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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: bixerised vision of homm6
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posted September 19, 2007 08:37 PM bonus applied.
Edited by bixie at 14:22, 13 Jan 2008.

bixerised vision of homm6

since genielord has stated his view on Homm6, i have decided to do my own. escentially, its the next step in the storyline. its takes place after the races have trashed Ashan, they discover a new continent by the name of Iona. this new continent is rich in wildlife, minerals, and natural fauna. it is also home to the Patheran, who are not too happy about having round about eleven newcomers onto their land claiming it as their own. so naturally, a huge sandbox campaign happens, where you get to expand your territories.

new stuff:
-a new world, Iona, though there is an option to take the homm5 campaign in ashan with the races, with the additional features.
-4 new races take the feild, the harmonising naga, the steadfast Patheran, the ambitious free citiers and the hungering faceless.
-New characters for the campaigns, with futures, ambitions and deaths, all at your command.
-the Mercenary guild can be built in the town, allowing you to hire ogre mercenaries, and a special racial mercenary. mercenaries need a weekly supply of gold, and if you run out, they leave your army.
-unique boats to move around on, with special upgrades once you head back into town and build a ship yard.
-the invention of a new siege weapon...THE CANNON. a weapon that can deal a sizable amount of damage to either troop or wall, but has a tendency to malfunction and damage itself.
-this game can be played online with friends as you battle it out for control of Iona yourself.
-a new building is available to use, the hall of banners. this allows you to brag to enemies about heroes you've conquered.

things that will remain the same
-race that are already in the game, along with gods, heroes, buildings etc. magic might change, but i want some views on that.


some moments to explain the situation.

in 1054ysd. a group of mage-scientists intended to explore the world, to see whether the world was indeed shaped like a ball or a coin. after a year of sailing, they find another continent, Iona. after a day of celebration from the ballers and a day of admitting they were wrong by the coiners, they set out to investigate this strange land. they met with several inhabitants, the Patheran, who treated them with suspicion, and was returned by their guests. eventually, they returned home to silver cities with a boat full of gold artifacts, some of them bristling with magical power.

a few years later, almost every race had established some kind of link with Iona and the Patheran. soon, they began to claim little bits of the land for their own, which annoyed their Feline host, who decided to take action and retrieve their land. slowly, more and more battles were fought, and this is where the player comes in, playing as one of the 12 explorer heroes, and allies, on this new continent.


the races

lets first start off with the Ashan races.

1. haven

reason: convert
storyline: Ronaldo, second son to the cockerel duchy, has decided to go to Iona to preach the word of Elrath, to convert the natives to the right path. along the way, he wishes to do his duty and destroy all those who stand in his way.
starting place: new Talonguard
campaign character1: Ronaldo, a young knight from the cockerel duchy, adventurous and brave. he has been charged with his father to spread the glorious name of the empire in the savage lands. he is also not above religious purges, and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.
-the animal theme for Ronaldo is a Roaster, because of his huge head crest, his proud nature, and has a habit of using a trumpet that sounds like a cockerel crow.
campaign character2: Leonard, an stern veteran of the jungles, and often serves and Ronaldo's tutor. despite his age, he is still able to combat with the feircest beasts in the country. Leonard's bravery and  chivalric nature often makes Ronaldo feel a little upstaged.
-the animal theme for Leonard is a lion, because of his cloak and his stern "Kingly" nature.
mercenary creature: the witch hunters, newly dispatched warriors from the young king Andrei, the witch hunters are able to steal mana and cause extra damage against spellcasters.
victory: if Ronaldo conquers all other races, then he becomes governor of the new griffon empire on Iona. the Cockerel duchy is held in the same esteem as the Greyhound duchy once was. Leonard goes off again to look for a new adventure.
defeat: if new talonguard is taken, we see Leonard running into the battlefield, risking his life to pull out some wounded peasants. seeing his tutor go, Ronaldo begins to wish he never came to the new world. looking up to the sky, he calls out "Is this what you wanted, Elrath? to have your followers die before you and your sanctums destroyed? I am through with doing the bidding of a dragon who can't care for his own people" where upon he gets hit by a cannon ball and dies. However, should the capturing army be Confederation, Ronaldo converts to be a free citier and a hero for your side.

2. sylvan

reason: preserve.
storyline: Anwen is seeking to preserve the wildlife on the new continent. as more races arrive, more trees are being chopped down to build more settlements, more land is begin cleared for farming, or its just being burnt away by battle. Anwen wishes to preserve the animals and habitats on Iona, even if it means driving out those who are already there.
starting place: Tresillda
campaign character1: Anwen defends the woods and their flora and fauna with a zeal remarkable even by Elven standards. Self-exiled in the trackless forests of Iona she cares deeply for them and has become their recognized protector. Woe be to the foe who would damage the forest or those who protect it -- when Anwen is summoned to war the Goddess Sylanna fights by her side, and her wrath falls like a storm upon those who would injure that which she loves.
-the animal theme for Anwen is now a hawk, because of her alertness, her feathers in her hair and the savagery on which she attacks.
campaign character2: Tane is a loner in every sense of the word. one of the elves who fell victim to the werewolf curse, he now is a powerful and dangerous force stalking the forests of Iona with predatory intent.
-the animal theme for Tane is a wolf, because of his extreme lone nature, his werewolf curse and his habit of scratching himself for fleas.
mercenary creature: the werewolf. after the elves landed on Iona, they found a lost colony of creatures that they befriended. now these werewolves run in the ranks of the elves, attacking their enemies with terrible savagery and speed.
victory: if Anwen conquers all the other races, then Iona becomes a natural paradise of animals and plants. it also becomes almost impossible to live in for any none wood elven entities. Tane is able to relax in this new paradise of his.  
defeat: is Tresillda is taken over, then Anwen is seen fighting against the conquering hero, arrows sticking in her. with one last effort, she tries to destroy her enemy, who only catches the blade, laughs (or, if naga, dwarf or Patheran, not), and stabs her. Tane is seen running away in desperations, only to be caught in a net. from then on, the conquering hero always has Tane, bound and muzzled, walking along side them.

