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Thread: Elementalist

Legendary Hero
posted April 21, 2007 03:30 PM
Edited by TitaniumAlloy at 15:52, 21 Apr 2007.


'Imagine a world in which there is endless turmoil between the four elements, each its own faction and power.
Where humans seek use the power of these elements to aid them in their conflicts, looking to the elusive and mystical elementals as gods and lords.
Imagine a land of which many have tried to conquer, but few have succeeded. An ever changing world, in which mages can draw the energy of the elements to master them in their magic.
These mages are called the elementalists.

Open your eyes, and see this world, young elementalist.

-Air elemental to Archmage Sern

John says to live above hell.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted April 21, 2007 06:19 PM

This is where it begins... "An ending ignites a new beginning..."

This was one of the first times he could spend the day with himself, alone, without having to disguise and hide. He feared and he knew he was feared. Authority figurines, politicians, lords and suzerains - all of them were once his friends, followers and helpers. His wisdom and abilities proved to be one of the most potential amongst all of the elemental kingdoms and lust for knowledge inescapably attracted attention. Many were sworn to prove allegiance to him. But that was not his fate - his destiny lay further away from the common folk and matters of the elemental empire. His step and decision was regarded atrociously and he could never forget that his declination to serve and follow might have lured him into his own trap. For more than a ten of thousands of sunrises he was hunted. A destiny he had forged himself now retaliated.

The rumors seemed inconceivable. They pierced his heart like a cold silver blade. It could not have happened. He needed a walk... Yes, he desperately needed a walk... under such circumstances.

"Wandering in the woods alone may be dangerous even at the safest times. The balance is fragile and you never know if it will be successfully maintained. A suppressed desire - lust - for treasures, for power, for a boost in self-confidence provokes many an innocent folk to breach the rules. Rarely does a person commit a crime involuntarily, unconsciously, without a certain goal. Each attempt to invade a person's freedom is usually thought out, well-planned."

Thoughts incessantly rummaged in Elor's mind as he strolled along the edge of Cathlan's forest. As wise as he was often depicted, his wisdom always spoke the truth. No matter how tough you are - a skilled magician or a muscular warrior - you cannot fight against a sneaky thief whose swift and quick attempt to strip one of his belongings might be expected at any rate. Perceptive people, however, may find themselves ignorant of such possibilities. Perceptive people would recognize the danger before it is even further spread..

Wind tore the colorful leaves off the solid branches of the oak-like Krallen trees. Grass was whispering silently as the wispy streams of wind gleefully played among the miniature herbs. The dense forest echoed with the vague, yet vivid sound of chirping birds and wanton animals. The nature around Elor emanated soothing silence and calm.

Nevertheless, Elor was floating in his mind and he was slow to realize that he had already reached the very same Borderside Inn that he had not visited for months. The view beyond his eyes came to him as a surprise even though he knew where he was heading. A vast empyreal town now shone before him, luring a wayfarer to step in and admire its beauty forcing him into a wide painful grin. The inn was the last step before venturing in, yet he knew what he had to face.

"As the elements shall never reunite and a reunion would wreak havoc beyond any scale of humane levels, one must understand the elemental beauty on its own. A rainbow beyond the regular colours of the spectrum..."

The thought broke off as he felt someone's gaze fixed upon his head and a tight grasp on his shoulder, throwing him back off his feet, forcing him into a staggering blow.

"I am sorry for the loss, friend."

An overgrown man was facing Elor, his muscular arms bare, a pint of ale in each hand. He nodded without answering, not knowing what to say. A friend by the looks of him, yet a grim face to anyone stumbling upon him with a fiendish thought.

"Alas, it was not nearly impossible to perceive the truth in rumors I have heard."

"Halt, outsider! You may not enter without having been checked by our law enforcer security. Yield or back from whence you came."

"So quick to change your attitude, Grolf." Elor laughed at the guard who stopped him. He did not even reckon how close was the main town gate from the tavern which had significantly expanded. Apparently, it was yet another personal friend of his who was standing in front of him,, with a clear sign of grief and frustration etched in his eyes. "No wonder," Elor thought to himself. "Mind me not, I have not come to bring harm upon the castle. I only care to make a visit to an old friend of mine."

