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Heroes Community > Tournament of Honor > Thread: Ashes and Sands-TotE version
Thread: Ashes and Sands-TotE version

Famous Hero
posted November 03, 2007 08:31 AM
Edited by Zilonite at 08:31, 03 Nov 2007.

Ashes and Sands-TotE version

Updated Ashes and Sands for TotE:
Ashes and Sands (TotE)

Apart from a few minor graphic changes also some changes on the substance:
added one more pair of Boots of Open road for both sides (to reduce Academy logistics bonus here)
added +1 morale arti for both sides close to home (to reduce necro-power here as well as to give some bonus to knights via possible easy combo artifact)
replaced Golem dwellings in both sides with guarded Memory Mentor (even more reducement of Academy-power)
replaced one Skellies dweling with two Goblin dwellings for both sides
replaced Voult of Gargoules in the central area with one Astrolog’s Tower
added +10 health for one battle building nearby Phonixes
very slightly reduced amount of Phonixes (range from 10-70 to 8-60 on day 1)
replaced Cerberus with Firehounds (on the short-cut passage between towns)
few other minor changes

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Famous Hero
posted February 23, 2008 12:19 AM
Edited by Zilonite at 10:30, 24 Feb 2008.

Updated TotE version of the map.

Link for downloading:Ashes and Sands (TotE-ver.1.1)

(or get it from ToH map page)

List of changes:
modified stack of phonixes, now it contains not only phonixes, but a bunch of fire elementals as well (to prevent too easy birdie-killing with Dark Magic)
removed some preset dwellings (bears, sprites, goblins) and replaced them with one archers tower and one town-linked lvl 6 dwelling
added lvl 2 prebuild in towns
added 5 Blood Maidens as a starting army for both players
replaced Sack of Gold with Bag of Gold in gold zones (for both sides)

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