3. fortress

reason: recover
storyline: Glamdri the dwarf has decided to bring back lost artifacts of a forgotten race, which could be a clue to rebuilding their lost cities. however, all of the artifacts are hidden in the places where the other races have their central stronghold on. Glamdri must defeat all the other races in order to gain these artifacts.
starting place: Som rildan
campaign character1: Glamdri, a visionary dwarf rune mage, wishing to rebuild what was lost from the dwarves in the events of homm5. his stubborn nature has gotten him into alot of trouble in the past, but he is determined to rebuild the kingdoms legendary strongholds using these new artifacts.
-the animal theme for Glamdri is a goat, because of his stubborn nature, his helmet, and his small beard.  
campaign character2: Brand, who is now a candidate for king after Toghlars death. Brand has decided to help Glamdri in his quest to find the artifacts to rebuild Grimheim in order to help his prestige when the clans vote. he is also willing to make Glamdri head of the winterwind clan if Glamdri helps.
-the animal theme for Brand is the salamander, because of his red, scaly cloak and affinity with fire.
mercenary creature: the brewmaster. always a useful for a war party to have someone to raise morale, and forget the losses. the brew master allows for enemies to become disorentated, as well as your side to gain more morale.
victory: if Glamdri conquers all the other races, then the artifacts from Iona are transported back to Tor myrdal, along with Brand. Brand is made king of the dwarves, offering Glamdri the place as king of the winterwind clan. Glamdri declines, saying that he must find his own destiny in helping to rebuild Grimheim. Brand merely shrugs. Iona, however, is left in confusion. With no race to rule, the continent quickly descends into anarchy, becoming almost impossible to survive.
defeat: if Som Rildan is taken over, then Glamdri is seen putting explosives on the artifact, determined that it doesn't fall into the hands on the invading army. Brand comes to him, telling him that there is a ship leaving for Grimheim and he must be on it if he wishes to live. Glamdri responds by running off to join the battle. Brand exits on the boat.

4. academy

reason: research
storyline: Alsarin was one of the mage-scientists who explored the continent first. he now is making a second expedition in order to document the flora and the fauna and the research the Patheran society. he sees the other races as destroying his research subjects, and will use brute force in order to get rid of them.
starting place: al-karsinka
campaign character1: Alsarin was one of the mage-scientists who explored the continent first. he intends to make a second expedition, to regain his shattered esteem and to write his Doctorate on the continents ecosystem.
-the animal theme for Alsarin is a jackel, because of his protectiveness over his discoveries, his weird hairstyle and his barking cough.
campaign character2: Horisa is one of Alsarin's closest followers, who, despite her laziness, is always by her teachers side. her magic skills are impressive, when she can be bothered to show them off, and her research skills have "Something to be desired". neither the less, Alsarin is always glad to take his apprentice along side him.
-the animal theme for Horisa is a cat, because of her laziness, her hat, her fondness for milk, and her habit of referring to enemies as "Mice".
mercenary creature: flying carpet rider. mages enchant carpets to fly, and the more "warrior" oriented students ride them into battle, armed with large Khopeshs. they are also able to turn the carpet into a chord to entangle their enemies.
victory: if Alsarin conquers all the other races, then he finishes his doctorate on ecosystems on Iona and heads back to the silver cities. Horisa continues to inhabit the continent, researching and documenting the text of the patheran. after a few months, more students arrive to do research on this marvelous continent.
defeat: if Al-Karsinka is taken, then Alsarin is seen telling Horisa to leave and the invading armies come. Horisa tries to persuade her master to leave his work, he shouts at her "My work is my life, Horisa, what good is my life if i have lost the reason to live it?!". Horisa leaves on the boat as the city burns, with her master in it.

5. bastion

reason: conquer
storyline: Conak the Barbarian has decided to go Iona to create a name for himself as a great conqueror. ultimately, he is using this as an excuse to pick a fight with anything and everything that moves.
starting place: Conakar
campaign character1: Conak is a simple orc, he wants to fight, and fighting is what he does best. anything for a fight is Conaks simple motto, it doesn't matter if its against the darkest evil or the brightest good, as long as he can smash his axe into someones face. when all the races travel to Iona, Conak is not far behind them to beat them up.
-the animal theme for the Conak is a bull, because of his aggression, helmet, and his tendency to moo
mercenary creature: the Harpies. after their original flight away from the wizards, the harpies have decided that it is much more profitable for them to fight alongside their predessors, the orcs. they now can pick up enemies and grapple with them, dealing extra damage.
victory: if Bastion conquers all the other races, Conak gets named Conqueror of Iona. despite his lordship over the land, he is still annoyed that no-one will fight him, which he wanted to do in the first place. soon he gets depressed, and decides that he needs to fight in Ashan again, were there were no shortage of enemies.
defeat: if Conakar is taken, then we see Conak rallying his troops, saying that there will be no retreat, none what so ever. he said the only and last time he retreated was "That time running away from those cruel wizards". with that he charges with his army head long at the enemy army, plowing his way through in a fantastic display of bloodrage and destruction. he comes out the very end of the enemy army, alone, weapons sticking in him, fatal wounds all over him. with one last effort, he bellows at the sky "NO SURRENDER!" and dies.

6. dungeon

reason: enslave
storyline: Jagyra is a young dark elven slave mistress, eager to make a business in this new continent, either through selling or capturing slaves. not only that, she sees that an rival of hers, Daggiron, is out to do the same thing, and she is not going to let him best her.
starting place: Neo-Yggal
campaign character1: Jagyra is a young dark elven slave mistress, ambitious and deadly. born into the poor of the poisondagger clan, she had to work her way up on the slave markets to get where she was today. naturally, she believes fully in herself, and certainly doesn't want to be undermined.
-the animal theme for Jagyra is a leopard, because of her predatory nature, her habit of playing with her enemy, and her spotted cloak.
campaign character2: Daggiron is a seasoned slave master, and sees Jagyra as someone who will take the trade away from his grasp. he feels that his loyalty to the black chain clan is being tested, and believes that he must stop Jagyra, as she is betraying every dark elves alive.
-the animal theme for Daggiron is a doberman, because of his loyalty to his clan, his rivalry to Jagyra (cats and dogs) and his mask.
mercenary creature: the Satyrs. a crueler slave driver you could not find, these beastmen are devious and calculating, able to trap their foes in shot nets, and then pierce them with sharp spears.
victory: if Dungeon conquers all the other races, then Iona becomes a continent driven by the slave market. the two main competitors are Jagyra and Daggiron, who hold the largest sections of land and portion of slaves.
defeat: if Neo-Yggall is taken, then we see the city being destroyed. we see both Jagyra and Daggiron fleeing on separate ships. Jagyra says that "If you are ever attempting something, be sure to have an escape plan." however as soon as she finishes, Daggiron opens fire on her ship, destroying it. Daggiron says that she was too upity for her own good, and needed to be taken out. if the naga defeat them, Jagyra is given a place as an allied hero to the campaign hero.

