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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Heroes V Demo FAQ
Thread: Heroes V Demo FAQ

Famous Hero
The Leader of all Hydras
posted May 14, 2006 11:42 AM
Edited by ThE_HyDrA at 11:54, 14 May 2006.

Heroes V Demo FAQ

The demo version of Heroes of Might and Magic V was released on April 13, 2006, a little over a month before the release date of the full game. It followed the success of the Open Beta in February and March. The Heroes of Might and Magic 5 Demo contains:

2 Campaign Maps - Haven map 5, Inferno map 1
1 Single Player Map - 843 YSD: Falcon's Last Flight
6 Duel Hero Presets - 1 from each town
2 Playable Factions - Haven and Inferno

System Requirements


OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c April 2005
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon 2000+ or higher
RAM: 512 MB or higher
Video: 128 MB AGP GeForce4 Ti4200 / RADEON 8500 or higher video card
CD/DVD-ROM speed: 32x
Sound: DirectX compatible PCI 16-bit sound card


OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c April 2005
CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz / Athlon 3000+ or higher
RAM: 1024MB or higher
Video: 256 MB AGP 8x GeForceFX 6600 / RADEON x800 or higher video card
CD/DVD-ROM speed: 32x
Sound: Dolby Surround 5.1 sound processor

Download Sites


The Queen - A king falls, a queen rises (Haven Campaign)
Mission Five - The Fall of the King
As a result of an artful intrigue played by Agrael and his succubus helper, Biara, Isabel is taken prisoner. Soon she will be taken to Sheogh, the centuries-old prison of the Demon Sovereign.
Starting Bonuses
A: 4 Imperial Griffins
B: Four Leaf Clover
C: 1500 Gold
Map Outline
The player starts as Godric,with a sizeable army, and captures the Haven town, Dunmoor, in the north. His task is to free Isabel from the nearby prison. Together, they must defend Dunmoor from constant Inferno besiegment, and find the Tear of Asha. This can be achieved through uncovered the 3 obelisks scattered around the map.

The Cultist - A demon must decide (Inferno Campaign)
Mission One - The Betrayal
Agrael, who has failed the task given to him by the Demon Sovereign, is being hunted by the Griffin army under Godric. Death follows him closely, and his future is uncertain at best. The Demon Lord will have to find a way out of his situation.
Starting Bonuses
A: Necklace of the Lion
B: 8 Cerberi
C: 3 Hell Chargers
Map Outline
Agrael is the hero in question, as he attempts to flee from Godric in a foreign (Haven) landscape. The map requires no town development, though your hero must navigate his way through large numbers of neutral creatures to attain artifacts and other skills needed for the final encounter. The map is quite straightforward, though it employs the use of the underground and teleporters as a means of transport.

843 YSD: Falcon's Last Flight (Single Scenario)
Players: 2 (FFA)
Size: Normal
Goal: Scenario
Underground: Yes
Victory is near! It is the year 843, and strengthened by an eclipse, the Demonlords have invaded Ashan in great numbers. The Imperial capital of Falcon's Reach is surrounded and the hated Falcon dynasty is nearly extinct. The Demon Sovereign has all his attention focused on this campaign as he hopes to see the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy -- that the world of Men shall exist so long as there is a Falcon heir. There is one small fly in the ointment, however, another legend states that the scions of Falcon shall never be defeated as long as they hold Falcon's Reach. With that in mind, the Sovereign has sent his loyal general, Jezebeth to see to the end of the Falcons.
Map Outline
You play the side of evil in this smallish single-player map, which is typical of Heroes of Might and Magic 5 maps. It is a hero vs. town situation, though the AI is focused on defending its town (as is suggested in the storyline). Exploration plays a large part in the map, and there are a number of neutral battles to look out for, too.

Known Bugs

As the Heroes 5 Demo is only a preview version, there are some bugs and unfinished items still lurking in the game. Below are the ones you can find the Readme file. Feel free to post any bugs that you might have found in this thread.

Some texts are not final (proofreading, gameplay check, fitting in interfaces...)
Some models or animations may be faulty
Music selection, sounds or mix may not be final at some points
AI may decide to not to recapture town on the "Falcon's" map
Leadership perks incorrectly placed at racial ability slots on Hero Screen
Godric may stop chasing Agrael on the "The Cultist" map
Map "The Queen" can be finished without completing objective "Get a message to Nicolai"
SPACE hotkey is not working in the creature hiring interface
Tooltips and icons of some Spellbook bookmarks are mixed up
Sometimes sprites couldn't attack skeletons
Spirit Link ability is not working
Profile button in Multiplayer menu may not work
Water implementation in Haven town is not final
Player may gain levelup twice when using Sacrifice Pit in Inferno town
Sound FX for several map objects are missing
Hero path plotting may have visual artefacts when Player Movement Speed option is set to maximum
Game crashes in Duel mode if combat ends while Options menu is open
Necromancer ability "Mark of the Necromancer" does not function correctly
Treants/Treant Guardians possess Turboboost/Megaboost respectively
"Dragons may breathe fire, but Hydras have many heads." - The Creed of Hydras
"As the Dragon drew its breath, the Hydra pounced, swiftly but powerfully, and the Dragon was defeated.