He could clearly see fear and sorrow in the guard's face now. He could not clearly sustain himself and leaned against the wall. Grolf did not dare to speak, stuttering and muttering something to himself.

"We are issuing a murder investigation in town. Some daredevil dared to breach the elemental balance. Consequences are terrible. Havoc has been wrought upon the town. The Flame has ignited itself in the Great Hall, burning it down." Grolf sighed, swearing once every two words. A silent watery cry erupted from his mouth, making him crumble "Our High Councillor was assassinated. The Flames are in grave peril."

"So I have heard..."


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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted April 21, 2007 10:17 PM
Edited by bixie at 22:42, 28 Apr 2007.

"that was almost too easy" muttered Hayate as he saw the third perimiter fall against the onslaught that he and his "merry" band had brought with them. his manic grin spread acrossed his face as he watched a pitiful guard trying to shoot his crossbow at him. soldiers were such idiots. just before the quarrel hit him, it stopped in mid air. he picked it out and turned it into a rose, throwing it back into the guards head, skewering the poor fools eyeball. as the guard cried out in pain, Hayate leap at him, with a flurry of kicks to the stomach, killed him.

"Stop showing off, you puff!" that would be the snipper, Iwaga, her hands around a stave-like sling shot. as with all earth citizens, she was round, short, brown skinned, and wasn't skilled with words. Sometimes, they could be so guilable, but today, she wasn't.
"My dear, am i not allowed a little pride in what i do," said Hayate, throwing her the rose. she batted it aside with her bludgeon-like fist.
"say your breath for air magic and the stage, Hurricane boy!" she snapped. Hayate sighed, critics. he looked across at the other, his twig like limbs making him look like a monkey. in a flash, he crossed to where the others were stationed, finishing off elementals the perimiters elementalists had summoned. as a snake-like air wisp tried to strike him, he set it on fire, listen to its wispy skreech. he jumped to avoid another wisps attack, keeping aloft using his cloak. it seemed that YetherZepher had stepped up security since he had been there. his hand touched the gate to lead into the slums, and he recieved an electric shock for his troubles.

"oi, Kazebara, Key!" shouted Hayate. the diminative Air citizen threw him a long, elegant, key. Hayate snatched it, gave her a wink, and thrust the key onto the door. gate vanished, leading the shoot up to the slums. the group crowded inside the shoot and were propelled upwards.

"now then, Ladies and gentlemen," said Hayate, "i want minimum pillaging here, the slums never have anything of value. simply do a bit of terrorizing, save some people if you can, the place is falling apart. meet me at the other side to get up to the upper levels." his manic grin came back. "we are nearing are final act, we will either will reach our encore, or face the curtian fall!"
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Legendary Hero
posted April 22, 2007 04:33 AM

Subtle flames licked out with vicious fervor from the sides of the path, disappearing and reappearing as the temperature soared.

Roke was nearing the gates.

The sky had turned reds, clouds scouring the sky with dark, brooding anger. Wind swept around his ankles, his body and neck, strangling him with elusive fingers. Roke pulled up his cloak for more protection as he stopped at the towering black gates of Fire.

'They say the Kingdom of Fire was where the elementals themselves were birthed.' Sern, the old Archmage used to say to him. Sern took a particular liking to Roke. 'But it is they who worship the elementals as if they control this world. Who is to know? Flame is such a... destructive element.'

Roke could certainly see that now, as the flames scorched the mountains around him. Reminded of his old mentor's words, he had returned to his home in the Kingdom of Fire for the first time since he was a child, taking days on foot. Roke didn't mind, as no caravan ventured this far towards the Kingdom.
He had left, a naiive boy, and returned an adept mage. Ironic, how in effort to avoid his fathers fate, he became more and more like him.

Beyond the black gates he saw the few towering citadels which housed the select few who live among the flames. Tall and imposing, the brimstone walls welcomed none.
From the two towers on either side of the gates, two men in red robes dropped down from above, one on either side of Roke.