7. nercopolis

reason: harvest
storyline: The nercomancers see the new continent, not for its rich life, but for the opportunity to get rid of it and to build a new undead kingdom. they have dispatched the nercomancer Raven to kill and raise every single creature on Iona.
starting place: Sepulcher
campaign character1: Having lived through the wars that sundered the Necromancers from the Mages of the Silver Cities that were once their brethren, Raven has seen first-hand the devastating effects of magic upon Undead troops. She has since devoted herself to finding ways to weaken the powers of enemy spellcasters, rendering their attacks both weaker and of shorter duration. she has come to Iona, believing that she can create the kingdom of undeath for all her colleges.
-the animal theme for raven is pretty obvious, because of her black cloak and cowl, and her cackle.
campaign character2: Marcelleus is a torn soul, admired for his intellect, looks and prowess with magic, but hated for his humanitarian attitude to life, in that he doesn't kill unless necessary. Raven has decided to take this troublesome student along with her to teach him a lesson.
-the animal theme for Marcelleus is a mouse, because of his timid nature, his white collar, and his "Nip" noises he makes.
mercenary creature: the mummy. Reviving embalmed corpses of ancient Mages are a serious ordeal for any army. Attacking their enemies, the Mummies can curse them with various spells of Dark Magic. Besides, the Mummies are able to resurrect their allies.
victory: if Nercopolis win, then the entire continent become nothing more than a graveyard, thousands upon thousands of restless dead moving around. Raven is made queen of this new empire, and Marcelleus is made lord protector. however, Marcelleus feels that this is not the answer, and commits suicide.
defeat: if Sepulcher is taken, then Raven is seen desperately trying to escape death, frantically summoning the undead to aid her. she screams at marcelleus as she is overwhelmed to run, but he just stands there and says "this is what you wanted, right? a kingdom of death?" he continues to stand there as he is too destroyed. however, if the invading army are the hive, then Marcelleus is recognised by the queen for his intelligence and magical talent, and made into a overlord.

8. inferno

reason: Defile
storyline: Sheogh is slowly destroying itself. the very nature of Urgash's unpredictability has made him hate and destroy his servants. as Sheogh begins to implode, more demons need to escape their prison. this leads a demonlord Kazan to have an idea, if he can open portals from the outside, he can release the demons from their destruction again, and in return, be made immortal.
starting place: Kazyiran
campaign character1: the Demonlord Kazan is a man with a purpose, to free the demons to gain immortality. given the power to defile places in order to let the demons escape, he is set the monumental task of bringing the demons into this world.
-the animal theme for Kazan is a pigeon, because of his one track mind ,greedy nature and his weird helmet.
mercenary creature: the incubus, the male counterpart to the succubus, they are a world away from the bestial brutality of regular demons, and portrayed as dashing individuals. Incubus main power lies in the art of dark magic, and every dark magic spell cast by the hero allows them to gain more mana.
victory: if Inferno conquers all other races, then Iona becomes a fiery demon realm, a volatile state of crazed monsters. Kazan becomes immortal and the new demon sovereign of Iona.
defeat: if Kazyiran is taken, then the demons are seen dieing all around the place. Kazan is seen talking to a mysterious figure.
"Please don't take me back to that place again, please!"
"You have failed us too often, Kazan, perhaps a period in the palace of torments would help you." Kazan gives out a terrible scream and is teleported away.


the new races!

all new races have entered the game to fight for Iona. all of them have their own reasons for entering the conquest, racial skills, starting locations, and all the other features that the original races have.

ok, lets start with one of the nice factions.

the Palace

we all must follow one path to achieve enlightenment

Aka: the Nagas
Associated colour: Blue, green and gold.
Worship: Shalassa, the dragon goddess of water. they also worship the founders of the paths, 8 ancient naga who established the ways that the naga society runs.
core philosophy: we all must follow our own path to achieve enlightenment. you must show discipline, honour and devotion to your path. you may waver, for good or bad reasons, but you will always come back to your path.
Kingdom: Hashima, the land of water
capitol: Nariya, the paths end, which is home to the naga empress, Mizuminato.
symbols: yin and yang, the Chi long
reason: colonize
storyline: the naga see Iona as a fresh continent to add to their flourishing empire. as a result, they have sent Minato and Nami, a pair of sennin of some repute, to join the war and establish an naga footing on the new world.
starting location: Mizuki

the naga are the elder race of Shalassa, the dragon of water. they're way of life is based around following a path, on which they dedicate themselves to that path with heart and soul. the Path can be one of 8, the paths of the warrior, engineer, diplomat, seer, artisan, entertainer, Explorer and agriculturist. they are serpentine creatures, the upper portion of their body is of a human, with four arms, whilst the bottom has a snakes tail. they often have webbed hands, and they always have slitted eyes.  
the current rulling of the naga is as follows:
its a matriarch. however, many male naga follow paths of there own, though can never acheive the higher ranks.
its ruler is Empress mizuminato, a naga whose "Laughter is like a gushing stream and whose wrath is like a storm"
along with Empress Mizuminato, there is the holy court, who advise her about subjects. these are made up of generals, farseers and many others, all pinacle points in the paths, known as the Daimyo class. this includes a number of the highest regarded members of the empire, the Sennin.
the other two factions are the sisterhood of the snake and Mizuminato's handmaidens. the sisterhood, who is made up of medusa (which in the naga tongue means pessimist, or realist) are the more warlike, and intertwine their hair with snakes so that they may be blessed by the water dragon. Mizuminato's handmaidens, made up of sirens (which means naive, or bloody stupid to the medusas) don't fight, as they believe that it is something the males do, and they are above that.
every naga follows her or his own way. the most popular is the way of the warrior, the way of the artisan, the way of the diplomat or the way of the seer. medusas are heavily warrior dominant.
one of the most important fact about the naga is their discovery of a second plane of magic, the Chakra plane. unlike mana, that can fluctuate like winds, Chakra is an inner force, which is congregates with the number of people there. the naga have began to use this source of power to create something that they pride themselves on, illusions.
The Naga are experts in creating illusions of normality for their enemies. the ninth path, the path of the Illusionist, is only avialabe for citizens who have completed two of the other eight. since most people dedicate their life to their one path, it is little surprise why there are so few illusionists. however, those they do have are great indead, able to match any wizard in magic arts. they can make enemies run around in circles for hours, fire imagined balls of fire at the enemy, convince allies that they are able to do the impossible, or simply to make an enemy so scared they curl up into a ball, wishing for it to stop.  
the servants of the naga include the froglike gamabanti. Hashima is littered with Gamabanti colonies, however, Gamabanti warriors are rare, as they are a largely peaceful race who don't attack unless attacked. the nagas respect this, as it is their way of life.
Hashima is also home to the giant tortoises. these lumbering sentient creatures ponder the mysteries of the universe, often coming to the conclusion that it has something to do with waves, tiny objects, the cosmic egg and the theory of enthropy. the naga respect these creatures as well, as they share a lot in common, as the tortoises believe in the following of one path.
the final inhabitant of Hashima is the mighty blue dragons. these serpentine creatures move through the water, their shiny scales creating dancing reflections underneath the waters surface. the naga worship these creatures as the children of their god, Shalassa.

