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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: One Word at a Time Story continues...
Thread: One Word at a Time Story continues...

Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted August 10, 2006 10:01 AM bonus applied.

One Word at a Time Story continues...

Pandora wanted someone to do this and bring this here in one post so here it is
To Pandora:If you are giving stars give away make sure Iris gets one

Game is simple: One word per post, and kind of like word association, except we're making a story. If you write a whole paragraph, only the first word of your post will be taken.

Once upon a kitchen, three hungry mountaineers dreaded eating when they found a white stick in the ground. Certainly it loved Gigantic Kitties. “!@$!$@!#^%$%” said Nando's brother, who sipped coke when eight, flaming, existential mosquitoes turned on the rabid licorice without any shoes. Suddenly, the hands grabbed Nando's buns, causing extreme anguish but Nando fought, desprate to achieve momma's security dreams. Because Hell with those neighbours, who didn't flush their kitties often or thoroughly, because God threw all the washing machines away, and... Anyways, Aculias did climb that rod, because he pleasured himself for five hungry sailors, who decided Aculias fingered some poor giraffes more, so Aculias just cried like TNTINA never imagined. How a deadly "Sacrificer" could possibly Sacrifice himself to the william of the pride that dreamed sick nightmares about TnT while eating Justin is just beyond idiotic. Meanwhile, Iris and TNTina enjoyed playing naughty with a stuffed bear, who then loved his albino rat called Rusty, who raped Woock. What can possibly be more disturbing?

My Barbie sex song is quite immature considering your Mighty Mage is overrated but also wears crappy tights on pimped out cucumbers. Detached rims from the hoopty located at Twevle Mile and Ran Road rusted away with speed. "Beer is extremely digusting," yelled Iris angrily, who shot the deranged TNT Addict in the right butt cheek leaving a poor streak of perfectly groomed hair that curled inexplicably. Later on, Russ went shopping for pantyhose when three rabid Mods stared directly at his pantyhose which were silky and long leopard-print. Iris wonders why pretzels cost so much money and decides he desires Pringles instead. Then out came this Gigantic hand that smacked Legendmaker in the Balls. Yes he did right what came after your peaches. William decided to commit a murder--just the ticket from New York Time's best dressed bunnies. However, no one of high intelligence thought it was safe to react so they went underneath our dear Aunt Tina to your old holey underwear of discrimination and judgementality.

Then came RedSoxFan3, who made the piece of pie that had flies and hair disappear. He punches you in the shiny jingle testicles. I wanted to go fishing in your overrated nail-polish. Well, that fart's delightful and also wanted to make griffins more like chicken, but unfortunately, Doctor Robotnik did not want Angelito hanging his left wing on a shower with ten chickens watching Vlaad please his windowless van that opened suddenly, showing booty and instructions on how to operate Mexican teeth. Therefore we watched Dragon_Slayer get high with his ****, however Tixy found thongs in Dragon_Slayer's tub. Then TNTina jumped at William which farted out enough to burn a whole to see Antipaladin beats of a poor vigant. Suddenly Iris kicked Aculias right in the unmentionables continously. After he called in TNT for Another beer but he got peaches out of China and ate all their magical things that sparkled. Time...

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Legendary Hero
The Chosen One
posted April 17, 2007 08:19 PM

Time was bent and we were thust 5 months into the future...

WhuuurzzzzzzlLmMmmsssssssT! What, huh?  Pandora haphazardly lurked while pretending to bake cupcakes while naked, singing and dancing and almost certianly intoxicated.  Meanwhile GuitarGuy tickled someone's belly with a fluffy thing named so-sexy [that] Namus caught while invading William's closet, then dodging the smelly earthworms inhabiting William's fuzzy kid.  

When two spammers spammed Val's secret harem of plastic MP's who flactulated loudly, using radioactive puppets to dismantle the glowing thing that eats puke.  However, Trogdor is going to burninate William at FriendofGunnar's flat while listening to, and watching ABBA, [and all the] while playing with slimy green organ parts of titans. This outraged alcibiades because he was a syntax fanatic employee working for Val's tissue! Mightymage caught bixie cheating on Ashrah with another hacker. Something is wrong , said Alcibiades and shoved TNTina into FriendofGunnar's vase full of blood and beer while VokialBG watched Trogdor and how the blender mixes stuff. Making an oily snot! Suddenly, a freak confessed that she had sneezed into Lith's hummus. GenieLord was really Geny Mistress. Why did they conceptualize such unthinkable thing. Suddenly , everybody realised that something smelled like tudor cheese. Unfortunately, I am drunk and bored of this thread. Therefore propose the Declaration of christmahanukuwanza!!

Fishface just became invisible but whose gonna introduce Mrs. FishFace? Obnoxious Elron something ate my muffins. MightyMage is disappointed because Pandora feels down. Therefore they decided to humiliate TitaniumAlloy by posing naked and singing "Animal". Iris, who is actually Geny's girlfriend, attacked my aunt's mistress. The mistress invited Will to her recital where they decided to have multiple orgasmic and sticky, slimes attached loosely to the carnival of terror by eating creepy brains.Using the crowbar to crack MightyMage's skull , bixie amused Ted by presenting a demon to sprout Father-Chirstmas's jellybeans. Which started dancing around fountians with human tongues drinking poison. Thirstily...