They said nothing, only stared, with the ground burning beneath their feet.
"I have come to see my father."
"Your father is not here." One said, his deep voice flatly rejecting.

Roke paused.
"Open the gates. I mean no harm." The other nodded to the first, and the gates opened. Roke stepped forward to walk through, yet the first Fire Guard grabbed him by his face, twisting his head to look at him. The hand burned his skin with searing heat. Roke stared into his eyes.
Knocking the hand away, Roke continued walking through.

Walking down the path of the small but great city, silent men, women, and children, walked out of the streets beside the path to stare at the newcomer. Each a pure fire elementalist of the highest class, none spoke a word.

'This would have been me...' Roke thought. He turned his head away and kept walking towards the great hall.
A grand, dome-like structure with archaic pillars surrounding, Roke walked up the dark marble steps to the council chambers as he had done so many times before.

Inside, one man sat in his council seat. Only one was there. It was not his father.

"You are not allowed in here, outsider. Unless you have come to be... judged?" The old man leant back in his chair and raised his hand, revealing a small ball of flame inside his cupped palm. His face was ageing but his broad shoulders revealed he was a man of power. He wore the familiar council crown.

"No." Roke reached out his arm and the flame of the councilman was extinguished. "I have come for my father."

The councilman frowned, and lowered his hand.
"Who is your father, boy? I can assure you he is not here."
"Rein. Tell Rein I am here."
"Rein?" The man leant forward, his interest ignited. "You can't be... Roke?"
"Yes." Roke almost smiled at his recollection.
"I'm so sorry-" The man begun
"Don't apologize, you didn't know who I was."
"No, not that. It's... Rein is not here." The man said with a grim tone.
Roke's mood dropped.
"Where is he?"

The man took a deep breath.

"He has been killed." The man stood up and walked towards Roke.
Roke just stood in disbelief. Impossible. He was lost for words.
"...How?" Was all he could say.

"We don't know. We believe it was something to do with an Air Elementalist, though that is all we have for now." The man put his hand on Rokes shoulders. "You must find out what happened to your father, if no one else can."

Roke took a step back.
"How can I? I am not powerful, nor wise, there must be an explanation."
"An elementalist named Elor came not two days ago, asking the same questions as you, Roke."

He pointed out of the chamber.

"Go. You must find this man."
John says to live above hell.

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted April 22, 2007 10:21 AM
Edited by TDL at 15:26, 22 Apr 2007.

Shock, grief, astonishment - all have coalesced in Grolf's mind as he reviewed Elor's mindless expression. He felt guaranteed that the person standing in front of him, bent on his travel staff, could not know about it. But what surprised him the most was the speed of the spreading news. No one from within the town grounds would have revealed what happened to the highest of the rank this fast, not to mention if they revealed such breaking news at all but to the closest of their families.

"News spread fast..." Elor observed, guessing exactly what was on the guard's mind. "Like fire - it takes only a short period of time for a small candlelight to become the greatest fire."

Mumbling and murmuring came whispering from Grolf's mouth, but he seemed to have gotten much more calm. Elor was neither a healer nor a helper, but his remarks surely hit the spot.

"Any clues on the case?"

He tossed the question so deliberately that the guards around them fell into laughter when they saw the guard not respond, purely dumbstruck. Grolf, having been appointed to the chieftain-at-arms, disarmed them with merely a glance, returning his view quickly on Elor.

"Yes," a sigh came out. "We have a witness..."

"A witness?"

Elor could not contain his astonishment and infatuation within himself, It seemed as if the case can be easily solved with a witness, seeing the whole event. Yet, something about it gave him a sharp frightful feeling that something was awfully wrong,

"Yes, we have questioned him. He witnessed the event, but he could not provide us with anything but what we know already about Rein's murder..."

Elor dropped his staff, succumbing onto the dirty cobblestone, unresponsive.


"How on earth a man is not to live in agony with so much confusion and hassle..."