lvl1> gamabanti warriors -> gamabanti veterans/ Gamabanti chosen
gamabanti are a peaceful race, and gamabanti warriors are rare (well, 20 in a colony of several thousand is rare). gamabanti warriors often have a gangster attitude, gruff, surly and often provocative. armed with a large Quan dwo spears, they fight for their naga friends, though usually out of necessity than friendship. Veterans are generally more battle hardened, whilst chosen are more able to build up Chakra.
lvl2> student -> apprentice/ innates  
students and apprentices are the basic of naga seer. often with very little combat training, they are forced into battle, ladened with books and scrolls, because of their power over magic. though it is pale comparison to the farseer, students are not to be underestimated.   Apprentices have often learned how to drain mana and create Chakra out of it, whilst innates are far more adept at healing arts.
lvl3> Rocketeers -> seasoned rocketeers/ Fire dancers
rocketeers form the naga fighting force. they are part engineer and part warrior, straddling the two paths with dangerous efficiency's. they often fight with a single rocket launcher, though the seasoned rocketeers carry powerful smoke bombs and the fire dancers carry liquid fire explosives as well.
lvl4> medusa swordswoman-> priestess of blades/ templar of Duels
medusa are one of the cults of the naga. though pessimistic at best. the medusa are excellent swordswomen, cutting swathes in the enemies. they fight with religious zealousness, believing that their death is nothing to the glory they await with their watery mistress. Priestess of blades often cut with more fury and attack more than once, whilst the Templar of Duels is able to perform a single, but devastating, attack on one enemy.
lvl5> seer -> farseer/ Kiriga
seers are highly respected individuals in the naga society. they have reached the end of their path, the path of the seer, and now considered to be "Enlightened" beings. they ride on the backs of large catfish-like creatures (they are like catfish, but with crocodile limbs), blasting their emenies with watermagic. Farseers are much better at spell casting, whilst Kirigas are more able to pick up on enemy weaknesses.
lvl6> war turtle -> fortress tortiose/ Rumbler Tortioses
sometimes, the peaceful giant turtles have to go to war. they sense it, they know it, and they do. they for huge havens for other naga troops, sheilding them with their huge shells, resisting most ranged onslaught aswell as magic. Fortress Tortioses can stand up to even more damage, as well as drop fortifications. Rumbler Tortioses can spin around, and attack everyone surrounding them.
lvl7> blue dragon -> azure dragon/ pearl dragons
the Blue dragons are the children of Shalassa. they often look like serpentine creatures with large fins (often forming wings) moving with a beauty that is only matched by their magic and fighting power. blue dragons match the power of their land-based cousins. Azure Dragons are generally better at casting spells than the blue dragons, whilst Pearl dragons have the ability "Pain mirror" to make enemies think twice about striking them.

Mercenary creature: Tengu Shinobi. Tengu are the mercenary allies of the naga, part bird, part human. they are able to dart about the battlefeild, killing with ease anyone who is in their ways. more often than not, they will be able to dodge attacks made back to them.

Campaign Character1: Minato is a young Sennin with everything to live for. he believes that balance can be restored in the new continent. his marriage to Nami has made him all the more determined to prove himself, just as soon as he wakes up.
-the animal theme for Minato is a Catfish, because of his hat, his moustache, and his rather lazy movements.

Campaign character2: Nami is the wife of Minato, loyal to him, but possessing a violent streak a mile wide, from her time as a medusa. she believes that the only way to restore peace is to get rid of anyone who is trying to do otherwise.
-the animal theme for Nami is a Pike, because, unlike her husband, of her swift movements and snappy voice.

hero: Sennin

the Naga award the position of Sennin for those who have completed more than one path, including the path of Illusionist. the word Sennin means, the the Naga Tongue, "Twice holy", because they have achieved enlightenment twice. Sennin have complete control over themselves, including able to control their hair, body mass, and live forever (aledgely)
attack: 1
defense: 0
spellpower: 2
Knowledge: 2

look: they are a naga, riding on a planquin, on top of a large panda like thing. all around them there are various scrolls, books, plaques and papers, looking like a walking library. the Sennin themselves are dressed in a mixture of Feudal Japanese and Chinese dress in a feudal lord, with a an umbrella over the top.

racial skill: Illusions and Chakra control.

Chakra is the inner force that resides within all creatures on Hashima. Naga believe that Chakra is like the blood for the soul, and that taking it away is like killing your soul. being much more skilled at meditating and exploring this power, they have began to create illusions to keep their Island a secret.

each creature has a certain amount of chakra points that allows people to spend it on spells. each stack generates a different amount of chakra depending on the amount of people in said group, which roughly translates as 1 extra point for every time the group exceeds its growth rate.
1 Chakra point: Gamabanti warriors/veterans
2 chakra points: gamabanti chosen, rocketeers, medusa
3 chakra points: Students, Turtles
4 chakra points: seers, dragons

Chakra can be built up to create Illusions. these roughly work on a yin/yang system. for every positive illusion the hero gains, they gain a negative one as well.


Tier 1:
requires: college of the mystery arts lvl1
empowerment of the hidden retinue.
alignment: yang
the creature targeted with this illusion feels empowered, gaining +1 moral
cost: 2 chakra

incessant ringing
alignment: yin
the creature targeted with this illusion will begin to lose its iniative stats (-1 every turn)
cost: 4 chakra

tier 2:
requires: college of the mystery arts lvl2
unbreakable loop
the creature will be unable to move outside the 5x5 square that it is occupying, and will reenter the square from the other side if trying to get out, lasting for two turns.
cost: 5 chakra

Terrible flaming head
the creature will be shot with the fireball spell, causing it to retreat in fear. however it will be proven it is just a hoax.
cost: 3 chakra

Tier 3:
requires: college of the mystery arts lvl3
Shalassa's blessing
alignment: yang
Increases the selected unit's luck by the amount of chakra that your willing to spend on it.
Cost: ?

