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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Heroes is tied to Doctor Who?
Thread: Heroes is tied to Doctor Who?

Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted August 31, 2008 10:20 PM
Edited by Daystar at 22:25, 31 Aug 2008.

Heroes is tied to Doctor Who?

Okay, look at this:

2005, Doctor Who is brought back.  It is fairly good, with nice graphics and the story is passable with a few high points.  And some low ones.  Next season it gets much better, releases 2 spinoffs (Dark and Gritty Torchwood, Family Show Sarah Jane Adventures), and then in season 3 it is described as truly awesome with old stuff being brought back (Master, Daleks) and new inovations adding variety.  

2006, Heroes of M&M is brought back.  It is fairly good, with nice graphics and the storyline is passable with very few high points and some low wones.  Next games (HoF) it gets a lot better, and 2 spinoffs show up (Dark and gritty Dark Messiah, more colorful King's Bounty) and by expansion 2 (game 3, TotE) it is totally awesome, with only a few flaws.

Now, Heroes seems to be about 1 year behind Doctor Who, and will catch up next year as Doctor Who takes  a break.  Now, in season 4 things got confusing and there was much speculation in the community about what was going on, but ultimately people were quite satisfied as a lot of old stuff got brought back and it ended wit 2 rather fanwanky episodes.  Logically we can infer that Heroes VI will do the same, as the pattern dictates that it follows Doctor Who.  This game will be colorful, with a lot of variety, a bit more comedy and a bit less drama, and may end with some old heroes coming back but will certainly be fanwanky.  It will go over to a new design team for the future expansions, which we can hazard no guesses about since Doctor Who Season 5 is not till next year.  But they will be awesome.

EDIT: Further proof!  In this post we learn about heroes 6, and there is a prominent red haired character!
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Famous Hero
posted August 31, 2008 11:11 PM


But Doctor Who is excellent. I loved the 3rd Season Finale with John Simm, brilliant actor. i'll recieve the last part of the 4th Season on DVD in a week or so. Yay!
wtf this still exists

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