Terrible thoughts pierced Elor's thoughts as he marched on the pavement across the High street of the town. Not only he was startled by the inability to acquire any additional information from the witness, but also at the pace at which the case was being investigated. Pesky guards and commoners are weeping for their master's death, preparing for the funeral, when the assassin is on the loose, aiming at the other victim. He was glad no one he could not trust really knew him without his disguise, else he would be yet another victim,

Brimstone and charcoal buildings surrounded him with emanating sorrow and grudge. Every single part of the town was petrified by the terrible event, absorbing the negative energy of the inhabitants. Elor could no longer see the actual beauty of the town. He knew very well who died, yet mentioning the very name of the man struck Elor like a lightningbolt - it was he who had founded this town when the Flames were thrown into chaos.

"A master without mastery, a craftsman without craft, yet a man with power to envelop the world with his own wishes and desires."

People marched by. Elor could gather occasional glimpses of men-at-arms who were reluctantly trying to find out the truth. For one moment Elor thought of taking the investigation on himself, yet he fully knew how abrupt this thought was, yet he could not let himself not do a favor for an old friend. Two days have past since he settled in the Borderside Inn. Two days have past since the murder. Nothing happened.

"Hear he, hear he. Our great lord, Rein of the Flames, turned to ashes. A severe loss to the family and a severe blow to us. The community of Fire must reunite to fight the chaos that will erupt from the rifts, obliterating anyone under no command..."

Heralds spoke out loud. Elor always fancied the crucial formality of their speeches, how ignorant they were of what they were ordered to say.

"... and as the sun dawned and the bright flame erupted from the sky, we shall further renounce this day as the day of our great councillor, Rein..."

"Elor!" Grolf was approaching from afar with two veteran Flame guardians. "These two have just reported to me that someone inquired for Rein at the other gates. He is looking to meet you."

Fear and grim terror enchained Elor. Might he be the killer now looking for him to end up the affairs with all of the senior magicians? No! Within a second a pyre opened up inside the street, dazzling all the onlookers. Old man stood in front where Elor had just been.

"Caution must be taken, Grolf. You know where to find me. Giant will keep me hidden safely. Until then, keep in touch with me about the case. I would like to-"

"-help, yes. I know. Rein must have meant a lot to you."

"More than you can imagine..." Elor ended, grimly fading into the shadows facing the mortuary hall.


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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted April 24, 2007 10:13 PM
Edited by bixie at 19:23, 03 May 2007.

someone jumped out of the shadows. Hayate heard a scream from Kazebara and chuckled, some of his group were such dramatics. he walked over to the figure.

"good day to you, my fine fellow, could you please explain what you are doing here?"
the figure stepped forward. his face was covered with scars, his teeth were fang like, his hands claw-like, and his long hair, unlike Hayate's clean and well kempt head of golden locks, was ragged and mane-like. his ears stuck up into points nad his face was wolf-like in an expression. he was also physically huge, hairy and smelled of animals. he was wearing the remains of a sleeping bag, and at his heals was a large wolf, along with a young wolf club perched, rather cutely, on his head.
"I'm Kiba, your tresspassing on the land of the beasts, elementalist fools!" his hand shot towards Kazebara, grabbing her by the scruff of her neck lifting her up in to the air.
"have you come to sell your services in the land of the beasts clan wars?" he barked, drawing a serated bone sword, looking, like it had come from the head of a swordfish. Hayate corrected himself, he had read about the Beastland clan war. clans all over the country were fighting to gain power, as they had always done. they were often thought of as primitive savages. savage, yes, primitive, yes, stupid, no. most of the clansmen were viciously cunning, to the point of even mastering magic. Hayate knew that if he didn't play this right, he would be loosing alot more that just Kazebara. he licked his lips.