Shalassa's scorn
alignment: yin
Decreases the selected unit's luck by the amount of chakra that your willing to spend on it.
Cost: ?

tier 4:
requires: college of the mystery arts lvl4
dreams to be fulfilled
alignment: yang
the target's moral and luck rise to their highest possible.
cost: 10

Nightmares made real
alignment: yin
the target's moral and luck drop to their lowest possible.
cost: 10

tier 5:
requires: college of the mystery arts lvl5
the cards are down.
5 markers are placed face down on the battlefeild. if a creature lands on it, they suffer an effect of a spell from a random school of magic.
King: tier 4
queen: tier 3
jack: tier 2
ace: tier 1
joker: fooled you!
cost: 12

basic illusion= grants access to the first and second teir of illusions
advanced illusion= grants access to the third and fourth tier of illusions
expert illusion= grants access to the fifth tier of illusions
ultimate illusion= Sennin can cast illusions as well as a spell during their turn.

chakra conversion= the sennin can convert mana into chakra and vice versa,

Nullify= the sennin may take any magical artifact and destroy it.

embolden or decimate= the sennin can give the bravery ability to all those that they cast a yang illusion on. the sennin can also give the cowardice ability to all those that they cast a yin illusion on.

Master of mystery (ultimate)= the sennin can learn an unknown spell used by an enemy hero or by any creature in combat. they can also teach any spell casting units the same spell.

victory: if the naga win, then they begin to colonise the land of iona, making it an added extension of their empire. Nami and Minato become leaders of the new extension to the naga empire. as more and more naga arrive, the population of the other races begin to dwindle, as they begin to enter re-education. whilst many think this was down to the single-race and sex re-education units, others believe that it was down to some kind of sterilization that the naga used. one thing is clear though: within 5 years, the non-naga population had dropped to a mere 5% of the continent.

defeat: if the naga are defeated, it shows minato weeping over nami's dead body. naga are running to the sea, and one of the rocketeers comes to minato, pleading with him to leave. minato replies "Leave me, fool. let me mourn the woman i love in peace. our mission has failed, my love is dead, and now you ask me to face our empress as well? go, save your own life!" the ships go as minato weeps on the shore.


the confederation

Aka: free cities of the east
colours: white and grey
worship: Slyath, the lord of the sky and the snow, often depicted as an owl.
core philosophy: chase money, sell, buy, cheat, steal, kill, fight, all for money.
country: the unknown east
capital: there 2 capitals, Partogurg is the religious capital, Movcos is the industrial capital
symbols: a owl made out of metal and gears

reason: industrialise
storyline: the young industrialist and inventor, Vladimir, wishes to make his fortune. not because of the fact that he is poor, but because he wants more money!. naturally, anyone who gets in his way is as good as dead.
starting place: Worsor

the free citiers have changed beyond human expectations. after fleeing the purge of elrath, they followed Slyath blindly into the unknown east. unable to cope with the environment at the time, they decided that either the environment had to change, or they would. in the end, it was a compromise.
current free citiers have grey skin and black eyes. their hands are incredibly dexterous, and they have lost alot of their muscle stature. but they are still able to put up a fight against even the toughest of demons.

the free cities is a hive of creativity. with enough metal and coal to last a life time, all manner of inventors came up with new ideas. the labor where incredible good with their hands and so were invalueable to their free city allies. there are also a huge amount of labor, so they form the foot soldiers, whilst the remaining factor man the machines.
the free cities create a great many inventions, from cannons to spring loaded pikes to collosal dragons, fashioned into the shape of their god, Slyath, lord of the ice. these people take everything to the extreme. the examples of these are:

mining- once the free citiers found out they were sitting on a gold mine (so to speak) of natural resource, they have built the most extensive network of mines in history, purely through greed. they have build inventions to extract the ore quicker and purify it faster.

engineering- the free citiers invented steam and clockwork, now practically everything is run on steam and clockwork, from filing to food production, to town defenses, to religious services. the free citiers will probably carry on making new and crazier inventions until they blow themselves up.

discipline- the posting of commissars to regiments was the hallmark of the discipline and devotion to Slyath. the troops now never back down from a fight, knowing that the commissars will be behind them to shoot them if they run.

the internal organization of the stronghold is compromised of several organizations and companies, whose representatives all have a seat on the city council. for this reason, so cities have thousands of seats on the council, or alternatively just have six, for the terrible six. the leader of the city is whosoever company is most powerful at that time, so leaders vary enormously. this system applies to who is running the country as well, called the Tzar. the current Tzar is Ivan the prosperous, as he has made massive gains over the past three years.

the terrible six are the six major companies that, pretty much, run monopolies on different feilds of industry.
hardice inc- a organisation that has bought into the church of Slyath, and currently runs the religious system.
Gearblade Ltd- the company who is reponisble for supplying the armies weapons and some troops.
Steamburst & co. - the company who create some of the most powerful steam creations for military or economic use.
Drilldust - the organisation who manages the mining of the freecities, and are probably the most economical.
Winterwrit & sons- a company who manages the magistration of the freecities, and who watch the stock markets.
Centralion - an conglomerate of the basic services for the cities, including doctors, cooks, decorators and many other.
competion between the terrible six used to decend into fist fights in the streets, but now they are fighting for a common cause, to get more land and expand!

life for a worker in the stronghold is quiet brutal, at the best of times. crimes in the stronghold are often corporate ones, often involving those who commit copy write, plagiarisms, theft and smuggling going up against the wall for the firing squad. companies often employ hired muscle to beat up trade unionists and public protesters about human rights, sometimes along with rivals. racketeering is common, not a day goes by without a thug beating up some one to get money off them, and organized crime is rife through the cities.

for the boyar class, however, its just as brutal, but in a different way. the boyars, company executives and others constantly compete with each other for more money. from their luxurious palaces, treasure rooms and harems, boyars are constantly plotting about what move to make next. they often read business newspapers, but prefer to get the information through spies. no boyar is above doing things illegally, so smuggling rackets often stem from a well known boyar. they would always cover their tracks to make sure that no-one knows.

basically, in the stronghold, there is no such thing as a honest living.

