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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Edwin
Thread: Edwin

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posted February 23, 2005 08:35 AM bonus applied.
Edited by RedSoxFan3 at 07:47, 16 Nov 2006.


Alright this is an old thread, that I've decide to give a complete edit and revision. So I'm gonna delete everything and post new stuff as I edit each section of my story. I think overall I may want to rework most of the story. Keeping a few tidbits here and there.

"Another day, another job," Edwin said to himself as he looked onwards at the tall stone walls that surrounded the estates. Carefully he studied the wall up and down, finding the prime point of attack. His eyes were fixed upon a tree somewhat close to the corner of the wall. Edwin had found his pinhole in the defenses and now needed only to elude the guards at the gate in front of him.

He carefully stepped from one bow to another on the other side of the large oak and tactfully slipped down using the trunk to hide his presence, not that the guards would have seen him had he jumped down either. His apparel was superb, black leather, from head to toe keeping his figure masked within the shadows of the night. He even wore special boots leaving Edwin’s careful stepping silent. Edwin crouched down and looked at the guards. Like they had any clue what was going on. He glided across the fields of tall grasses like a silent wisp, across the dirt path that ascended up to the gate, and onward up to his tree of pinhole. As Edwin arrived at the tree, he realized it was not as close as he had first estimated. The edges of the branches were a couple feet from the top of the wall, not partially hanging over it as he had thought originally.

For a moment he was discouraged and thought of looking for a better spot. But after a few moments of contemplation, he simply pulled out a thick long rope from his pack. Thoughts of his past slipped in and out of his thoughts as he circled one end of the rope around the tree. Edwin remembered the first real job he ever took. It started off much like it did now, scaling a tree to jump over a fence. He never understood why anyone would put a stone wall so close to such a massive tree, but then again the fence was probably over a hundred years old. He threw the rope up and over the wall and eyed the tree for a good spot from which to climb.

The first heist he ever partook was when some family snowup wanted him to steal the will of his dying brother out of the city bank. He got one thousand gold for delivering the will and was guaranteed further payment to be received after his brother died. Edwin laughed remembering how the guy came a couple weeks later demanding his money be returned. At first he had been worried to see the man so upset, that his brother had died and the will was found to be invalid and that there was another master copy somewhere, but such was not the case. His brother had made a miraculous recovery and this man had sold nearly everything he owned to pay Edwin for the job.

Looking down at the ground, the rogue realized he had climbed more than was needed. The bows were too thin and too far from the wall at this height. There was one obvious choice from which to jump, a massive bough that stuck directly towards the wall. Jumping down to the branch, he landed awkwardly and was forced to throw his body and arms around the tree limb to keep from falling. After regaining his composure, Edwin walked out towards the wall and then back to the trunk, testing the strength of bough. He pushed off the trunk, sprinted up the branch, and leapt into the air as far he could. He let out a grunt as he landed squarely, his gut against the flat slab of gray bricks that adorned the top of the wall; he caught his breath and took a look around to find himself hanging just above the edge of a hedge maze. Edwin frowned. His choice of entry would not be such a fine choice of exit.

But still the crafty rogue did not get discouraged. Giving a good sharp tug on the rope, Edwin affirmed the strength of the rope and hopped down. He pulled out a dagger and cut off a few sizable pieces off the hedge walls and placed them beneath his rope. As he explored farther and farther into the maze he dropped the hedge branches to mark his path. Edwin slowly but surely managed to find his way through the maze and leave a clear path from the maze exit to his getaway rope.

Edwin's heart began pounding. He knew that the true challenge lay before him. From here on out he knew his heist would become increasingly dangerous. Hiding would be without effort on an overcast night such as this. But hiding inside a mansion full of guards was a completely different story.

He carefully made his way through the gardens, scouting as he went and found there to be guards surveilling the entrances. The surrounding landscape was left unwatched and unattended. Even entire sides of the house were ignored. He looked up at the house and saw no real good way of entering the house. There was no way of scaling the walls. And even so with the windows barred from the outside scaling the walls would do little good. He studied the wall further and found that at the far side of the house there were four windows that were stacked rather close to one another. He lurked his way over to the window and peered inside to find a dark empty room. Edwin nodded to himself and grabbed the iron bars and pulled himself up. His heart, that had just begun to settle down, instead ran full tilt vibrating his entire body with every beat.

For a moment, he thought he was going deaf. The night was silent and all he could hear was his heavy breathing and the pounding of his heart. But his pondering quickly dissolved by the sound of a voice and footsteps enter the room just inside his window. He scrambled up to the top of the bars and stood on them pressing himself against the wall. It seemed the person had taken no notice to Edwin's presence and so he reached up for the second window. Pulling himself up however he found himself to be looking upon the same room. The new light that had been brought into the room had revealed a massive library that apparently scaled four stories high. Edwin now realized the predicament of his situation. This man could be there studying all night and he was directly facing both the windows that sat above Edwin as well as the ones that sat below. He was stuck between two windows unable to retreat, unable to climb higher.
Go Red Sox!

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posted February 23, 2005 06:21 PM

Nice! Here's a filler post so you can post again.

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