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Heroes Community > Turban Tribunal > Thread: Suggestions About The Registering Process
Thread: Suggestions About The Registering Process

Famous Hero
The Metal Specialist
posted January 16, 2006 02:58 PM bonus applied.
Edited by LegendMaker on 16 Jan 2006

Suggestions About The Registering Process


Angelito told me the Turban Tribunal was the right forum for the suggestions I am about to make. I've searched through the old threads and couldn't find an existing one related to this topic, so I made the move and created a new one. Please move my post to the appropriate thread if I failed to find it.

I only registered at HC today, so the difficulties I met while trying to do so are still very fresh in my memory.

1) If something is wrong, you have to do it all again !

After several trials, it can get really exhausting, honestly. You click the "submit" button, crossing fingers for it to work this time around...
And bang ! You end up at a page with an error message such as "this avatar is already reserved by another user. Please try again."

And you have to type again your signature, your occupation, your username, password... All over again (and again ! ) until you're lucky enough to select an avatar that will be accepted... (It took me half a dozen trials to succeed !)

2) Many reserved avatars are not stated as such in the avatars list !

It's true. I've searched the whole avatars list thoroughly to select one that was both available and ok for me. But many avatars that are not supposed to be reserved (judging by their mentions on the avatars list) were in fact reserved (judging by the fact that I ended up on the "this avatar is reserved..." message when I tried to make them mine ! )

Examples : Alamar (the avatars list said "used by 12"), Black Dragon (avatars list said "used by 9") EvilEye (avatars list said "used by 2") and so on. All those were refused to me, stating they were "reserved by another user" !

I think you guessed it by my examples ( lol) I wanted an avatar related to Homm3's Dungeon Town type, because it's my favorite town type of that game. Guess what ? I ended up with the unupgraded lvl 1 unit (the trogg), cause it seemed to be the only Dungeon-related avatar still available ! Lmao !

Btw, you got it all wrong while naming lvl 3 Dungeon's creatures there : the avatar named "evileye" actually shows a beholder and the one called "beholder", you guessed it, shows an evil eye. Lol

3) Even the avatars that are stated as "reserved" in the list can still be chosen !

When you are selecting an avatar in the rolling menu, any and all existing avatars (regarless of wether they are available, used or even clearly already reserved) can be selected !

Examples : It's pretty clear that avatars such as "Tigris" or "Vesuvius" (respectively reserved by the members of the same name) are of course not available to new members. But they are still present in the list of avatars one can select when trying to register !

4) The avatars are all mixed up on the avatars list, regardless of their availability...

IMHO, you should make two separate lists : a list of existing avatars for those curious, and a second list of available avatars to choose from when one wants to register at HC. This would really simplify the process a lot for future new members !

Actually, I would even heavily suggest to sort them by availability on the second list, so it would be much easier to select an avatar that is not used yet.

Lastly, the rolling menu one must use to select an avatar when registering really should only consist of available avatars. This way, one wouldn't have to retry time and time again till it finally works !

5) Passwords can only be 8 characters long, not 14 !

This last remark is less important, I think, but still accurate : when you're on the page to register, it is clearly stated that "usernames and passwords can be 14 charachters long" while in fact, it's only true for usernames, not passwords !

I should know, since I first created a 14 characters password, then I ended up on an error page telling me that "this password is more than 8 characters long"

I hope this will help improve this forum and make it a less painful process for future new members.

Tia, Legend.

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Supreme Hero
UHU!! supreme!
posted January 18, 2006 10:16 PM

I guess the problem about the reserved avatars that have more than 1 user... is because the avatar was reserved after this other users select that avatar... but after all you always can ask Valeriy for help to upload your own avatar here: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=6288

and... Welcome to HC is nice to see people like you wanting to participate and improve this nice forum
Dig Out Your Soul

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Famous Hero
The Metal Specialist
posted January 23, 2006 03:09 PM

Better Late Than Never...

Thanks for your reply, lord_crusader.

I have nothing to object about the fact some users still use reserved avatars, actually. I understand it's because they were already using them before they were reserved by someone else. No problem IMHO.

My suggestions had more to do with the fact that some avatars are not stated as "reserved" even though they are. Which can make new users waste their time trying to select said avatars, misguided into thinking they are still available.

Valeriy already noticed this post and promised he'd see what can be done about it. So, no worries : new users hopefully won't meet the same difficulties.

About my reserving a custom avatar, it's unfortunately a bit early for that. I'll be allowed to do so only once I'd reached the 50 posts cap. My posts count is still below the 20 posts cap, atm ! I do favor quality over quantity, though. LOL

It's ok, my initial compassion for those ugly troggs is slowly turning into some kind of sympathy... LMAO

Regards. Legend.

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