your Favorite Sword? / R.I.P. David Bowie / Best Fury Road Car / This forum belongs to me / The spam is out there / What are you watching now ? / To whomever it may concern / I was going to post something insightful but I forget what it was. / Hockey U20 Gold for Finland, yay! / Merry christmas/xmas/jul/whatever n stuff / When break is almost over and you gotta be fast / Hangman / Donald Trump releases advertisement / Another ASOIAF/Gameofthrones house quiz / My toes are cold / New Year ? / I'm officially depressed, yay! / i was master & mastermaster / Fifty Shades of Bean / The only one who could own Sam L. Jackson / Long Live Da Popa! / Should I buy a baritone? / My Introduction / As I explained to you earlier / THIS JUST IN MOD SQUAD HEAD QUARTERS / Skiing bird / Awkward moments in life / Always 2 there were / What you shouldn't buy but want to / Oforf awakens. True story inspires The starwars episode 7 / WHY ARE WE TALKING IN ALL CAPS? / POST IMAGES OF THE BEST BURGER YOU'VE EVER ATE / R.I.P. Glenn Frey / Which “The Force Awakens” Character Are You? / RIP Harrison Ford / the newest trick in the school of seduction / I AM LONELY, ENTERTAIN ME / Where is Blizzardboy? / This just hit me / Ubisoft and the MM franchise, A Tragic End / NERAUUUUUUSSSSSS! / There is no God / Erwan Appreciation Thread / Choose! / Self referentiality / Ohforfsake / Happy Birthday DD / Random Facts / Double Negative / Hey, guys! I'll like to ask you something / A state of artists / I'm gay... / I was meaning to post this on Friday / Random Thoughts: Martyrdom Camper Edition / noobX / New Barbies / RIP Stevie / Random Thoughts: 100% Predictable Thoughts / Black Satellite. 13,000 years old some say.. Teslas name involved.. / Where is Blizzardboy? / This just hit me / Ubisoft and the MM franchise, A Tragic End / NERAUUUUUUSSSSSS! / There is no God  

Deleted 7/10/16

Spin off : HC guys talk about women / My news / Illuminati training / Coffee is Overrated / So then, Marvel movies (spoiler free!) / You know,   07 Feb 2016 / What if Star Wars and Back to the Future were the same movie? / Disregard wenches, acquire florins / I'm struggling in my attempts to be relevant / Life returns... / The best skyscraper / PSA: UNSOLICITED SKYPE FRIENDINGS ARE DECLINED AND REPORTED, CLEAR WITH ME ON H FIRST / Roger roger / Erwin Depreciation Thread / Elvin! The secret is out! / To pizza or not to pizza? / A Typical Elvin Day / Elvin, did you just drop your sword back there? / Gender Equality! / Neraus' fort / Someone form USA / Pointless thread meant for deletion / Don't know why... / A question for the moderators / A feast is in order / I drove all night / The top! / Yo dawgs and other memes / Dedicated to Fred / Ashan marriage / Though Spring is here / Neraus = Raenus / Anime's real / Happy Easter! / Creepy **** / Shame! / gg wp / You'll **** bricks / Halp me find a new avatar / Neraus is sniffing Namtaru venom again! / Dies Irae ruined another topic by polluting it with H6 pics / Fred, someone close to you says hi / What did you do on Pi Day? / journey with me into the mind of a maniac / The CIA has arived / Pi Day / You Madmen!