"my dear fellow, we are here to trade with clan..."
"clan bear, and we needed a guide to the clan hold. i was wondering if you would take use there?" Hayate saw Iwagas eyes. she was furious, as most earth citizens could find anything, anywhere. he tried to say "listen, we need him, it makes it look like an invasion if we launch in without a guide. we can always kill him later, people of the beast don't live for that long." Kiba's eyes were closed. hayate knew that either he was going to bite Kazebara and rip her to shreds, or he was doing some serious thinking.
"alright, i'll take you to clan bear. but one false move, and i'll take all of you on, and rip your heads off your neck! do you understand?"
"perfectly, my friend!" said Hayate, willing the others to nod. he was rewarded when they did so. Kiba walked off, taking Kazebara with him.
"you stupid bloody fool!" shouted Iwaga, "Kazebara was just a kid, and you've put her life at risk! if Kazemaru ever hears about this, he'll...!"
"lets see that he doesn't." mutter Hayate. he looked around the thick jungle they were in. "the sooner we get to a city, the sooner we can forget about this idiotic clan war! i know for a fact that Kumagakure, or the village of bears, is located somewhere around here. they have good links with the bird clan, we can hitch a ride to the mountians, then its over the boarder, into mercenary country again!" he folded up the map. "but if we make a wrong move, then we are likely to be killed. theres a slim chance that a few of us could be spared, including me, and i'll be handed back to the elemental council for execution, because of the reward. we just need to not get caught, because, in the land of the beasts, even nature your against!"
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Legendary Hero
posted May 03, 2007 09:23 AM

The sky was blue again. Roke preferred it that way, out of the fire city. It reminded him too much of his father.

Looking up at the clouds took his mind off it, off the death, off of the wicked people of the city, and off the mysterious mage who had appeared just after his father's death.
Yet the clouds were so peaceful.

'Clouds, more so than the surface of the water, are the border between air and water.
The denizens of air do not need clouds, there are a brooding element within their territory. Grow accustomed to them, perhaps, but they are misleading.
What causes the damage of hurricanes, the raw power of storms?
Trust not the fool who claims clouds to be peaceful.'

The old Archmage was great in his ability to see greatness in everyday things, things that other mages would shrug off in disregard. It was these lessons, or talks, rather, that taught Roke more than any Magister could, and for that reason they stayed with him, even now.

One of the clouds above suddenly ruptured, a giant eagle diving down, piercing it's surface in it's majestic sweep down towards the forboding earth. Roke sent a spark high into the air, bright enough to be noticed, yet subtle for those unaware.
The eagle flew down and landed softly beside him, rustling it's feathers and cooing softly as if it had been waiting.
It lowered a wing, and Roke jumped up onto it's back.
Two kicks on the side and the eagle flapped its wings to take off, then stopped.

A hand landed on Roke's back.

Roke turned around. A bearded face, disheveled hair, worn clothes, eyes as deep as pits. Had he seen this man before?
Must be a hermit.

The man began to speak, his appearance not doing his voice justice.
"He's in the tavern, waiting."

Roke was startled. He spoke with familiarity.
"Who?" Roke asked, dismounting. He dusted off his shoulder.
"Elor, of course." The man pointed back towards the edge of the town.
"The mage?" Roke gazed in the direction, casting his eyes back. "In there?" He asked, but the man did not answer, more of a half nod that could have meant anything, and that was all that he left with. Roke shrugged him from his mind; the people of this town were strange enough as it is.

Walking up to the door, Roke became anxious in anticipation of meeting this curious mage, yet somewhat assured, however unreasonably, of his dubious and lackluster nature. It was something about his anomnity that made Roke want to meet him, though. It mattered not that he had inquired about his father. Many people would have.
This man could have been the murderer, it mattered not, Roke had moved on. Yet here he was, entering this small tavern after a mention of a name, from a stranger. 'What have you taught me, Sern?' Roke thought of his mentor, smiling.

And there he was, sitting amongst the rowdy banter and misery that goes hand in hand with any tavern, at a quiet table.
Roke knew it was him.
Disappointed? No. That required expectations. Roke had none of him.
Yet he was expecting something more... worthwhile.

He approached the table, the mage sitting there in his aura of wisdom that seemed to go unnoticed by all but one. The type of wisdom that only comes with age, Roke could see it in his eyes, the eyes which peered through the grey and brown hair straight back up at Roke.

John says to live above hell.

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Adventuring Hero
Kokonut's zealot
posted May 03, 2007 07:36 PM
Edited by Qualrath at 10:34, 04 May 2007.