1>pikemen-> halberdier/ guardsman
Pikemen form the core of the stronghold military. they livery is forge metal, their helmets covered in fur. they are the basic soilder, but in a civilisation where imagination is everything, they have had some time to tinker about with their weapons, to create truly deadly death dealing devices. Halberdiers have been trained to use their deadly halberds to full effieceny, whilst guardsmen are trained to protect an ally with their life.
2>musketeer -> widowmaker/ gunbrides
the musketeers are the second line of troops for the confederation. an all female force, armed with large and dangerous muskets, they pick off advancing enemies with deadly accuracy and effiencty, only stopping to reload, then it is back to firing again. Widowmakers are far more accurate than any musketeer, whilst the gunbrides reload faster than a flick of the wrist.
3>fussileer -> grenadier/ iron hands
the fussileers for the close combat devision of the stronghold army. they are master huntsmen, using carefully created grenades to create divirsion or to just kill someone someother way. they are armed with these deadly explosives, and with specially modified swords (sawords, i should say), and run into battle. Grenadiers are much more experienced with grenades and iron hands are far more adept at combat.
4>commissar -> benedictioners/ Torturer commissars
cold and calculating, the Commissars are amongst the most unpopular units in the stronghold towns. These officers are allowed to execute, on sight, those comrades retreat, giving a name for themselves as cold blooded butchers. Many commissars have met unfortunate ends, most of the time outside the battlefield. Benedictioners are treated with more respect, and they have learned the way of healing, whilst torturer commissars have a nasty array of destructive spells as well.
5>outriders-> Kossavars/ Polcrak
the Outriders are the sons of free citiers nobles forming the brigades of cavalrymen. they are equipped with highly experimental multi guns, that can only fire in close range, and riding dangerous mechanical horses. the leaders of such regiments, the Kossavars, have the legendary flying mechanical horse, that often put the mighty griffons to shame, whilst the Polcrak's specialized in using demolition lances as well, blowing enemies into pieces.
6>War walker -> mechanical gunner/ steam destroyer
the war walkers were invented, originally, to built the free cities more effeicently by the inventor Jost Kirokov. however, an engineer, named Hans Varinic, suggested that they could also be used in warfare. however they didn't perform well until Indira Gotlendi put her own invention, the reloading cannon, ontop of it. see, Stronghold inventions are ever evolving. mechanical gunner and steam destroyers are further improvements on the war walker, now give the commander a choice of a high speed attack unit, or a gun that can temporarily disorientate enemies.
7>mechanical dragon -> jugganaut/ doom owls
the mechanical dragon, built in honour of their great lord, the members of the free cities forged these creatures to shoot coolant and fly. the power of these metal owl-like drakes is only matched by their flesh and blood counterparts. they sore into the air, dealing death to all below. the dragon-like Jugganauts are able to pick creatures up and throw them away, whilst doom owls can launch bombing raids on creatures.

mercenary creature: the yeti. enormous beasts, well adapted to the cold climate of the unknown east. they have "Developed" a "civilisation", and understand money enough to say that if you pay them enough meat and shiny things they will fight with their sheer brutality and cold aura.

Vladimir: a scheming young man if ever there was one. Vladimir has one of the most conniving, despicable, greedy, malevolent and cunning man to ever come out of the country of ice and snow, and there have been many of which. his sole goal in Iona is to make money, simply because he is greedy.
-the animal theme for Vladimir is a fox, because of his red hair and scheming nature

Boris: a mountian of a man, Boris is a violent tyrant who only follows Vladimir because of Vlad's incredible black-mail power. Boris doesn't like anything outside his warm home, so you will be pleased to here that he tries to run away, and gets shot but a commissar.
-the animal theme for Boris is a bear, because of his titanic frame, his obsession with honey, and his gruff attitude towards everything.

Charlotte: Vladimir's young love, a former pickpocket, she slowly made her way famous by becoming the theif-lord in three cities, including Moscov. she is just as greedy and her finances and almost as ruthless.
-the animal theme for Charlotte is a magpie, because of her thieving reputation, her raven black hair, and her getting easily distracted by shiny stuff.

their hero is a boyar. the boyar are the most wealth industrialists in the city. they often come with the best gadgets as well. they will indrustialise just about any resource site. boyars are as greedy as they are ruthless, betraying friends and family for profit. they epitimise the cruel world of the market, if you can't keep up, you are set upon and devoured.

attack: 1
defense: 1
knowledge: 2
spell power: 1

this is how they look

the confederation are one of two factions (Ziggurat being the second) who have two racial skills. they will sacrifice one of their skills (in this case, summoning magic) to fulfill one of their slots.

to replace summoning magic, we have industrialise.

industrialise (the ability to improve production at mines)

basic-> 25% productivity increase in each mine
advanced-> 35% productivity increase in each mine
expert-> 55% productivity increase in each mine
ultimate-> 75% productivity increase in each mine
sub skills
resource tap-> allows hero to steal a small amount of gold and 1 of another resource from another hero
steam drill-> teleports one creature to a place on the battlefield, with a random chance of taking some resources.
Strip mining-> allow hero to drain one mine (not owned by them) on the map of 50% of its resources
industrial devistation-> allows the hero to strip mine all of his opponent owned mines.

the second skill is Factional Ability

Blue Prints
The free citiers can develop Blue Prints in their Inventor’s Guild.  Blue Prints offer several different type of improvements to their creature, as well as increase the choices of what type of Device that can be made.  Each Blue Print takes a day of research, and is limited by Inventor’s Guild’s level.  

In Creature Upgrading, there are two type, one is creature specific (the active or passive ability, noted by a (+) in the above creature stats), another is Universal.  The Universal upgrade improve stats, and can be apply to all creatures, but act much like a double edge sword, in that it will increase something at cost of decreasing something else (or doing harm to self).  

Universal Upgrade:
-Extra Plate:  +Armor, -Speed.
-Combat drugs:  + Init, - Def
-Explosive Tip:  +Damage, but 50 to 25% chance of damage self.
-Extra Oil Can:  +1 Speed when move in straight line, but have 25% chance of self explosion (doing extra damage to self) when being attack.  

Both creature and universal upgrade does not need to be add on, but are simply applied to newly develop creatures.  (they will also add a little extra cost to the units)

arsenals and Devices
Devices are special tools and ammo that a Boyars could carry in this pack.  The pack, or arsenal, is a separate inventory, and can store 3 to 5 (depend on its ability level) items.  The Boyars can access and use the Mechanical Kit and/or Flask that are in the bag, while some of the mechanical units can use the Projectiles.  Boyars can throw a flask anywhere on the battle field (with effect similar to that of spells) and can Assemble a creature (much like summon) with Mechanical Kit anywhere 1 tile next to its commanding creatures.

All Device can be stack if they are of same device, and have an amount count.  Each use will use up 1 of it. Device is produce and crafter in confederation towns, but only when there is a blue print are made for them.  

