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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: Your personal ICTC Top3 towns
Thread: Your personal ICTC Top3 towns

Tavern Dweller
posted February 16, 2006 01:11 AM

Your personal ICTC Top3 towns

The user rating is over. I'm wondering what are your favourites.

1) The Burrows by Frakel (for great ideas & interpreatation of officail timeline)
2) Bastion by BoogieMan (for nice, really neutral faction & nice description)
3) Stronghold by TDL (nice idea of Highland alliance, but not expnaed properly)
member of Kongo_Team - creators of ICTC: Hollow

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Legendary Hero
able to speed up time
posted February 16, 2006 02:54 AM
Edited by FriendOfGunnar on 15 Feb 2006

Friend of Gunnars wrap up

This was a long slog reading all sixty odd entries but I had fun doing it.  I noticed that history was the most neglected part of the entire contest.  So many times I saw the phrase: “Long period of isolation” which I think is kind of a way of saying “I’m too lazy to write an interesting story”.   I also noticed that there was a big conflict between people who liked to see linups return from previous games and people who wanted something new.  I got zinged a few times for straying too far from the accepted fantasy mythos but I also zinged quite a few people for not straying far enough (my apologies for that but there was a lot of people who liked HOMM nostalgia so in the end it balances.)  In the final tally my highest scorers were the ones that created a faction that was both inventive and also fit into the video game and mythological framework created by Nival.  Despite a few small flaws with the creatures I thought Edenfar’s “Narmai” faction (46) did this best.  Next up was an excellent reinterpretation of the Orcs that all of us are so familiar with, War-Overlords “Ziggurat” faction (46) .  I thought Orbvious’s “Amatsu” (44) was the best Asian-themed entry and the creature line-up was highly imaginative.  Ulf’s “Imperial”(43) was creative and I also thought it fit the HOMM5 scheme well.  Plus I saw my own map which maybe stoked my ego a bit.  (Ulf also got the bonus that it was one of the first that I reviewed, before my ratings started trending downward).  Caostotal_2000's "High Mountains" (41) was a great entry and since I wasn’t scruitinizing balance as much as other raters it did well in my rankings.

I also have some honourable mentions:
Orbvious’s “Amatsu” (44) was the faction I most wanted to play.
Kookastar’s “Cavern” (38) was the only faction that I wanted to join.
Frakel’s “Burrows” (37) was the only faction I thought that perfectly matched the world of HOMM5 already set down.
Godstuffus’s “Blood” (32) was the faction with the most unfulfilled potential.
Kudos go to Neko’s “Hylozium” , Freeze-Drieds “Hyphae” and Molechular’s “Thaumaturges” for having highly inventive ideas even if they didn’t fit into HOMM5 world well.

And finally MasterSandro’s “Civilization of the Deep” had the most quotable line in this entire contest with his description of this 4th level ranged creatures. “After the ammo is gone they attack with a great maul”

After all this I can see now what HOMM5 needs:  A faction generator where you can plug in your own doodles, stats, and special skills.  Then you can trade it with other people. That way all the people who want guns in their factions can blow each other’s brains out and let the rest of us get back to the normal daily business of fireballs, battleaxes, and giant flying lizards.

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Adventuring Hero
posted February 17, 2006 12:58 PM
Edited by phoenixzs on 17 Feb 2006

(0-thundercrack )

Note:I already rated the towns so this line up has nothing to do with the contest,ýts not based on logic but emotions)

1-High Mountanins(the sacred)by caostotal_2000
ýts not perfect but barbarian birdmen are good.Maybe it does not fit the Homm universe maybe so other balance issues.
2-Burrows by Frakel
3-Bastion BoogieMan
Bastion and Burrows  both have very interesting creature lineups

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Adventuring Hero
posted February 22, 2006 12:57 AM
Edited by frakel on 21 Feb 2006

Despite all my fine intentions I only managed to rate half the ICTC entries (allthough I managed to get a quick readthrough of most of the remaining). Of those I did rate these three stand out:

1) Bastion (44):
A fresh new taking on a ´Barbarian`/ Might faction that is logically developed and makes sense in the H5 universe. A much needed ´no-nonsense´ and down-to-earth faction, in a nice contrast to some of the high-epic factions...

2) Saurian (43):
If the swamp town makes it back into H5 - I´d wish this would be the form it takes.

3) Island (42):
Everybody who needs a good laugh should read the description of this faction - and that is meant as a compliment! But this entry not only stands out on its literary qualities - this entry might be a winner IMHO, if it wasn´t for the clash of its lightheartedness and H5 dark and gloomy atmosphere. A pity really...

- Finally I want to give special praise for the
Ziggurat (37):
This entry not only depicts a H5 faction, but in addition reveals an entire fascinating civilization. Here you will find description of everything from Orcish artistic inclinement to their divorce traditions...

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Supreme Hero
posted February 22, 2006 06:10 PM

Well thank you very much Frakel.

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