Another sunny day, thought Qualrath while unfasting the belts that saved him from falling off the branch on which he slept on. He jumped on the stone under the tree, sat on it and opened his bag. He had no more herbs and there was last slice of bread.

Great. I have no food. He knew that he will propably have to hunt something. He hated killing, but if he had to, he could quickly kill any normal animal with a strong rabbit punch. He ate the lasting bread and then opened his bag one more time. No, only some water in a crystal bottle gave to him by his master and some money.

Then, suddenly he realised that rigid, thin trunk next to him is not a trunk. It was a leg... He leaped to the left, just in time. In the place where he sat, there was now gigantic spider standing.
I thought you spiders don't eat people.
The spider snapped its jaws and rushed toward Qualrath. He then jumped on a tree trunk and leaped to the place where some fungi toxic for this kind of giant spiders grew. He grabbed the fungi and slided under giant spider, intending on thrusting the fungi to spider's jaws, thus causing sudden death.
He was too slow. The spider bit him, but... He didn't feel it. The spider disappeared.

Hmph. An Illusion. Water elementalist's stupid joke.
He knew that water elementalists don't like jokes.
Qualrath left the forest, heading for the city that he could see from here. Two hours of slow march through the meadow. By the way, he could harvest some herbs.

While he walked, he thought about the Illusion. He didn't know who might have did this and for what. Answers seemed to escape him.

He elevated a stone and stared at it, gripping it in his hand. He heard his master's voice once more, memories returned.
"The earth is your ally. Be its friend, and it will return the favor. Other elements, especially fire, are so chaotic. In earth there is a perfect order, a calm world, peace rarely interrupted by any disasters."

That was truth. He loved earth and all its children. The air gave life, so did the water. Earth granted safety, and fire was destructive force. A perfect balance. But earth could grant safety only until someone shatters the balance and wreaks chaos.

When he finally reached the city, he heard a conversation of two citizens. A man named Rein has been killed. He must have been someone important for this city. But all that was most important for him now was inn, where he could rent a room. He is going to dry up the herbs, mix some of them and then go buy some food.

"Did you see that? I told you, he is just an insect waiting to be crushed under your heel."
"All right, I can hunt him down. But why do you want him to be killed?"
"If I could achieve my goal without killing him, I wouldn't hire you. I don't value his life, I only need a thing he has with him."
"So why don't you hire a thief?"
"That thing is somehow... connected with him. My former master gave it to him. You can't take it without Qualrath's death. But be careful, he is not a very powerful elementalist, but he is very healthy and difficult to hurt or kill. This vitality is partly granted by the stone he bears. You must take it from him and bring it to me."
"Good. I see he is heading for the city. People are easier to kill in a city than in a forest, I don't like tracking victims down."
I returned in shame...

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Supreme Hero
The weak suffer. I endure.
posted May 03, 2007 09:01 PM

This day was no different for Elor than the previous. He was eyeing sharply the engravings of the hearth in front, seated humbly in a soft and comfortable chair. Most of the time Elor was trying to understand the mysterious happenings that have started to shake the core of the world, studying the ancient parchments he had once stored in Rein's library for safekeeping.  Yet, each and every atttempt of his ended in failure and he was forced to return to where he started from. The old tavern-owner, the tall man Elor had met a few days back, continuously inquired Elor about his studies and even provided with some read from his dusty cellar.

"The world is gradually changing - it has not changed since the world was given birth, not even the establishment of the elemental kingdoms ruined the balance, simply left the world in stagnation."

Elor spoke, his voice loud and deep. He was disguised once again as he knew someone certain were looking out for him. Disfigured old man with whitening gray hair growing wild and fast suddenly turned his head towards the listeners - a crowd had gathered to hear his daily rant. Core of the tavern - where Elor would sit from dawn to dusk - was once again blooming with magicians of various kind, drinking, chattering and relaxing after their long and immersive studies.

"Never should one undermine the effort  the elementals had put once to inspire, but yet divide the folk into a massive world.  Zeal overpowered the once-weak-minded and soon we have separated."