Mechanical Kit
-Clockwork ants:  Assemble to create a stack of (15-30) Clockwork ants on battle field. they have only one attack, and otherwise are good "meat" sheilds.
-Bomber Bee: Assemble to create a stack of (5-15) Bomber Bee on battlefield.  Weak in Armor and attack, but have a Self-Detonate Ability that does a 3x3 tile blast damage.
-gunpowder beetles: Assemble to create a stack of (1-5) gunpowder beetle on battlefield.  A stat similar to footman, in good attack and def, but slow. their only special is that all shooters get 1 extra shot if the gunpowder beetle is alive, and explodes when dies.
-Blade flies:  Assemble to create (1-3) stacks of Blade flies on battlefield.  Gyro Blade have good attacks and fast speed, but almost no armor.  

-Spike Ball:  Doing good damage to a single target.  Also lower their imitative for a bit.
-Flaming Shot:  A decent damage to a single target.  Will leave the spot it hit on flame, that last for 2 turn or so.  Any creature on it will receive damage.  
-Explosive Bomb: Do explosive damage of 3x3 tiles.  
-Mine: A mine that will remain on the battle field until it got step on or battle end.  When step on, do similar effect as the explosive bomb.
-aerial mines: much the same as mines, but floating, so will attack and ground air units.

-Electro Battery:  Deal chain lighting damage to enemy
-Tar Balloon:  Create a Tared area of 3x2.  All creature in or passing over it will be reduce in speed and initiative.  Effect last for 1 to 2 turns.  
-Flaming Cocktail:  Create a Flame area of 2x3.  All creature in or passing over it will be damage.  Effect last for 1 to 2 turns.
-Acid Flask: Deal damage to one enemy, and also reduce its Defense for some duration.  
-healing Potion:  Heal a friendly ally living unit.
-jar of repiar-o-bots: heals a friendly mechanical unit

Special Town Buildings

Inventor's Guild Lv1:  Allow development of 5 Devices or Mechanical Upgrades Blue Prints.  Each additional level of Inventor's Guild build allow 2 additional blue prints be research.  Max upgrade level for Inventor's Guild is 6.  

bore hole: allows travel between other stronghold towns. once you have traveled to said town, that town gains the bore hole instantly

Workshop Lv1:  The place where Device are crafted.  Provide 3 Device of all Blue Printed Device to purchase per week.  Additional workshop level will provide 1 more device for purchase.  (So if you have blueprint of Acid Flask and Spike Ball, and Workshop level of 5, you would buy 7 of each per week).  Upgrade max to level 10.

Factional Hero Ability
-Basic engineering:  Allow to carry up to 3 items in Hero's arsenal.
-Advance engineering:  Allow to carry up to 4 items in Hero's arsenal.  Also increase the effect of Flask and Mechanical Kit.
-Expert engineering:  Allow to carry up to 5 items in Hero's arsenal.  Also increase the effect of Flask and Mechanical Kit.
Ultimate engineering: give a 25% reduction on any other blueprints, apart from the first one you by.

a note to all those people on the perfect laboratory project: i feel that you did such a good job, that i decided that it would be an honour to include it as one of the racial skills for the confederation.

victory: if Vladimir conquers all the other races, then Iona will become a industrial nations. great expanses of the forest will be chopped down to fuel hungry furnaces, rich architecture will be brought down to get at the gold underneath, the air is choked with soot and smoke. Vladimir sits on a mountain of money, surrounded by happy people, content with the damage he's done.

Defeat: if Worsor are taken, then the operations of Vladimirs empire collapses around him. he runs to a ship, saying that it was bad for business. Charlotte joins him, saying that they would have to get rich somewhere else. Vladimir mutters something about contracts to rebuild talonguard.


the Ziggurat

aka: the Patheran, the cat people
colours: green, grey and red
worship: the Patheran mainly worship Slyath, but they also worship Asha as the goddess of time
core philosophy: hold your land dear to you.
motto: the land and our heritage needs to be preserved.
country: Iona
capital: the great city of Kixon Itza
symbols: a calender

Reason: Hold
storyline: the Patheran have been driven from their homeland like wild animals as the invading armies start to take over their land. many young dragon-priests have decided to retake the land by force, and get rid of the invaders.
starting location: Kixon Itza

the Patheran are lion-like humaniods. they're over all body structure is strong and durable and their fur insulates them from harsher weathers. their hair is tough and thick, often providing protection from blows to the head, and is often taken great care of by the average Patheran. they are able to survive for limitless times in the deep arctic of the dread ice cliffs or the windy desert of the shifting sands. the Patheran are built to last.

a lot of the Patheran's culture relies on personal sacrifice, even down to the way the worship slyath. many heroes of the Patheran culture have given their lives to their continued survival. this is often represented by the way that Patheran need to Remove a finger from their hand before becoming a warrior, or burnt off an eyebrow to become a priest. The Chimera, young kings, need to sacrifice part of their Patherity and become part dragon in order to fight. this is often the greatest sacrifice of all.

the Chimera is not hereditary, but is often reborn as them. a great warrior or a wise priest could be chosen as a Chimera, in which case they would have to be submerged in a pool of dragon blood, waiting for the effects to start taking hold. once they do, the Chimera will emerge, ready for war.

there are two great magic works in Patheran society. one is Doll magic, were priests make crude dolls of the enemy, and puppeteering their actions using the doll. this is a very advanced art, but also a very dark art, which most Patheran tend to avoid, due to its unnatural powers.

the second is working the great calenders. these were gifts from Slyath to his people, placed at the centre of the towns, providing great spectacle for all to see. Dragon priests are gifted with a smaller calender that can control the great ones. these grant the user the ability to control time itself, to stop it, to slow it down, to speed it up, or to make it repeat itself, for this is a great ability indead!

Gnoll-> gnoll spring leg/ gnoll chain fist
Gnolls are locals from Iona, and one of the many species that had wars with the Patheran. agile, quick warriors, they now, for their survival, need to ally with their anicent enemies. Spring legs can leap over the battlefield, ready to fight, whilst the chain fists bring mourning stars into the fray.
Salamander-> fire toad/ burst salamander
Salamanders are Native creatures to Iona, often found in the deep swamps, cooling themselves off from the high temperatures of their digestive tracts. if agrovated, the Salamander will spit a gobbet of a chemical that coats their lungs, which is both flammable and corrosive, out at the enemy. Burst Salamanders are able to make multiple shots of this gunk, whilst Fire toad spit a much more liquid version, becoming a breath of fire.
Thunderbird warrior -> Plumed archer/ Windserpent sentinel
Walking statue -> Idol/ Fane
Chimera -> thunder bolt Chimera/ Draconian Chimera
Wind serpent/ thunder dragon/ white dragon.

the heroes of this society are the dragon priests. there are always those Chimera who are much better at magic than everyone else, and these eventually become the priests for Slyath. half dragon, half lion, albino in colour, they understand the great calenders and the mystery of doll magic.