Cookie took more cheese infested chewing gum unaware of the armageddon that stroke instantly. Unfortunately the mighty Baklavio and Yami didn't like pickles so much as anchovies. So you (BOOM!) ...should try  and overcome cybergeekdom

However, cereals didn't maul while walking in poisonous spam suddenly I noticed that my mind had exploded lately without forethought. Suddenly Kooka appeared and kicked Elitekill through the corridor. Luckily Trodger didn't see the meteor that fell on ZombieLord. Eventually the squirting ended. Nevertheless, Baklava casts vicious boars towards apathetic kid and still he sneezes Megadeth at a mushroom town without remembering to pray. So Spectrum ate all the muffins that grew so incredibly high.

Shortly he perplexedly plundered huge amounts of persimmons and porcupines. The quills smiled neutedly at grumpy doctors by the wobbling fountains. Nevertheless, hillbillies are dancing sloppily atop Mt. trogdor.

Vlaad thoughtfully noted that ducks are sadists, until Spring jumped out of the box which was not closed properly until nightfall broke so goblins eroded fossils because the punched GG right in his round-tables until porrige exploded in my hollow groin.

Jabberjaws didn't reply, so they hit the hollow herribone till it exploded rather pleasantly. Ever wondered what would happen if your eyeballs never sweat or blink....
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted October 09, 2008 10:46 PM

Part 3

Finally, porcupines made ubiquitous squirrels that impregnated eviscerated and anthropomorphic shapeshifters. Kick has killed Santa. This time around orphanages will be eliminated by the warlocks from Richard's village which incinerated multiple ex-orphies BUT daddy didn't sing Correctly, macarena during the macaroni festival. That annoying thing died in Phynaxia from hellish torture. Cucumber smells something foul and morphologically tastes like room temperatured-beer. Trogdor fainted somewhat becouse of chickens crossing OmegaDestroyer's back. Ironically, TNTina is still Acu's illegal sex muffin baker.

Suddenly, badgers violated your sacred doormat, they harrassed old Deuteronomy who was merely a Nihilarian compared to Asheera who appeared from is Dreadfull. Lexxan killed himself before Migthymage loved his sailors passionately. Therefore, go-karting continued running wild, toothless, unfettered and educative, but calvinist and underestimated Barbarella's singing of Sultans_of_Swing without music, however, nobody cared that the mage blasted Batman's scrotum into TheDeath's mind.

Without boobins, Elvin likes Censoring pulchritudinous comments by procrastination's Sake and has blamed Dagoth's tank thingy for continuous SPAMMING in your bathroom. Suddenly imploded. Egads, yelled at spiders before Lexxan fled too fast, into a bomb which cartwheeled into keyboard and heaven. Meanwhile, Denmark created nothing that would postpone worldwide ASCIIfication as planned by Darkshadow's oblivious Revolution of Noobs. George Washington ressurected American mice with toy lightsabers.

Desintegrating waffles should taste like Pandora. Carcity and Cardinal Ximinez faced Indiana Ford reincarnated as greek nerd Elvin, who uttered "ARRGH" while beating chickens with bloody lolipops. That was the most insuferable dwarf ever. However, mastication king was assassinated by my pigeon. If Frodo ate blueberries and died and Sauron showered Sam's back street with Gandalf's arcane archers, then suddenly hundreds of weasels would fall from various hobbit sautéed at the penalized members of a Wasteland menace. Orcish gangsters of keksivile fainted becose of asheera's weird eyebrow.

Spelling smell robots strike again! But ignorant badasses robbed the sensitive badass Adrius. Meanwhile, huge Asheerabot hacked HC. Antipaladin broke Asheera's illusion by smelling lexan's ninja sword. Completely disregarding that Ultramechs infiltrated something concluding in a dumpster but Missile proclaimed that the disease would evolve into flesheating carrots. Rabbits couldn't move ... pity. Dinosaurs didn't eat themselves, but they pooped fantastically well. After testing cybernetic pitbulls on Elvin's crotch, something went extremely wrong. Before kinky Kelly's cool stud mounted his sister and Joonas too, keksimaton didn't shave Asheera's neck , becouse it was already too perfect.

Hairy amphibians died. Moreover, they epileptically died. Dead Doomforge's pirates were baptised and are ploting to suicide at someplace nice. Druids gathered socks, Anti gave them pigeons filled with smelly Elvin's hairsoap. Dwarfs, trolls, fungi and ASPARAGUS!!!! As Mozart ate brown cookies with buldozers, Omega sued Santa Claws with confusing Survivors with catchy tunes stolen from a Christmas cucumber party. Elsewhere, an elephant crushed Tokyo Hotel with mouldy farts. Cheese hammocks were very tasty, therefore we boycotted their cheap prudction. All hydrophobicwaterskis broke antimatter in some twisted ways, resulting in being bent in Ram poop, congratulations to Carcity for taking this hammer...

The script ends here, cut off by some mysterious blue power.

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