Barkeeper was groaning and moaning at the words the old sage muttered. He perfectly well knew he was right, yet he could not believe in his words. Sometimes, he wish they were not right. And all this amount of work he needed to do...

"Anyhow, my soulmates... The story went on and as we sit here today, yet another huge gap opened up. Rein, our lord, died... Mysteriously, without any possibility to explain or leave any trace as to why..."

Elor continued his story, trailing off into his own thoughts in due time. The crowd decided to leave the old man be as they believed that was his sign to show he needed to be left alone, the time for them to leave has come. People who listened to his words always knew that truth was hidden behind his remarks and stories, wanted to heed his ways of living and learning.

A sudden gust of wind reached his brow and he discontinued and a young man stepped inside the tavern. This was the first one who attracted his attention, no matter how much he tried to hide his feelings. Flourishing, young, brave, possibly skilled in magic even more than the ones around him - Elor thoughts would have used all the best compliments to describe him. But something about him signified he was hiding something and had a rather rough and cold character.

The young man quickly gathered a good pace, walking about and suddenly gazed intently at Elor. His eyes were piercing as if they could see through disguise, yet Elor
reflected his own image to save himself from hesitation, doubts and - worst of all - fear. He realized quickly that the youngster was looking at him not only with noticeable curiosity but a hint of sorrow, anger and vengeance.


Elor was overpowered. The eyefight lasted longer than he could stand, consuming part of his own energy supplies to hide himself in another humane form and yet use his own magic powers. In seconds time, merely an illusion of Elor was sitting in front, halfly permeable.

"Curse it!"

The young man rushed towards the entrance of the tavern, even more curious why Elor ran away. He did not believe the old man was a killer as nothing about him could have said so for he looked rather weak. But it seemed to him that something was fishy out there and needed a quick glance to understand it all.

"Yield, monstrosity!"

A hurling bolt of wind set ablaze, directed at the youth, flew just by his shoulder, hitting the small wooden lantern behind him. The old man was standing, clad in a shiny robe, hiding his face from the outside world. His short dishevelled hair was hidden behind a soft dark hood. His palms reflected the dazzling light of fire, showing how sweaty they were.

"A fire magician?!"

The young man exposed his interest in the hooded man, yet he was quick to understand that he could easily shift elements. Harmful bolts flew past him as he was continuously trying to evade them. He showed no wish of fighting. On the other hand, it was all the Elor mage was interested in.

"Assassin, yield for you have come to kill me as you did to Rein!"

"No harm meant, Elor, for I could not hurt my father..."

Elor instantly stopped his random attacks and resumed staring at the young man. Astonishment and surprise instantly changed the color of his brow, making it look pale. He put his hood off, revealing his clean and fresh face, completely different from the one the "father's son" had seen. Yet, disbelief in spite of finally uncovering the truth seemed to have left a trace in his rather elderly face. But Elor understood...



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Legendary Hero
posted May 10, 2007 05:16 AM

"Yes." Roke said, sitting down at the table, with the man who was lucky to be alive.
"You should be careful where you fire that." Roke said, indicating to the barman to bring two ales. "Someone might take it the wrong way."

"I'm sorry, Roke. I thought the man following Rein must have been the assassin himself, not.. his son."
Elor seemed to calm down.

"And how did you know who I am?"
The barman slammed the jugs down on the table and Roke slipped him a gold coin across the gnarled wooden bench, slightly charred from Elor's near miss.

"I know many things in this world, Roke. I have travelled far."
That didn't answer the question, Roke was confused.
The tavern had quietened down despite the sparks that had flown earlier, the dark anonymity gave Roke a quiet comfort that he hadn't felt since he entered this unsettled city.

"And what caused you to travel here, old man?" Roke took a sip of his ale. It burned the tongue, ever so slightly. Roke was used to that.

"The same reason you did. I was looking for your father." Elor seemed uninterested in his drink. "He was a great man,-"
"Don't lie."
Roke interrupted.
He put down his drink. Elor looked surprised. "He was powerful, but not great. Not even good."
"And that is why you left him?"
"Few can see their fate, Elor. The old accept it, but the young..."