Racial Ability:  doll magic
this skill replaces dark magic for the Patheran. On Heroes Attack, randomly inflect one of the following ailment onto the target foe. (with effect much like the Dark Magics spell)  Most of those curse will only last for one Heroes turn, (Shadow Worm is exception). to choose which spell to cast, the player is presented with a manikin and a pin, as well as a chart of the statistics of the target. depending on where you put the pin, the statistics will change.

Basic doll magic: inflects one of the following spells to target attack foe for 1 turn.
Advance doll magic: inflect one of the following spells to target attack foe for 1.25 turn.
Expert doll magic: inflect one of the following spells to target attack foe for 1.5 turn.
Ultimate doll magic: inflect two of the following spells to target attack foe for 2 turn.


Pin Knee:  Reduce the Initiative of the attack target creature. (-20%, -25%, -30%)

Pin Feet: Reduce the Speed of the attack target creature. (-1, -2, -3)

Pin Hand: Reduce the Attack and Damage the attack target creature. (-4, -6, -8)

Pin Eye:  Attack target creature can not retaliate, and have (25%, 30%, 35%) chance of missing their attack.

Pin Head: Attack target creature will not be able to cast spell and have (50%, 60%, 70%) chance to loose all their imitative.

Pin Chest:  Reduce the Defense the attack target creature. (-4, -6, -8)

Pin Heart:  Deal additional (50+8*Power, 60+8*Power, 70+8*Power) damage to the attack target creature.

Shadow Worm: Inflect (32+6*Power) damage to the attack target creature every time it take action, for (2, 3, 4) turns.

more to come

Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Legendary Hero
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posted September 21, 2007 09:32 PM

Quite good, as usual, Bigzybub my friend.

I've got a couple of ideas...

Reason: discover
Mercenary: either a quick semi-tank like naga or a flyer, something like whisp or similar. Or mages, if you kick them out of the conventional lineup... :\

Reason: subdue
Mercenary: assassin

Reason: refuge
Mercenary: werewolf?

Reason: destroy
Mercenary: succubus or cultist/heretic

Anyway, are mercenaries going to have upgrades?
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Legendary Hero
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posted September 22, 2007 10:17 AM

no, none of the mercenaries, racial or ogre, are going to have any upgrades.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Legendary Hero
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posted October 05, 2007 05:53 PM

Funny how this thread always manages to be the second in this forum, with its two replies...

Gamabanti. I like the sound of that.
Just kinda rolls down your tongue, doesn't it?
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is. When you ain't got no
you got the blues."
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Legendary Hero
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posted October 26, 2007 10:53 AM

naga faction is complete, feel free to comment on it.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Supreme Hero
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posted October 28, 2007 01:17 PM

Quite interesting, but rocket launchers and fire bombs dont fit. Stick to rifles and maybe a portable moratar or something.A firework perhaps

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted October 28, 2007 03:17 PM

Quite interesting, but rocket launchers and fire bombs dont fit. Stick to rifles and maybe a portable moratar or something.A firework perhaps

rocket lauchers are essentially fireworks.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Supreme Hero
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posted November 03, 2007 11:17 PM

Not exactly, Rockets are accurate and percise, And theyre made for warfare.
Fireworks are right flashy things filled with fireworks that can explode and possibly burn someone.

Its like the different between a cake and a cupcake really. Or a pea and a peanut
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Known Hero
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posted November 04, 2007 03:18 PM

Hmm... Sennin,chakra control,gamabunty and etc.I see you are a fan of the ANIME NARUTO right bixie.

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Legendary Hero
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posted November 04, 2007 05:31 PM

i am, yeah, but alot of those things are tied into japanese and chinese mythology.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Famous Hero
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posted November 05, 2007 11:40 PM

I don't like the modern day creatures of the confederation.
Vini Vidi Vici

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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted November 06, 2007 07:49 PM

its a fantasy world, Kraken, so to me it seems logical that they would have also developed technologically as well as magically. they are not so much modern day as taking the devised from leonardo da vinci's doddles seriously, with whats there, like gun powder, steam technology and clockwork.

the game is set later than ashan currently, so every race has discovered cannons in some way or another. also, you can upgrade said cannon to be completely unique to that race. for example, the dwarves get runic cannonballs, and necropolis get to fire skulls of shrapnel.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Famous Hero
I just love being elemental
posted November 06, 2007 10:20 PM

You should make them asian because asians invented gunpowder
Vini Vidi Vici

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Legendary Hero
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posted November 06, 2007 11:01 PM

its a fantasy world, Kraken, so to me it seems logical that they would have also developed technologically as well as magically. they are not so much modern day as taking the devised from leonardo da vinci's doddles seriously, with whats there, like gun powder, steam technology and clockwork.

the game is set later than ashan currently, so every race has discovered cannons in some way or another. also, you can upgrade said cannon to be completely unique to that race. for example, the dwarves get runic cannonballs, and necropolis get to fire skulls of shrapnel.

sounds like somebody's been playing rise of legends.

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Famous Hero
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posted November 07, 2007 02:09 AM

I agree mamgaeater.
Vini Vidi Vici

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Legendary Hero
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posted November 07, 2007 06:06 PM

i have and what of it!

i more think of russians as the confederation
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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Famous Hero
I just love being elemental
posted November 07, 2007 10:41 PM

whatever floats your boat dude
Vini Vidi Vici

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Known Hero
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posted November 08, 2007 02:05 PM

whatever floats your boat dude I agree mamgaeater.
You sure don't bother with big posts right

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Undefeatable Hero
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posted November 08, 2007 02:32 PM
Edited by Azagal at 14:33, 08 Nov 2007.

yeah youre the one to talk... lol havent seen anything above 5 lines from you either...
And I really like the idea of a industrialized faction (well if one doesn't take it to far) who cares wether its based on age of legends or whatever its called.
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Legendary Hero
my common sense is tingling!
posted November 08, 2007 07:30 PM
Edited by bixie at 19:47, 08 Nov 2007.

i'll see what i can do.

by the way, cheers for the support azagal.
Love, Laugh, Learn, Live.

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