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Famous Hero
Weak ranger - lost viking
posted May 16, 2006 05:48 PM

Probably just the first person to read the HC board instead of playing
Norwegian viking
ranger of the north

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 21, 2006 01:43 AM

Can't build tavern

I'm playing the Falcon map in the H5 demo and I can't build a tavern.  I get the message "upgrade level limit for this building has been reached."  Anyone know why I get this?  I can build other buildings and I'm already up to town level 14.

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 24, 2006 11:48 AM

The scenario is designed in a specific way , that means you are not allowed to build a tavern.

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 26, 2006 11:54 PM

Thanks.  I'm still waiting for my game to arrive...  

One question: is there no spell that actually reduces the *movement* of an enemy troop during combat?  The Slow spell now only reduces the initiative of an enemy troop.

The 3D graphics is a welcomed change from Heroes IV, which I thought had yucky graphics.  The adventure screen in Heroes V looks gorgeous (although the combat screen looks more like Battlechess).  I get pretty smooth frame rate at 1280x1024 and very high detail on my P4 2.4GHz and ATI x800pro 256MB.  But when I zoom all the way out and pan left and right, it gets sluggish.  Saving and loading games don't take very long at all.

I have, however, some negative feelings about the addition in H5 that, during combat, allows the hero to attack an enemy troop via melee or range, not just via spells as in H1 to 3:

(1) First of all, a lone hero gives lousy damage via melee and range, so this new ability hardly matters most of the time.  And heroes in H5 are not like those in H4, where they could advance to superhuman levels.  (Heroes in H4 didn't impress me that much anyway.)

(2) The hero suffers no retaliation from attacking via melee or range, which just...doesn't make sense.  Of course, the hero can't be retaliated because the hero can't die.  But still...

(3) The hero is able to melee-attack creatures that are protected BEHIND CASTLE WALL during a siege combat, even when the wall hasn't been broken through.  This just doesn't make sense.  In such a case, the hero should only be able to range-attack or cast spells.

So to me, this is the only "controversial" new feature which I guess I'll have to live with.  

And if THAT'S the biggest problem I have, then I'll have to say they've put out a pretty decent game this time.

P.S.  Btw, I'm the one who designed the funky H4 map "The End of the World": http://heroes.mycomport.com/cgi-bin/opt/MapHaven/map_details.cgi?MAP_ID=648  , still the only map I've ever designed.  When the map editor comes out for H5, I'll definitely design a new map with the same concept.

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 27, 2006 12:24 AM

Succubus Mistress attacking Horned Overseer

I have another question, but since I'm still playing the demo, I'm posting it here.  Let me know if I should start a new thread.

A succubus mistress' chained shot ability allows it to attack multiple targets in one shot (resembling the effect of chained lightning).  A horned overseer's "explosion" ability allows it to sort of retaliate  against nearby creatures when attacked.  But then a strange thing happens when I have my succubus mistress attack (via range) an enemy horned overseer troop.  The horned overseer DEFLECTS (or seems to), also via range, some of the damage back to one of MY troops, and always the SAME troop.  I don't understand...  Given the two creatures' abilities, how can this happen?  The horned overseer doesn't really attack nearby troops, but attack via long range.  Another strange thing is that the chained shot by succubus mistress FAILS, i.e. only the one horned overseer troop is ever attacked.  What's going on here?

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Tavern Dweller
posted May 29, 2006 08:18 PM

Hehe, I'm still limping along with the demo here (I think I might end up getting the full game as a birthday present).  I managed to break the Haven scenario.  If, before sending Godric off to play messenger, you destroy Red Player (take his castles and mines and such, destroy his heroes, etc.), you can send Godric through the gate with nothing more than Peasant (or perhaps a Conscript).  Isabelle can then hang out near the gate with all of your amassed troops, artifacts, and spells.  You can even kill Agrael as soon as he appears on the map.  Unfortunately, this results in a neat (but useless) little bug, whereby Nicolai cannot be generated.  You get the cutscene that heralds his arrival (I know it does because I played through the scenario once "properly" already), but Nicolai does not actually appear.  The result, every turn will open with the cutscene trying to produce Nicolai, but he won't show, and you're stuck in an unending scenario, with a Level 24 Knight, a super-army, and no one to bash with it.  Very cute.

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Adventuring Hero
posted May 30, 2006 04:17 AM

No "View Earth"

HOMM V doesn't seem to have the "View Earth" feature, which shows you a map with easy-to-see, color-coded legends of where everything is on the map.  All earlier HOMM games have it.  In HOMM V, I have to scroll all over the map to find something, such as uncaptured mine.  The minimap at the lower left is too small to be useful.  This could be a problem on a big map.

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