"You're right."

He paused, looking around, in trend with his cryptic mien.
"I believe I am fated to find your fathers killer." He said. "You, however... I think that you must choose a side. There is no place for a man such as yourself to be neutral, Roke."

The man seemed to know more about Roke than he did of himself..
Elor smiled, his shadowed face yielding under the robe. He stood up.
"We each have our long road ahead."
John says to live above hell.

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted May 10, 2007 07:23 PM

hayate was not in his normal mood. he was pondering.
"what are you doing?" said Homaru, a fire citizen and the groups lead in enginnering.
"thinking." said Hayate, eyes flashing. "i was remembering the time i killed some important fire member. his name was Rein or something, he was from the west kingdom, so he wouldn't have a name like ours. ye gods, alot of toss-pots come over from there, don't you find?"
"they are our brother kingdom" said Homaru, sitting back, taking a pipe and lighting it, causing small explosions to happen in it, "divided by a mountian range, who would have thought they would have turned into such arrogant gits!"
"mind you." mutter Mizu, a water elementalist, young, beautiful, scarred somewhat after a previous raid, "you have to admit, we do have our fair share of idiots. Hayate, didn't you inflate that woman, Broncha, whatever her name was, just because she had turned you down on a date?"
"i got a joke, she didn't like it, i took it to the next level," said Hayate, fingering one of his charms. he looked over what they were riding, the giant hawk screached as he put his hand on the front of the basket. "man, if we are going to get back the elementalist kingdom, i really should go to Kazekami. its a wonderful city, floating, naturally, but the lifts are balloons, and most people get around by them. its so cool, and it beats flying a big, stupid bird any day."
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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The Nothingness
posted May 10, 2007 07:48 PM

Rimmer Dall sat on the floor in a small room. The room was lightened up by some weird power, power gathered into a ball. He were the leader of the Shadowens, once elves, once mages. They had mastered the elements, mostly earth. They got their power through the earth itself, they stole it. That was why they had the ball of red and brown light down there, it was their source of power. They drained it from the earth itself, so the earth around their land and inside it were destroyed. The place they lived were called Southwatch, a high and round tower. It didn't look big from the outside, most like a small caste of size. But it had tunnels, several tunnels. They led deep into the ground, and at the bottom, the power of earth. From Rimmer Dall a shadow suddenly rose, it moved away from the body a little bit, then moving back into it again. He rose and walked out, something inside him told him that he had a big job to do. He walked out of the room, up several stairs and into a great hall.

"Garet Jax!" he shouted, a big man appeared at once. "I want news from the scouts, have they found something we haven't conquired yet?"

Garet Jax looked at Rimmer Dall for a moment, then walked away from him a little bit. Garet Jax looked at his master with hard, grey eyes.

"Outside the mountains in north is a new land, greater than we have ever imagined. They said there is magic there as well." he finally said.

Rimmer Dall grinned, as he hoped. His feeling had been correct, and he wanted more power. If his plan in making everyone that controlled magic into shadowens worked, they would destroy everyone that was different from them. They had been mistreated due of fear, mistreated and killed. They should finally get their revenge.

"I want my troops, the elite." Rimmer Dall said, "Which means you come with me."

Garet Jax smiled, it was not often he got to hear that he was good. Although he was the best fighter of them all without magic. He carried the magical shortsword Pe Ell, that could cut through all material, and a longsword which was made of a special fire, and could resist any attacks from that element. Rimmer Dall looked at the elite-soldiers that entered the room, and smiled.

"Lets be off." he said.

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Legendary Hero
posted February 01, 2008 09:42 AM

After days of vague stares and shifting glances Roke took it upon himself to simply follow the path.

See where it leads.

If no one would help him get to there he would have to find the Castle of Air himself, with nothing but the memory of one old man pointing in the general direction of a the vast plains of Anor.
Vast plains entirely blank with nearly no contrast between the swirling grey sky above and the land below with only one sole feature:

A faint, trodden, winding path in the long grass.
John says to live above hell.

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