Deleted 9/22/16

The final rick roll / Fred get some sleep!! / Hyper-colossal food / US presidential candidates engaged in a bar fight / manspreading? really? / I need to start something its not a game but.... / Your best holiday & job / You make me sick / Would you rather... / I am Supreme Leader of this forum, but I need a cabinet. / Time to take a pool. / Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters. Go. / What are you listening to- The n'th time! / Convince me of your candidate (US presidential subject)  / Who vomited on my money? / Bruker and Maurice, still no shield!! / I'm browsing the internet on Dolphin. I am so hip right now. / SLEEP GET SOME FRED / First chess, then go / To all things comes a beggining / for stevie... the guy who always posts that bear... / Happy April 2nd! / Question for the Wise / Poor Swasitkas / I'm having lore problems / They are sending robots from the Future now... / What is verriker's secret? / May the Fourth be with you! / Maybe it's for the best... / I love you guys / Best top tier creature in all Heroes games / Note to the community from your moderator / Why / rip...  / I'm having love problems / How do you negotiate farts in public?  / For those of you who don't know, Hilary won new york / I like to eat, eat, eat / RIP / Pesky uni students / Happy Easter / The snow question game / Does anyone here have super modes? / What to do about scammers? / Adolf Hitler might become president of Australia / Why do black people have more melatonin but are still really hairy? / Jizzardboi / Hodor! / I'm feeling hawt hawt hawt / Should the UK become a US state? Should I go again to Zumba? / finally! / Even google tells us Erwin is a spider vampire! / The cake is a-li(v)e / Moderator's equipment / Pixelart rock / Best old video game / Who Would WIN! EPIC EDITION! / share your favorite movie quote, and let others guess it. / Brexit / So that is how it is Tsar / Pottery Thread / How to embed videos / EXPLICIT PICTURES OF ANIMALS HAVING SEX / IMPLICIT PICTURES OF MOD SQUAD HEADQUARTERS / Boop Boop Beep Boop / HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY

Deleted 1/27/17

TRUE ERM SCRIPTING / Lazy Blizzardboy! / Every night in my dreams / ~ Heroes 7 - Anti-Discussion thread ~ the final edition / Psssst / What da fa** ? / Blatant self-promotion / A national emergency / how to... / Enrothian Conservative Party welcome here / Ethiopian Conservative Party not welcome here / Title / Do you play this game when peeing? / What's the size of your "music archive"? / Guys... / Hello / Bored conversations part 1 / HCUWP Support Group / How the mighty have fallen / How to *raise* a lobster (from the stairs) - adventurous mangousta / What can you mix pepperoni with? / I AM THE RAZOR / So where do you imagine Harrold goes on these extensive times of absence? / Holy cow / How to create a large poster for a wall? / How to become a millionaire? / Random Facts on reality, truth or false perceptions? / I have a / I believe Justin Bieber is a pariah / Satan II / The Nonsencial Thread, Ultimate Edition! / Google translate / World Series - Moral Dilema Cubs vs Indians / ***LizardWars.org*** / Happy Belated Birthday Darksy! / Fail? / Programming / Hunger is the best sauce / Chopsnik is gone, what will happen now? / Who would have thought / How to become a lobster? / Heroes of Milk and Magic Tourney Sign Up / 2 cats 1 bowl / Arcane Archers are overpowered. / The purpose of existence of my own / Have you ever danced with a dog in daylight? / I just woke up after a nap / How much do you trust others? / Accepting applications for angry peasant mob member / Visual hallucinations or a bad idea was about the deleted post? / This is for science / Dis is fo' science / Ghost finally broke HC / The happy bithday Elvin thread! / POLITICS IS TEARING HC APART!!! / *insert number here* years of HC / Ten years of HC / Erection Day / So I unblocked bbc iPlayer / Chocolate problem / Five years of HC / One hundred years of HC / Funny or not?! / How to deal with it? / President vote / ~ Heroes 7 - Anti-Discussion thread ~ / QUANTUM Communications: CPR Satellite test of the Quantum Entanglement phenomenon / A little part of the easy modern Philosophy from frostysh, about Love / Try to guess AlHazin's country / What is best in life? / Please don't call me Buttercup anymore / Please don't call me blizzardman anymore / Heroes community / I need help to find a name of a movie / BREAKING NEWS / Happy 17th of November! / Chose your gender! / dedicated to mourning the loss of... / Best Dad Ever? / SWEAR YOUR UNDYING ALLIEGENCE! / The fun's over / This is for Blizzardman / This is for blizzardboy / I need hint with the Mathematical problem about area of Tria. in the Cartesian coord. / Acer Predator 21 X / This is for spam / This is for atheism / Battle of the century / so, fidel castro died... / After Syrian immigrants come bear / I need hint with my breakfast and peanut butter area / Blizzardman Blizzardman / reporting from the police station / Down in the Jungle where nobody goes
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