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Heroes Community > Age of Heroes Coliseum > Thread: My long story - Heritage of Shannara: The Black Elfstone
Thread: My long story - Heritage of Shannara: The Black Elfstone


The Nothingness
posted October 31, 2006 01:01 AM

My long story - Heritage of Shannara: The Black Elfstone

This one will be pretty long, propably some ... posts. It will come in parts, like chapters. Enjoy

Introducing part:

Year 2050 humanity began a war, what used to be USA attacked Kina. That was the end of the world we know today was completely changed and humanity almost destroyed. The continents moved together to what was called Pangaea. At that time the few humans that had survived tried to build a society, and they moved different places. Some humans moved under earth, they were after a time known as dwarves after the old worlds fiction creatures. They were short and strong, and got eyes of a cat, but their sight in daylight were worse than a bat. Other humans moved to the mountains, where the climate was dry and conditions tough. This humans grown large and were pure muscles. Some lived in the forests north, gnomes, they were called. But one race had never been human, the elves. They had lived there a long time before the humans lived in caves; they lived in the age of faeries. They had once controlled magic, but when the need for it disappeared the magic also did. Just before the Great War the elves managed to recover some of their lost magic, and used it to protect their self from the apocalypse brought by the human.

300 years after the Great War the wisest persons among the races gathered in a keep. They tried to discover some of the lost technology, but when elves joined them they also got to know about the magic. After hundred new years they managed what no one thought they should, parts of the magic was recovered and they got the name druids. All in the council swore to protect the races and not too recover more than they were able to control. But one broke his promise and read from the magical book Ildatch, the power of the book consumed him and he lost his soul. He gathered several of the druids and promised them more power than the druids could give them, the druids accepted his offering. They continued studying too master all magic. But the head-druid, Galafil, found out their secret studies of the illegal books and threw them out of the order. But it was too late; the old druids were too strong and took the title warlocks. Their master, the first one to read the Ildatch, was stronger than any of the druid in the council. His name was Brona.

After ten years he had taken control over the gnomes, and many of the trolls. His minions, or skullbearers as they were called, attacked the keep and killed all of the druids there. What Brona didnít know was the fact that one druid survived. A druid named Bremen. He gathered humans, elves and dwarves into war against the warlock lord and his minions. But they faced a great army of gnomes and trolls subverted by dark magic. The war was short; Bremen had given the elf king Jerle Shannara a magical sword. A sword that could reveal the truth. Jerle Shannara brought this sword into the war and faced Brona on the battlefield. The sword kept the warlock lords magic away form him and when the sword touched the warlock lord he turned to fire, the truth was for him death.

That is the past of this world, Jerle Shannaras heritage was brought on. The gift of the elves given from son and daughter too the next generations. Most of his family were not royal, and many of them moved away from the elves capitol Arborlon. In one generation the heir married an Ohmsford, and moved to Shade Vale. There they got their son Shea. They never knew that they were heir of a king, and lived in peace. When Shea grew up he married a woman named Damson Rhee, and so it went on. The family growing bigger and bigger. But in Arborlon the heir after Jerle Shannara was not doing good, the people choose a new king from the family of Elessedil and after another century the heritage was forgotten.

Now, thousand years after the war between good and evil a boy was born. A boy, the last boy in the family of Shannara. But his parents were attacked by gnomes on their way too Leah, and the little boy was found by some Ohmsfords which should go from Shady Vale too Leah to visit their friend Morgan. They boy was taken home to the Ohmsford and became a brother for another boy named Flick. The boy was named Wil, Wil Ohmsford.

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Legendary Hero
Mostly harmless
posted December 27, 2006 02:18 AM

Year 2050 humanity began a war, what used to be USA attacked Kina.

"So, one day we decide those Chinese sons of a b*tches are goin' down"...

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