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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Heroes 5 Strategy Discussion (multiplayer)
Thread: Heroes 5 Strategy Discussion (multiplayer)

Supreme Hero
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posted June 05, 2006 09:31 PM
Edited by bjorn190 at 21:42, 05 Jun 2006.

Poll Question:
Heroes 5 Strategy Discussion (multiplayer)

Now that we've all had time to have fun playing the game, and reading well written posts and information about stats, skills, and all that, the one discussion I am missing is about multiplayer strategy
- How the factions hold up against the map and against eachother!

What I would like to know, is if there are any basic strategies that are better than others, or if there are any special tricks that can be beneficial in a multiplayer game, much like the 5 C.Hydra Topes and the Shak attack.

I will write down what I've seen so far, and hope that people can fill in whats missing and point out other great strategies for these 6 factions.


1. Gold

It seems like gold is hard to find in this game. I generally build more money structures and save my money for dwellings more often than in heroes 3. Maybe it's best to find a few good units and skills to use VS the map with low gold intensity?

This of course changes on a rich map.

2. Might vs Magic

Now that the highest tier damage spells are tuned down, how does might hold up against magic? Like always magic is more powerful the fewer armies there are, so on poor maps magic could really shine. A warlock with Dark ritual could probably wreak alot of havoc early on in a poor map.

On the other hand, spells like phantom forces don't count in spellpower, so in the endgame I think might wins by far, although you could certainly use mass Light and Dark magic, as well as summoning magic. Destructive magic however dims down once the troops start coming in.

In a multiplayer game this will probably be fairly balanced, but people will still fear the big magics with high spellpwoer I think. Just not as much as in h4 with the 75xSP implo that now is less than 50% as strong

3. Game ending goals

Since artifacts and spells are not as strong anymore, it seems to be more about the actual armies and skills now rather than taking topes first and so on. You wont find book of earth and HH anymore, so the topes with the 20ish K gold might be great sure, but they are not as much reward as they used to I think.

It seems to be alot about how you build your hero this time, not about taking the center tope. The spells in the guilds matter too of course

4. The Main Battle

As it also was in H3, the actual tactics used in the main battle (not the skill) can probably turn around a game gone bad. With the larger battlefield and the loss of the wait function, it seems like good battle tactics can really make a difference. It is harder to reach your opponent, so the way you decide to attack him is not just Mass-Slow-Mass-Haste-Wait-Rush-Win.. now there seems to be alot more options. Shoot it out, or destroy him with magic while you stand your ground. Maybe you need to rush him, and even use the teleport spell to block his shooters with a massive fodder stack?

There are alot more possiblilities and different ways to do battle now, and I like that alot

I will try to hold this post short, but before I end it, I would like to bring up what I think seems like good things about the different factions:

1. Haven

Haven could do well starting with the archer specialist and then eventually training the peasants to marksmen. With bless, battle frenzy, and archery, marksmen become the new powerstack of haven, unless you have enough money to throw a paladin craze on your opp!!

2. Sylvian

All I can say here is Imbue ballista! Also the no-brainer try to get your opponents most important stacks on your fav enemy list, embue arrow and rain of arrows them with lightning bolt with master of storms and u cant lose..

3. Academy

I do not like academy, but I guess with their shooters they can wait the enemy out, and try to put nice artifacts on their best stacks. I dont know this faction well enough to propose a good strat

4. Inferno

I would go for succubi to clear the map, with the rusher hero for extra speed. Gating asap, then I would probably upgrade to pitlords and nightmares if I can, as well as infernal succubi. A good damage spell for the hero, and consume corpse. Seems like they might not have a great trick, but good might and gating seems real nice too.

5. Necro

Yay! Although I love necro and it seemed strong at first, once you compare it it might not be that powerful anymore. If you play it you should of course start with the raise dead specialist (until people say no raise dead spec - will happen soon). The trick is to never lose skeletons! They are not fodder, they are your most important stack! The upgrade to wraiths can sure scare a level 7 dependant hero, and if you have room, I reccomend splitting them in 2 or 3 stacks for severe harm touch fun!

The most important upgrade seems to be Vlords, then I'd upgrade Wraiths and dragons for the 50% incorporeal ability (which I think wraiths should ahve too )

6. Dungeon

I would start with either the guy with empowered spells, or a dark ritual specialist. Possibly the guy that start with intelligence. The key here seems to be A. To get a good damage spell and maximize the carnage, and B. To Learn How to Use Elemental Chains!!

Thats all for now

Anyone know some other good strategies?

Oh, and a question too.. which faction do you think will be strongest in multiplayer games?

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 05, 2006 09:46 PM

The wait command hasn't dissapeared, just press "W"

Btw, I love to play with the empowered spells dungeon hero, at high levels empowered cost the same that not empowered ones (and I think that if I lvl a little bit more perhaps they'll cost less, the maximum level I achieved until the moment is 23 :/).

And as for tactics, I would recommend making and upgrading the blood furies first, as the shooters plainly suck >.< (and I don't like to say that xD).

Dungeon for the win!

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Known Hero
Not-So-Bright Crusader
posted June 05, 2006 10:41 PM

just a correction: i do not think Spectral Dragons are incorporeal.

(confirmed by heroesofmightandmagic.com stats page)
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Hired Hero
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posted June 06, 2006 02:02 AM

Academy: I've found massing Golems with increased Speed and Initiative artifacts works well (except on castle sieges).

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Hired Hero
Rocking In The Free World
posted October 23, 2011 08:31 PM

for academy you can choose narxes and give the archmages an artifact in order to give them more initative, and KABOOM no one can stand archmages!
PD: sorry for any grammar mistake im from Argentina
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